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  1. Subevo

    rear camera constantly needing cleaned

    if it’s raining the rear camera becomes useless very quickly.any coatings like rainX etc worth trying. Or would fitting mudflaps help.
  2. Subevo

    Anyone had M3P brake discs replaced?

    TThanks for the reply’s. My model S never suffered anything like my 3 even after 2 years. Here’s some photos of my wife’s MG zs ev with the same 3000 mile range. Her car hasn’t been driven for a couple of days and the discs are usually very shiny.
  3. Subevo

    Anyone had M3P brake discs replaced?

    my discs look as though they aren’t wearing evenly and wondering what chance I’ve got of getting them replaced under warranty.
  4. Subevo


    Wife had a 2011 Audi TT 1.8 petrol that drank 1 litre every 200 miles and Audi weren’t interested as it never had a FMD service history.however if you lived in the USA you got a free replacement engine.turns out it was a known batch of incorrectly matched engines with the wrong piston rings.no...
  5. Subevo

    Expected price for a home charger?

    I paid around £450 for an Andersen A2 . £1250 - £500 olev - £300 Scottish grant . My neighbour only paid £65 for a Scottish power charger last week after getting £800 in grants as above.
  6. Subevo

    Insurance New Vehicle [2020 Megathread]

    Yes it’s very annoying to have to wait until the last moment to get reg details.( got mine about 2 days before pickup)i remember having a choice of registrations on a new Honda I bought years ago. When I picked up my car the one beside mine had a much better reg than mine.
  7. Subevo

    Honda e would you?

    had a test drive today and liked it a lot. Wife however almost divorced me for suggesting I might trade my model 3 performance for one. I do like quirky cars for some unexplained reason and get bored easily.(had teslas for 3 years) Looks like I will be keeping the 3 for a while longer.
  8. Subevo

    Insurance on M3

    My model S 75D 2017 Model was £350 with direct line. My model 3 performance cheapest was LV at £560 .54 max no claims. Just out of interest Kia e Niro easily £280.
  9. Subevo

    Roof glass heat protection is very impressive

    Very interesting.i was convinced the roof glass was the excess heat problem.maybe it’s not.
  10. Subevo

    Model 3 performance handling

    Thanks for your replies. i had the regen set to standard and that may be the problem when lifting off mid corner ,maybe fishtailing was too strong a word. More like the car was very unsettled and could have possibly lost control if not maybe for the inbuilt stability control electronics. After...
  11. Subevo

    Model 3 performance handling

    Twice now I’ve been travelling very fast on a bumpy fast sweeping bend and the car started fishtailing slightly when I lifted off the accelerator.i was shocked as I was expecting it to be glued to the road.luckily the car weaving around doesn’t get progressively worse until it’s uncontrollable...
  12. Subevo

    What do you enjoy most about driving your Tesla?

    For me it’s knowing I can out accelerate almost anything away from the lights and make tailgaters disappear at will. The ability to view YouTube and netflix when charging. The preheating of cabin in Winter Free public charging in Scotland means no fuel costs so far.never having to visit a...
  13. Subevo

    Extended Free Supercharger Duration

    I done a self referral and got 2000 miles even though my model s was free supercharging .still unclear if Ive got to use within 6 months or a year.
  14. Subevo

    Glad I bought a Tesla(over other electric brands)

    Only some of the locations I use are shown on the app. The problem is. They might be free when you check the app but after 10 minutes of driving to get there. usually someone has beaten me to them.now that taxi drivers are buying electric cars the chargers are less likely to be free.
  15. Subevo

    Glad I bought a Tesla(over other electric brands)

    went to my nearest 3rd party rapid chargers x2 First one occcupied .2nd one had a fault. Then went to next location 5 miles away. again fully occupied and even the slow chargers were being used. Last resort the new euro central superchargers about 5 miles further on. 12 stalls .im the only one...
  16. Subevo

    Joined the locked out of car club (model 3)

    Great idea about installing the app on a strangers phone for 2 minutes.i wish I’d thought of that at the time.
  17. Subevo

    SD Card or Portable SSD drive for Sentry mode - Which one?

    I bought a Roadie after failed attempts with flash drives etc. Works great.
  18. Subevo

    Joined the locked out of car club (model 3)

    my phone was at 18% then I went out of car to use a charge point which wouldn’t connect and the phone went dead which was in the car along with my key card. .i wondered why the charge port wouldn’t open then realised all doors were locked.i was stood in the rain with no shelter whatsoever. Long...
  19. Subevo


    was thinking of buying this for the wife £23500 for the exclusive version. Then I found out you could buy the petrol version for £14500 So a £9000 saving . My wife only drives at most 5000 miles a year and it would take 10 years in fuel to get to the price of the electric version. Therefore is...
  20. Subevo

    Jaguar I-pace problem

    My neighbour has just bought a nearly new i-pace and was telling me he’s had a nightmare trying to charge it.almost every ccs charger he plugs into it comes up as a fault and very rarely connects making the car almost unusable which is a shame. He says it can’t be solved due to the car not being...
  21. Subevo

    M3 washing by hand (2 bucket method)

    Here’s my method
  22. Subevo

    Surf Trip with the Model 3

    Does the front seat fold forwards or backwards
  23. Subevo

    Does referral 1000 miles have a time limit to use ?

    What’s annoying is in the loot box there’s no mention of a time limit it just states your miles remaining. I think this is pretty poor to be honest .why such a tight deadline.it should be 12 months at least.
  24. Subevo

    Does referral 1000 miles have a time limit to use ?

