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  1. J

    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    Is it only happening with cars with EAP or it is also happening to cars without it as they should have emergency braking as a standard safety feature?
  2. J

    Can't login to my tesla account (reservation holder)

    Hi, I'm a Model 3 reservation holder and I can't login my tesla account. I've tried changing my password but it doesn´t work either. Does anyone have an idea why it happens and how I can solve it? Someone had the same problem? Thanks.
  3. J

    Energy Consumption On Model 3?

    Who will be the first comparing consumption in the same itinerary at steady speed (65-75 mph) with/without aero covers vs 19" sport wheels?
  4. J

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    I miss titanium colour.
  5. J

    Poll - how long you plan on keeping you Model 3?

    I hope Tesla allows third parties to access to information and spare parts to perform regular and even corrective maintenance. EM said that the service centers aren't going to be profit centers but they haven't undertaken decisions to facilitate self (other parties) maintenance.
  6. J

    "There will be something special", Who does this apply to?

    We'll see in about a month.
  7. J

    Any update concerning token of appreciation?

    The first owners aren't first day reservation holders... By the way, do we know if they all paid the pup? In some of the stickers/bills there wasn't any mention to the pup...
  8. J

    Any update concerning token of appreciation?

    With some reservation holders being about to be invited (november-December) to configure their cars, do we know anything concerning tokens of appreciation for early reservation holders? - Supercharging credits? - Special/offered paint? - Panoramic roof offered for non pup? - Any ideas?
  9. J

    Article states M3 maintenance costs highest

    How often battery cooling liquid change is necessary? Is it possible to do it on your own? Somewhere I read that tesla was releasing maintenance manuals to be done by third parties and reduce pressure on their service centers.
  10. J

    Aero covers, or Spikes (No Covers) Pics.

    I 100% agree. I prefer silver color.
  11. J

    Model 3 Premium Package is a STEAL (By Tesla standards)

    I agree 100%. My 17 y.o. car has folding mirrors and it only coast around 18.000 USD. I don't understand why it's not a basic feature. Also I expect panoramic roof to unbundle from the pup in a future when they reach scale economies. Don't understand why you need audio upgrade, electric and...
  12. J

    Could a significant number of pre-configured, finalized Model 3s already exist...?

    You're all far away from the truth... EM is stocking thousands of M3 in the tunnels of the boring company... :p:p:p
  13. J

    Anyone think the metal roof will come painted black?

    That's the point, I don't think it's a cost save, it is only an increassing income option.
  14. J

    Anyone think the metal roof will come painted black?

    What I don't understand is why to charge extra cost for the total glass configuration... One of the reasons to choose the whole glass roof is to improve manufacturability, thus, reducing cost. Isn't the metal roof going to cost them more than the all glass roof? Of course if they're able to...
  15. J

    Will Model 3 Supercharge faster than Model S (in miles/minute)?

    10 minutes would be impressive... 6C Do you expect next battery packages to exceed 3C?
  16. J

    Will Model 3 Supercharge faster than Model S (in miles/minute)?

    I found it... Five minute charging? Straubel says "yes."
  17. J

    Will Model 3 Supercharge faster than Model S (in miles/minute)?

    It's not me who says that, it's EM. Even JB Straubel stated that the goal is to reduce recharging time to about 5-10 minutes (don't remember exact number). I would be happy with a battery being able to swallow 3C during 90% of the charging process... i.e. 180 kw for a 60 kwh battery...
  18. J

    Will Model 3 Supercharge faster than Model S (in miles/minute)?

    Is it not expected with new chemistry, new 2170 shape, and improvements in battery cooling to charge at, let's say 2-3C? Elon was talking about charging at 350 kW as a children game... When is it expected this break through if it is not with the new battery and pack technology that is supposed...
  19. J

    Model 3 Battery size

    Is it possible to increase voltage to 800 V in order to increase power?
  20. J

    Model 3 Battery size

    Hyundai ionic ev gets 10-20% more efficiency than any other ev, even those lighter and with lower rolling resistance as the bmw i3. Hyundai Ioniq Electric becomes most efficient electric car ever rated by the EPA As someone said, it's also remarquable the rate of charge similar to Teslas and...
  21. J

    Model 3 Battery size

    All these calculations on range only takes into account drag coefficients, weight and rolling resistance. Does anyone have an idea about improvements in electronics, motor and energy conversion? Could it be a nice surprise? I'm thinking about the hyundai ionic whose efficiency is remarkable...
  22. J

    Model 3 Battery size

    He has a promise to keep. Tesla will hardly get 210(-238) miles of range with less than 60 kwh, but my guess is that Elon will try to match (and increase) bolt range.
  23. J

    Model 3 Battery size

    I don't have any evidence, just existing cars Cd... Motorburn | 12 of the most aerodynamic cars in production right now In order to obtain a drag coefficient below 0,22 VW has to cover rear wheels. According to the article the only commercial car whose Cd is below 0,24 (MS) is mercedes CLA...
  24. J

    Rumor: Hybrid Power Train

    Curious... because dual motor versions were meant to reduce consumption in highways due to different gear relations. I wonder what a pure EV hybrid version is.
  25. J

    Model 3 Battery size

    The 0,21 drag coefficient is a goal but I'm not really sure they will succeed. Real number I think will be closer to the 0,24 of the MS.
  26. J

    Speculation on Model 3 trunk design revision?

    Why couldn't it be a hatchback (or estate) version from the Model 3? All manufacturers have different versions from a single model family...
  27. J

    Another way to think about the bigger battery options.

    I don' think extra 90 miles will only require 6.000 USD. Looking at MS, extra 40-50 miles ads around 10.000 USD.
  28. J

    Could the Model 3 be the last car you buy?

    My car will have 18 y.o. when I'll buy my M3. I expect my new M3 to last the same as the car I'm driving today with minor operational costs. But seeing the problems with drive units in MS I start thinking that keeping the car longer than the drive unit warranty period will be an economic...
  29. J

    Model Y after Model 3

    I'm in the same situation... I don't like suv/cuv but they may be more convinient for a family... What I really need is a M3 station wagon, but there is no expectation to get a shooting brake from M3.
  30. J

    Why a 215 mi range?

    That's the point. Even if 75 mph it's the legal maximum speed in most highways (in Europe even more), I don't want either to drive at 55 mph in a highway where all the car's drive at 75 mph.
  31. J

    Larger battery bundled with AWD?

    There are some people who states that in real life RWD has even more range.
  32. J

    Larger battery bundled with AWD?

    Hope EM agrees...
  33. J

    Larger battery bundled with AWD?

    Recently Tesla discontinued it's MS 85, obliging those interested in a larger battery pack to spend 17 k$ more than the MS 70, including AWD. Many people assume that it will happen again with M3, but I hope Tesla will offer a M3 75/80 (without D). M3 buyers aren't as wealthy as MS ones and...
  34. J

    Why a 215 mi range?

    I think EM means EPA rated range. It's a good number for consumption (economy/pollution) purposes, but what is really required is range at highway speeds (75 mph). At those speeds range decreases dramatically, when it is most required for medium/long distance trips (for instance to skip a...
  35. J

    Model 3 Specification Speculation

    Impressive work. What would be the expected range at a syeady speed of 75 mph?
  36. J

    Graphene-enhanced battery to be used in Roaster 3.0 and future vehicles???

    Hi guys! I've been reading you for a while, but never posted. I'm waiting the day when EV reach enough range (let's say real 300 miles) at an affordable cost, compared with ICE competitors. Hope M3 will be the one. I live in Spain where Tesla hasn't opened anything (just two superchargers)...

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