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  1. M_D129

    Cybertruck FSD price history

    As long as you don’t edit the design it will stay at 7K.
  2. M_D129

    Cybertruck delivery price

    Expect pricing to be in line with what they revealed. They typically haven’t gone away from launch pricing, unless you reserved your Cybertruck after FSD price increases, or make changes to the config, which could affect your pricing on FSD if that cost changes..which it will be Monday. The...
  3. M_D129

    POLL: Best Resale? White/White VS. White/Black

    Seats are fine in summer time, with the pre-cooling, in my experience. I have the black interior. I did this mostly for cost savings, and I prefer the wood dash piece over the white dash piece. Resale shouldn’t be affected, as there are those that will be buying second hand, considering both...
  4. M_D129

    If you had to do it again, would anyone NOT get the white interior?

    The only reason I didn’t select white, was because I prefer the wood trim piece..however insignificant it is to the vehicle. I would’ve actually liked more wood trim, similar to the S or X. The lighter wood adds a nice contrast to the modern interior.
  5. M_D129

    Unable to Login to Tesla.com or Reset my password

    I’ve found their chat feature on the website to be mildly helpful.
  6. M_D129

    VW ID.6 (2021)

    Getting Subie vibes from the front.
  7. M_D129

    PSA Frunk Dents Super Easy

    Definitely both hands, on either side of the T. You should press firmly, but you’ll hear it lock in. Definitely shouldn’t need to press excessively to get it to secure in place.
  8. M_D129

    Autopilot, what do I have?

    All Model 3s produced after May 30th, 2019, did not include HomeLink as a standard feature. My Feb 2019 build does have HomeLink standard.
  9. M_D129

    Autopilot, what do I have?

    You definitely have the Acc boost, with chill and sport modes as options. It’s been reported they’ve removed FSD in the past, with other models. I wouldn’t suspect Tesla will be of much help on this. When you go to Upgrades on your app, does it show an option to purchase anything? I know...
  10. M_D129

    Autopilot, what do I have?

    You should be able to verify Full Self Driving, by either the presence of smart summon in the app, or additional settings under Autopilot in your vehicle. (Lane change confirmation should be one) as this is unique between Autopilot and FSD. You can always take the vehicle for a spin, and while...
  11. M_D129

    Getting Model 3 onto tow truck?

    No, that is just the general lock/unlock. To turn off walk away lock, you do that from the lock section on your vehicles screen. Are they totaling your vehicle? Definitely sounds like a significant bill not to be totaled.
  12. M_D129

    Getting Model 3 onto tow truck?

    I’m sorry this happened to you. I would be gutted as well. Hopefully your insurance gets you sorted out, and you can get back to enjoying your car! For the manual: On the vehicle’s screen, tap the T in the top next to the outdoor temp. When the screen pops up, with the image of your car and...
  13. M_D129

    What next?

    2021 should improve your odds of seeing other EVs in the market, as long as the legacy automakers hold to their timelines. That being said, if that isn’t the case, you could always up the size a little and go for a Model Y.
  14. M_D129

    Rain Deflector Needed?

    Feb 2019 build, and definitely get water in the trunk, if there’s enough on the trunk. I’m not in the Netherlands, nor in FL, but MN. It also rains here, and sometimes hard, or torrential. As Rayk says above, it happens when lifting the trunk, with standing water on it. The water hits the...
  15. M_D129

    Thoughts on demo Vehicles?

    My VIN and vehicle were “accidentally” used as a demo vehicle over the weekend before I got it, and it ended up having 375 miles on it when I picked it up. I only rejected the vehicle because they didn’t tell me, until I asked, why I got a vehicle with 375 miles, when originally the details...
  16. M_D129

    Hood paint damage - Pearl paint sucks

    My last paint job went over the weekend, I would expect at least 3-5 days for it to be in their hands.
  17. M_D129

    Hood paint damage - Pearl paint sucks

    No just the hood to be painted on its own.
  18. M_D129

    Hood paint damage - Pearl paint sucks

    I just had Tesla’s paint shop partner in my area fix a rusting issue, and they did a fantastic job of blending. I thought there would be a similar issue given that it’s pearl, and thought the same thing. The fix is indistinguishable from the existing paint. I had them check out the speck on...
  19. M_D129

    Hood paint damage - Pearl paint sucks

    I have a small dent, and paint chip in mine currently from some debris kicked up from a car in front of me, while driving. Small speck, in the grand scheme of the hood. I was quoted $870 to repaint the entire hood, from the third party Tesla uses in my area.
  20. M_D129

    What will the actual range be when released?

