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    Terrible Footage shows 4 wheel steering and mirrors on Beta Cybertruck

    Elon confirmed in a tweet that side mirrors are required at time of sale but they're designed to be easily removed. It will be your choice to leave them on or remove them.
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    New Patent filing : Cybertruck Could Come With Futuristic Curved Windows

    A glass dashboard sounds better to me than just a recycled paper one. I'm also intrigued by the idea of a touchscreen dashboard...lots of possibilities there.
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    Polishing the CT

    Does that window sticker come as a large ball bearing?
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    Who has ordered?

    I've driven 2 F150s over the past 20 years and neither has seen a garage. If that's your requirement then you should not be looking at a full size truck.
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    any updates on the official dimension of cybertruck?

    You're interpreting Elon's tweet, which is a pretty dangerous proposition. The "almost the same" could very well include a size reduction. I'm not saying it will, it's very subjective.
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    S plaid + cancellation implications on CT

    More batteries available for CT and Semi. As a CT reservation holder that makes me happy.
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Tesla battery production also includes Megapack, powerwall and Semi. I don't think you can compare the battery production targets alone and make an informed decision on EV production.
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    CT spotted at Giga Texas

    He changed his mind again. On the Joe Rogan podcast a few months ago he again said they made it ~3% smaller so it could fit in the boring tunnel.
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Time will tell but it seems like Ford, GMC and eventually maybe Dodge just want to sell the same truck but with electric power train, a big tablet display and some value added features enabled by batteries. In this way the Tesla's and Rivian's should beat them on efficiency and features as...
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    Are the Cybertruck's looks growing on you?

    Like my wife undoubtedly thinks about me... It checks all the boxes besides looks. I just hope it ages as well as me.
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    Wonder if I can tow the truck?

    I thought Rivian backtracked on flat towing?
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    Cybertruck width

    Those people can buy a Rivian. It's not the demographic Tesla is targeting for the CT.
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    Cyber Truck in NYC

    Tesla Cybertruck hits New York ahead of Elon Musk's SNL hosting appearance
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    Cybertruck 240v output power?

    That's where it is on the prototype
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    Tesla Cybertruck reservations lower than expected

    I think it will be dual first..less cells required at a time when the company is still battery constrained. And iirc the dual has a slightly higher percentage of reservations. Agree with the sentiment about single motor version. I can see Tesla scrapping that entirely, or at a minimum...
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    CT FSD price gaurantee

    You're complaining about a what if scenario that has no precedent in Tesla history. You might as well complain about Tesla shipping CT with a riled badger in the frunk waiting to attack. Both complaints are unwarranted and unlikely to happen.
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    CT spotted at Giga Texas

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    Working with CT bed config

    Source L-Track Rail and T-Slot Tracks in the Bed L-tracks (shown in the first image in the gap just below the bed’s light bar) are used primarily in aircraft, and can be used to create tie-down points in any position along the length of the rail. T-slot tracks (the lines you see along the...
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    Towing with Cybertruck

    It looks to have a receiver
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    Thoughts on Pickup Truck Beds

    I do the same with my F150 even though it has a spray in liner. It's just so much cleaner to use a tarp underneath it and to tie over it when driving.
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    Elon: no door handles on the Cybertruck

    I saw this in the comments in one of the articles about this. The response was a typical pun from Elon. Someone asked "...if you have time on your hand..." so he responded about lack of "hand"-les so no "hand" required.
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    Tech Improvements Unveiled on Battery Day

    It's all speculation but no direct collaboration I can find. If you Google "Elon musk john Goodenough" there is some good info. One of the articles is from 2015 with Goodenough and UTA trying to get the NV gigafactory in Austin so they could collaborate. Another article with an Elon tweet in...
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    Tech Improvements Unveiled on Battery Day

    I've been wondering about this since battery day. All the changes announced were independent of the electrolyte used, which Elon mentioned. I'm of the opinion {speculation} that Tesla is going to use Dr Goodenough's new glass electrolyte and blow everyone away. Maybe it's not ready yet but I...
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    Reservation number

    You can find your reservation # in the Tesla user portal
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    Diesel powered CT???

