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  1. SherSlick

    Firmware 7.1

    I believe MS and MX are on different release schedules/code trains at this point.
  2. SherSlick

    Autopilot slowing down for no apparent reason

    Mine has done this as well. I think it sees what it thinks is a speed limit sign that is under the 45 cutoff and starts coming down rapidly. That OR it decides its no longer a multi-lane road and this triggers the massive slowdown.
  3. SherSlick

    Active Noise Cancellation

    I too would love speed controlled volume.
  4. SherSlick

    Video 15' 85D Steering Click

    My best guess is a loose/busted tie rod end. Could also be a loose/busted ball joint. Also possible is a broken strut bearing.
  5. SherSlick

    new software bug?

    I am in the exact same boat. I got an email back from ServiceSupportNA that it is a know bug.
  6. SherSlick

    New Forum Design

    I am not a fan of the constrained width. I have a bunch of wasted space on either side. I do like that it pulls my Gravatar down now though ;) Edit: posting this caused this tab in Chrome to crash, FYI
  7. SherSlick

    Energy graph warning symbol?

    The little yellow triangle indicates either (or both) that acceleration and/or regenerative breaking are limited. Acceleration gets limited when its colder, and when the SOC is low (less than 10% IIRC). Regen gets limited when its cold and when the battery has been charged to 100% (no room to...
  8. SherSlick

    Source button gone! - 7.1 update

    I fully agree. And honestly I bet this same issue is happening on the hardware side. How many variations of hardware pieces etc. do they have now?
  9. SherSlick

    CHAdeMO Adapter Tear Down

    The car has to give it some power, the button on Tesla end works when just it is attached to the car.
  10. SherSlick

    Source button gone! - 7.1 update

    Well the reason I figured out the button was missing is because if I leave my car while listening to XM and come back the next day, nothing is playing anymore. The "Now Playing" tab is greyed out and I have to pick a station on XM to get it playing again.
  11. SherSlick

    WARNING: I rear-ended someone today while using Auto Pilot in my brand new P90D!

    FWIW I too have had to "catch" my car before it rear-ended the person in front of me. A few times. With the newer AP display that shows more than one car, the times I have had to intervene the display showed that it didn't detect any cars ahead of me or in the nearby lanes. All the while...
  12. SherSlick

    You ever get one of those days where you're computer is just dragging?

    I have noticed this as well. Not sure if its a background task running or if the CPU is de-rating due to heat or what.
  13. SherSlick

    Firmware 7.1

    They put a digital clock back on the dash, next to the gear indicator. The outside temp got moved to the dash also. Next to the little useless battery meter. As someone else mentioned, they removed the source select from the Media app. The climate control (now?) shows the car is in range...
  14. SherSlick

    Source button gone! - 7.1 update

    As anyone else noticed the source select button is gone from the Media now playing panel? I cannot fathom why they removed it. Honestly it seems for every firmware update they give you something new but at the cost of something else. Why Tesla, why?!?!!?
  15. SherSlick

    Model S Tire Wear

    I have the 21" and got 20k out of them. Most Z-speed rated tires will be in this same ballpark. If you get/fit some less sticky, Y or W rated tires will have less cornering grip but much longer life expectancy. Now why Tesla chose a 19" when there are so many more options in an 18" is beyond...
  16. SherSlick

    Auto up, Auto Down windows?

    FWIW there was a time in the 90's when it was (supposedly) a safety thing. Case in point: a couple of my buddies had similar 98 and 99 Chevy Cavaliers. While fixing a door handle on one of them we found the factory-installed bump stops. Two bolts later and the window now rolls down "all the...
  17. SherSlick

    Lowering link issue

    1" lower than factory lowest setting? Yeah you can easily have pushed the CV's into the bearings, cups, etc on either or both ends. Because there is likely damage beyond just the CV axle expect to pay more than the $1800 quoted so far. All this aside, it will only get worse until something...
  18. SherSlick

    Gas car parked at a Supercharger

    That supercharger seems to ALWAYS have at least one spot ICE'd. (Denver @Airport) One time I was there and it had the shuttle from the hotel parked across two stalls. I call Tesla and send them a picture each time. Not sure if that really DOES anything but at least then the mothership knows...
  19. SherSlick

    Tesla desperately needs to add Services Centers in Colorado, or move the Denver one

    I thought the major reason they couldn't open another service center and/or galleria is due to Colorado's franchising laws?
  20. SherSlick

    Michelin pilot super sport / lead in times

    Honestly just about ANY tire built for these sizes currently are going to be performance oriented, thus ~20K is pretty much what your going to get. - - - Updated - - - Nice. I am just befuddled about how mine came with 265's where as others had 285's from the factory... Car manufacture...
  21. SherSlick

    Michelin pilot super sport / lead in times

    My P85D came fitted with 265/35/21's on the rear and when I tried to have the service center mount some 285/30/21s they said they wouldn't fit...
  22. SherSlick

    Insane insurance difference between 85 and P85D

    FWIW it took my State Farm rep four tries to get it right. First they couldn't find the P85D at all due to the slight change to show AWD in the VIN. Then it was labeled wrong. I still think I am paying too much, but it's not far out of line from what others say. Just hope I never have to test...
  23. SherSlick

    Car wash recommendation in the Denver area?

