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  1. loganheinrich

    wtb: rear jump seats for model s - California

    I just removed mine. Used like 5 times. Drop a line if still looking. I’m in Wisconsin so would need to ship or maybe road trip
  2. loganheinrich

    Want to Buy: Model S Rear Facing Jump Seats

    Hello, I just removed mine — call or text 920-475-9595 if still looking!
  3. loganheinrich

    2017 Model X P100DL Midnight Silver/Ultra White/Carbon Fiber – 53K Miles - Every Option (including some unicorn ones) - $85K

    Lemme run some numbers — obviously I wouldn’t be able to close the deal Monday but could commit and pick it up during the week. I’ll be in touch!
  4. loganheinrich

    Parting out (3) 2018 Model S vehicles

    What is the price on the center console? Might add that to my parking brake order.
  5. loganheinrich

    WTB: Figured Ash trim pieces for Model S

    Subject says it all.
  6. loganheinrich

    Black HPWC, 24’ Cord, NIB

    I have a black HPWC from the referral program - originally planned on keeping it as a spare but it’s really just collecting dust and should be put to use. The box arrived a little beat up but the HPWC is in good condition. $435 shipped, though, preference would be given to anyone in the...
  7. loganheinrich

    2016 P90DL, Titanium, $58,500 obo

    Sold. One note, the 2.6 on this was timed on a track. I suppose it depends on the driver and some other factors, but it is capable of this.
  8. loganheinrich

    How many miles are "too many" miles for a used MS?

    I should note that my 2014 is a September build and seems to be about the time that they got most of the nuisance items worked out. The build quality of my 2016 is significantly better than the 2014. An early 2016 with 70-110k miles, it would probably be the perfect value, say around $30-45k.
  9. loganheinrich

    How many miles are "too many" miles for a used MS?

    I'm probably biased here (246k on my MS), but I don't think any amount of miles would preclude me purchasing a used tesla. As long as the 8-year unlimited mileage warranty is intact on the battery/drive units, I would be comfortable. I'd factor in $2k-$5k of maintenance in the following year...
  10. loganheinrich

    2016 P90DL, Titanium, $58,500 obo

    No. I had the extended warranty but have put the wheels in motion to cancel that. I am doubtful the car would have a catastrophic failure enough to make the $5000 warranty worth it.
  11. loganheinrich

    2016 P90DL, Titanium, $58,500 obo

    Ooh, thank you for the $60,600 data point -- I'll have to consider that with any interest I have. Yes, this car has ran 0-60 at 2.6 and quarter mile of 11.0.
  12. loganheinrich

    2016 P90DL, Titanium, $58,500 obo

    Hey there! I'm in Wauwatosa, so not too far from you. You're welcome to swing by to check it out or I am also happy to come to you. I actually bought this one after I was hot on a Model X but then I drove the X and found it to be pretty uninspired & back seat too small (middle row).
  13. loganheinrich

    2016 P90DL, Titanium, $58,500 obo

    Interior pictures. & More pics.
  14. loganheinrich

    2016 P90DL, Titanium, $58,500 obo

    Well, I've finally decided that 3 teslas for 2 people (my wife and I) is too much. And although I love driving this one more than my 2014, I'm trying to extract maximum value out of the 2014 through racking up miles on it, so I am making the 2016 available. For Sale: 2016 Model S P90D...
  15. loganheinrich

    19” Model 3 Tire

    Hello, sorry for the late reply. Yes! Still available.
  16. loganheinrich

    19” Model 3 Tire

    $175 shipped!
  17. loganheinrich

    19” Model 3 Tire

    Spring cleaning! I have a 19” oem tire for the Model 3. 235/40 R19 continental procontact. Purchased from tire rack as a spare. Never mounted. I paid $280. Maybe $200 obo? I switched to 18s, sold my 19s and have this left over. Preferably within a hundred miles or so, and I can meet...
  18. loganheinrich

    All right, I need help with a decision

    I've got a 2014 model s with 235k miles on it. Original battery, motor replaced at 80k miles. Original MCU. And i am regularly replacing front suspension parts, about every 6 months (stabilizer links, upper/lower control arms, etc). Obviously it's a huge grey area because of the...
  19. loganheinrich

    CHAdeMO Adapter for sale

    Approximately 4 years old. Used maybe 10 times total due to most of the CHAdeMO’s in the area being out of service all of the time. Guaranteed to work. Not guaranteed to not give you an error message (but keeps charging at high Kw) but I’m not sure if that’s related to the junk chargers around...
  20. loganheinrich

