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    App is getting 500 server error. Cant connect.

    Nope...having the same issues on both iOS and Android (error message varies a bit)
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    Surprising [and funny!] Problem with Auto Pilot

    If it's not officially a freeway (Interstate, perhaps?), the latest update restricts the car to 5 mph over posted speed limits, but ONLY if autosteer is on. So, if the car thinks the speed limit is 55 and you're at 75, yes, the car would slow to 60 on its own (it will not inadvertently speed up...
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    12v Battery

    It's easy to panic about these things, but remember your previous car would have just had the battery die without warning you a couple of weeks in advance. The 12v battery weakness could be caused by anything (or nothing) -- a light left on, a bad battery, etc. However, the key is that there are...
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    v7.1 Feature MISSING?!

    Great Point... I just sold my early VIN 60 and am waiting for my new 70, and this is a great point. Every time my car is in the garage, it's plugged in. To unplug it, I have to open the garage. To use Homelink from the app, the car has to be unplugged. And then repeat this vicious circle...
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    Proactive Contactor Replacement

    Well that explains a few things... I just took mine in for replacement (VIN 83XX) after notification when I scheduled annual service, but on my last supercharge things were unusually slow, and regen has been much more limited than the temperature or SOC would justify. Will see what happens...
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    Highest volume Tesla Store?

    In 2014, I was told Dallas had the highest foot traffic, but of course zero sales. Kind of hard to know what metric to use...
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    Switching gears by accident while in motion...

    I can verify (multiple instances...I often drive rental cars while traveling for work, then forget what's what when I return) that at 4 1/2 mph throwing it from drive to park when you are expecting instead to spray the windshield is quite jarring and disconcerting, especially to the driver...
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    Disappointed with the D unveiling

    I just don't get the complaining! If you buy a 2104 Mercedes and the 2015 turns out to be way better, do you complain that they should give you the features they added for 2015? The only real differences are that Tesla doesn't have model years and that they don't pre-market a lot of what's...
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    Wired - What Tesla Needs to Fix Before It Gives Us a New Model S

    I have the official center console (the new version; had the old version prior to that) and as much as I loved the big open space, the center console is really fantastic!!
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    Speed Assist and Lane Departure Warning

    Um, I think a vibrating steering wheel might be pretty invasive!
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    Police use app to track stolen Tesla, 2 arrested after chase

    Back when there were only a few cars in Austin right after the SC opened, they took my car home because they didn't have enough room to store to overnight and the service center is in a pretty high traffic area. I didn't mind once I knew why, but it was pretty freaked out overnight! Still, I...
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    Firmware 5.12

    I got mine OTA right after a visit to the service center, but have had a couple OTA updates since...
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    Employer won't let me expense mileage

    They aren't required to allow use of personal vehicles, just to reimburse you if you do. That said, it is certainly not abuse...the depreciation is pretty rough, but tire wear and tear alone is twice as high as a normal car. Don't get me wrong, I love getting reimbursed while not having gas or...
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    Just About Had It With the Frunk Dent

    There's an easy solution to this. I just tell friends/relatives that my insurance company told me not to let anyone else drive it! :rolleyes:
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    Why I canceled my reservation on the Model S

    As hard as it is for many of us long time reservation holder owners to admit, Model S isn't for everyone, and certainly not yet. It fits my lifestyle and (with some sacrifices) budget, but as I now have to drive between Austin and Dallas more often than expected, it is a bit of an unexpected...
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    Does Fuel Savings really make that much of a difference?

    Seriously. I've only spent about $600 on electricity over 18,000 miles. In my previous car, that would have been $3500-$4000 in gas. Conservatively, I'll save at least $20k on gas over the life of the car!
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    Current status of Firmware 6.0 ?

    For iPad, get OPlayerHD Lite for free...It allows manual adjustment to audio sync (and lets you play avi, DIVX, MKV, etc.)!
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    Opportunity Console - New Photos, Poll

    Mine (replacement for original version) has been in for 2 weeks but they have a ton of deliveries, hence the long wait. - - - Updated - - - I have the original version being replaced next week) and the stitching is more grey than white. Maybe a light grey I would say. Looks great as it is...
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    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    There's still plenty of room for an umbrella; you don't lose very much space! I'm assuming the new design isn't a major change, but I hear it's not. - - - Updated - - - Same here...was in the first or second batch of 10. - - - Updated - - - Yeah, it uses one of the 2 ports, but (a) you can...
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    The high-pitched whine during acceleration...

    Mine has become a "multi-balloon" whine, but after testing it yet again, service called it "normal" and made no changes. Honestly I only ever notice it when the radio is off and things are otherwise quiet.
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    Nissan releases heat tolerant battery and replacement battery cost

    I hope Tesla eventually offers a battery replacement financing option...that would be pretty cool. Perhaps 3-4 more years down the road...
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    Can an App wake the MS from Sleep Mode?

    You know what just dawned on me? Perhaps these incidents are occurring when Tesla is having server issues. Once in a while the app is unavailable to all due to communication or server issues. Could be a case of bad timing?
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    San Antonio

    Unfortunately it's no longer a Westin (for those of us that used to use points to stay there!). It's now just the La Cantera Resort or something like that.
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    Watching movies at the SuperCharger.

    For my iPad, OPlayerHD Lite is free and allows manual audio sync. I also use a nice firm flip cover that slides in between the top of the steering wheel and the bottom edge of the top of the dash, allowing the iPad to hang right on the steering wheel; when using the Bluetooth for sound to boot...
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    Upload picture of Supercharger site??