    I’ve seen at least one supercharger you pull into forward vs reverse. It’s perfectly located on the way to my cabin. Will work great once I’m driving my CT.
  21. M_D129

    Battery Power Increase

    Obviously too much work for me to do. :) Although, I can’t imagine this 20% increase is what will be covered on Battery Day. It’s a great improvement, but I suspect there’s more in store for the next five years other than a 20% increase. I also can’t see Tesla, as secretive as they’ve been...
  22. M_D129

    What will the actual range be when released?

    I’d love to see those figures be with x-amount of towing considered, and for us all to be genuinely shocked when the reality hits us in the face. Not likely, but one can hope and dream! Since the announcement, I have strongly suspected the + means more than we can imagine. Given Elon’s own...
  23. M_D129

    Battery Power Increase

    Appears good things coming for those planning to buy a Tesla in the next several months! Panasonic dropping some update news to the 2170 Battery cell energy density. I’m sure several people are waiting for Battery Day to place orders. I’m sure this will look like a minor increase when that...
  24. M_D129

    Rear defrost strips falling off window after 17 mos. Tesla wants $820.

    I recently had a warranty repair, regarding paint and rusting. The cost estimate showed $0 prior to me acknowledging. I agree with the others, to wait until they confirm it either is or isn’t covered before approving. When they text you for your appt, you can try replying to the text ahead of...
  25. M_D129

    is lifetime 270wh/mi high?

    You will hear many responses, especially considering other factors. Your speed at 80mph is one that will bring it down, considerably. Elevation changes, regen possibilities, passengers and cargo averages, and highway traffic conditions. FWIW, I’m in MN, at just over 25K miles, on a Long range...
  26. M_D129

    Our Model 3, 2 years later

    Have you used the voice activation? Hold the right button on the steering wheel, and say, “Turn Wipers to Auto” or “Turn Wipers On”. Works like a charm. Similarly helpful for several other things you may have to go searching for on the screen. I use it to open the glovebox, turn on wipers...
  27. M_D129

    Will Kids Car Seat LATCH System Wear or Stretch the Seat Material?

    I asked something similar a while back, as I have a Chicco Keyfit30 and the base dug BIG grooves into not only where the latch attached, but in the seat back. It was at Service for 4 days, and the indents were nearly gone. I’ve read steam is a great way to reshape the foam, and material back...
  28. M_D129

    FSD saved us from being crushed by a semi

    Unfortunately, this won’t be anything you see in mainstream media if any kind. Just the bad stuff, or issues they used to have that they already solved, but are still coming up. I just read an article recently about the issues with the battery packs on 2012 Model S..8 years later, and they’re...
  29. M_D129

    Finally! Service History!

    I didn’t receive 2 different invoices personally, and I agree that it’s not that complicated to do a search, or keep your invoices. I do see this being a notch above in convenience, and continues to tie your account and vehicle based information in the app or online, which obviously is the...
  30. M_D129

    Finally! Service History!

    I had a similar thing happen, right when I was trying to schedule that service appt you see on my screen haha! I had to close the app a couple of times for it to come up. Now my issue will be, a Mobile Tech will come out in 9 days, and tell me I need to go to the service center for my rust...
  31. M_D129

    Finally! Service History!

    Luckily I don’t have to use the Service tab often, but noticed today, when scheduling service they finally show your Service History and invoices! Have been looking for this, since I got my first service done! For those that may ask, the version is iOS 3.10.6
  32. M_D129

    Service Records

    This is now available in the app, under Service!
  33. M_D129

    Uneven Re-gen Braking Feel on P3D+

    I find it’s more of riding the accelerator, and easing to a stop. I personally have very predictable results, when I ease into the regen and up to the stop. I understand you don’t want to have to feather a pedal, but it’s more gently easing off the accelerator than it is removing your foot...
  34. M_D129

    2020.20.12 being pushed out now (6/9/2020)

    3rd update since last week! Crazy. It started for me with 2020.16.3, then 2020.20.5, now this. Not complaining, especially since historically when looking at the TeslaFi site, I get them in the 3rd day “batch”. Happy to even have a car that gets upgraded.
  35. M_D129

    Model Y just got 2020.16.3 - Very confused about release notes...

