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    Crossing to France from UK (MYLR)

    I had to do the same in the summer. That was the only config change to make, without changing it displayed the speed and speed limits in miles (eg 45mph vs 49mph limit in an 80kph zone). That's fine if the sign recognition works correctly, but we all know that it's spotty - hence you're better...
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    Electrical genius required?

    My gut feel is voltage sag when you're charging, and a very long cable run with perhaps smaller than ideal (in hindsight) conductors. Why not the i4? Interesting question, but if you're operating at the margins, then odd behaviour is somewhat expected. I can see why Tesla would say it's...
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    Recommendation for recovery service

    Nationwide Flexplus includes AA cover, it's actually quite a good policy, inc europe cover. I like not having to call up every year to negotiate the price back to something sensible
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    UK Service centre experiences - the good and bad

    Out of interest, how much did they charge?
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    Charging from socket permanently

    Charging the battery requires that the BMS and some car electronics are kept active. This consumes approximately 300w. 2.3kw AC - 2000/2300 =13% bms overhead 7.4.kw AC - 7060/7360 = 5% bms overhead 11kw AC 3Ph - 10740/11040 = 3% bms overhead then charging the cells is about about 7% or so from...
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    Window washer fluid low

    I generally pick up Prestone Ready to Use Screen Wash when I'm at screwfix. -10c rated, reasonably priced. (Note: As there isn't an engine to heat the washer, a decent freezing point is more important for an EV)
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    2022 LFP Model 3 - Best method of Charging ?

    This is supposedly not the case for LFP, as the cell voltage is a little lower than NCA. Charging to 100% means you're not going to get regen for a portion of the next journey. I'd suggest you charge to 80% most of the week, then one night a week charge to 100%
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    UK FSD - What does it actually do on Model 3?

    EAP... Lane changes are the main usecase for me, it just keeps you in AP mode and mindset more, which I find easier driving. It won't work in the following conditions - Low sun in the direction you want to change lane - Heavy traffic, it errs on the side of caution, so if you and the car behind...
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    Ovo UK - New EV Charge tariff

    Be interesting to see if speaking to the EV charger is more reliable than pulling the data off the smartmeter. I like being able to run the dishwasher, etc during the cheap period, so will likely go with IO
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    Tesla Super Charger conspiracy

    I wonder if - Initial range calculation is performed on the basis of a coolish battery - SC heats the battery up significantly - When the range is recalculated, the battery is now at a more optimal temp, and hence you've overcharged, assuming you're driving direct and not letting the battery...
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    Model Y Tire Flat Tyre Issue & Advice

    I carry the compressor and some gel from my wifes car (We upgraded to a space server tyre). The gel is a hail mary at best, but depending on the type of damage, but if the screw / nail is still in the tyre, using the compressor might get you from a semi-flat tyre to something driveable with...
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    12 months in - M3 LR and 25k miles in

    9 months and 13k on my M3 LR. From Surrey it's done road trips to the top of Scotland (twice), Normandy, Devon, Leeds, Lakes It's a beautifully smooth car, it munches miles effortlessly, and charging hasn't really been much of a hassle. For road trips, I've tried to pick places with EV...
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    PCH Early return?

    I really others being able to return for £0; basically the car is worth more second hand than the PCH vendor expected, and they'll happily take it off your hands 3 months early and make a profit while the going is good... Kerb rash is generally chargeable, but it's not generally excessive (Some...
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    Nightmare! (Supercharger queues)

    At the time, the v2s doing 150kw between two was reasonable enough. There wasn't *that much* of the charge cycle above 100kw anyway, so if you've got one car at the top of the charge cycle, and one at the bottom, it balanced out. Now you can pull 200+kw on a M3LR or 170 on a M3SR, it's much more...
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    Nightmare! (Supercharger queues)

    Absolutely not your fault that you had to go to a higher SOC, and with a v2 charger, your "buddy" would likely have picked up the rest of the 150kw capacity. But it does go to show how poor capacity in one stretch then cascades further down, and causes general congestion for hundreds of miles...
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    Nightmare! (Supercharger queues)

    Given that the site is "coming Q1" on the tesla supercharger map, I'd say that we're far beyond a rumour at this point. It does feel like Tesla are doing something about this "gap", Annadale will help, although that's not on the official tesla map yet, so presumably some quarters away.
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    Disappearing Miles (SHOCKED )!