    Set of 19” Model 3 Wheels

    For sale is one set of 19” sport wheels. Includes TPMS and tires. The set has about 21,000 miles on them. Fifth wheel is a spare, including TPMS and has a Goodyear Two of the wheels have curb rash on about 80% of the circumference of the rim. Third wheel has two 2” rashes. Fourth wheel is just...
  21. loganheinrich

    FS: Model 3 18” OEM Rims Only (SoCal)

    Shoot me a PM if you'd be willing to ship.
  22. loganheinrich

    Tesla Lighted Sign and Clock

    Sure, how about $60 altogether? Paypal: [email protected] Feel free to DM or include shipping address in the paypal info.
  23. loganheinrich

    Tesla Lighted Sign and Clock

    I've learned that the clock has a plug-in for illumination.
  24. loganheinrich

    Tesla Lighted Sign and Clock

    I have a couple of items that were gifted to me and have been collecting dust for the past 3-4 months. These things would probably be perfect for a garage or a tesla enthusiast home bar. One lighted sign, kind of cool (picture doesn't really do it justice). $40 including shipping. One clock...
  25. loganheinrich

    Model S: 19” Blizzaks on rims with gen 2 TPMS

    Sold. They're aftermarket split spoke, not oem.
  26. loganheinrich

    Model S: 19” Blizzaks on rims with gen 2 TPMS

    For sale is a set of 19 inch tesla model s wheels and blizzak LM-32 winter tires. Tires show 7/32nds left and are probably good for 2 more seasons depending on how much you drive. Tires are 245/45/R19 The set includes TPMS for gen 2 (sept 2014 builds and later) and center caps. I am located...
  27. loganheinrich

    2018 P3D+ Black on Black 20” EAP

    Are you in milwaukee? I am very close to a P85D decision, but could pivot to the P3D
  28. loganheinrich

    2015 P85D+ Loaded (autopilot, 2 sets tires, Tesla cover)

    Hello there, This is very well aligned with a car that i'm patiently waiting for -- the one thing i don't know is whether or not i would like the + suspension. Any chance I could stop by and take it for a spin? Looks like I'm about 3 hours south of you.
  29. loganheinrich

    2014 P85Dl

    Certainly! Pretty sure I have inspired a couple of tesla sales as well. Perhaps I should stop by and check out your P85DL
  30. loganheinrich

    2014 P85Dl

    This is seeming less like "gauging interest" and more like "motivated seller." It will start to get very interesting to me if it drops under $70k
  31. loganheinrich

    Garage Sale! AKA Operation Honey Due

    Would you happen to have any sill plates (or whatever the plastic piece is called the sill plate is in)?
  32. loganheinrich

    19 inch Model S Slipstream Silver Wheels low Socal miles

    Hello, let me know how much you'd charge for these shipped to milwaukee. It would be interesting to me for around $800
  33. loganheinrich

    Model S Performance Full Interior (black/red/alcantara)

    disregard, i figured it out
  34. loganheinrich

    Model S Performance Full Interior (black/red/alcantara)

    Can you clarify which non-seat pieces are included -- the alcantara parts.
  35. loganheinrich

    Thoughts on Good 2016 90D X Private Party Price vs CPO?

    travwill - how many seats?
  36. loganheinrich

    2016 Tesla Model X For Sale

    Hello, Does this model x have the towing package?
  37. loganheinrich

    OEM 19" Slipstream Wheels Brand New - Austin, TX - $1,300

    Hello. Your wheels/tires are pretty interesting to me but I would likely require shipping. Just making a post so I can return to this thread after I continue searching.
  38. loganheinrich

    Tesla model s key fob

    Hello. Interested here. Do you know if programming is something I can do or if it can only be done by a service center?
  39. loganheinrich

    Tesla door handle failure - pivot gear (anyone have one I can buy?)

    I received the exact same message from Andy Hill. If you're in milwaukee and need one of these, let me know. I was able to get a couple from Vizik.
  40. loganheinrich

    Looking to purchase AP2 Model X

    Tuning in -- also looking for an AP 2.0 Model X. Preferably 7 passenger.
  41. loganheinrich

    Lease Transfer - 2016 MODEL X 90D

    Is this lease through Tesla? Would you by chance have a copy of the lease agreement and be able to send to me? Your lease takeover is fairly interesting to me.
  42. loganheinrich

    Vendor Like-new 2017 Model S & Model Xs for sale or long-term rental/lease

    Kilocar - do you ever have 7 seat Model Xs?

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