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    Should I wait to Order MYLR? Tax Credit?

    I ordered a Model Y last March after the start of the Ukrainian war as a hedge against fuel shortages. I cancelled The order several weeks ago because my fuel concerns have abated and I think we’re headed into a recession. With MY production rapidly ramping, supply will soon exceed demand and...
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    Have I locked in a price

    Demand currently exceeds supply. Prices may continue to spike for another year or so but competition will bring down price thereafter.
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    Credit Unions with good rates that accept applicants anywhere within the US?

    Those rates are “too” good in this market so I can assure you there is a catch. I work in this business. You will note that they will loan you 80%of the value but the other 20% must be retained on deposit. Still a good deal but I suspect only 800+ credit scores will be approved at the best rates.
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I went ahead and cancelled my March 14 order this evening. My EDD was just moved up 7 weeks into September. After a trip to rural South Dakota last week I decided range/charging facilities are inadequate for my intended use. I had a M3 I sold for a profit last year and will likely buy another...
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    MYLR/White/Tow Order date 3/14…EDD just moved up 7 weeks, now Sept 13-27th. Guessing orders are getting canceled to take advantage of 2023 credits. New orders are $6,000 more than my contract so little value in delaying till next year. Still pondering the value proposition with gas prices...
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    Tax Credit and MY order/delivery

    My current EDD is Nov 2 - Dec 14. My order date was March 14th and original EDD of Sept. I have decided to walk away unless delivery can be delayed until January. Tesla is flush with orders right now…but that will change as their capacity dramatically expands. I plan to retire next year...
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    Awful delivery today

    REJECT! Totally unacceptable for a new car, regardless of price. A lot of competition is coming, Tesla better get their QC figured out.
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    Anyone submitted trade in offer after getting VIN

    Can you transfer ownership with the manufacturer statement of origin or do you need to title it before transferring. In my state I will need to pay sales tax when registering the new car….and it would be great to avoid the titling process….
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    Tax Credit and Model Y delivery

    My EDD is as late as Dec 14th. I will do everything in my power to delay delivery into 2023 if possible if this date holds. I am retiring in 2023, so my income will reduce and I will be eligible for the 2023 credit. The stars will need to align to make this happen….
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    MYLR/P Winter Range : will it make 300km/187mi?

    Just rent something for a once a year trip. Driving an EV long distance in extreme cold without any reasonable charging solutions should be avoided. Getting stuckin a snow bank with a 10% charge could be deadly. With an ICE you can at least keep the tank topped off.
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    Tax Credit and Model Y delivery

    Tesla my indeed raise prices again…but they are close to pricing themselves out of the market. I would bet a good number of people buying a MY won’t receive the credit because of income limitations.
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    Tax Credit and Model Y delivery

    Sales tax definitely comes into play….the credit applies after tax. The net difference for me would only be $1,000. (Lower price vs higher price less credit) A bigger gain would come if I was able to sell my current order for a profit…which appears probable based on KBB values.
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    Opinions about purchase

    I’m in the same position as OP. It’s all great until it’s not…Tesla needs more SCs. Having to drive 200 miles to replace a windshield is very inconvenient.
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    Tax Credit and Model Y delivery

    Anybody who will be eligible for the tax credit and placed an order after the first big price increase in March would be better off financially to wait until 2023. Prices are now $6,000 higher than when I ordered in March. I really hope my delivery gets accelerated- I would try to sell it for a...
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    Cracked Windshield on 3 week old Model Y

    Little bit of a bumpy ride? Sounds like a total cluster…. The more I read about this type of stuff the more I’m thinking about cancelling my order. My SC is 200 miles away…. I had a M3 until a year ago - it’s problems were minor and handled by mobile service.
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    Range Issue: Model Y Performance 2022

    Interesting graph…the sweet spot is 20mph 😬 When I owned a model 3 I found limiting the speed to 70 or 75mph would extend my highway range by 25 miles…consistent with what others are saying.
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    Tax Credit and Model Y delivery

    If the MY qualifies for the new credit I suspect more price increase will come…. Until EVs are more widely and readily available for purchase the tax credits will mostly benefit qualifying EV manufacturers who will then be able to further raise prices. This situation is insane….
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    Tax Credit and Model Y delivery

    Not relevant to this discussion
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    Tesla $7500 Tax Credit Coming Back?

    It’s also incredibly ill timed - wait times for EV deliveries are already extended and charging infrastructure is way behind except for California. This will only increase demand, allowing manufacturers to further increase EV prices (within the limitation constraints). This bill should be...
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    It’s 300k in household income….and I suspect many on this board could be impacted by this amount. For me, I am retiring next spring so a delay until 2023 could be advantageous. Not sure how long I can delay delivery…does anyone know?
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    MSRP max for EV Tax Credit: before or after FSD?

    He will definitely do that to discourage buyers from November and December order cancellations.
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    MSRP max for EV Tax Credit: before or after FSD?

    Now many on this board who have been anxiously awaiting their deliveries this fall will be hoping for further delays from Tesla…..
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    With the potential of a new $7,500 tax credit for EV deliveries after January 1, 2023, I wonder how many MY buyers will cancel their orders, especially those with orders placed after the March 14th $3,000 price increase? Not sure someone who could benefit from the credit would want to accept a...
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    My OD was 3/14 - MYLR/White w/tow and Gemini. Mine order was adjusted the the same EDD today…only my previous EDD was Dec/Jan. Our builds are similar so they must be refining their planning….
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    What will happen to current owners once Tesla drops the price of new Y's?

