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    Bummer for those who paid for self drive.

    Then perhaps you should not ask what I have read and not read if you are not concerned about the answer. o_O You responded to a hypothetical as if it wasn't a hypothetical.... I can't help you if you refuse to read. From the VERY SAME post that you quoted: "Now, I don't think those...
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    Bummer for those who paid for self drive.

    Instead of worrying about what I have or have not read, perhaps you should worry about what you have not read. I explicitly stated that it is not in the contract, and I have been stating that there was not sufficient implication of it being part of the sale.
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    Bummer for those who paid for self drive.

    I disagree. I think crackers8199 *has* consideration - namely the purchase of the car. *If* the contract were written as "sale of ownership and use of Model 3 with option of future upgrade at $5k" it's valid. Again, IANAL. However, my layperson interpretation on that looks perfectly legitimate...
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    Bummer for those who paid for self drive.

    And I agree that your reading is reasonable. It just isn't the only possible reading. Consider: "A Model 3 costs at least $46k today, but we expect it to be $35k later." It's the same construction, but I would read that as at some future date the price will be $35k for at least a moment in...
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    Bummer for those who paid for self drive.

    How have you reached the conclusion that NOT specifying an expiration date and ALSO not stating that it is good forever means that it is good forever? Neither situation is implied by the literal reading. They also could have easily added "$5k price guaranteed for life of car" but did not...
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    Bummer for those who paid for self drive.

    IANAL So, according to you... you were offered the sale at $3k at purchase or $5k later. And you are currently offered the sale at $5k, and it's later. So.... deal fulfilled? If they stopped offering the product at $5k today you cannot claim that it wasn't offered to you at $5k "later" as it...
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    Which tires are on the wheels?
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    Video I took of AC vent explanation.

    What I want to know, and haven't been able to find, is are the vent settings tied to the user profiles?
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    2013 Tesla 40kw For Sale at $42,000

    If it has the tech package, I'd pay $30k + shipping if it really is in "show room condition" regardless of other options.
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    I have a ghost in my garage.

    Well, I've solved my mystery, and the Tesla wasn't to blame. It went from twice to WAY more since I last posted, which made it easy to track down. There was a little swinging item that was occationally crossing the safety beam literally in the last half inch. So that while the garage door...
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    I have a ghost in my garage.

    Perhaps I was not clear enough. Videos in this thread, and similar ones I would be checking are from after market dashcams. The procedure for checking them naturally, thus, varies by make and model.
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    I have a ghost in my garage.

    I've had the same occurrence twice in the past 24 hours (and never before) - of course, brand new firmware update (just saying). I hadn't thought to check the car's dashcam logs, but I'll do so later. My best guess right now is that they correlate to times in which the power went out at the...
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    Children's fingers getting caught in door handles

    My nine year old screamed when she had her fingers pinched. It's real enough.
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    Rear Ended Yesterday

    The story sounds just a little too convenient. He called you to say he was being tailgated despite being already near home? Why bother? And just then gets rear-ended? What are the odds? How about this for a plausible alternative story: Kid accidentally scratches the rear bumper by reversing...
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    I don't give a flying tomato as to your evaluation. You asked "why oh why do people do that?" I gave you an answer. You might not like it, but that's not my problem.
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Well, I for one, as an economist, would rather any potential transaction occur at the market clearing price. Fully open price information in the market helps smooth and speed transactions, and I think it's in everyone's best interests that the secondary market for these cars be as mature as...
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    New York Times: A Car Dealers Won’t Sell: It’s Electric

    I have no idea what percentage of people it would work for so I do not know if I'm an exception or a rule. But you specifically asked for just ONE person it worked for. You seem to be trying to move the goal posts from saying it can't work for anyone to it can't work for most people. You were...
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    New York Times: A Car Dealers Won’t Sell: It’s Electric

    I suppose I'm on a forum and not in person, but I've been all EV for over 2 years. I have a Ford Focus EV (3 years) and a RAV4 EV (2+ years). I have no idea what you think the problem is. We have no range anxiety at all. Those cars take us further than we ever need to drive in a day. We never...
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    FDA approves Laser Headlight, when will Tesla have it?

    The FDA regulates all sorts of devices that have to do with health beyond just food and drugs. But as long as you want to be so pedantic about acronyms, it's "laser", not "lazer" because it stands for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation."
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    I think my wife has been leaving me hints......

