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  1. calidreamz808

    How can I install flashing/strobing brake lights ?

    I see folks using this product in CA all the time. It can be attached to the "hitch" area of your rear. https://www.amazon.com/iJDMTOY-Tow-Receiver-Brake-Hole/dp/B07VKFZ6M3
  2. calidreamz808

    Cloud Profile Settings not the same in M3 v MY

    As a follow up - unfortunately, doing the seat and mirror calibration on both vehicles has not worked. I have to change it to my non cloud profile to get my seat positions correct. booo
  3. calidreamz808

    Cloud Profile Settings not the same in M3 v MY

    Odd thing happening with my cloud profile for settings. My main car is M3 and I have my cloud settings all set up. When i drive our MY, it picks up my cloud account but the seat settings are way off. Any idea how to remedy this? Since i have the manual profile still saved in the MY, i have to...
  4. calidreamz808

    Tell me the truth! I won't be offended.

    Do some fangs with blood.. that would pop. Good luck and have fun!
  5. calidreamz808

    Service Mode- What can I do with it?

    Not sure this is accurate. I was at a non tesla body shop for ... body repairs.. when the tech who took in my car put it in service mode as I stood there.
  6. calidreamz808

    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    Has anyone found a model 3/y headrest cover that fits?
  7. calidreamz808

    Sunshade Melting Fastrak Transponder Glue

    You can always get the sticker transponder in lieu of that big block of a thing that is out there. Much better and i've had more trouble getting it off myself than for the sun to melt it. If you're really into the blocky transponder, then get some 3M brand.. i'm sure amazon has it.
  8. calidreamz808

    Mobile phone holder

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/temai-giveaway-2020-archived.214159/#post-5141985 This vendor did a giveaway on TMC and i won the phone holder. I use it constantly and its never failed me.
  9. calidreamz808

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    Don't worry. The recall has nothing to do with your warranty. Warranty or not - a recall is free replacement of a defect.
  10. calidreamz808

    Mercedes EQE SUV spotted

    TBH the sedan looks very much like a honda civic. so ugly.
  11. calidreamz808

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    Finally received an 16.1.2 yesterday despite the date issue. Very odd behavior. Tesla keeps us on our toes. :)
  12. calidreamz808

    CarMax sold me a broken model 3?

    Doesn't CarMax have a 7 day return policy? That car would have been returned the same day if it were me.. literally would have turned around and gone back soon as the error came up. That's way too much drama to buy a car.
  13. calidreamz808

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    The odd thing is that our MY does not have that issue whatsoever. It updated to 2022.16.1.1 last night and never got stuck on previous dates. Very weird behavior since my M3 is still stuck.
  14. calidreamz808

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    Yeah, i've done the same where you navigate from the tab.. then back to the software screen to force it to re check... but nothing. I'll just chill LOL thank you
  15. calidreamz808

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    I searched the forums but didn't find anything specific to my question. My car settings are set to "advanced" and it states that the last check for updates was on June 2. No matter what I do, it will not check for updates and stamp it checked with current date. It's stuck on June 2. I've done...
  16. calidreamz808

    Sentry missed M3 trunk vandalism event

    Annnnd this is why i back into my space up to the wall so that nobody can even get behind my car. I don't think the rear camera activates sentry so if the side cams don't catch the movement then you're just screwed. Perhaps Tesla can activate the feature with the read camera?
  17. calidreamz808

    Mystery Text

  18. calidreamz808

    Sentry USB Disconnected

    Same. Could not get it to work so I used the format usb function to finally get it to work.
  19. calidreamz808

    Black Model 3s. Tint or no tint? Anybody have pics?

    Black Mamba is totally blacked out and I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  20. calidreamz808

    Calling all owners of a Black Model 3 ( Black Knights) Build Thread...

    Owning a black car in CA is terrible to deal with. I use "wash wax" after the car wash and it seems to keep the junk off a little longer.
  21. calidreamz808

    Tesla insurance and the yoke

    You must drive like a 90 year old senior apparently. LOL What a joke. Glad CA is not allowing the scoring.
  22. calidreamz808

    Updating Software at Tesla Service Center

    You can also connect to Wal-Mart wifi without any portal walls. I've done it before as well. Now i just use my phone hotspot to download.
  23. calidreamz808

    6’6” tall. Is the M3 for me?

    My b/f is 6'4" and is uncomfortable in my M3... he bought a MY and loves it. He can fit much better.
  24. calidreamz808

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    I've taken a look through but it's hard to understand whether this is covered by warranty or if this is an out of pocket expense to replace the cameras that glare from the turn signals?
  25. calidreamz808

    Car Scent/Air Freshener ?

