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  1. Skateboardgolf

    Auto park and summon no longer works for me!

    For me, smart summon and “come to me” never works initially. I have to first “dumb summon” the car forward or backwards a few inches. Then “come to me” and “go to target” will light up and work correctly. I have FSDb and sentry activated.
  2. Skateboardgolf

    Terrible brake noise when reversing

    My wife and I each have a Model 3 Performance. Hers makes a terrible squeaking sound while backing down the driveway, mine does not. Her vehicle is in Creep mode, mine is in Hold. To stop or slow down our vehicles in reverse, my wife has to hit the brakes, I just release the accelerator. So, I...
  3. Skateboardgolf

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Tires – Choosing the Right Tires for Your Needs

    Interesting. So how does one know a tire is thin?
  4. Skateboardgolf

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Tires – Choosing the Right Tires for Your Needs

    Thanks for the writeup! You need to add a great summer tire - The Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2. Had several sets on my Model S, and loved the comfort and traction. Looks like the make a 245/30ZR20 which would fit my M3P!
  5. Skateboardgolf

    Tesla wants to charge me $750 to give me back MY INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM after having them upgrade it to a new infotainment system .

    Makes sense to me. Tesla, like most manufacturers, discounts your upgrade because they get to keep the old parts for other repairs. I have a better question. What on earth are you saving an obsolete infotainment unit for?
  6. Skateboardgolf

    Shot forward when parked [unintended acceleration - resolved by OP]

    Not buying it. 1. This is your first post, from a brand-new account. 2. As @jmaddr mentioned, opening the door WITH YOUR SEATBELT OFF while in Drive immediately slams the car in Park. 3. The only way to keep the car in Drive with an open door is to keep your seatbelt on, but 1) you'll hear an...
  7. Skateboardgolf

    I test drove Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD (short review)

    My wife fell in love instantly with her M3P’s low cowl and center screen. Whenever she borrowed my Model S, she would tell me the additional screen behind the steering wheel was too much and cluttered up the car.
  8. Skateboardgolf

    Suspension / handling going from P85D+ to refresh long range S

    Interested in knowing the answer! I had a 2015 P85+ and nothing on earth can compare handling-wise – including my ‘21 Model 3 Performance.
  9. Skateboardgolf

    Performance to Winter tire swap timing advice?

    Is there a winter tire that’s quieter and more comfortable than the stock 20" Pirelli PZeros? If so, could I drive them year-round?
  10. Skateboardgolf

    Switching from 2019 Model 3 SR+ to a 2015 Model S 85D with AP1

    You sold a Tesla Model 3 and bought a Ford hybrid? My original assessment of your mental condition stands. Best of luck to you.
  11. Skateboardgolf

    Switching from 2019 Model 3 SR+ to a 2015 Model S 85D with AP1

    I think you’re nuts. Phantom braking is a temporary software issue that will eventually be solved, plus new features will get added along the way. An out of warranty Tesla only gets more expensive as it deteriorates every day. Hang in there - things will get better!
  12. Skateboardgolf

    Safety Score

    So how do I become a good FSD beta citizen? When FSD messes up, are the engineers automatically notified with a video and relevant stats? Or do I have to hit the “Video Record” button and everything else is automatic – no explanation required? Or do I send an email to [email protected]?
  13. Skateboardgolf

    Safety Score

    To get your score up!
  14. Skateboardgolf

    Safety Score

    This worked for me: Safety Score Calculator
  15. Skateboardgolf

    Safety Score

    Try this: it said I only need 35 miles to get to 100, and it was correct! Good luck. Safety Score Calculator
  16. Skateboardgolf

    Plaid hums going backward, but not forward

    You can thank the ADA and the Obama administration for this one - they’re worried EVs will run over blind people because they’re so quiet, so all manufacturers are required to add noisemakers. Quiet hybrid and electric cars must make noise under new U.S. safety rule
  17. Skateboardgolf

    Just ordered a Model 3 Performance

    Years ago, I owned a BMW M3, and my wife had an SLK AMG Mercedes. We now drive Model 3 Performances. We also wonder how much longer these German manufacturers will stay in business, for we certainly are not buying another one.
  18. Skateboardgolf

    Keep 2015 P85DL or trade for 2022 Model 3 Perf?

