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  1. Glade_EV

    Supercharger Recent Rate Increase?

    I passed through Alabama yesterday. Sometime in the last month they changed from charging by the minute to by-kWh; and the kWh rate is quite a bit higher than the regional electricity cost, -I paid about double from my previous trip.
  2. Glade_EV

    Tesla in Tennessee

    Sales Tax varies with locality, but the 9.75% I paid is typical... and yes there is an annual $100 ev fee (effective July '17) in addition to the normal registration renewal fee of $26.50. On the other hand, TN doesn't have a value-based annual tax.
  3. Glade_EV

    Charging and model 3

    Fewer adapters - generally safer. I haven't seen the Tesla adapters in person, but from the pictures it looks like it provides a good mechanical connection to the mobile connector cable that is more secure than adapters that use the blades for the mechanical connection. 30 amp cable case...
  4. Glade_EV

    Charging and model 3

    A 50 amp cable that you could use in a more conventional 50 amp setup will have NEMA 14-50 connectors on it. Adapting in and out of it might cost more (and be less safe) than a properly terminated 30 amp cable. Better off just saving your money and satisfying your current needs.
  5. Glade_EV

    Tesla Model 3 Down: Won't Power Up, and is Inaccessible

    with respect to 'the horse's mouth' -From the Model 3's Owner's Manual (Battery Care section): "Even when Model 3 is not being driven, its Battery discharges very slowly to power the onboard electronics. On average, the Battery discharges at a rate of <1% per week with energy saving mode ON...
  6. Glade_EV

    Blog Model 3: Is The Long Range Battery Worth It?

    Last year Tesla implemented Idle Fees to encourage users to "move along". From Tesla's FAQ page on superchargers: What are idle fees? Idle fees apply to any car occupying a Supercharger if the station is at least 50% full once the charge session is complete. If the car is moved within 5 minutes...
  7. Glade_EV

    Will we have to leave Bluetooth on all the time on our phones?

    Dirty little secret - You don't need cellular service to use a smart phone. 90-some % of apps work fine with wifi and Bluetooth. After migrating from a non-cellular tablet, I went a month with my new smartphone before I bothered subscribing to a service. Vast majority of my usage is still...
  8. Glade_EV

    Destination Chargers - kWh to Miles Charging

    I'm thinking that the limitation will be with the onboard charger. The M3 LR specification lists 37 miles per hour for "Home" charging (which I would interpret as coming from the L2 charging specification). That sounds pretty close to the 40 amp case; ie looking for 16 kW destination chargers...
  9. Glade_EV

    So the options came in a little pricier than expected

    From the FAQ: "Additional configurations, including the Model 3 with standard equipment for $35,000, will become available as production ramps, which we expect to be in November 2017...." It's possible that "additional configurations" could refer to such things as 18" Sport wheels (not going to...
  10. Glade_EV

    How does the trunk work on the Model 3

    I think the "prototype hardware" might have been in reference to the rectangular box area on the inside (lift-side). I'm a bit disappointed with the opening size, but if the "box" goes away there would be a better chance of fitting my golf clubs in.

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