    I like the Karcher OptiWash units myself. I have seen a few of them around.
  24. SherSlick

    COLORADO -- activism to fix Colorado's franchise law

    I am happy to provide support for this cause as well.
  25. SherSlick

    Tesla still delivers cars with moisture in reverse light housing!

    So, having taken my chrome strip off, I noticed that there is a plastic lens that is part of the chrome strip IN FRONT of the ACTUAL lamp housing. Basically this issue is nothing as the water is not inside the actual lamp assembly. To resolve it I popped out the clear cover that is part of the...
  26. SherSlick

    Warning to model S owners in Colorado.

    FWIW the metallic coating helps make the glass more reflective to infrared radiation helping to reduce heat.
  27. SherSlick

    I Hit The CPO Lottery! Lowest S60 to Date?

    I find punching it around corners, sliding a bit to be VERY fun. The police however DO NOT find it entertaining in the least. Oh well, to each their own. Congratulations! and welcome to the club? team? group? ownerness?
  28. SherSlick

    Does the $5k P85D upgrade get you a ludicrous P85D or a ludicrous P90D?

    This had better be the case if you ask me. I don't mind a limit to the deal, but not being able to buy before the limit runs out would leave me quite upset.
  29. SherSlick

    2014 P85D Owners... hindsight? regrets?

    Honestly I am fairly upset about the HP claim. Not that I cannot appreciate it feeing fast, but don't over promise and under deliver.
  30. SherSlick

    Service center takes my model s out to lunch ?

    I agree with this. There is a reason the dash cams on police vehicles have chain of custody controls and will notify when they become inoperable.
  31. SherSlick

    What's the deal with all these hotel destination chargers showing on my nav?

    The destination charger at the Four Seasons in downtown Denver will let non-guests charge, but they charge the valet fee ($20 IIRC) if you don't stay the night.
  32. SherSlick

    Model S & Nissan Leaf

    This is correct. My error was that my Leaf is a 2012 model and my EVSE is only 20 amps, hence the 30 amp circuit.
  33. SherSlick

    Hellcat Re-Match Results in beating P85D

    So what they are saying is the Tesla FEELS faster... Last I checked how it feels during takeoff is what passengers remember.
  34. SherSlick

    Solution for amateur radio operators? Impossible to use magmount antennas in a Tesla

    It's been a while for me, but having a solid ground plane under the antenna helps keep all the waves going up and out instead of down and into the car. The part about the antenna being connected to the ground plane (car body in this case) comes down to the wavelength of the antenna. To get away...
  35. SherSlick

    Model S & Nissan Leaf

    So even the new 2015 Leaf's only have a 6.6kW charger in them, so a 30 amp circuit for it would be plenty. If one of the older 2011 or 2012's then it's only a 3kW charger. I personally went with a GE Wattstation (had them on hand at Home Depot) for the Leaf with a 30 amp circuit, while the HPWC...
  36. SherSlick

    Stagger or no Stagger?

    Honestly I love the staggered fit look. I wouldn't have it any other way on a high performance car. Now I just wish the width of the rears were wider.
  37. SherSlick

    Aftermarket wheel questions.

    True. But it's orders of magnitude more force to bend a forged wheel.
  38. SherSlick

    Aftermarket wheel questions.

    Personally I have been curious about these as well. If they really are low pressure cast and tested to SAE J2530 then they should be at least decent from a structural standpoint. Basically good for daily driving, but wouldn't use them on a cop car or for the track. Considering they at least had...
  39. SherSlick

    Aftermarket wheel questions.

    I have seen wheels bend out of true without an accident. The difference is generally cast vs forged. Plus the different name is likely to define the value brand so there is differentiation in the quality. http://www.tirerack.com/wheels/tech/techpage.jsp?techid=90 Still I can see the value in...
  40. SherSlick

    Aftermarket wheel questions.

    So as with most things you get what you pay for. One of the main reasons OEM wheels are so much more expensive is because they are built to take a beating and usually break well before getting them out of round. Meanwhile aftermarket wheels that are less expensive are generally easier to bend...
  41. SherSlick

    Early P85D, lots of minor issues, anybody else?

    Mine is an early build as well. I have the following issues, but have not yet had them repaired (no time to drop the car off, plus not exactly mission critical in my mind.) - I have the similar issue with the passenger door handle being less responsive. It seems to have improved over time, but...
  42. SherSlick

    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    I gave up trying to offer insight due to this confusion that abounds.
  43. SherSlick

    IRS refused my tax credit

    (Off topic somewhat) Because an S corp is basically it's own legal entity. Depending on many factors your "pay" can get taxed twice unlike an LLC that passes through to your personal taxes with a limit on liability. However there are many factors that go into both and I am FAR FROM an expert...
  44. SherSlick

    After the moaning, Tesla made some changes

    Perhaps not fun to you..
  45. SherSlick

    ICEing at SCs and how to handle it

    So one time it was the hotels shuttle van in a spot as well another time (I believe) was someone who worked the front desk parking there. I have called Tesla each time so the supercharger group is aware, they have replaced the signage that got ripped down recently.
  46. SherSlick

    Firmware 6.2

    Blind spot monitoring disabled at 85 prior to this (.153) update.
  47. SherSlick

    ICEing at SCs and how to handle it

    Why can't you tow them? This picture is now the fifth time IN A ROW that I have been to this location to find spots ICEd.
  48. SherSlick

    Lane holding coming any moment?

    Says "Lane keeping and self parking will be enabled with OTA software updates"

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