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  1. Cwmwd

    Octopus 'Wheel of Fortune'

    I believe this is correct, there was a blog post about the coding behind it and basically the animated wheel part just fetches the random prize it's supposed to land on from another system before you "spin" it. This is so you can't cheat by coding your own wheel...
  2. Cwmwd

    any way to send a multi-stop trip to the car from google maps/browser etc?

    Maybe you could do something with the calendar as a clunky hack...? Try creating an event for each waypoint at your ETA and add the location (or maybe at 23:59 and then 23:58 etc. going backwards if you don't care about the actual time, only the right order). With a bit of luck the car will then...
  3. Cwmwd

    Any computer geniuses that know how to harvest pdf's from the Tesla service manual?

    Maybe use pandoc to pull in the HTML pages and convert to PDF that can then be stitched together? https://pandoc.org/MANUAL.html#reading-from-the-web
  4. Cwmwd

    Dotted line - regen

    Think of the car as a soft southern jessie that's cold even on the warmest of spring mornings. I mean, it's British Summer Time now so offically time for shorts and sandals but still it moans... ;)
  5. Cwmwd

    TACC and AP on new roads

    It's not a full dual-carriageway but does have alternating passing lanes. Yes, that's what I do except the car caps the manual adjustment at 40 for a while at the start of the new section as it thinks it's still in the previous speed zone. I wait for the "40" sign to vanish from the screen and...
  6. Cwmwd

    TACC and AP on new roads

    About 6 weeks ago a new bypass was opened up here and once the novelty of cruising over fields and rivers on the satellite view wore off I started wondering when the new layout would be "integrated" into the mapping system. By now Google have added the road to their maps (but obviously not to...
  7. Cwmwd

    3LR charging issue

    Tesla's implementation of the charger protocol was known to be iffy at best (some might say liberal with the standards) --- there were some a huge threads about it doing the rounds a while ago (found one: Model 3 scheduled/timed/smart charging). I thought that most of the issues had fixed by a...
  8. Cwmwd

    Bluewater reg plate?

    That's a typical second date in these parts (in that order too)... 🤣
  9. Cwmwd

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Just out of interest, has anyone looked at shares in the Ripple's co-op wind farm as an alternative to home solar? Looks like a decent alternative if you've not much room on your roof or facing the wrong way. Presumably less hassle as well as you don't need to get surveyors and builders and...
  10. Cwmwd

    Proactive recall for Model 3/Y front suspension

    Not on the list for the suspension issue but I do have an entry for checking the co-ax cable to the reversing camera... Description: The Model 3 trunk harness is equipped with a solid core coaxial cable that provides the rearview camera feed for visibility on the center display. Over time...
  11. Cwmwd

    Proactive recall for Model 3/Y front suspension

  12. Cwmwd

    Why do 3rd party chargers break down so often??

    From my (limited) use of public charging most of the problems seem to be with the ancillary stuff, not the actual "charger". How many time have I seen posts on this very forum along the line sof "charger would not work... called the number... they started the charge remotley" or "out of order so...
  13. Cwmwd

    Tesla All Weather Protection Kit [mudflaps/ppf] - Anyone in the UK Been Contacted?

    Mine got as far as Eindhoven last night but DHL then decided to ship back to Tilburg for some reason....
  14. Cwmwd

    Can you do this with your left indicator / turn signal?

    Dunno if it's related but a couple of times last week (not been out this week) I managed to activate voice command mode when exiting roundabouts (so did a brief left tap to do a triple blink for my exit) and dipping the full beams at nearly the same time (on coming cars were just rounding the...
  15. Cwmwd

    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Cool, good to know. I think I still have the user "allseeingcar" set up with UID 1984 on my laptop...
  16. Cwmwd

    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Same here, first they force me to reformat from ext4 to FAT and now I have to go out and buy a new flash drive (when the last thing I want to do right now is go into a shop)... 1st-W-P I suppose! Not seen anything in the release notes explaining why it suddenly needs more space for the same...
  17. Cwmwd

    Premium connectivity [service provider] changing

    On a tangent, did anyone else notice a distinct drop in signal strength after the recent switch, seems less responsive on the app too (but it does wake the car up now, at least!). I'm guessing the "dutch" network is a bit more sparse round this end...
  18. Cwmwd

    New car - what's this orange sticker?

