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  1. Insight75

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD Charging limited to 32 amps?

    Thanks. I just mentioned this to Tesla Service. That may be the confusion. I know for a fact I had it charging above 32. I would never have bought the wall connector if it couldn't go higher.
  2. Insight75

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD Charging limited to 32 amps?

    I saw some threads about this. I have my car in for service and they indicate that I can't charge over 32 amps with the RWD. However, I know for sure it used to charge at a higher rate. Did they update the software to limit to 32? This seems insane.
  3. Insight75

    Climate worse with 2021.36.5.5?

    I haven't been on the forums in a long time and I'm here because my car is freezing when driving. I have the heated seats on and am cranking the heat at 80+ degrees in auto. Never had to do this before. I hope this gets fixed in the next update. I get it if they are trying to improve winter...
  4. Insight75

    Tesla Wall Charger - How do I get it serviced?

    OK. I just scheduled an appointment and it sent me to the local dealer (no option for mobile service on the app). Let's see if they text me and give me another option.
  5. Insight75

    Tesla Wall Charger - How do I get it serviced?

    Hi all, I have a Gen 3 Wall charger I bought a few months ago that stopped working. It tries to charge 3 times and then the charge port goes to red and says charging intarupted. I've tried everything to get it working....reinstalled....different wire..... Happens with both my cars. Who do I...
  6. Insight75

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    Thanks. I may just try it for the 100 bucks...
  7. Insight75

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    I found this thread looking for a squeaky suspension. My car just hit 51K miles so I'm out of warranty. I noticed this issue when car was new when going over speed bumps but I never dealt with it. Now it squeaks all the time. Anyone know how much the control arm costs at Tesla? (part only)...
  8. Insight75

    Final FSD Update - Change of HD 2.5 to HD 3.0.

    I'm having the upgrade done in my Model X as we speak. I expect a lot of improvement in performance with the new computer as the model x was getting painfully slow to load navigation pages and such. I am considering the upgrade for the model 3 but curious if there is any improvement in speed...
  9. Insight75

    Heated Steering wheel

    I was quite bummed about not having the heated wheel. It doesn't take much for my hands to get numb when cold. I have to say with preheating, I don't miss the heated wheel. I thought I would miss it much more but don't.
  10. Insight75

    NYC area delivery

    Just saw a truck load on Route 80E in Rockaway, NJ.....they are coming folks......
  11. Insight75

    2 Tesla Charging setup

    How many amp service do you have? I have two 14-50 outlets I installed for 2 Tesla's. I have 200 amp service. Worked out very well.
  12. Insight75

    Tesla replaced my corded mobile connector with the gen 2

    Yup. I know its a little different but I would take that one over the gen 2.
  13. Insight75

    Tesla replaced my corded mobile connector with the gen 2

    This is exactly my issue. 90 percent of the time no biggie. but sometimes I have a limited amount of time to charge. Also, for the Model 3, the first gen charger is really fast. I'm disappointed but I'm going to watch this and will request an exchange if it becomes availble. The guy at...
  14. Insight75

    Tesla replaced my corded mobile connector with the gen 2

    OK. Perhaps that is why I had issues. Thanks.
  15. Insight75

    Tesla replaced my corded mobile connector with the gen 2

    Hi all, Under warranty my corded mobile connector was replaced with the gen 2. As we know the gen 2 only does 32 amps so charging is slower. Did they discontinue the corded which does 40 amps? I'm not happy. I much prefer the previous model for charging speed. Thanks, Greg
  16. Insight75

    Talk to text sometimes doesn't work

    I have an issue where sometimes the talk to text doesn't work. It indicates "listening" but its as if I'm not saying anything. Seems to happen about 1 in 5 times. Anyone else with this issue? Using an Iphone X.
  17. Insight75

    NC to Adirondack and back road trip

    I've done the North Jersey to the Outer Banks a few times now and really enjoyed the ride. No issues for me. Always need a few calculated stops to eat and such so its never had a negative impact to stop and charge.
  18. Insight75

    Self presenting doors?

    I have a Model X and not a fan of of the doors. If I could convert to manual I would do it. I'm always fighting with them.
  19. Insight75

    Auto pilot moving left and right in the lane with huge over correction?

    Yes. Its very noticeable. I feel like someone posts this comment after every update but this is the first time I really noticed it. My tires are not winter. They are stock and in good condition.
  20. Insight75

    A Little of This? A Little of That?

    My favorite car and my favorite truck all wrapped up in one.
  21. Insight75

    Whoops....ordered wrong one.....