    Unthinkable: Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Testing With Crazy Diesel Engine! | MotorBiscuit Unthinkable: Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Testing With Crazy Diesel Engine! | MotorBiscuit by Thom Taylor on February 25, 2021 While this might seem like clickbait, it’s not. Observant residents in and around...
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    Tesla updates Cybertruck production timeline after strong pre-orders - Electrek The single motor and dual motor were planned to be first in production. The tri motor and single motor flipped after Tesla saw the overwhelming disparity between reservations of the 2. The dual motor has always...
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    I'm planning to start au natural but have it wrapped every 3 years or so. That way it will be sorta like getting a new truck every 3 years even though I plan on keeping the CT for a long time. I've averaged 10 years with my F150s and plan to get at least that with CT.
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    Not in yesterday's podcast. Rogan asked Elon about range for the CT and he said the initial model would be more than 300 miles based on an undetermined battery pack size. To me that says that the dual motor CT is first in production. I guess that makes sense in a way considering the ramp up...
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    From the new podcast with Rogan: Factory tours will be offered Pickup truck from factory option Adjusted size ~3% to fit in boring tunnel Need to determine a range for the initial model...somewhere over 300mi (so dual motor first?)
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    In addition to Fremont limited production of 4680 cells, it sounds like Panasonic has also started development of 4680: https://insideevs.com/news/464582/tesla-4680-battery-cell-production-panasonic/#:~:text=Well%2C%20that%20was%20certainly%20fast,produced%20and%20put%20into%20cars There was...
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    How far would you charge to?

    This is a basic question but I don't yet own a Tesla so I'm not sure how this works. People talk about not charging above some percentage, ie 80%, but how is that done? Is there a setting on the car or app that lets you set an upper charging threshold?
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    Why you may see 4680s in the model S and model X very soon

    Tesla tried it with Model S but it wasn't popular so they went all in with Superchargers. Tesla's battery-swapping plan has a mere shadow of the promise it once showed
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    TeraFactory Austin Texas Preliminary Build Schedule --- Substantial completion ****

    FWIW, the Tegtmeyer drone video from last weekend addressed the schedule. IIRC he was guessing first dry in would be end of Feb and substantial complete by end of June. He further estimated MY in Q3 and CT in Q3. AFAIK those were just educated guesses based on the progress he's tracked with...
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    The Tesla Semi’s economical advantage is frighteningly underestimated

    That's unpossible according to Daimler California physics are the best!
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    The Tesla Semi’s economical advantage is frighteningly underestimated

    It was the Semi that prompted me to buy Tesla stock a few years back (woot!). I think the economics of this rig, with a 2 year ROI, will allow Tesla to sell as many as they can make.
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    Make it happen, Cap'n
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    Cybertruck charging

    I would also consider the potential for v2h with the CT powering your home. Not sure if it will happen but you should plan for as much amperage as possible across that cable.
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    Will The Revolutionary Tesla Windshield Wiper Debut On The Cybertruck?

    States have no say in this, it's all dictated by Feds. NHTSA to States: Follow Our Lead on Self-Driving Cars The linked article is about AV but it delineates vehicle responsibilities between states and feds pretty clearly.
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    TeraFactory Austin Texas Preliminary Build Schedule --- Substantial completion ****

    His money will buy him eternal youth Scientists reverse age-related vision loss, eye damage from glaucoma in mice Summary: Researchers at Harvard Medical School have successfully reversed age-related vision loss in animals as well as eye damage stemming from with a condition mimicking human...
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    Speculation of pack sizes (kWh)

    Agree, but Musk teased a Tesla Cyber Trailer for the CT so the range could be based on using it. It's only speculation but I think it's in the realm of possibility.
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    Giga Texas kicks it up a notch...

    I suspect the first few months will be test production of CT. If production ready models start shipping in September there's a slight chance I could get mine before Xmas 21.
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    Cybertruck With FSD

    I'm not sure what you're seeing but my reservation page has no pricing on it. It just lists the CT model and FSD. The FSD price is tied to your reservation number and date of reservation.
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    Cybertruck With FSD

    I would be really surprised if they didn't honor the price at reservation. It would go against their own precedent as well as their order page:
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    Speculation of pack sizes (kWh)

    I've been curious about this since the range of the Semi is based on it's load. So the 500 mile range of the semi is at full 80,000lb capacity. Is there any chance the CT range is based on it's towing capacity? 1MWh battery @ 80,000 lbs (truck + trailer) 250Kwh battery @ 20,000 lbs {6000lb...
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    [Vote]- Will you buy Hummer EV instead of Cybertruck or Rivian?

    They probably learned that from their dealings with Nikola.
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    4680 cell implications

    All the vehicles will be getting 4680 cells {eventually) but will have different Cathodes (LFP, Nickel-Manganese, or Nickel) based on performance profile.
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    Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck Orders Are Gigantic

    I saw a report last week about Rivian and the estimated orders are 30k. Great for a new company but nothing compared to the CT. If I had to guess I would say the Hummer reservations are comparable to the Ford Mach E at 50k.
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    Hummer EV

    That differs from their own T&C in the reservation:

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