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    2023 Model Y - Tesla trunk Storage bins not compatible?

    My brother's Y s Fremont built. Possibly China yes, Fremont no, for these?
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    FSD Runs Yellow Lights

    Unexpectedly my Y offered me FSD yesterday. Driving down from the Catskills to northern NYC: * Good on local roads in the Catskills. Good on trunk roads like NY 23. * Nav in this version keeps picking fundamentally insane routes (e.g. NY 100 from Hudson to Yonkers rather than any of the...
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    2023 Model Y - Tesla trunk Storage bins not compatible?

    My brother ordered these before they marked them as incompatible with 2023 cars. He confirms that they do not fit.
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    How different is the new Comfort Suspension (October 22 -) to the previous gen (prior to Oct 22 change)?

    Nonsense. I've had Subaru, Volvo, Volkswagen, and Saab upgrade parts for me with the appropriate parts from newer model years - at my request, and expense, in all cases. If the part is listed in their database as superseding or as "fits model years...<your year>" standard industry practice is...
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    Rare Find - 2013 P85+ Only 8600 Mile

    I believe what you write about FUSC cancellation if a 3rd party dealer is involved , for a car of this era, is true only if at some point Tesla has held title to the vehicle after the original owner. Doing it in other cases would almost certainly be illegal. In this case it sounds like the OP...
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    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Be careful: there are counterfeit Square D breakers out there. Several large busts over the past few years.
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    Nightmare Tesla experience- all from a flat tire

    Of course. Who would be so foolish not to?
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    Nightmare Tesla experience- all from a flat tire

    Don't be ridiculous, he bought the vehicle from Tesla, and it was Tesla that failed to provide the wheel lock key on delivery. How could that possibly be anyone else's responsibility?
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    2015 Model S - MCU2 Upgrade - Controller help

    Your car isn't too old. USB data for music worked fine on 2015 cars. Plug a thumb drive with some tunes in, satisfy yourself that they just forgot to plug in the wiring when they did your new MCU, make them fix it.
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    Transferable Supercharging?

    Note that when they crippled Supercharging on an entire generation of vehicles in Batterygate, they dramatically reduced those cars' likelihood of being resold in private transactions and put a big dent in this issue for themselves.
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    FSD Transfer - NO - but Tesla says it's really OK

    And the experience of early AP1 adopters should make pretty clear that, entitled or not, nobody is getting a refund. Tesla is a company with a great product and seriously questionable business ethics. They have more money than God but they're not going to hand over any of it to anyone deceived...
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    FSD Transfer - NO - but Tesla says it's really OK

    Considering every Model S purchased in the AP1 era came with a ridiculous bundle of highly public claims that these very same AP1 cars would do stuff even the FSD beta can't do now - anyone who has traded in an AP1 car can let you know the answer is a very emphatic "no".
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Yeah, the coldest places I drive are also often the ones with the worst cell coverage. Uncool.
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    Chargers gone from map in V11?

    When I tap the map, I now get the globe icon for satellite view, the stoplight icon for traffic, and a new pin-drop icon to hide business names. The lightning bolt icon to show chargers used to be right there in that stack; now it is gone.
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Having to take eyes off the road, enter a submenu, and click twice to fire up the defroster is flat-out dangerous. Unbelievable.
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    Chargers gone from map in V11?

    The lightning-bolt icon is gone from the nav map since I installed V11. How am I supposed to see chargers other than those the nav might already be taking me to? In winter when the range estimates are way off, this is kind of a big deal.
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    Super slow super charging

    130 is considerably lower than 150. But in the car, the older Drummondville SC shows as 150 while the newer, nearby St. Eulalie shows as 250. Or so I thought - double checking now but the V11 UI has AFAICT removed any way to show chargers on the nav map! Infuriating. Either way, we travelled...
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    Super slow super charging

    Traveling through Quebec this past week. Have been carefully preconditioning the car every AM and following the nav's recommendations for supercharger stops. Car has been spending a lot of time preconditioning before each SC - maybe an hour of drive time - and burning a fair amount of charge...
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    What settings to get ACC to behave more like a human on the highway?

