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  1. Telstar

    Blog Tesla Joins Group Pushing for 100% EV Sales by 2030

    Of the five key policies, I see nothing vaguely specific about how to increase electrical power to meet these needs. Maybe they need to add a "sixth key policy". More power production plants. Nuclear? Coal? Hydroelectric? Etc. I would think this would be one of the first things addressed. All...
  2. Telstar

    A/C blowing hot air

    I had the same problem. Did a screen reset and it started blowing cold air again.
  3. Telstar

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    My setup is a Rockymounts Splitrail. It easily carries our 2 fifty pound ebikes. The hitch installation is fairly easy with basic tools. I too turned off sensor warning chimes.
  4. Telstar

    How do you carry your bike?

    Rockymounts Splitrail. We carry two Norco Range E bikes.
  5. Telstar

    Bike rack and back up sensors

    Using Rocky Mount rack and Stealth hitch. Carrie's two ebikes easily and folds up when not in use.
  6. Telstar

    Model 3 bike rack

    I put the stealth hitch on and use a Rocky Mount bike rack. We ride a lot and always carry two e-bikes. I just usually leave the bike rack on most of the time (folded up)
  7. Telstar

    Model 3: Hitch Installation

    MikeNNN, I may be wrong but I believe the tongue weight limit is 200 pounds. You're going to get spoiled with that new E mtb. I did.
  8. Telstar

    Model 3: Hitch Installation

    My bike rack requires a 2 inch receiver. With 2 ebikes and the rack, I'm still 60 pounds under the 200 pound limit. No problem backing up either. I just turn off the sensor chimes.
  9. Telstar

    Model 3: Hitch Installation

    I just finished installing mine. I bought these cheap ramps to roll the car up on. It gave me plenty of room underneath. It took a while but the instructional video was flawless. I was in no rush and enjoyed the project.
  10. Telstar

    Phantom braking is the biggest issue with AutoPilot.

    I bought my car in the beginning of 2019 without any autopilot. Shortly after, I was given a 30-day free trial which I used on a long road trip. The only part of AP I really liked was the adaptive cruise control. It did the Phantom braking thing twice in 3 days on long straight country roads...
  11. Telstar

    tesla hate.

    I haven't really felt the hate, just some serious scowls. I live in California and drive around with a license plate bracket that says "American Muscle" on it with a MAGA sticker next to it on my M3P. The MAGA sticker is magnetic.....I'm no fool!
  12. Telstar

    Bought a P3D- for many reasons - environmental consideration wasn't one of them

    Looks like I'm not the only one that bought an M3P because it's the best machine for the job in so many ways. Personally, I don't care if my car gets its energy from dirty coal or unicorn tears.
  13. Telstar

    License plate frame

    California embroidery. They sell the frames and they'll put whatever you want on it. Ask for Gary.
  14. Telstar

    License plate frame

    Or something like this.
  15. Telstar

    Would you still have bought your model 3 if it never had autopilot?

    Bought my car without autopilot. I was given a free 30 day trial of autopilot and I'm glad I didn't pay extra to get it. If and when it becomes fully autonomous, I'll buy it then.
  16. Telstar

    Mrs caused paint damage to rear bumper

    Similar damage to my rear bumper. Same pearl white paint job. I got three quotes from local body and paint shops to do the whole bumper. Two of the quotes were for $350 and one was for $400. I went with the $400 one. Looks better than new!
  17. Telstar

    Electricity too expensive with PGE for EVs

    I looked at the EV2 charging plan from PG&E also. Just didn't pencil out for me. I have my car set to charge when power is cheapest in the middle of the night and it works out great. Also, I got my $800 PG&E rebate which helps.
  18. Telstar

    White Interior

    I have about 10,000 miles on my car with white interior and have only had one smudge. I'm not sure what is was but simple green took it off easily.
  19. Telstar

    Looking for license plate frame recomendation for rear

    California embroidery supplies the frames and will do any laser etching you want on them.
  20. Telstar

    California Clean Vehicle Rebate Program Red Tape

    Finally received all of my rebates. State of Calif. 2,500.00 San Joaquin Valley Air Control $3,000.00 PG&E 800.00 $6,300.00 Total...……..Yeehaw!
  21. Telstar

    Miles at 100% charge (P3D Long Range) -- 282 miles available.

    I have a little over nine thousand miles on my M3P. I also charge to 90% nightly and 100% about three times a month for trips. It's been showing 308 or 309 every time I charge to 100%. About 20% of my miles were supercharging on long trips. I must be doing something right. If I were you, I'd get...
  22. Telstar

    Annoying braking on TACC - is this normal?

    I recently finished my free trial of autopilot and also experienced this. My free trial is over and I can now relax and enjoy standard cruise control. Hope they get this worked out soon. Also, the "hands on the steering wheel intermittently" was also a deal-breaker. I'll definitely get it when I...
  23. Telstar

    New Owners - Neutral is different for Car Washes!