    Got this on my Model 3 also. Definitely bug fixes.
  36. M_D129

    Jay Leno Talks About His Wild Tesla Cybertruck Ride With Elon Musk

    May 27th, 9pm CST. CNBC. Recording has been set since yesterday. Episode titled Risk vs. Reward
  37. M_D129

    Blog Video Conferencing is ‘Definitely a Future Feature’ for Tesla Vehicles

    I’m genuinely curious here on the use case for this vs calling into said meeting. I host webinars, and attend and host many video conferences for work, but can’t see one case where I would use my car for this (Yes, I also drive long distance for Client visits). I would just call into a...
  38. M_D129

    Ordered Cybertruck, but it’s not showing up I my account?

    Did you confirm the email address is the same as the ones your 3 and Roof are under? I accidentally ordered under a different email from my actual Tesla account, by accident. I had to request they merge my accounts, in order for my truck to show up. Otherwise, I personally would use the chat...
  39. M_D129

    Selling Tesla Model Y

    None of the Y’s are Founders. That only applies to Roadster and Semi now days. Congrats on your win! I wish I could even know one person that could afford to use my referral code.
  40. M_D129

    Selling Tesla Model Y

    Still doing drawings for Founders Roadsters, and Model Y. Model Y’s are not Founders series.
  41. M_D129

    Misleading "ADVANCED" Software Update Preference?

    I don’t believe this to be accurate, as I have a Long Range, Model 3 with FSD, and recently upgraded to HW3. I generally receive most updates within the first 3 days of wide release in major updates, when referencing data found on TeslaFi. This update has not hit my vehicle either..I don’t...
  42. M_D129

    PSA Frunk Dents Super Easy

    Curious here, are you denting it while following their recommendation for closing the frunk? Both hands on either side of the logo, and a firm press down? I won’t say the frunk isn’t a little tedious to close this way, but I haven’t seen any denting issues on my 3 when closed as prescribed.
  43. M_D129

    early mn Y owner Thurs March 19th (maplewood)

    No! Wasn’t me! There are a bunch of white 3’s around, with it now being the free color. I’m one of the ones that paid for the White haha. I’m in the Woodbury area, so entirely possible you’d see me on 52 in the future.
  44. M_D129

    Homelink operation.

    Did you double check the distance to activate? I have mine set at about 20-30 ft.
  45. M_D129

    Does anyone’s autopilot behave like this? HW 3

    It does have some quirks, I’ve experienced some of what OP put up, however, It’s also held its line for me. I have done many long distance trips, and drives through traffic to and from the office. I’ve been genuinely pleased on the times I’ve used it. I also don’t generally like letting the...
  46. M_D129

    My car is constantly waking and making banging noises in the garage. Am I just being paranoid or...

    I don’t see this being a HW3 issue. I’ve had my Model 3 for a year, and HW3 for few weeks. This noise only happens for me, when I open the app to wake the car. I can only recall a handful of times outside of opening the app that it will wake itself up, without me opening the app. FWIW.
  47. M_D129

    early mn Y owner Thurs March 19th (maplewood)

    Fellow MN here. Congrats on the new Model Y! I look forward to seeing you out on the roads with it! Been very interested in them. Do you already have a plan for an electrician? I know a guy in town that did my garage, and would most likely give a good rate. Let me know!
  48. M_D129

    Ordered Mar13th, no email, nothing in account...

    You can ask them to merge that RN with your current Tesla Account. I had to do that when I accidentally ordered my Cybertruck under the wrong email address.
  49. M_D129

    Child Seat Indents

    I appreciate the experience shared, and the tip! I’ll try that out! May have to look into a towel of sorts to spread the force of those two weird little nubs, in the seat base. Will be good practice for when the Cybertruck is carrying two baby seats!
  50. M_D129

    Help me out: 55% or 70% windshield

    From MN here, where it’s illegal to tint the windshield to any degree. Looks like California has the same laws, with the exception of the top 4 inches of the windshield. Regarding tinting above the driver, I personally think the glass is tinted too much, as it doesn’t allow you to see enough...

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