    I owned an AP1 Model S for 5 years. It was much, much smoother.
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    Supercharger - Woodcliff Lake, NJ

    Seems unlikely they will address it "ASAP" since that could have started by having the employees at Paramus - who were definitely there this morning - take down the "go to Woodcliff!" signs as soon as those four chargers at Woodcliff went dead...
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    Supercharger - Woodcliff Lake, NJ

    Stopped in at Paramus, big signs saying 8 chargers were now open at Woodcliff Lake. It's 10 minutes away and only a slight detour from where I was going, so I headed over there to give it a spin. What a mistake. Only 4 chargers were actually active -- no signs on the broken ones of course --...
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    FS Model S OEM rubber floor mats including trunk mats

    The mats are presently buried in my storage locker, but I'll see if I can dig them out sometime in the next few days. Thanks for your interest.
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    19" Gemini [Mostly Winter] Tire Replacement - Vredestein Quatrac Pro?

    You might consider the Nokian WR G4 if you can get it in your desired size. Snow performance approaching that of the Sottozero, low rolling resistance and fairly quiet. Actually marked as a traction tire, if you need that. Hard to find in Tesla sizes and expensive. But a great tire.
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    When seats are down, seatbelt warning blocks display?

    When we put the rear seats down in our Y, the lower left quadrant of the display is blocked by a large fasten-seatbelt diagram that claims whichever seat's folded down is actually occupied and the belt's not fastened. This is utterly stupid. Our S did not do this. I have never owned a car...
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    Model Y Tire Orders from TSportline

    I called them in October, knowing they were short stock on tires and TPMS, with a focused question about running the nearly new 19" Nokians I was taking off my Model S on their narrower 19" wheels they sell for the Model 3. Specifically whether there would be clearance issues with the brake...
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    Autopark leaving me 14+ inches from curb

    Just moved from an AP1 S to a brand-new Y with "FSD". I love the car and the automation is great. There are some oddities. The most obvious is that autopark consistently leaves the car 14-16 inches from the curb when parallel parking. On either side. Well into parking-ticket territory...
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    Model S Wheels, Snow Tires, and Chains - $1300 - Mounted with TPMS

    Can't decide whether to pull the trigger on snow tires for your MS? Let me make it easy and affordable for you. I would like these out of my garage. Ready-to-go set of 19" wheels with Nokian Hakkapellitta R2 snow tires. Will throw in a set of SCC Z-Chains, never used, that fit these...
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    WeatherTech or Tesla brand

    I just installed the Tesmanian mats in my new Model Y. They arrived a week before the car did so they sat in their box for a while. The two larger mats (rear footwells, trunk) were folded to fit in the box. Despite the instructions in the box saying to lay them flat for 24 hours before...
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    Tire pressure vs efficiency data/chart?

    Note that a tire's load rating is given for that tire's max pressure as printed on the sidewall. There is not a whole lot of headroom between the GAWR numbers for most Tesla configurations, regardless of model, and 2 times the stock tires' maximum load spec. I wouldn't be tremendously...
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    Dc combo for USA port

    They could ship a hybrid capacitor / battery system to take charge at a higher rate and transfer to the battery while rolling. There seem to be a number of patents in this area, as well as some built applications in very large vehicles - at least one technology-demo locomotive used this system...
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    FS Model S OEM 19" wheels with OEM Goodyear tires

    Now asking $900, since refurb wheels with no tires are $800 (plus considerable shipping) on eBay. A steal at the price, even if you just strip the tires off and use them for winter wheels.
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    FS Model S 19" wheels with Nokian snow tires

    Now asking $1400 for the set - I'd like them out of my storage space this winter, not next. Will throw in a never-used set of SCC Z-chains. Which you are extremely unlikely to ever need in a Model S with Nokians, but, just in case.
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    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    We ended up paying by wire transfer. A couple of last notes on this: My bank required a recipient address for the wire. They helpfully tried to obtain this for me by calling the local Tesla showroom and whoever picked up the phone incorrectly and unhelpfully told them that only ACH payment...
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    Model Y tires costco installation problem