    It an indicator label for the rescue workers to know the safest/correct place to cut the High Voltage cable and isolate the car in the event of an accident. Should be there and visible (IMHO).
  19. Cwmwd

    Rear door won’t open

    And, does the window drop? Also check the screen: is it showing the door open when you try?
  20. Cwmwd

    Picking up Model 3 tomorrow - what to look out for?

    Not sure how you'd do so (not what to do about it if it is a problem), but might be worth checking that it's not suffering from the ongoing won't-wake-up-from-the-app bug... Car won't wake from app Good luck with the collection anyway, hope all's well!
  21. Cwmwd

    Car won't wake from app

    Had a phone call from Tesla Service (a Maidenhead number) this morning after raising a service request on the app last night. Guy was aware that the problem was widespread and had me open the app whilst on the phone with him. He then asked me to walk up to the car and open the door while he...
  22. Cwmwd

    Mystery Car

  23. Cwmwd

    Recognising an oncoming Tesla in traffic

    You mean a "beam a friendly message to their screen over Bluetooth and sound a chime" system...?
  24. Cwmwd

    [UK] Octopus: Electric Juice Network

    Moderator comment - post merge from "Electric Juice" It may be old hat but I was totally unaware of it's existence 'till I read this article about Engenie joining the other day (thanks to Google suggestions): Engenie joins Octopus Electric Juice roaming service in 'crucial step' for seamless...
  25. Cwmwd

    Charger and Octopus

    Just to add that both Octopus and ev.energy have referral schemes (the ev.energy one is less lucrative, though) so if you do find the above useful be sure to PM some of the guys above to ask for links... :)
  26. Cwmwd

    Tesla spotting

    I'd be nice to revive the Tesla Spotted thread, it was like the old "missed encounters" ads... The Tesla Spotted Thread
  27. Cwmwd

    No Mobile Service Available

    I can second that: I reported a detached door seal on the app, including a note that I'd prefer a mobile service if possible due to the distance to nearest SC (it's a good 220 mile round trip). Chose the first available appointment in Stockport thinking that if no mobile service was available...
  28. Cwmwd

    Charging Advice Needed

    If they operate near you, you could bring the chargers to you for a few weeks... "Overnight, one of our Charging vans will come to your car, securely unlock your charge port and top up your battery." Charge Fairy
  29. Cwmwd

    Limits of mobile service call-outs?

    A good description and plenty of photos in the app when "booking" helps. I had a ranger visit yesterday after many moths of waiting (due to the lockdown and part delivery issues) to replace a door seal. When I saked about a loose B-pillar trim the guy explained there's a limit to what they can...
  30. Cwmwd

    Tesla Model 3. What extras would you add direct from the factory ?

    Totally agree, even if you could look out the back I don't think you'd see much anyway! I find the the car feels wider than it is because of those haunches over the back wheels and I also get fooled by the "stumpy" froot that drops out of view when turning into my narrow lane and have no idea...
  31. Cwmwd

    Tesla Model 3. What extras would you add direct from the factory ?

    Kinda sorta coming soon: https://i.imgur.com/8w2CQU0.jpg Rear View Backup with Side Repeater Cameras on Model S and X (what it looks like) : teslamotors Tesla's upcoming software update 2020.24.5 adds side cameras and new icons - techAU
  32. Cwmwd

    Tesla Model 3. What extras would you add direct from the factory ?

    I'm guessing you mean hardware changes, software changes are only an OTA away... 1+ for auto open/close boot, not too bothered about the froot myself. Option for a "satin black" centre console instead of the piano black. A better fitting mobile dock, never got it to work --- a sight bump or a...
  33. Cwmwd

    Charger at in-laws - can i get the grant?

