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    For your viewing pleasure...

    Looks great !
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    Solved: wind noise

    tested it out today. No noticeable improvement :(. Time to try the OP suggestion with the sponge.
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    Solved: wind noise

    too bad. :(. I’m hoping when I test today I get better results. I’ll let you know. Keep us posted on your progress.
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    Solved: wind noise

    I haven’t tried it on the highway yet. I’ll try tomorrow and then post back if it makes a different. I agree with the OP. Worth trying the sponge. If it solves the problem and you are uncomfortable with the moisture you at least know you’ve found the source of the noise ?
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    Solved: wind noise

    thanks for the tip! This fits in and holds much better than the 6mm and 4mm tubing I had tried before. On Monday I’ll give it a try on the highway to hear what the noise reduction is.
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    Solved: wind noise

    thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a try !! did you find a noise reduction after installing it?
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    Solved: wind noise

    thanks. I used 6mm tubing and really couldn’t get it into the side closer tot he door. After enough stretching and a lot of effort I got it in. It’s almost like with my gaps I want wider tubing up front then getting skinner closer to the door.
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    Solved: wind noise

    I found when I used the tubing a few days later they compressed and fell down rendering the solution not functional. anyone else have this happen. Ideas on how to get them to stay in place better ?
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    Solved: wind noise

    I bought 4mm and 6mm tubing and installed it today. I managed to get 6mm tubing in (but it was difficult). The 6mm was pretty easy to get in near the windshield but very hard as you get near the door side. But I found that the tubing fell back further into the A pillar. And I needed take...
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    Voice command not working after latest update

    Yes I just noticed that today. I found I had to speak VERY slowly and very clearly call . . . First name of person . . . Last name of person this only happened after the .7 update for me. I’ve rebooted and still have the issue. Hopefully next release fixes it.
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    Now that we have in-app upgrades, possibility of more?

    hahahah. Good point. I wonder what % of idiot owners click buy even though they already have it !
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    Now that we have in-app upgrades, possibility of more?

    What I don’t understand is why it has an option for me to buy a $4k FSD upgrade when I already have it? :)
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    Noise while braking

    Yeah I have something similar I think. It doesn’t do it all the time. It’s during soft breaking and just at the end. Usually it’s also only for a few times and then it’s okay. It doesn’t sound like rusty rotors and worn down break pads or anything like that.
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    Dancing cars gone?

    Yeah I don’t get the dancing cars in v10 anymore. I have to admit I miss them.... my kids miss them too. They used to laugh their heads off in the back seats :)
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    V10 Vampire drain warning: check Summon “Standby Mode” setting in car

    Thanks for letting me know. I was just noticing how much power drain I had overnight and while my car was parked during the day today. I’ll try changing the setting tomorrow. Thanks !!
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    Spotify w/ V10 update

    I was just using it this morning and was struggling with the same thing. As far as I can tell it’s not supported yet.
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    V10 for non FSD

    I have FSD and I set the early SW flag. no v10 yet for me yet
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    Two interior issues found today

    My passenger side mounding is exactly like yours. I’ve never bothered trying to fix it though.
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    Music blasts after a phone call

    I’ve generally noticed that my call volume is very low so I need to crank up the volume in the car to hear it. Then my music is loud so I need to turn my volume back down at the end of the call. Is that what you mean ?
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    Basenor wind noise reduction kit makes a very positive difference

    I had already installed the sun roof kit, but tried the door seal kit last week. Sadly the door seal kit made 0 difference in noise for me. The sun roof kit previously was somewhat effective. I used to have a lot of noise at 60MPH. After the sunroof kit install I don’t have any (objectionable)...
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    Wind Noise Solution?

    Yes I agree. My suspicion is the frameless windows have a lot to do with it. My wind noise sounds like it’s coming from the top of the window area. Although there is definitely large variability. My friends M3 is much quieter than mine. So not all of the vehicles are equivalent.
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    Wind Noise Solution?

