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  1. mlascano

    Front-rear camera touchscreen parking protection switch kit reservations

    artsci, I'm following the link, trying to place an order and I get "This item is no longer for sale". Am I doing something wrong?
  2. mlascano

    DOCS---What specialty do you practice?

    Nephrologist. Wife is ID.
  3. mlascano

    Power side mirrors retrofit: has anybody done it?

    Yes, they are heated. Turning on the rear defrost activates the heaters for both side mirrors. No way to do it independently that I'm aware of.
  4. mlascano

    Interested in 3rd row seat ventilation?

    Same here. Keep us updated on your progress.
  5. mlascano

    Supercharger - Macedonia, OH

    Great meeting you JakeP and all the other owners who showed up today. Nice event with great turnout considering the weather.
  6. mlascano

    Cleveland, OH Service Center

    That would be great. I've also had very good interactions with Doug. Thanks for the info. I see you're in Cleveland. Do you have a car, waiting for it?
  7. mlascano

    Cleveland, OH Service Center

    Not in Cleveland. I know they are planning to open a store in Columbus (Easton Town Center - jobs are also posted on the above link), discussed in this thread: Easton Town Center Gallery progress!! Columbus, OH
  8. mlascano

    Cleveland, OH Service Center

    Jobs openings posted on Careers | Tesla Motors Anyone have any inside info on possible location, opening date?
  9. mlascano

    Ohio Owners Group

    Thanks for coordinating the meeting yesterday. Great to get together with other owners in the area and be able to share experiences. These are the only 2 decent pics I got. Please post or email the ones on your phone. Already looking forward to the next one! Martin
  10. mlascano

    Model S "Dealbreakers" (retrospective)

    Adaptive cruise control was another hot button.
  11. mlascano

    A Theory on this Week's Announcement

    Kudos to Citizen-T! Great insight!
  12. mlascano

    Touch-up Paint

    Maybe so. Honestly I never asked for pricing. Just requested it and it was shipped to me together with my parcel shelf (which was on the due bill).
  13. mlascano

    Touch-up Paint

  14. mlascano

    Touch-up Paint

    Available upon request. Long wait but finally got it this past weekend along with the parcel shelf.
  15. mlascano

    Petition to Overturn Dealership Franchise Laws

    Done, #1132
  16. mlascano

    Thinking about Q1 2013 earnings

    So what happened with Elon's options? Were they exercised? Would we get an SEC filling alert if so? I'm assuming no one knows for certain but there was so much speculation around prior to Tuesday's announcement...
  17. mlascano

    Official: Model S Service Plans

    Has anyone who previously incurred Ranger fees (prior to the Service Plans being officially announced) gotten a refund for these at the time of purchasing the Service Plan? I had to pay $100 Ranger fee when Tesla sent a Ranger with my winter tire/wheel set in January and was told then that this...
  18. mlascano

    Tesla to make "exciting announcement on Thursday" (correction Tuesday)

    Just got this email. Leasing wins!
  19. mlascano

    Model S subsite and design studio being updated

    Good to know Jason, thanks! I have already liked and posted on the OH FB page. Looking forward to meeting you and other owners in the area soon.
  20. mlascano

    Model S subsite and design studio being updated

    I do not have a Tesla Store nearby (nearest Service Center is on Columbus, OH, 140 miles away), so can someone who does tell me if these adaptors (and other accessories sold through the online Tesla Shop) are sold at the physical stores and/or service centers?
  21. mlascano

    Belt buckle type?

    An update on the seat belt extenders. I've had 3 boosters with 3 extenders (see above post) on the back row for a while. Now I am down to one (finally had my jump seats installed, they are awesome by the way). I have a 6 yo and 4 yo twins and all 3 of them are able buckle in and out without...
  22. mlascano

    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    I'm running 4.3 now, most recently on 1.19.42. I also tried to replicate this behavior but I'm sad to report that my car only extends the door handles after INITIALLY going into Park (from any other gear). If I wait until the handles retract (while remaining inside, still in Park), pushing the...
  23. mlascano

    Random Model S sightings

    Hi Chris! Great to meet you and your wife. It's always a pleasure to be able to share the Tesla grin :biggrin: Now you know where to find me if you need a Tesla fix while waiting for yours.
  24. mlascano

    Model S Software/Firmware Updates

    Nope, just start time.
  25. mlascano

    Columbus Ohio Owners?

    Congratulations on your delivery and nice garage! Agree that we should organize an Ohio TMC group. Let us know what the facebook page you create is and maybe we can plan a get together soon now that winter is dwindling down.
  26. mlascano

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2013

    Sold half of my position today at $39.30. Hoping for a dip to get back in. I have no crystal ball but as many of you have pointed out, I think a dip back to ~$35 is more likely than breaking $40 at this point.
  27. mlascano

    Wish List Item: Camera and plugs for jump seats

    Great ideas Rodolfo. I had started a thread a while back discussing the camera idea for the jump seats: Camera for rear facing jump seats Hopefully someone with the right tech skills figures out a way of doing this. Toggling between the current camera view on the 17" screen and a view of the...
  28. mlascano

    Parcel shelf (pic) and CF spoiler - FINALLY!

