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  1. RyanS

    Model 3 Spare Tires for $100

    Bump. Wheel covers for $10 each. I have 6 in stock
  2. RyanS

    Supercharger - Fairfield, CA - Travis Blvd (under construction Aug 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    Wow. Why so many SCs? Existing two SCs are not being used much. It makes sense if the 3rd one is for non-Tesla.
  3. RyanS

    Blower motor not working, no air from vents

    Post in thread 'Air Conditioning Stopped Working' Air Conditioning Stopped Working Might want to try this reset if AC doesn’t work
  4. RyanS

    Model 3 OEM Floor Mats - Free, you pay shipping

    I will take it. I will PM you with my info. Thanks :)
  5. RyanS

    Steering wheel is offset or just me?

    My brand new MY had the same problem. I took it to SC within two weeks of delivery and they fixed it for me. They told me that alignment is not covered under the warranty but the car was so new and I am a repeat customer, they would take care of it. Yup, alignment was pretty off.
  6. RyanS

    Model 3 Spare Tires for $100

    Hi Patrick, Sorry for my delay. Just saw your posting. I just sent you a PM. Thanks
  7. RyanS

    Model 3 Spare Tires for $100

  8. RyanS

    Has anyone traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

    I prefer M3 over MY.
  9. RyanS

    Model 3 Spare Tires for $100

    Wheel with curb rash: SOLD Wheel without curb rash: $150. Available Aero cover: $20 each. Available
  10. RyanS

    Teslas in Hawaii !!

    I rented M3 through Turo last year and it was a POA because there were no SC in Oahu. Now they have one, it should be much better. Alamoana shopping center also has a few L2 Tesla charging stations by Mortons but very slow. Free charging stations are usually full and not available.
  11. RyanS

    Going from 2017 Model S to 2022 M3P, any downsides?

    Excellent choice. I went with MYP and I wish I bought M3P instead. With M3, you definitely lose storage capacity. But it’s ton of fun to drive.
  12. RyanS

    Model 3 Spare Tires for $100

    PM me with your contact info. Thx
  13. RyanS

    Flat tire Nightmare

    I totally agree. I had sidewall damage and the tire shop didn't have the same tire in stock. Either wait or get something that I don't want. Even at Costco, I have to wait a week for a set of tires. Often tires are on back order. That's why I have spare tires/wheels for my M3, MY, and MS in my...
  14. RyanS

    Model 3 Spare Tires for $100

    Ooops. I mean curb rash. Spell check malfunction
  15. RyanS

    Model 3 Spare Tires for $100

    I have a pair of used Aero wheel, Michelline Tire, and TPMS (from 2018 M3) Tires have minimal thread. One rim has no curve rash and in perfect condition. Second one has a minor curve rash. Both wheels are straight and true. I never had any issues with them. I just removed them when the tires...
  16. RyanS

    Seriously. What is your max amount you'd pay for EAP?

    I have EAP on my other 2 cars. We didn’t have much options. It was EAP, FSD, or nothing. Other 2 cars only have AP. Based on what I know, I would pay extra $5 per month for EAP (auto lane change). Other EAP stuffs are garbage. $6000 is a ripoff.
  17. RyanS

    Safety Restraint System Fault (RCM2_a529)

    Concern: Customer states front left safety restraint system fault alerts keep coming up. Inspected for left front restraint fault. Found a poor contact at the ground wire at the left drivers seat pretensioner. Removed the drivers seat and replaced the seat harness. Calibrated the seat and road...
  18. RyanS

    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    Wow. You guys are right. According to Tesla owner’s manuals, MY has more cargo capacity than MS. I just couldn’t squeeze all the luggages and golf clubs into MY so I had to use MS when I took my kids to airport last week. I will have to try it again with MY when I pick up my kids from airport...
  19. RyanS

    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    So true. M3 is so much fun to drive even without P. MY, not as much. Heavy and a lot of roll. Not sure about more space. Slightly more than M3. I can squeeze more in my MS. I wish M3 came with a hatchback.
  20. RyanS

    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    Front: P255/35R21, rear: P275/35R21 Different size tires.
  21. RyanS

    Bring back EAP (to USA)

    AP to EAP, you are not getting much. In my case, I went from EAP to AP and I don’t miss much. I am not sure if I would even spend a few hundreds dollars for EAP gimmicks. I don’t really get it. Why people would pay $12k for FSD that doesn’t even work
  22. RyanS

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    For safety reasons, I would definitely go with WC if I have to install one today. My four-year-old 14-50 Leviton went bad with a high temp error. It looks like the connection gaps got bigger and were generating heat. I rarely unplug my mobile charger, so not sure how this happened. Yesterday...
  23. RyanS

    Bring back EAP (to USA)

    I agree 100%. I have EAP on my MS and M3 and I only use EAP for lane changes. I do like NoA and sometimes it’s helpful. Other things don’t really work. AP on MYP does what I need and I cannot see myself paying anything more than $500 for moving from AP to EAP. $6k would be ridiculous...
  24. RyanS

    Model Y tint pictures

    Yeah. I wrapped with CF and it’s somewhat better. I never noticed this with M3 but MY is very noticeable.
  25. RyanS