    I owned a Tesla M3AWD and loved it - sold it for a profit last summer(wish I hadn’t). That said I could never drive that car on road trips to rural places because of the unavailability of Tesla L3 chargers. I would like to replace my wife’s Ford Edge with the MYLR I have on order but I don’t...
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    Lenexa, KS - Tesla Repair Shop

    They have one in Des Moine, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Omaha, and now two in the KC metro area. If they want Wichita/Kansas buyers they need to pony up with support. I have a MYLR on order but am concerned about a lot of QC issue I am seeing on this forum. I don’t want to drive 200 miles for...
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    High Frequency Noise/Hum-New Model Y

    I had some motor noises in my 2018 M3LR that were somewhat bothersome…would have thought such noises would have been minimized by now. Since my closest SC is 200 miles away I’m beginning to think I should just cancel my order. Who wants to mess with these types of ongoing problems on a brand...
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    2022 Model Y Performance - Dallas to Austin Roadtrip*

    I owned a 2018 M3LR for several years with 310 miles of rated range. 180 miles at 80mph was a stretch. A 15 min stop in Waco will give you needed cushion.
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    What will happen to current owners once Tesla drops the price of new Y's?

    I placed my MYLR order before the last two price increases. If the price bubble doesn’t burst before I take delivery I will likely sell this car, put some $$$ in my pocket and wait another year or two before ordering another. Tesla profit margins are 28%, they have room to lower prices...
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    What will happen to current owners once Tesla drops the price of new Y's?

    Right now demand is vastly outstripping supply for EVs, driving up costs, but also creating huge profit opportunities for EV makers. When gasoline prices drop, EV demand will slow and prices will decrease, especially as battery production costs decrease. I’m candidly having second thoughts...
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    My EDD for a white MYLR w/Gemini and tow moved from Oct - Dec to Nov - Jan this morning. Originally it was September. If it ends up being a December/January delivery I will try to defer a few months so I can get a 23 build…. I got my order in 8 hours before the first $3,000 price hike in...
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    Is this a reject?

    I acquired a 2018 Model 3 that was a reject. I was told the delivery was canceled at last moment because the original buyer had a developed a major health issue. The car was perfect.
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    Sell Model 3 and wait for tax change?

    Sold my 2018 M3 AWD with EAP and 21,000 miles to Vroom for 41,200. I received bids from Carvana and Carmax; they were within 1,200 of each other. I purchased the car as a new demo with 700 miles for 42,700 net of tax credit. Cheap driving for 27 months. I will eventually replace...but...
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    My Flat Tire Story--with Pic of the foam inside the tires

    Good idea about the piece of wood...hadn’t thought about that. Thx!
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    Cold air leaking

    You might have an air leak from the inner door panel that is creating a draft. While not a fix, you could try applying tape along the bottom of the door where the Plastic door panel meets the metal part of the door.
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    Model 3 Paint (Ice Scraper Damage)

    Scraping paint with an ice scraper and NOT expecting damage? Kind of like using a Brillo pad to remove bugs from the front bumper. Come on - the OP should be embarrassed to post this....no pass from me.
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    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    More range - 300 miles at 80 mph...which would be a huge improvement over the 200 miles I get currently driving that speed in ideal weather. Add in some cold weather and wind and the model 3 gets left in the garage for long distance highway travel. Who wants to spend 30-40 minutes at a charger...
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    Satin black 19” alloy coating

    Looks much better. This is the first close up picture I’ve seen of the new 19” wheel. More aerodynamic but would appear extremely vulnerable to major curb damage....
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    Feeling blue...[trouble finding door handle in the dark]

    My phone has a flashlight....
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    2021 Model 3 Heater blowing cold air

    Amen - amazed that some people treat their cars like museum pieces. Parts wear out...that’s why we have warranties and replace them when they fall apart. The value of the heat pump is range...something my 2018 M3AWD has too little of because of resistance heat. I refuse to be uncomfortable...
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    I got my first rock chip :'(

    I paid 1,300 for PPF on my front bumper, hood, front fenders, and lower doors and rockers. I’m two years into my ownership and still looks new. I suspect I will recoup part of my investment with better resale....
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    Accident in Model 3

    I tend to agree. There is far more damage than evidenced by body damage. The front suspension and support elements are toast...and that stuff can be very difficult to repair properly.
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    I got my first rock chip :'(

    My commute involves heavily trafficked multi lane traffic at 60+ mph. I never tailgate but trucks and big vehicles throw gravel all over, especially on windy days.
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    I got my first rock chip :'(

    I’m surprised you made it 9 months without a chip. The front end and slopped hoods make the Model 3 prone to rock chips. I too am anal about chips....PPF is a no brainer.
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    Model 3 lease renogtiation

    This issue alone will eliminate any possibility of a renegotiation. The OP might be able to “sell” his lease to another party through a lease broker, but I think he would still retain some liability.
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    2021 Tesla Model 3 LR | Issues & Defects to Lookout for

    There are definitely some adjustments needed...especially the door scratches and perhaps the tail light alignment. The frozen screen could probably be fixed with rebooting. Most of the other stuff is too minor to deal with on a massed produced car. It’s OP’s money and he has the right to...
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    PPF vs. Paint Repair Kit?

    PPF is way superior to touch up paint...comparing a glove to a bandaid. If you only plan to keep your car for a year or two and live in areas where roads are not treated with salt and gravel PPF may not be worth the money. However if you plan to keep the car longer or live in areas with winter...
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    Oil Change

    This tread confuses me - why are posts about leaf blowers on an oil change thread? Back to the oil change...in looking at that dark gear oil it would seems this should be a regular maintenance item but I don’t see it mentioned much. Are the people putting 250,000 miles on motors changing...
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    Burning smell

    Charge at a lower amperage and see if the smell goes away. If it does it MIGHT suggest a wiring capacity issue for the charging station. You could also find an alternative level 2 indoor charging station to see if the problem replicates.

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