    I had a 2015 Model S P85+ for six years. Absolutely loved it, but was concerned about things breaking out of warranty – I had to replace the main instrument cluster, and a door handle was about to go south. As solid and smooth and quiet as it was, it just felt “fragile.” Sold it for a great...
  19. Skateboardgolf

    Thinking of selling my 2014 S but have some questions

    Sell your Model S today! This hot used market won’t last forever. I sold my 2015 P85+ AP1 (which I absolutely loved!) because it was out of warranty, and little things were breaking such as the instrument cluster and doorhandles. For an additional $20K, I got a 2021 Model 3 Performance with...
  20. Skateboardgolf

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance Multi-Coat Red on White - 24k Miles - FSD - Coilovers, UP Spoiler and Lip, etc

    What a stunning model three! Just curious – did the comfort coilovers make the ride much softer? Did it affect the handling? Seems that my 2021 M3P rides much softer than my wife’s 2018 M3P. Have you noticed this? Good luck with the sale!
  21. Skateboardgolf

    2014 Model S P85+

    I do enjoy and appreciate this forum, but it is a terrible place to sell. I had the unicorn of unicorns – a 2015 P85+ – the last one ever made. I got dozens of inquiries on Facebook and craigslist, while the “serious” users on this forum were discussing my steering wheel. Zero interest by...
  22. Skateboardgolf

    Triple Unicorn: 2015 Model S P85+ / AP1, MCU 1, LTE (Last P85+ ever made) $41,500

    Exactly right. It worked flawlessly. It's for sale - if interested, PM me. Cheers.
  23. Skateboardgolf

    Triple Unicorn: 2015 Model S P85+ / AP1, MCU 1, LTE (Last P85+ ever made) $41,500

    Vehicle has been sold. Moderator please remove. Thanks!
  24. Skateboardgolf

    Triple Unicorn: 2015 Model S P85+ / AP1, MCU 1, LTE (Last P85+ ever made) $41,500

    I've had this car for almost 6 years, and I absolutely adore it, but I'm ready for a new Tesla. I purchased it in September of 2014 - at the time, Tesla's flagship model - the P85+. And wouldn't you know it the P85D was introduced a week later. After watching autopilot and summon videos for a...
  25. Skateboardgolf

    Elon has his

    What is that L-shaped attachment hanging down off the left side of the yoke?
  26. Skateboardgolf

    Have the 2021 Model S refresh exterior door handles been redesigned?!

    The new exterior handles just look black. It was the absolutely #1 item that needed a redesign on the Model S. I hope they're different.
  27. Skateboardgolf

    USB Too Slow -TeslaCam

    It’s not a software bug. The Samsung fit plus USB drives are garbage - they are not designed for high – usage security cam applications. Whoever recommended them on this forum should have to drive a Leaf for two weeks. Our Samsung USB drive failed after a couple months. I thought it was a...
  28. Skateboardgolf

    It's too late, my MCU1 Died....

    Oh no! I remember how excited you were when you bought your 85D. My MCU1 has already failed and been replaced under warranty. I plan to keep mine until the Roadster comes out, even though I drool at the new models every day.. Please keep us updated on the process. I live an hour away from...
  29. Skateboardgolf

    Raven S - Low height rides better than Standard

    Here's how I solved that - get different tires! I purchased the Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2 275/30R21 rear and 245/35R21 in the front. They last twice as long, cost half as much as the stock Michelins, and are just as quiet. There are dozens of members here who swear by them, as myself. Good luck!
  30. Skateboardgolf

    Raven S - Low height rides better than Standard

    Spend enough time on this forum, and you will learn to hate your 21 inch wheels, for they break too easily on potholes, don’t have enough rubber, etc. I tend to not believe what everybody else says on this topic. My P85+ with 21 inch wheels rides amazingly smooth and comfortably. I love my 21...
  31. Skateboardgolf