    I agree, fits the occasion well. One of my favorites anyway.
  24. Telstar

    Still waiting for referral code SC miles

    Mine never showed up. Was supposed to get 6 months free SC. A friend used my referral code recently and I did get 5000 free miles for that.
  25. Telstar

    Frunk dent and scratch - caught on sentry

    I wear a MAGA cap, and I love driving my Tesla. No big deal.
  26. Telstar

    Call and ask about Dual Motor badge

    I like badging, just didn't like the T.
  27. Telstar

    Must have Tesla 3 Accessories

    Also, the license plate bracket was laser-etched by California Embroidery. They sell the brackets and will put anything you want on it.
  28. Telstar

    Must have Tesla 3 Accessories

    The company is called abstract ocean. They make a lot of different model 3 badging. It was easy to install, the template was spot-on.
  29. Telstar

    Corrupt video files in Sentry Mode

    I wish I was confusing it with the dashcam feature. All three cameras record all the time whether it is awake or asleep, even if sentry mode is off.
  30. Telstar

    Corrupt video files in Sentry Mode

    I have sentry mode turned off at my house but it still records in my garage anyway. At least the files are not corrupted.
  31. Telstar

    Rear Glass Sunshade

    I bought the SUMK shade from amazon. I just ordered the top one as I didn't want the back one. The back one doesn't come all the way down so you can see out the rear view mirror. Quite a bit cheaper than the Tesla store and it fits perfect. I'll take it out after summer. It folds up real small...
  32. Telstar

    Blog Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 Going Up at Impressive Pace

    Why wasn't this built in the US? Build them here and give us the jobs and then continue selling them to China and throughout the world.
  33. Telstar

    Flat Tire Today.... Great Warning System!

    I just carry a good plug kit and a quality small plug in compressor. Haven't had to use it yet on my Tesla but I've plugged quite a few tires before and never needed to lift the car. Plugging a tire is not very difficult to do. If you haven't done it, just look at a how to video before you do it.
  34. Telstar

    Must have Tesla 3 Accessories

    Didn't care for the T on the back. I put this badging on from abstract ocean. Makes the car look a little wider and lower from the back.........to me.
  35. Telstar

    Free Supercharger Miles inaccurate deduction

    Just looked at mine this morning. It is corrected too.
  36. Telstar

    Free Supercharger Miles inaccurate deduction

    My loot box said 5000 miles. I went to a supercharger with about 150 miles remaining on car. Now my loot box says 4638 miles remaining. Couldn't possibly have put 362 miles of charge on my car. I emailed them over a week ago and haven't heard anything.
  37. Telstar

    Tesla Performance Emblem (Abstract Ocean)

    Just finished mine. Quite happy with it.
  38. Telstar

    Referral Miles

    My loot box has shown 5,000 miles for the last 2 weeks and every time I go to a supercharger I still get charged. Does anybody know how long it takes to go into effect?
  39. Telstar

    Trial of Autopilot

    Just finished my free 30-day trial. I was able to use it for my trip from Southern California to Northern Washington and back. Used it a little the first and second day but not at all after that. Glad I didn't order it with the car. If they offered it to me for $1,000 I might consider it. Hope...
  40. Telstar


    I'm glad you like it. It's pretty cool the first time you use it. I ordered my performance model without it and I am now in the middle of the free trial. For me, it's just not worth it. When they become fully autonomous, I'm all in.
  41. Telstar

    Is autopilot worth it?

    I took delivery on my P3 a few weeks ago and ordered it without autopilot. I'm in the middle of my free trial period right now. At this time, I don't think it's worth the money. I don't do very much freeway driving, but if I did I still wouldn't pay any more than $1,000 for it.
  42. Telstar

    Ok...count me in...

    Took delivery of my Performance model last Friday. Incredible car. Glad I endured the order and delivery process also. Wasn't easy. Marina Del Ray delivery center knew I had to drive 130 miles home but refused to charge the car. It only had a 160 mile charge. For me, the crappy buying experience...
  43. Telstar

    Any US Model 3 Performance deliveries in 2019?

    Finally got mine last Friday after 7 weeks and 4 different delivery dates. Could have canceled and reordered when prices dropped but Tesla rep said I would receive the lower pricing at final documents. They didn't honor it. Great car but I wish Tesla had some competition.
  44. Telstar

    Any US Model 3 Performance deliveries in 2019?

    Just got confirmation. I'm picking up my Performance white/white tomorrow at 11:00. Ordered Feb. 6th.
  45. Telstar

    Any US Model 3 Performance deliveries in 2019?

    Emailed my delivery agent today and he got back to me with a vin #. It's now been 7 weeks to the day since I ordered. I'm still on for a 3/29 delivery but he said it might be Sat. or Sunday. Good News. (Performance white/white)
  46. Telstar

    Orders before 2/28, did you get promised AP?

    I ordered my car on February 6th. This will be my third delivery date on March 29th. I have a text stating that the new lower pricing will be reflected on my documents when I,m matched up to a car. We'll see on Friday.....if I get a car.
  47. Telstar

    Any US Model 3 Performance deliveries in 2019?

    I hope so too. Ordered my white / white Performance on Feb. 6th. Still says delivery on March 29.

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