    The free supercharging is also likely to change what conditions you might want to supercharge in. As a refresh model 3 LR owner on a long run, a supercharge happens in the middle of (or more likely towards the end of) a long drive after a 100% charge is severely dwindling, typically after...
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    Disappearing Miles (SHOCKED )!

    A 2017 model X is probably an outlier here, but you will recover heat from the motors AFAIK. So time, and overall KW in, vs mileage are the factors.
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    Disappearing Miles (SHOCKED )!

    I'll cover longevity first. Thermal management on a Tesla is very good, and the period of time the battery is kept at a high temperature is limited. While it's technically correct that it will cause some additional wear, that would really only be a concern if it's an extended period of time...
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    Nightmare! (Supercharger queues)

    The infrastructure on the M6/M40 corridor is starting to creak a little bit, especially the v2 superchargers which weren't really sized for the number of Tesla's on the road these days. My experience thus far has been a 20 minute wait going down from Scotland and 10 minutes going up at Gretna...
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    Charge Place Scotland Tariffs by Council

    My objection to a connection charge is that you don't really know what "quality of product" you're getting up front. If you connect on the CPS network, you might find that a rapid charger is only good for 29kw. Or that the 22kw charger is missing a couple phases, but the bank next door is...
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    Disappearing Miles (SHOCKED )!

    From the description of motorway services, it seems you're also doing motorway speeds. Even on a 20c windless day, you're probably not going to hit 345 miles on a motorway, even if you're broadly following speed limits. Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor provides a nice range card which might...
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    Charge Place Scotland Tariffs by Council

    CPS is charged by Direct Debit monthly. I think the admin largely gov funded. Short of "contactor cycles", not sure why a connection fee is needed - most don't charge it.
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    Would a m3 work for me or should I stick to a diesel

    You've mentioned your longest trip, but not how frequently that is, what a more typical trip is, and if you end up at home every night. If it's just day trips for work, then 200 miles should be totally doable, even in adverse conditions. Even if there was the occasional trip beyond range, My...
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    Matt e Tripping

    My wallbox is fitted with - Hager 32a "C Curve" MCB - Garo 40a DP RCBO in a separate box (Hager don't do a single width DP RCBO, and want a fortune for the double width. Wallbox fit PEN fault protection, but not a DP RCD) 32a "C Curve" is what wallbox specify in the install adjustments. I...
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    Tesla charger - any known issues with occasional low supply voltage?

    My driveway is tarmac, we'd have to run a cable for some distance to get to a clear spot for an earth spike. I bought a charger with pen fault built in. Just a shame it didn't have a DP RCD...
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    Tesla charger - any known issues with occasional low supply voltage?

    This is a little concerning. The Matt-E is intended to protect against PEN faults, an RCD doesn't protect against this. In certain specific conditions, it's possible that a fault on the DNO's cable could result in the PE (earth) becoming live. PEN faults are a concern for outdoor charging...
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    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    Demand is much higher at present, wholesales have increased, so it's not a massive surprise. TBH. Although I think the app is the non-telsa rate. Don't forget the price for Rapid/Ultra rapid is currently in the 65-80p range, and the peak rate only applies for a relatively short period. I'd say...
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    3-pin charging with extension lead.

    When I've talked to them, they've always been clear with me. For example I have a 16a female on my extension system, and they were clear that the onus was on my to downrate to 10a if feeding from a UK plug, or 13a from a European Schuko (Which is 16a, 13a continuous). They'll also install RCDs...
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    3-pin charging with extension lead.

    You need to calculate the voltage drops, but by my calculation you're (Just) within specification even with 40m of 1.5mm2 and the 7m of 4mm2 of the MCU at a 10a load.
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    3-pin charging with extension lead.