    Hi folks I thought I had unlimited time to use my supercharger miles up but someone said it’s only 6 months. I done a self referral so got 2000 miles free supercharging does this extend to 12 months or still 6 months. Can anyone confirm if the above is true.
  25. Subevo

    Switching cabin heating off query on model 3

    hi folks coming from a model s to a model 3 I find it a pain having to hold the fan symbol for 2 secs to turn heating off. Compared to the 1 touch on the model S. Am I missing a trick.why can’t it be a single touch for on or off. When I got the car I could not switch the heating off until I...
  26. Subevo

    18" Aero vs 20" Performance: Ride Quality, comfort, noise etc

    Personally I was surprised that the 20 inch wheels were not as bad as I’d Imagined. Coming from a model S with 19 inch wheels slightly firmer ride but not too bad. Still dodging as many pot holes as possible to be on the safe side. I would say go for it.looks much better.
  27. Subevo

    Stick on vinyl number plates

    My rear plate is squint and rattles when I close the boot lid .badly fitted by Tesla. Also the plate holders don’t look great either. I might go down the stick on route.
  28. Subevo

    Dash Cam Gone...

    I bought a micro sd card and reader .spent ages getting it to format etc. plugged into car and nothing.no icon. I’ve ordered a roadie .hopefully that works.
  29. Subevo

    M3P winter tyre package

    I like those wheels what make are they? Any more details?
  30. Subevo

    Is it really worth it?

    After trading my model S 75D for a M3P without so much as a test drive I was initially worried but pleasantly surprised. I genuinely don’t miss anything about my S. Model 3 performance is like owning a new puppy full of life and eager to please.but occasionally shits on carpet.
  31. Subevo

    Just noticed my arcade icon has vanished

    thanks guys. I don’t know how I missed that. Why did they move it? It was ok where it was. I would say it should be a toy box item.
  32. Subevo

    Just noticed my arcade icon has vanished

    hi folks I was playing some arcade games the other day and then went to show someone today and the arcade icon and games are gone possibly after the latest update. Anyone else have this happen?
  33. Subevo

    Issues with on first drive: 2019.40.50.1

    Mine too regarding the voice not working.also my arcade icon has disappeared for some strange reason.
  34. Subevo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I noticed I don’t have a frunk. Mat or bag hooks on my M3p is that correct.?
  35. Subevo

    Software updates (new owners)

    latest update arrived this morning.so all good.
  36. Subevo

    Software updates (new owners)

    I initiated a service centre visit on the app.then got a text to say they have passed my concerns to the virtual service technicians and will be in contact soon. That was yesterday.still nothing.
  37. Subevo

    Software updates (new owners)

    Mine is also on v9 software and I can’t update.got a text today saying they are looking into it.so no Netflix ,YouTube, or power increase etc.
  38. Subevo

    I'm getting free SuperCharging on a Model 3..... apparently!

    Yes it was a self referral maybe that’s it.cheers.
  39. Subevo

    I'm getting free SuperCharging on a Model 3..... apparently!

    Took delivery today and was surprised to see 2000 miles free supercharging in my loot box instead of 1000 miles. Saw a post about it being due to cars being delivered before end of quarter.anyone confirm,
  40. Subevo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Just collected from Edinburgh at 3:30 was getting dark and fridge was raided and empty due to being last to collect. Only a team of 3 people so they were busy.small issue with black mark on rear seat otherwise ok. Initial impressions feels sportier with more tyre noise.happy so far.noticed it’s...
  41. Subevo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I’m amazed at all the new owners not taking advantage of referral codes for 1000 miles free supercharging.
  42. Subevo

    Undertray Hanging off

    Post some photos if possible
  43. Subevo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Just received a text to say delivery at Edinburgh on 21/12/19 ordered on 31/10/19. M3P+
  44. Subevo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Custom ordered LRAWD on 31st Oct then changed to inventory white on white P3D on 20th November after wife liked one at super charger .said Jan delivery.surprisingly a couple of exact spec cars appeared on inventory in the uk but I was too late and now gone.
  45. Subevo

    Anyone went from model S to model 3?

    interested in views of swapping to a model 3 from a model S. Any regrets? Anything you miss? I met a guy who was going for a model 3 but said it was too minimalistic and ended up with a model S instead but so far he seems like the exception.
  46. Subevo

    Ordering strangeness?

    placed a custom order for a model 3 on 1st November.then saw an inventory car and phoned to swap for that .told it’s a January delivery.i asked if there was anything else I could get sooner but no.then the next day there’s exactly the same spec on inventory location Southampton.then next day...
  47. Subevo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I got a trade in valuation on my model s against a model 3 after a couple of days.not that great To be honest.no doubt it will drop like a stone if car not delivered in the 30 day valuation time frame.
  48. Subevo

    How accurate is your TPMS

    I have a digital tyre pressure gauge and it’s exactlly as the car states on screen so pretty accurate in my opinion.
  49. Subevo

    Looks like the good days are going for us in Scotland!

    Public chargers should adopt idling fees to stop people overstaying .the amount of folk who leave the car on charge all day is a joke. Free charging is part of the reason I went electric to offset the Huge expense of buying a Tesla (justified by man maths.)
  50. Subevo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    When I asked on the phone about SR+ deliveries the other day the guy laughed and said feb/March at earliest.

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