    Yes, I got this yesterday:
  29. mlascano

    Chicago land area supercharge stations, soon?

    For travel between Chicago and Cleveland, I would vote for a SC in Fremont, IN (nice name!). There's a rest area on I-90/I-80, 158 miles from Chicago, 188 miles from Cleveland.
  30. mlascano

    Rear jump seats

    I was told no Ranger installation, that it had to be done at a service center. My seats are apparently ready but they are waiting to officially open the Columbus, OH Service Center to do my install. Has anyone had their seats retrofitted by a Ranger or have all these retrofits occurred at a...
  31. mlascano

    Any talk of new Stores/Service Center's in this region?

    Don't have a number for them. But the person I spoke to today is currently in Chicago completing his training. I suggest you call the Chicago Service Center and see if they can hook you up with the Columbus guys.
  32. mlascano

    Columbus Ohio Owners?

    Yeah, pretty novel concept! :wink: We are definitely dealing with a different kind of car company here.
  33. mlascano

    Columbus Ohio Owners?

    Welcome to TMC, Jason! I'm a little north of you (Cleveland suburbs) but glad to meet up when I venture down to Columbus. And for an update on the Columbus Service Center, check this out.
  34. mlascano

    Any talk of new Stores/Service Center's in this region?

    An update on the Columbus Service Center: I called Tesla Serrvice for an issue I'm having with a door handle. A few hours later I got a call back from Tesla and the guy introduced himself as "XXX from Tesla Service in Columbus"!! So latest word is they've hired and manager, a service advisor...
  35. mlascano

    Phone App: Model S iPhone/Android mobile phone app

    iPhone app is out! Just downloaded it. Playing with it now. Seems to have the same features as the Android app.
  36. mlascano

    Phone App: Android Beta Version introduced!

    iPhone app is out!!!
  37. mlascano

    OWNERS! - do you get awkward questions about price tag?

    Welcome to TMC, LonePalmBJ. When it comes to the price question, I am with those who give a straight answer: I tell them 50 to ~100K, point them to the website, and if I sense they are interested in the technology I even expand on the 10K jumps from one battery pack level to another plus the...
  38. mlascano

    Project: More light in Frunk and Trunk

    Cool! Give us an update on how it looks in the dark. It looks simple enough that I may be able to do this.
  39. mlascano

    Project: More light in Frunk and Trunk

    Very nice! Did you do this on both sides (L and R)?
  40. mlascano

    Booster seat suggestions

    I'm using these boosters (for my 3 kids: 6yo and 4yo twins) with these seat belt extenders while waiting for my jump seats. So far, so good, and the kids are able to buckle themselves (not doable without the extenders).
  41. mlascano

    Delivery/Installation: Rear Facing Child Seats

    Yes, look at this thread: Installed: Rear Facing Child Seats ----------- [mod note: merged threads]
  42. mlascano

    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    I've noticed this too, posted it here. But for me the buzzing stops at 87% brightness or higher.
  43. mlascano

    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    This is in the manual but I overlooked it and "discovered" it when I had some ice build up last week: the side mirrors (driver and passanger side) defog/defrost is linked to the rear glass defrost/defog control (no separate control for the side mirrors). Once turned on, these heaters stay on for...
  44. mlascano

    Delivery/Installation: Rear Facing Child Seats

    Nor have we been asked about color choices (for those of us who ordered them and have them on the due bill). My guess is they will all be black/grey, but time will tell.
  45. mlascano

    Delivery/Installation: Rear Facing Child Seats

    Yeah, that would be a very nice option for those with little ones back there. For now I would just be happy to have the jump seats retrofitted. Chicago service hasn't heard anything about any of them heading in their direction. Patiently waiting but hoping I get them before end of February...
  46. mlascano

    Delivery/Installation: Rear Facing Child Seats

    Yes, that would be awesome. Being discussed here: Camera for rear facing jump seats
  47. mlascano

    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Playing yesterday with the acceptor pedal trying to maintain it at the zero kW spot for coasting, I shifted into Neutral gear and the car coasts nicely (zero kW being used, and of course, no regen occurring), shift back into D to either engage regen or start accelerating again. Done this many...
  48. mlascano

    Best Car in The Doctor's Lot

    I'm a nephrologist. Former driver of a Honda Civic Hybrid, now driving this amazing car. Getting lots of questions/thumbs up at each traffic light stop on the way to the hospital, and at the hospital parking garage itself. Slowly but steadily spreading the word about Tesla and Model S around...
  49. mlascano

    Firmware 4.2

    FWIW, I get the buzzing if I dim the ambient lights/screen to 86% or lower (and as I go lower the intensity of the buzzing increases). If I up it a notch to 87%, it stops. So there is where I have it set at.
  50. mlascano

    Model S vs. E63 AMG Mercedes 0-110 mph race

    It's on their Facebook wall: https://www.facebook.com/#!/teslamotors?fref=ts

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