    I have a very nice set of cables from Tough Leads. Mines the ModuleEV with 3 x 10m sections, UK / Euro / IEC 16a plug going into UK/IEC 16a connector. Also useful when camping, as they're IEC With the UK plug extension, I normally leave it under the car so it won't get wet from direct rain.
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    Supercharger PCN fine at new Tongham / Farnham location

    It feels like this should actually be a requirement for supercharging leases. If you want to offer SC, you've got to accept a list of car reg's and times, and stop mucking about with penalty charges for people legitimately using the superchargers. It's a PITA for me as an able bodied person...
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    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    Home charging is more convenient, easier on the battery, and doesn't require much battery heating. By the time you precondition for the supercharger you'll lose any saving you could possibly make. OTOH if you're already supercharging, it's not so much more expensive than you need to plan to...
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    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    The cap for electric is ~35p / kWh (retail, including VAT @ 5%) and ~10p / kWh for gas (retail, inc 5% VAT)
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    Tesla readies revamped Model 3

    One of the reasons I made the decision to purchase was that the M3 Refresh had been out for a year and a bit when I ordered, and is built on the M3. While there are of course problems reported here, we're now to mid-run where there are fewer surprises. My previous Suzuki Swift was one of the...
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    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    It could. Osprey were able to drop from £1/kWh to £0.79/kWh because of the cap, which makes me think either the cap is far higher than 0.34p/kWh or almost all of the companies are extracting the urine
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    Tesla Supercharger M40 Warwick (north bound)

    My out of the way, I mean in a nearby bay, but not actively in the way of the chargers themselves. The discussion is really just making sure there is a shared understanding of who goes when, and hence there aren't any arguments
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    LFP SR+ over old LR?

    Worth mentioning the LR has a 120k mile warranty drivetrain, the SR/RWD is 100k
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    Tesla Supercharger M40 Warwick (north bound)

    On a slightly more serious answer, the tesla owners will generally create an informal queue, park up out of the way, normally there will be someone standing around, you ask how long the queue is, they'll tell you who's ahead of you. Take note, wait until the next person who needs to join the...
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    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    https://forum.octopus.energy/ It's primarily intended for agile and smart tariff customers
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    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    Quoting Guy Lipman on the Octopus forum "Wholesale forward prices for Q1 (Jan/Feb/March) are much higher than they’ve been in previous years. At the start of this week when I checked, they were 306p/therm, compared with 93p for Q1 just 15 months ago. However, over the past month or two, day...
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    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    I'm in Surrey and turned my heating on properly on 19th November. It would normally be a month earlier. This has left a lot of LGN tankers which were expected to refill UK/European storage without anywhere to empty their loads, and prices have come down hugely as a result. Octopus tracker is...
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    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    Saw on twitter, confirmed in my car. It seems that the majority of UK Superchargers have now dropped from ~66p to 40-45p peak. Off-Peak charging times also seem to have become wider (Not just late night. It's mainly 4-8 that's considered peak, if I'm reading the new display correctly), and are...
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    Broke charger cable?

    I suspect they'll not be overly keen on paying for consequential damages. If you end up paying for it, note that the Type 2 cable in the Tesla store is very, very good value for money compared to screwfix, etc. Do watch out for 16a limits or single phase, you want 3 phase, 32a to make best use...
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    Flow Insurance & Tracker

    You really want to get some clear guidance from them on what tracker device they want. No sense fitting something they later decide wasn't good enough The Tesla's tracking is based on a SIM card in the MCU, it can be removed with some effort, and also jammed with relatively little effort.
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    Could this be your issue? 2022.40.4.1 - lockout
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    EV's to pay Road Tax from April 2025

    So, had a reasonable amount of time to consider things On the VED for existing cars. The policy isn't great - They don't tend to retrospectively change VED, so that people can make decisions to spend more low emission vehicles knowing that ongoing costs were lower. This was true for ICE last...
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    EV's to pay Road Tax from April 2025

    And that's now, add 2 years of inflation. So where do were apply to get a refund on all the VAT we paid?
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    EV's to pay Road Tax from April 2025

    I'm fine with paying road tax from 2925 ;) I haven't seen details yet, but I'm *hoping* that it's new sales, they haven't altered the VED regime retrospectively before, and frankly I paid 10k of VAT on my car, and the low tax was one of the reasons for that...
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    EV Charger Options

    You can't just stick the test probes in the type 2 socket though. They're not energised unless you send the right signal over the control connectors, so it's not possible to test unless you have something like this: EVSE Test Box - that isn't standard kit, and without it you can't test you've...

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