    Do plain old fashioned hockey pucks not work on the Y? I was always amazed anyone would fork out for anything else for the S.
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    FS Model S 19" wheels with Nokian snow tires

    Sorry for the typo - they are of course *19"* not 18" wheels!
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    FS Model S OEM 19" wheels with OEM Goodyear tires

    Bought with my 2015 Model S. Wheels, tires, and TPMS mounted - no center caps, however. 2 wheels are clean, 1 has mild curb rash, one has a fair bit of rash. Two tires have 9/32" tread remaining, two have 6/32 remaining. Pick up in NYC metro area or Catskills / Albany. $1200.
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    FS Model S 19" wheels with Nokian snow tires

    Four 18" OEM wheels, with Nokian Hakka R2 snow tires used one season - tread depth 8/32 remaining on all 4 tires - TPMS sensors, center caps. One wheel has very minor curb rash, 3 have moderate rash. Pick up in NYC or Catskills / Albany area. The very best snow tires available for your MS...
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    FS Model S OEM rubber floor mats including trunk mats

    I looked at what the WeatherTech equivalents are going for on eBay (not the cheapest generics) and I think $200 is more fair. So, $200 OBO.
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    FS Model S OEM rubber floor mats including trunk mats

    Full set of mats from my 2015 Model S, purchased in late 2015 and used continuously since then. Vacuumed and lightly hosed down. In good condition, have a few mud stains that you can scrub out or pressure-wash off if you want your mud mats to have no mud on them...for a while. Borders have a...
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    WTB: Model Y 19" wheels

    Update: bought a set of wheels and tires, will save the tires for when the tires delivered on the car wear out. No longer loooking.
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    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    Duh. I took the advice to "look at my MVPA" but, clearly, not carefully enough. At the bottom right of the last page, one will find... wire instructions. And to get told this by a human being, it turns out you just have to navigate the 3-level menus of your delivery center's infuriating...
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    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    Nice try. I've written my million lines of code in my lifetime, declared myself "done", and surprise myself by continuing to write many thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of lines of code a year without meaning to. I am not an empty InfoSec stuffed shirt. I didn't sit around and make...
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    Tesla Reneging on SuperCharger miles

    I get the impression Mt Kisco is something of a problem child in the system. We bought our S at Mt Kisco and we took it there for the first few years of service. They were nice. They clearly meant well. They screwed an astonishing amount of stuff up. They did fix it. But, seriously...
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    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    For what it's worth, my caution is because I work in information security in the financial industry. I spent a good chunk of five years working on wire payment security. Giving account and routing numbers to a SA is vastly less risky than giving financial institution login details to a 3rd...
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    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    How? The site claims I have to pay the balance due before my delivery date, and I can't get a human being on the phone.
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    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    There are plenty of ways I'd be willing to pay, including cash on the barrelhead (since Tesla will not accept cash, I ask that nobody here follow me around on the 30th and mug me to "get the cash" -- I won't have it) but any method that requires me to give my bank account login information to a...
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    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    I have delivery of a Y scheduled for the 30th. My Tesla account is now nagging me to complete payment. Unfortunately, it appears the only way payment is accepted is by "Plaid", which tries to reassure me with some generic fluff about FULLY ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATIONS then expects me to fork over...
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    Insurance for Model Y

    Tried to replace an S with a Y on my Geico policy -- been with them for decades -- and it's still not in their system. Their manually generated quote was over 2X what I was paying for the Model S. Neither car a performance model. Guess I'll be taking my business elsewhere if they won't budge...
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    Tesla Superchargers | Brooklyn Museum | Out of Service Stations

    They have a big problem with supercharger maintenance in the NYC metro area. They can't even keep the ones at the Paramus service center working reliably.
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    Wow. MCU almost killed me.

    It appears not, though they're at the low end of the valuation range for this car. I still have to drive the car while I wait for the Y, so I will replace the bulbs and ballasts. Shocking that Tesla won't do this instead of insisting on replacing each entire headlight assembly at $1500 per.

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