    As it happens, the first P90D CPO was listed today: https://www.teslamotors.com/models/preowned/099247 But it is not white.
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    2015 Model S 85D Slate Grey - No Longer Available

    Which wheels do you have on it? Premium interior? Which suspension? AP? Do you mind providing the VIN?
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    2013 Tesla P85 Model S Performance

    Don't blame me. You're the one who listed yours as: - Body Color Roof (which means no panoramic) and failed to mention the twin chargers. So, if you have those features, you might want to list them. As long as you are improving your listing, you might want to list your interior option. That's...
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    2013 Tesla P85 Model S Performance

    "Please research this to other fully loaded 2013 comparable models" You asked for it... Here's a Certified Pre-Owned from Tesla with fewer miles, plus the panoramic roof and twin chargers that yours lacks for $69,700. http://www.teslamotors.com//models/preowned/p05619
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    Well, my Model S is totalled now :(

    I'd be interested in making an offer on the salvage.
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    Charge EV's with pedestrianss kinetic energy (with Tesla click-bait title)

    That's slightly less morbid then I was thinking of, which involved running them over while driving...
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    basic 70d anyone?

    There hasn't been such a thing as a "tech package" in a long time. Most of what was in it (minus power lift gate) is now standard.
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    No longer any ICE at home - experiences?

    Replaced an ICE in Jan. 2013 with a Focus EV, replaced the hybrid in Oct. 2013 with a RAV4 EV; will never own gas again. There's no need. It's easy to be an all EV household. Next step is to upgrade the Focus to a Model S for an all Tesla household. There is no ICE in any future possibilities.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I do not believe that exists as an option. Indeed, one of the downsides to CPO relative to new is financing at all generally entails higher interest rates, but leasing a used car is all but a non-starter.
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    Finding a potential replacement for gasoline car is difficult...

    I'll put a plug in (ha-ha) for my RAV4 EV. It's Tesla powered, has that large cargo area you like, the visibility you are after, it's certainly quick (7 second 0-60 and all the torque in the world being an EV), low CG, so excellent handling for an SUV - among the best. Reliability may be more...
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    List of current BEVs and plug ins and other hybrids

    but... but... in your OP you included this line: Tesla Roadster, Tesla S, Tesla X Ummm.... two of those things fail this criteria. - - - Updated - - - Here's a pretty good list and you can filter with whatever criteria you decide upon to narrow it by...
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    2014 Tesla Model S 85 grey paint 14k miles $74,000.00 - No Longer Available

    I'm willing to outbid you. I'll pay $80.56 today, site unseen.
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    2013 Tesla Model S 85kW 32K Miles - No Longer Available

    That is a beautiful car. I can see why you'll miss it - if you sell it, which will not happen at that price - or anything close to it. Check out Tesla's CPO program and how they price their cars and make sure you are pricing your car below comparables instead of way above them as you are now.
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    Many people are suggesting disabling any speaker. I had originally considered doing that on mine. What changed my mind was the hypothetical scenario under which my vehicle does strike a pedestrian (driven by myself or anyone else, even a future owner) and it is discovered that a pedestrian...
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    Obviously not speaking to this regulation, but to how my vehicle is presently implemented the sound does stop when the vehicle speed hits 0 even when the vehicle is in D. This is most noticeable in a drive-through, because the window is down and I am travelling at low speeds. When I get to the...
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    Rav4 ev 2014 want to buy

    We bought ours from Carson Toyota as well. Sacramento, huh? Ouch. That's a drive for me. I'm in Tucson, AZ. So, that's a couple days each way unless we ship instead. I admit, it is tempting, but you may be able to do better locally. The timing isn't right for me; it's about six months earlier...
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    Rav4 ev 2014 want to buy

    I may be interested, actually. We've talked about owning a second RAV4, we love our current one so much. How many miles? And you are in Orange?
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    My RAV4 EV emits a low speed sound. I do dislike it, but it is not audible from inside the vehicle. From outside it sounds like a squeaky brake. But it's useless. No one is ever alerted by it.
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    Rav4 ev 2014 want to buy

    There is no point specifying the year. All current generation (2012-2014) RAV4 EVs are absolutely identical with regards to year. The only choice is color. (Proud owner of a pearl white.)

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