    Click on "Reply" and in the body of the new message click on the little icon of the photo ("Insert Image")
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    Can an App wake the MS from Sleep Mode?

    Hmmm...this was never the case before. If it were me, I'd ask if they can validate that with engineering, and note that you've never heard of this behavior before, it didn't work this way before, and others haven't had this problem.
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    Unusual behavior: automatic lowering after leaving vehicle

    Agreed...over a year in and while the car has definitely leveled itself in the past, something is different now. I definitely had a close brush with a curb but noticed it and raised the car. I can't put my finger on it, but definitely a change in behavior.
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    Center display spontaneously reboots?

    Ditto on 5.8.10. I am usually good about rebooting proactively every few weeks, but got lazy and the car must have missed it because it rebooted on its own. Minor annoyance...only impacted radio/air, but wasn't dangerous.
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    supercharging rate...

    The lines are in a terrible place for actual charging given how short the cables are!
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    My Main Screen Must Have Crashed Last Night.....

    After a major update it is never a bad idea to reboot the center console once or twice to avoid this...
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    Firmware 5.9

    I'd like to take a brief moment to point out that no matter how well it has or hasn't been implemented, how frickin' cool is it that a feature like this was added over the air after we all bought the car? Can you imagine if BMW owners whined that they wanted a hill hold feature and BMW decided...
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    Loaner Model S vs. My Model S - Pleasantly Surprised

    It wasn't a camera spec change per se, but among the early VINs there were some bad optics. I got a loaner, saw the difference, showed them, and they tried cleaning mine, adjusting the autofocus, etc. and determined I needed a new camera. Now it is crystal clear! Hold out for a camera swap...the...
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    Tesla Model X camera like mirror on a Honda Accord??? (video)

    Well, I love innovation as much as or more than the next guy, but the other day my center console rebooted itself while I was driving; had that happened to the dashboard instead and I was left mirror less for 45-90 seconds, I'd have gotten a bit flustered for sure. I get that the aerodynamics...
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    Motor Whine Gone: Bizarre, awesome side effect of 5.8.8??

    Interesting...in that case I wonder what made mine stop?! Ideas welcome...
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    Navigation inaccurate

    Exactly...the Navigon/Garmin is pretty painful, but Tesla does swear it will improve.
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    Motor Whine Gone: Bizarre, awesome side effect of 5.8.8??

    Cross post from official Tesla forums: So I was showing off my car on Tuesday, and the balloon squeal was as obvious as it's always been (approaching 12k miles since last April, VIN 83XX). However, with the 5.8.8 update late Wednesday night, the squeal is gone, replaced instead with very quiet...
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    Model S Test Mule?

    Looks a WHOLE lot like an autonomous driving test bed...emergency red stop button would be the biggest clue (take over manual control), with the large box top containing myriad sensors and the "gas tank" in the back likely a beefy server. Wheel dynamics can be tested in a more controlled track...
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    Whole Foods stops using 350Green charging

    Exactly...moderator, please consider changing the title; Whole Foods abandoned one EV charging network, not EV charging. Whole Foods chargers have saved my butt a few times when traveling.
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    Free data for four years!

    It's definitely not this...the car (well, the cellular equipment) is designed to be able to split off telemetry and other Tesla-paid data (before they decided to make our data free!) so that customers could choose not to buy a data plan and Tesla would still have access to our logs and other key...
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    For those owners unhappy with drop in maximum charged range

    I realize it has been noted ad nauseum already, but I have certainly noted that my 60 seems much better now at accurately estimating cool and cold weather range. My "depleted" range (10-12 miles after 10k miles) has magically returned with the return of warm weather today in Texas. I remind...
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    Elon in Munich on Jan 30, 2014

    Check out the Tesla careers website...they are hiring autonomous driving engineers like crazy...
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    Detailed pictures of installed, official center console!

    Haven't had time but will soon!
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    Wiper Blade replacement

    Maybe ask if they'll send the blades to you? They've done bigger things for me without my even asking...
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    if you didn't buy a prepaid service plan

    Especially since for us earlier buyers I'm pretty sure that wasn't mentioned in the pre-pay agreement (at least not anywhere I could find at the time!). If they're not including wear and tear items in the annual service, what sense does that make? If that's the case we should just ignore the...
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    Wiper Blade replacement

    I thought wiper blades were replaced as part of the service plan?
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    Detailed pictures of installed, official center console!

    The pics don't do it justice...the quality (except the spring loaded door and charger dock) is great.
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    Detailed pictures of installed, official center console!

    The dock does use up one of the ports (the one closest to the driver), and since the dock doesn't work, I brought the 12V back! Plus my 12V has two USB ports and is also a fast charger...with 4 iPads and 3 phones in the family, the extra ports are helpful!
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    Detailed pictures of installed, official center console!

    Piano black: Dropbox - 2014-01-19 18.15.54.jpg
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    Detailed pictures of installed, official center console!

    I was #12 on the wait list! :-) - - - Updated - - - It is very similar to the material in the open space before the console was there. It just looks odd with the flash. - - - Updated - - - As long as it is not a tiny drink, you are good. If you have a tiny drink (e.g., those little 8 oz...
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    Detailed pictures of installed, official center console!

    How much space between cubby and console: Just enough for the sliding thing to slide back, but that's enough for things to slide in between. I will try to take a picture of it... - - - Updated - - - Do I have video: Great idea...will try to tonight! - - - Updated - - - Is the installation...

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