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  1. cgrubbe

    FS: Used Model S 19" Slipstream wheels - Central Ohio

    I'm selling a set of 19" Slipstreams I used during the winters on my 2016 Model S that have been sitting in my garage collecting dust for the last year. Tires are at the wear bars, so priced based on the wheels, TPMS, and I'll throw in the bags and maybe the lug nut covers if I can find them...
  2. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH

    I've had trouble the last couple of times I was down there too, but I just figured it was me. Will have to see if I can find a number on the machine next time I'm down there to call and let them know its busted.
  3. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH

    I wouldn't be worried about getting towed as much as the meter reader writing you a ticket for not paying.
  4. cgrubbe

    Model 3 Trade-In Tesla Offer - Need Advice!

    A trade-in is never going to be the best offer you can get just due to the nature of the transaction. They need to get it low enough to make some profit when they resell it. If you're willing to go through the process a private sale will get you closer to what you've got into it, but you're...
  5. cgrubbe

    “SiriusXM Satellite Radio” sans satellite

    That would be an interesting development. Do you have channel art/logos? Or just the boring squares with the station names? I'm sure it's technically possible to emulate all the SXM bits and do it all over LTE rather than via SAT, but that sounds like a lot of work. Why not just create an...
  6. cgrubbe

    3rd Party Dealer Added Complete New Clear Coat

    I'd say check out the car, see what you think, and go from there. Wouldn't hurt to see if they can provide you more information about the process, so you've got some idea what it is. Doubt its a new clear coat, that would be a lot of cost for a dealership to not pass along.
  7. cgrubbe

    No Model X Software Update in 2 1/2 Months

    In the same boat with my S, not sure I’d be terribly worried about it just yet. Planning on giving it a couple more weeks before I get in touch with service.
  8. cgrubbe

    POLL: perhaps Tesla should do this to improve efficiency and generate cash, in the short term

    At this point I'm not sure there is an easy way for Tesla to quickly generate cash. If demand really is greater than supply they need to increase supply. They could also increase prices of the 3 which would strip away some demand, but increase margins. The question I have is what happened to...
  9. cgrubbe

    Disingenuous Delivery Statement

    They're not trying to pull anything, they're trying to get you to buy a car they have on hand so that they can add another car to their numbers for this quarter. Quarter ends this weekend. They get lots of things wrong, engineering and tech talent doesn't translate to the nuts and bolts of...
  10. cgrubbe

    Saw a black Model 3 Performance at the track

    P3D+ @ VIR (Virginia International Raceway) HPDE
  11. cgrubbe

    How does this Model 3 have ventilated seats?

    Tesla Model 3 Seat Upgrade Interior Kit - Insignia Design - Perforated
  12. cgrubbe

    Used S85's starting to drop in to the mid $20Ks....

    Salvage with a failed drive unit, sure hope whoever bought it knew what they were getting into. Decent looking car though, if you could replace the drive unit for cheap.
  13. cgrubbe

    Paint Protection Film - opinion from those who’ve had it

    Not mandatory at all. If you have the disposable income for it I'd think about getting the front bumper done. I have an S that I should have gotten done the same day I picked it up. The rock chips never seem to end. At this rate I'll get it painted next spring and get the ppf installed 91...
  14. cgrubbe

    Official: Tesla Model Y Unveiling March 14: Cost 10% More Than Model 3

    Service most certainly is a commercial necessity. Doesn't matter how many cars you make, if owners can't get them serviced there is going to be a limited number willing to purchase. It is inevitable that a car will break down and it sure isn't disposable, so you need someplace for your...
  15. cgrubbe

    New experience and cancelled my order

    I am an owner. I've dealt with the same sort of issues. The cars are second to none, more fun to drive than almost anything with 4 wheels. The "dealership" side of things is where Tesla has much room to improve.
  16. cgrubbe

    New experience and cancelled my order

    Ah the wonders of a tech company trying to play car dealer. I think its actually less painful to spend a day haggling with the local econobox dealer and their 4 square than trying to get someone from Tesla Finance to respond to email or answer their phone.
  17. cgrubbe

    New Columbus Ohio Tesla Supercenter

    Stopped by and snapped some photos when I was at Easton on Friday night. It looked like there were a handful of posts in the parking lot that might get chargers but nothing to suggest anything more than what was previously in the garage.
  18. cgrubbe

    piece of plastic stuck in charger plug

    Had this happen with my UMC. With it unplugged I used a very small drill bit to drill a hole in the plastic piece that was stuck and then a pick through the hole to pull it out without damaging the internals of the plug.
  19. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH

    Do you have specific information or are you just quoting the normal garage rate? The images posted and ArtieM3s post seem to suggest that this is being installed just inside the main entrance to the garage which would be outside of the gates where you get a ticket and pay.
  20. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH

    Original word was the supercharger was supposed to be in the garage on E. Goodale, just to the north of the convention center.
  21. cgrubbe

    Radar Detector installation fail

    Yup, if this installer was that arrogant to start with do you want them screwing with your car again? Cut your losses and pay the money to take it to the service center to get it repaired.
  22. cgrubbe

    Christmas update by Christmas? or not?

    Got the Santa easter egg a couple days before Christmas last year, plenty of time left. This is a software update, just like your phone or computer. It can go to hundreds of thousands, or more, at the same time.
  23. cgrubbe

    New "Deep Blue Metallic"?