    Somehow I didn't realize you had to select a model when ordering. Does it matter? Do I order a 2nd one? Or do I contact Tesla? Any thoughts?
  22. Insight75

    POLL: Will you buy?

    All they have to do is tweak it and make it look a little more conventional. I like all of the function but not the form. Please Tesla make it less ugly!
  23. Insight75

    Model 3 chassis torsional rigidity?

    I used 2 jacks on the driver side..... jacked up one entire side and the other side went in the air too. Amazing! Like magic!
  24. Insight75

    M3 - when should we buy?

    I thought they already were designed for 1M miles.. Doh!
  25. Insight75

    How to ship Model 3 OEM Areo wheels and tires cheaply?

    All good fun my friend. haha.....
  26. Insight75

    OK who is this?

    Man....no wheezing the juice has new meaning.
  27. Insight75

    Just ran across the first pushy Tesla guy in my experience so far :(

    I will be at Tesla Springfield tomorrow if its there. I have an appointment for service.....
  28. Insight75

    How to ship Model 3 OEM Areo wheels and tires cheaply?

    Don't put them in boxes. Cut out a piece of cardboard to cover the wheel front only and then use plastic wrap on each one. I have had wheels delivered from the west coast to east this way. Also, out in la la land you there should be plenty of folks willing to buy them locally.
  29. Insight75

    Lost 2 Aero Covers After Hitting Large Pothole...

    Was late at night after a flooding rain......and I didn't see the pothole. I lost 2 aero covers on one side (front and rear). I was surprised that happened. Only a slight bend in the lip of the rear wheel but otherwise all ok. Other cars had flat tires from hitting it..... Just a heads up if...
  30. Insight75

    The auto wipers are............working!

    Improved but needs sensitivity adjustment for sure.
  31. Insight75

    Recommended tire pressure too high

    I have 26K miles and rotated only once (a few thousand ago). I will have to replace them in about 5K. I just bought a take off set of wheels/tires on ebay for the same price as new tires. Now I'll have wheels for the snow tires next winter......
  32. Insight75

    Recommended tire pressure too high

    Would be great if you can adjust the "nag" so you don't see the message when lowering the pressure. I agree that the the recommended pressures are too high. I like to be around 38.
  33. Insight75

    Used 2017 Model X with Free Super Charging for Life, AP2, 7 Seater

    That is what I have. Mine is a December 2016.
  34. Insight75

    2019.5.16 Vampire drain

    Every few hours it starts charging again to top off.
  35. Insight75

    Meanwhile... Yay for correct heated seats

    Nice. I also just did a 100% charge just now and I'm over 320. Didn't think that change was coming until later on......
  36. Insight75

    Model 3 18" tires/wheels

    Sell me your aero wheels. Looking for new take offs or very low miles. I'm in New Jersey.
  37. Insight75

    Need a set of Model 3 18" Aero Wheels/Tires

    I'm in New Jersey. If you have a set for sale please end me a PM. Would like them in near new condition with TPMS.
  38. Insight75

    I love........

    beating everyone to the office so I can get to the free chargers first.....
  39. Insight75

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Got to love liberals......
  40. Insight75

    Back speakers and Sub not working.

    I've noticed a couple times my sub and some speakers go out (leaving only high frequency sounds above dash) for a few seconds and then it comes back. This is a recent thing I've noticed.
  41. Insight75

    Stock tires wearing faster than expected?

    I haven't even looked at my tires and I'm at 21,500 miles. Perhaps I should take a look tonight.
  42. Insight75

    Powered doors are a PITA

    I have mixed feelings on them. I wish they can be disabled if you choose. My driver door does not open much any more and I do have to wrestle with it each time. I need to take it in for service to see whats going on.
  43. Insight75

    Supercharger - Rockaway NJ

    I drive by on route 80 twice a day. I always look for the supercharger to show up on the GPS map when I drive by. I assume once it goes live it will come up.
  44. Insight75

    Supercharger - Rockaway NJ

    Queue the Price is Right sound when someone loses..... whant whaaaaaahh
  45. Insight75

    Supercharger - Rockaway NJ

    Lunch at 5 guys!!!!!!!!!
  46. Insight75

    Supercharger - Parsippany, NJ

    Just stopped by and there appeared to be a few guys working by the transformer. .
  47. Insight75

    Software Version 2018.50.6 - No new features

    I just wonder if they will ever be able to get this right. Its been a disappointment. I wish the wipers would act more on the side of caution even if it means wiping more when the window is dry.

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