    Unless your in-laws fancy using your referral for their own Tesla (other EVs are available) then I think it'll be a "no" for the grant. Instead, consider sourcing cheap-ish second UMC from the ForSale sticky thread or eBay that can be left there and, if necessary, have a 13A socket fitted...
  34. Cwmwd

    Octopus ‘Go’ getting paid to use Electricity

    Got an invite: 5p/kWh between 2pm and 3pm. Sweet! Means I can do the washing in the afternoon (and get cheap drying on the line if it's sunny) that will pay for another load overnight... I'll probably also run the car down doing the weekly shop for my elderly parents to make the most of charging.
  35. Cwmwd

    New Dashcam Viewer Question

    Was anyone else using ext4 formatting for the TeslaCam? After upgrading to 2020.12.5 this morning I get a message telling me the format is not supported and that DashCam nor Sentry will work. I can view the old saved clips on the new in-car viewer but it indeed does not record any new footage...
  36. Cwmwd

    Replying to service text

    It's a 01484... number, Huddersfield I think? But I'll put roaming on just in case: they are technically over the border in Ingerlund after all ;)
  37. Cwmwd

    Replying to service text

    Yup, the original request is gone from the app. I've also checked the phone and I can send messages to other numbers so it's not that. The error message I get is along the lines of "Message not sent. Phone number formatting is incorrect". I've since deleted the original message and tried typing...
  38. Cwmwd

    Replying to service text

    Looks like the mobile rangers are now back on the road: I got a SMS asking me to confirm the address by reply for rearranging the previously cancelled appointment. However I've run into a snag, the phone number the message came from is not accepting my SMS replies. I've tried calling it and I...
  39. Cwmwd

    Requesting mobile service query

    There are a few threads about this problem (this one, for example), the app is pretty particular on the format it's expecting the address to be entered before even getting to handling middle-of-nowhere addresses with no house numbers or streets. Wish they'd add a "here" button that would just...
  40. Cwmwd

    Software update over LTE

    Does anyone know if tethering a phone on the front USB ports will work, rather than setting up a WiFi hotspot. Even if it does work it might be that the car's "hardcoded" to insist on using WiFi for firmware anyway?
  41. Cwmwd

    Work place charging strategy

    For the bean counters, don't forget the OLEV workplace charging grant is applicable for each chargepoint being fitted so might make the Type2 connectors more attractive: "WCS is a voucher-based scheme designed to provide eligible applicants with support towards the upfront costs of the purchase...
  42. Cwmwd

    M3 Key Fob Pros/Cons

    Aha! OK, there's where I was confused: from the previous post I got the impression you were saying the fob could somehow magically unlock the charger cable from the car when I walked up to it. I see now that I got it wrong because I made asumtions about your charger: I don't have a Tesla button...
  43. Cwmwd

    M3 Key Fob Pros/Cons

    Really? If this is the case then I might be interested in a fob --- with my phone, waking the 3 and/or opening the door is not enough, I still have to navigate through the app to "unlock chargeport". Are you saying that the fob does this on walking up to the car or that there's a button combo on...
  44. Cwmwd

    Newbie Question - Sentry mode and Dashcam

    I can't find it right now but I'm sure I read somewhere that drives with GPT partition tables work better too, particularly for the larger capacities with FAT32 formats. Maybe one of the two software packages you tried converted the drive to GPT?
  45. Cwmwd

    Bluetooth connection after sleep

    Second that: not had a update on the car in ages so I'm guessing it's the app, unless it the actual Tesla servers bing sluggish in processing the requests. Might try a reboot of both car and phone tomorrow to see if it helps.
  46. Cwmwd

    Octopus API Query Help

    I think you're missing a "/standard-unit-rates/" part from your API request, between the tariff code and the period of interest modifier: Try...
  47. Cwmwd

    M3 Steering Column Rattles

    @greasemonkey & @LEE3 : Not to spread panic but this might be a known problem with a connector between the steering wheel and dash working it's way loose and has left some people stranded when it finally works it's way loose. Epic Fail
  48. Cwmwd

    New Owner Questions

    For warming the car up in the mornings you can use TeslaFi Schedules (under the "Controls" item). You can also use TeslaFi to turn Sentry on (amongst other things) when at certain tagged locations. If you've already ordered a bunch of Amazon goodies for your car you may have meters of the tough...
  49. Cwmwd

    Can anyone help?

    I've heard that some will take a VIN over the phone when vehicle hasn't been registered yet. Might be worth a try?
  50. Cwmwd

    Newport Pagnell Superchargers

    Were the 2nd and 3rd ones you tried a pair (i.e. xA & xB)? ZapMap is reporting that one stall is "Out of Service" today with a very similar comment, although that may have been your comment...

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