    The image on the website is different than it used to be, they changed it a while back. I have a Deep Blue Metallic S that used to match the picture in my Tesla account, now it looks like a totally different car.
  24. cgrubbe

    Columbus Ohio Model 3 owners

    If you haven't already joined, there is a Tesla Columbus Ohio Owners Facebook group. Seems like there are a lot of Model 3 owners in the group, so they can probably help out with your question.
  25. cgrubbe

    Alternative way to jack it up

    If you are unfamiliar with the various ways lifting a vehicle can go wrong, please follow your owners manual and not a random post on an internet forum.
  26. cgrubbe

    Future Model S and what's the meaning of "platform change"

    If you like the Model S the way it is now, buy it. There will always be rumors of a refresh or redesign and as we've all learned with Tesla they operate on their own timeline.
  27. cgrubbe

    v9 using feature only available in FSD?

  28. cgrubbe

    Gloss Black Wall Connector in, Mobile Connector out

    Gloss black and UMC were both there earlier this week. Odd that Corded Mobile Connector is still on the landing page as a best seller even though it goes to a 404.
  29. cgrubbe

    2016 Model S 75

    On mobile, maybe I'm missing it, but I'm not seeing price or mileage in your posting.
  30. cgrubbe

    What's up with the web browser in v.9?

    It's just one of those things you gotta have, right up until you get it and join the rest of us who are still trying to figure out why they even bothered. Welcome!
  31. cgrubbe

    "Captcha required to log in"? Slacker broken in 9.0.

    Had v9.0 with working slacker since the weekend, but my slacker is broken at the moment as well. Same message.
  32. cgrubbe

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    Hey, quick question, has your car actually upgraded to v9? The media player is even worse than it was in v8 and that's hard to pull off. It doesn't matter how much more you can do with it if it sucks even more at doing it.
  33. cgrubbe

    Unpopular Opinion: I love the bottom-half UI in V9

    How many more design trends are we going to go through that necessitate a UI refresh before we get to the point that FSD is actually a thing? I don't buy that argument for maps for a minute. The UI layout was conceived around a 15 inch landscape display without an instrument cluster. I've got...
  34. cgrubbe

    Any opinions/advice on this 2015 70D? Fully loaded @44k

    You're not going to get close to the features on that S with a 3, even the cheapest one you can get right now is pushing 50K without Autopilot or AWD. Nice looking car, just be aware that repair costs are not cheap and I'd guess that one is out of warranty unless the original owner got it...
  35. cgrubbe

    Sirius XM with glass roof

    It's all delivered over satellite. If you have an XM option along with AM and FM on the Radio tab of the media player, then you have XM. How old is your car? If it's a newer build perhaps Tesla has changed the location of the antenna for the all glass roof cars. It would make sense, no idea...
  36. cgrubbe

    Sirius XM with glass roof

    Don't think it was ever available without the sunroof. The antenna is integrated into the pano roof components supposedly.
  37. cgrubbe

    Windows roll down spontaneously?

    Same here, typically involves some spirited cornering on my part as well.
  38. cgrubbe

    Windows roll down spontaneously?

    Is it the same window every time?
  39. cgrubbe

    Is the trip info accurate?

    Don't think thats really a trip planner, but it's probably close to what you'll get from the Nav system for total time including charging stops though I doubt it includes traffic. Might try EV Trip Planner as well.
  40. cgrubbe

    Are we ever going to get ChadeMO?

    Had an i3 before my Tesla, CCS Level 3. Never saw a Chademo adapter to CCS. There are quite a few level 3 stations with both CCS and Chademo, so you'll see all types of cars.
  41. cgrubbe

    Citations for charging our car at Yellowstone

    Obviously shouldn't have plugged in, sure that's clear now. To me this is the bigger issue, its one thing for them to unplug the UMC from the 14-50, it's another thing entirely for them to intentionally damage your property in order to "hold it hostage". Unplug the 14-50 and write the...
  42. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Dublin, OH

    Possible Dublin, Ohio Supercharger site
  43. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Dublin, OH

    Still not on Tesla.com or the Nav system, maybe not the best idea to go telling people to use the Supercharger Tesla isn't ready to declare open.
  44. cgrubbe

    XPEL Stealth on deep blue metallic

    Looks sharp, reminds me of the Red Bull F1 livery.
  45. cgrubbe

    Does Tesla accept leased vehicles on trade?

    Assuming you're not talking about trading in a Tesla lease and that you've got no equity, based on your statement about paying off the difference between payoff (assuming that you really mean buy out) and trade in, why wouldn't you just return your leased vehicle to which ever company you leased...
  46. cgrubbe

    Has anyone had experience charging in a detached condo community garage?

    I’m surprised to hear that an HOA would approve of charging from what is essentially a common outlet. It might be wise to get that approval in writing, just incase it ever comes back around. I can’t imagine your neighbors would be happy to hear they’re going to be paying for you to get around.
  47. cgrubbe

    why satellite radio should have been an option

    Can be had for $75 a year and to each their own.
  48. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Dublin, OH

    I'm pulling for the Ohio Statehouse garage. They already have a bunch of J1772, would be a perfect place for some urban superchargers.
  49. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Dublin, OH

    At this point I'd guess it's waiting on AEP. Was at a site in Houston back in May that looked like the Dublin one does now, it's still not online. Eventually they'll get there, hopefully sooner than later, but it will be nice to have once it's open.
  50. cgrubbe

    Getting the Sirius/XM radio code from a JVC unit

    Don't have a roadster, so this might be totally wrong, but typically if you go to channel 0 on a satellite radio it will display the radio ID. Done this on many radios, both XM and Sirius over the years.

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