    Model Y tint pictures

    Mannn… I wish I saw this first. Today I got 20% carbon and white reflection is just awful. I almost thought about just ripping the tints out. Just put on carbon wrap. Hope it gets better. I totally regret getting white interior.
  26. RyanS

    Best Way to Get Rid of the Old Non Tesla Car

    Tesla offered me below KBB for MY trade-in but Shift gave me $6K above. Try carvana, vroom, carmax, shift, and etc….and see which one give you the best value. Easy simple process. Less messy than private sales.
  27. RyanS

    "I rented an electric car for a 4-day road trip." -Fox Business Article

    She should write another EV trip article with Tesla.
  28. RyanS

    Wireless phone charger 3/Y MagSafe

    Now I have this on my new MYP and it has exact same clearance as M3. It doesn’t hit. I could use the built in Tesla’s wireless charger but I do like having it next to the monitor and within my field of vision, especially when using Waze.
  29. RyanS

    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    I don’t think you can go wrong with either LR or P. If you plan to add stuffs (uber wheels, paint break calipers, spoilers, pedals, and etc…) to make your LR look more like P then just get a P and save time and money. If you have time to wait, not interested in modifying, and want to save...
  30. RyanS

    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    I just got my MYP over the weekend. No regret. Ride quality is similar to my M3s and acceptable. Like the look of red brembo and spoiler. Uber turbines look amazing. Love the acceleration. Although I am happy with MP, if the EDD was the same for both P and LR, I would have kept the LR...
  31. RyanS

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Just picked up mine from Tesla. No issues. Everything was perfect. Signed a few papers and got out in 5 min. I spent more time inspecting. All season tires, mobile charger, AMD Ryzen, Li battery, double pane front windows, No cargo cover. :( Ride wasn’t too bad. A bit harsher than my Model 3...
  32. RyanS

    Selling VS Trading In - Details

    I don't get it. So... Tesla's trade-in value dropped while waiting but you just went ahead and trade-in your car (with dropped value) when you picked up your new Tesla? OK... I was going to do that also if I didn't have any options but I found another used car store willing to pay me more. Or...
  33. RyanS

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Oh man…. I feel really terrible that I didn’t get anything for my new car. Not even a pine scent air freshener. I am such a 💩 car owner.
  34. RyanS

    Selling VS Trading In - Details

    While I was patiently waiting for my VIN/EDD, my trade-in value for my Lexus GX dropped by $3000 after the 3rd trade-in update. I was not happy about the change. I didn’t even add any miles, and Tesla just decided to drop the value. So on Sunday, I searched and tried several different online...
  35. RyanS

    12v Accessory Power for "2021" MY

    Sorry. Never mind. I don’t think MY has ODB2.
  36. RyanS

    12v Accessory Power for "2021" MY

  37. RyanS

    CA Waiting Room

  38. RyanS

    Saw this hole in my front bumper

    Have you checked your sentry video? Have you paralled parked recently? Maybe someone hit your bumper and snagged it? May have to claim insurance.
  39. RyanS

    March 2022 MYP order

    Dang… I got my F457 vin also. for May 30-June 3. I guess I won’t be getting the cargo cover and second screen. Now I have to figure out the tarde in and stuff. OD 3/9. MYP red/wht + tow
  40. RyanS

    March 2022 MYP order

    That’s how a tsunami happens
  41. RyanS

    Just edited order no edd change?

    I changed my MYP interior to white on Sunday. Tuesday, the system updated the EDD. I got pushed out for another week. Today, EDD changed to a 2 weeks window but no VIN. I wouldn’t worry about it. You did the right thing by getting the OEM tow.
  42. RyanS

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    Not something that you want to take a chance on. Stay with OEM.
  43. RyanS

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I agree. Since I don't need the car until early Sept, I may just delay my delivery, if SA would let me. Tesla might even throw in a cargo cover. Sometimes waiting has some benefits and rewards. Last year, because of the delay, I ended up getting a refreshed M3 vs. the older version. You just...
  44. RyanS

    MCU1 AP2.0 to MCU2 AP3

    I just upgraded my 2017 100D to MCU2. Very happy with the upgrade, especially with dashcam and the screen speed. Yes, I now have a working dashcam and sentry mode. However, image quality of front and side cams are not great. Color looks washed out or almost B&W. Rear cam is clear and in...
  45. RyanS

    Blower motor not working, no air from vents

    Check the electric diagram and see if the harness has any connection to the fan. Check fuse. A few years ago, my S AC didn’t work after a visit to super charger. I Googled and found a reset sequence and it worked. Sorry, I didn’t save that page.
  46. RyanS

    Creaking noise from suspension - resolved!

    Some details on where and how to inject with a photo Post in thread 'Model 3 upper control arm issues' Model 3 upper control arm issues
  47. RyanS

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    I fixed it myself for less than $7. If you have to buy a grease gun, make it $30. Post in thread 'Creaking noise from suspension - resolved!' Creaking noise from suspension - resolved!
  48. RyanS

    Maximum battery charge level reduced

    I am picking up my car today from SC. SC replaced it with refurbished one. Based on my app, I am getting about 300miles Max. About 30miles increase. 100D gave me 330miles when it was new. Hope this battery will give me another 100k miles.

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