    2014 Model S P85 RWD with Autopilot (“unicorn”) - Red MC

    What a beautiful P85. Good luck with the sale!
  32. Skateboardgolf

    2015 P85+ Insane Mode

    You are correct. However, I was told mine was a long-delayed order - it was built in January 2015. The title and door sticker confirms that. A unicorn’s unicorn, if you will. ;)
  33. Skateboardgolf

    2015 P85+ Insane Mode

    To the best of my knowledge, the P85+ only has 2 modes - chill and standard. My guess is that you’re really looking at a P85D, which has an insane mode, and with a $10k upgrade that was available for a short while, could be had with Ludicrous acceleration. I’m pretty sure I have the only 2015...
  34. Skateboardgolf

    P3D vs P85

    As an owner of both, here's a few thoughts: 1. Drive them both! Our P85+ is a creamy rocketship, with a plush ride, tons of storage, and is a joy on long trips. Our P3D is also a rocket ship, but with with less storage space, and a rougher ride. It gets left in the garage on long trips, but it...
  35. Skateboardgolf

    Anti-Tesla Legislation in NC - H455, S384, and S385

    Hey @Zarwin - thanks for posting! Here's a letter I've sent to my NC Senator and representative. Anyone else I should send this to? Subject: Please support Tesla - H455, S384, S385 will hurt NC Good afternoon NC State Senator, Remember how hard we tried to get Amazon to open an office...
  36. Skateboardgolf

    Compilation of Sentry Mode catching people

    I love golf! And so does the owner of that Model 3, because it’s parked in a golf course parking lot. Not to mention that golf bag hit the door as hard as a leaf.
  37. Skateboardgolf

    Best resource for looking at inventory cars?

    I have a question about ev-cpo. Is there a way to get the classic view back? (It was like a spreadsheet column view) That option disappeared about month ago. I’ve been using the site less since the change.
  38. Skateboardgolf

    FS: 2014 S 85 w/Autopilot

    Unlimited Supercharging? AP 1? Next Generation seats? Wow. This is a great vehicle! Someone is going to get a great deal here.
  39. Skateboardgolf

    If you could do something entrepreneurial in the EV industry,what would you do?

    Great question! I’ve thought about this, and here a couple ideas: - EV charging stations - flipping used or damaged vehicles - accessories, like coat hooks or floor mats or wheels or anything else the OEM didn’t provide
  40. Skateboardgolf

    Why don't I have a homelink icon using summon?

    Agreed! I miss having the homelink icon so I can open the garage when I’m locked out of the house.
  41. Skateboardgolf

    Took 3 in for minor service, got P90D as loaner

    Nothing like a Model S! Enjoy.
  42. Skateboardgolf

    Tesla Body Shop in Raleigh, NC

    It was the nearest body shop approved by USAA insurance; RJG Collision & Auto repair on 6215 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27606. They did a great job repairing a small ding above my rear wheel. The "Tesla-approved" body shop (Paragon) however, wanted to rip off the entire back end of the car...
  43. Skateboardgolf

    Fred Lambert - You have gone too far!

    For articles on Electrek, I just read the headline, the first paragraph, then go straight to the comments. "Electrek's Take" is rarely insightful, it's usually whiny, or negative as you say.
  44. Skateboardgolf

    Tesla Body Shop in Raleigh, NC

    Don’t waste your time. 3 years ago, the Tesla-approved body shop in Raleigh estimated $4600 for a job I later paid $1200 for. A car is a car. Just find a shop with a good reputation. Good luck.
  45. Skateboardgolf

    Model S Phone Key?

    I’m interested in this as well. It’s the one feature in our Model 3 I wish for in my S.
  46. Skateboardgolf

    19 vs 21" Wheel performance on P100D

    Which 19" wheels and tires do you recommend?
  47. Skateboardgolf

    Didn't order yet...which configurations you waiting for? (Poll)

    I’m waiting for three things: - dark headliner (the white A pillars distract me) - heated steering wheel - air suspension My Model S has all 3 of these things, and every time I drive my wife's M3P+, I notice these 3 issues. Every time. Which makes me love my Model S.
  48. Skateboardgolf

    Next generation seat retrofit, pics and tinkering with old seats

    I am interested in this as well. Supposedly there is a Tesla shop in Hickory, NC, that will install next generation seats. I emailed them several times, but never heard back.

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