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    WTB Damaged front headlight for model S

    I have one I would be willing to sell/ship for cheap. It’s a first Gen light
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    Needed: 6-50 to Tesla Gen 2 adapter

    I had the same experience as KyleDay. I sent him money almost two months ago and haven’t gotten anything except a handful of text messages saying that he is going to sent them. So far nothing.
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    WTB: 2021 (bluetooth) TPMS

    Yeah, well, it’s October 10th today and it’s been almost two months since I paid him and nothing. You have chosen wisely. I should have known better.
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    WTB: 2021 (bluetooth) TPMS

    ElectricBull got me as well….paid for a spoiler that another member confirmed that they received so I figured it was good to go. I should have known better. did he get you too?
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    Looking to buy a single 18" Aero Wheel (or Wheel+Tire) for 2021 Model 3

    I’m in the same situation as KyleDay is… five days and not a word.
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    FS: OEM 2021.5 (refresh) model S arachnids

    No. The model 3 and y have a different bolt pattern
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    FS: OEM 2021.5 (refresh) model S arachnids

    Oh man, I wish I had the cash for these.... They are good looking wheels! GLWYS
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    Carbon fiber yacht floor

    Is this still available?
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    Model S Trunk light Mod video

    I started a new channel on YouTube and made my first really video about adding brighter trunk lights and LED strips to brighten it up. Check it out!
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    Looking for Black Next Gen seats.

    Send me a message if you are interested.
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    Trade my model 3 for your X?

    Actually, they are surprisingly inexpensive when considering the cost of parts.
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    Looking for Black Next Gen seats.

    Where are you located? I have a pair I might be willing to part with.
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    Rear Executive Seating for Model s - Grey

    Pretty sure this is a long shot but do you still have these seats?
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    Two cybertruck event tickets, offering $1K each.

    The tickets are non-transferable.
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    Adding Next Gen seats to an older S

    I have done the same with the same result. Btw, there is a lot more room without the passenger seat installed! :)
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    Feeler oem center console for model s retrofit

    Just to clarify, you do not have the side pieces for this console?
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    2018 model s Premium front and rear seats

    Wow. This is a great price! I'm not in need of these but you should get a buyer in no time!
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    Adding Next Gen seats to an older S

    There are a few component changes, additional wiring modifications and software configurations that will need to be changed. Even if you do that it is very likely that not everything will be functional. I wouldn’t not expect the SC to even try this as it is way more involved than changing out...
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    $2000-Black 3rd Gen Seats

    Still available?
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    2015 P85D. 76000 miles. Plus suspension Many options. Extended warranty

    Awesome car! and great deal as well!
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    2015 Model S P85D - Blue, Rear Facing Seats, Warranty, Loaded

    Can you post the range at 90% SOC? Battery Degradation is a big selling point for a used MS :)
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    2015 Model S P85D Loaded 20k Miles!

    Where are you located?
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    Tesla Model S Front Next Gen seats + rear seats, full black interior

    Price for the next gen front seats?
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    Tesla Model S Front Next Gen seats + rear seats, full black interior

    When you say full black interior, are you referring only to the front and rear seats? (e.g., no side panels, door panels, etc.)
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    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    @TheCharlesChen Are you still making/selling these?
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    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    I am curious if anyone has done this retrofit on an AP1 car... wondering what the solution is for the radar? anyone?
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    Facelift by myself led to threat of warranty loss [Resolved]

    @Shatunishko That looks really good! You must have some real welding skills to pull that off without warping the metal and getting it to be smooth. That is awesome! Looks great!
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    19" Tesla Cyclone Factory Wheels Satin Black

    These are beautiful! Your powder coater guy did a great job! I’m finishing my wheels in a similar way. Sorry I don’t need these but they look great!
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    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    @TheCharlesChen, I think it is awesome that you are offering this! I am looking forward to making this happen. I want your opinion on something though... If the print quality isn't perfect (as you stated earlier), do you think there is a way to add some filler and repaint? Regardless, I would...
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    Parting out three (3) 2017 Model S vehicles

    Do you have the premium rear seat (seat and back)in black? How for a set of 19” wheels? Which wheels are they?
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    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    Yeah man! I'm in for either black or the translucent one... I dig the lights! Quick question though, are you able to center the "T" vertically in the opening? The alignment with the bottom is not terrible, but I think it would finish it off nicely being in the middle.
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    Steering Column Stalk Swap

    Hey guys. I just pulled this off. You need to have the firmware reprogrammed for the car to recognize the new steering wheel switches. Reprogramming is a pretty simple fix if you have the ability to reconfigure your car with someone that has some skills with computers or access to Tesla toolbox...
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    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    Is that the tsportline front refresh?
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    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    Lol. That’s why I didn’t buy it! Ha!
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    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    I saw a T badge for sale on eBay for over $200. I cannot imagine they are that expensive from Tesla. Looking forward to what you come up with!
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    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    I am in as well. I am going to start collecting parts for this mod. I really like the original lights on the new fascia. Looks sharp!!!
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    Adding Next Gen seats to an older S

    Great thread! Thanks for the info
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    Late 2013 Model S P85+ with low mileage and CPO Warranty - Wrapped in satin dark gray!

    Great wrap job! Looks awesome! What is the color and brand of wrap? Interested in doing the same to mine :)
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    2012 Model S 85 $39,950 OBO

    What a deal! Congrats on yours sale!
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    WTB: 1st Gen Onboard Slave Charger Wiring Harness/Cables

    Looking for the wiring harness and cable set for a 1st Gen onboard slave charger for dual chargers. I have the charger but not the cable set to install it. I know there are several folks that do salvage work here so I am hoping that someone might have one of these available. This is for a 2013...
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    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    I am looking for a 1st Gen slave charger wire/cable harness and coolant hose setup that works for a 2013 MS P85. I am assuming that any MS dual charger harness would work but I am hoping you would know those kinds of details... :)
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    21" Grey Turbines + TPMS + Center Caps

    I thin the staggered setup was for the P85+ but I am not the SME on that.... :)
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    21" Grey Turbines + TPMS + Center Caps

    Square or Staggered?
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    2013 Model S 85kW For Sale - $37K

    Love that color! At that price point, and the way the car appears, it should sell quick. A MS 85 for $37k!?!? Unbelievable! Sometimes I wish I had waited to buy mine for a deal like his to come along. GLWYS!
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    21 gray turbines w/ new tires

    Do you have any close up pics?

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