    LOL Yes! Only another bully owner will understand your plight with smells. See attache pics of Miss Reyna
  26. calidreamz808

    Car Scent/Air Freshener ?

    My English Bulldog rides with me and she's.... a little smelly... to say the least. I no longer smell DOG. It's not overly strong either and more is an eliminator but leaves a pleasant new car smell. Its really important to air the car out after the 15 mins that the mist is deployed but just...
  27. calidreamz808

    Car Scent/Air Freshener ?

    I swear by this product. I can still smell it weeks after using it. very effective and cheap. Meguiar's G16402 Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Mist, New Car Scent, 2 Fluid Ounces
  28. calidreamz808

    CA Waiting Room

    Totally agree regarding this forum. I told my friend that if he has questions about his Tesla or how to etc etc that joining this forum is a must or he's gonna miss out on important things. hahahahaha I've learned everything I know about Tesla from this forum. I am super thankful for its existence.
  29. calidreamz808

    CA Waiting Room

    Yes, you must be correct because they called today to say there is a car that matches my config and if the person does not take delivery by EOD they will assign it to me for an Irvine pick up. I'm in HB so i am thinking you're right about that CM sales center.
  30. calidreamz808

    CA Waiting Room

    Same. Ordered Aug 2021 for delivery in Jan. Was pushed to March and now to June 2022. Called the Costa Mesa sales center and they were really confused to as why it was pushed to June and said they will look into it. Very frustrating to get different answers each time I call and to have no idea...
  31. calidreamz808

    Sentry Camera Activation

    my live view cameras never work. only once.
  32. calidreamz808

    Mobile service rocks!

    Bulldogs or bust! I love my little heifer.
  33. calidreamz808

    FedEx lost my Tesla Shop order, and no response from Tesla

    agreed, and will probably move the whole process of replacement along much faster.
  34. calidreamz808

    Flaky charge port door after latest upgrade?

    hahhahah I've been wondering why that happens.. i keep trying to figure out what the car wants me to do so that it stops. Glad its just not me looking stupid trying to make it stop
  35. calidreamz808

    Spotify loading endlessly

    This works for me: tap another music app in the UI and then go back to Spotify.
  36. calidreamz808

    Why dont we have a “jeep wave?”

    I fear of carpel tunnel if I start tesla waving in socal. lol
  37. calidreamz808

    Control arm under warranty? [when over 50k miles on car]

    ouch. could be worse i guess. I made an appt for service in an unrelated issue but i'm going to have them check my control arms and 12v battery to be sure everything is ok before my warranty ends.
  38. calidreamz808

    Control arm under warranty? [when over 50k miles on car]

    What are the price quotes for out of warranty fixes for these control arm issues? I'm coming up on my warranty end and terrified by the control arm and 12v issues people are having. Lets not mention my tires are wore out after 20k.
  39. calidreamz808

    Closer following distance with new SW update [teslavision radarless model 3]

    I noticed the slow take off issue when in AP when in traffic. People on the socal freeways are very hot to flip out if you're 1-2 seconds late on moving at higher speeds
  40. calidreamz808

    Ceramic Exterior Coating

    Totally worth it. That's a good price! Huge change if your car is black.
  41. calidreamz808

    Funny story re: red light racing

    My fav is to watch them try to race me but then I intentionally keep my nose even with theirs as they're floored, meanwhile I'm just feathering the acceleration not giving them what Tesla has "under the hood" so to speak. Love it!
  42. calidreamz808

    Vendor TEMAI Model 3 accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products! [2021]

    you know, i like all of it LOL If i had to choose, it would be the hub or the sun shades but then again the charging cable is cool. cool stuff !
  43. calidreamz808

    Manually rolling up/down windows?

    Have you tried shutting the doors softly? silly question i know.
  44. calidreamz808

    Relearning how to drive an ICE car

    Well, Kia was the first problem. LOL
  45. calidreamz808

    Vehicle Placement on Screen

    Makes me freak out all the time. I have the same "issue". Since we have no blind spot indicator, i use the screen to show me as if there is a car in my blind spot only for it to show me a car another lane over which causes me to swerve around trying to not hit a car that isn't there.
  46. calidreamz808

    HOV use - Fast Trak in California

    for what it's worth. I have the 91 toll sticker AND transponder (that i asked for). Was told to always keep it on 1 and i'll get the better of the deal if both are used. I have never had to pay for tolls on the 91 using this method. Zero cost minus the deposit loaded onto the account for when i...

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