    Yes. I installed it this weekend. I figured there were a lot of good reviews online so I’d try it. Sadly I would say I notice no difference. It probably will help keep dirt out of the door sill but don’t expect too much from wind noise reduction. I had previously installed the rubber strip...
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    Lane departure avoidance limited

    So I captured two instances where the message showed up. The only thing I noticed in these two cases is that the front of the car is facing the sun and the front camera gets pretty convoluted by the coloring of the sun and dimming everything else. I assume this is normal? Anyone know which...
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    hov sticker

    If you go online what the HOV sticker will allow you in these new lanes in CA is to set to 3 passengers on the flex transponder when driving in these new lanes even if it’s not just one person. So it will be cheaper to drive in the lane but you’ll still pay.
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    Lane departure avoidance limited

    Thanks everyone. I’ll capture some footage on the cameras and see what I see (good suggestion). I do have auto fold but it usually turns on after I’ve been driving for 10-15 seconds and stays on for a few minutes. Sometimes it just gives the error in the middle of the drive.
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    Lane departure avoidance limited

    for the last 3-4 months I get periodic warnings saying the lane departure avoidance is limited. The warnings are more frequent first thing in the morning, but not exclusively and they normally clear in under 5 minutes. I took my car into the dealer and they said no issue found, cleaned the car...
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    Memory side mirrors losing position?

    Yup me too, but very rarely. I’ve had the car since July and it’s happened twice so far. I have to go in and re-update the memory setting.
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    Assistance Needed Please - can’t get top two screws off to remove temp license plate

    This is a known issue which hasn’t been fixed in some later builds. I tried everything I could but ended up needing the service center to drill out the anchors and install new fasteners.
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    Car does not remember the last station played?

    Yes I get that too, but it’s not consistent. Sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn’t.
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    Clunk sound from rear when starting car

    Nope. I don’t have any of the “hollow” rear floor board that some of the earlier M3/ have. I’m 49xxx VIN and that problem seems to be corrected. I’ve heard there is a fix for this if you bring it in. I get the clunk without anyone else in the car.
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    Clunk sound from rear when starting car

    Works for me ! ;) weird that it doesn’t happen every time though.
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    Clunk sound from rear when starting car

    about 80% of the time when I start my RWD LR M3 I hear a “clunk” sound (quite loud) from somewhere behind me. Anyone else have this ? Is this normal or should I take it in at some point ?
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    Windshield stickers?

    Yup. I’ve got 3 of them on my front windshield and I can’t get them off no matter how hard I’ve tried.
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    Wind noise at 70+mph

    Yes. Lots of reports of this. Sometimes it’s “normal”, sometimes they make modifications at the SC. If you search for wind noise you’ll see quite a few posts on the topic.
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    Is it normal for tail lights to fog?

    Yup I had the same thing happen to me yesterday morning.
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    M3 online car manual not working ?

    looks like my online car manual doesn’t work anymore. The table of contents is there but no pages. I’ve tried resetting the car but that doesn’t help. Anyone seeing this and know how to fix it ? The last time it worked was when I was looking up how to install the dash cam USB (thinking about...
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    Tire pressure warning calibration?

    Same thing started happening a few days ago.
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    Flufferbot, 'Hollowgate' and the hollow floor noise

    Interestingly enough when I was out for a drive with a service tech I asked him if the earlier VINs had a lot of problems and he said no but mentioned that the earlier VINs had a lot of flex in the floor of the rear passenger seats and they’ve fixed a lot of those. Maybe worth calling the...
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    FSD disappeared under “manage my vehicle”

    Hahahhaha. Good one :)
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    FSD disappeared under “manage my vehicle”

    It’s not tracked as part of my car anymore as if I never paid for it.
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    FSD disappeared under “manage my vehicle”

    looks like not only is Tesla discontinuing FSD as an option, but they have also removed it from my car as shown under Tesla.com when I click on “manage my vehicle” I always knew it was a bit risky to order it but it’s messed up that they have erased the fact that I ordered it. I hope they...
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    I paid for FSD on my M3 but now on Tesla.com it is gone. It only shows EAP.
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    Parking Features.

    Hahahhaha. If only all the cameras were saved to the Dashcam. That would be sweet. :(
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    Parking Features.

    My favorite is when the P icon shows up in stop and go traffic on the highway. I’m so tempted to press it to see what happens :)
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    AP accutacy in version 9

    Yup. I see the exact same thing. Didn’t seem to affect anything while driving but doesn’t make me feel good :)
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    Chargepoint Home and M3 scheduled charging issues

    Yeah I gave up eventually and shut off ChargePoint scheduling. I use the Tesla scheduler in the car and set it for 11pm. Not quite as good as ChargePoint since i cant do different times for weekdays and weekends
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    Waking Up-What's "Normal?"

    This is exactly what I see as well. Not sure if it’s “normal” or not but something that I’ve learned to accept. :)
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    LTE disconnected every time I get into the car

    Yes I have very similar behavior it’s not quite 100% of the time for me but it’s a high percentage. I notice that if I watch the trip meter it gets cell service at exactly 1 minute or 2 minute roll over. It also doesn’t have WiFi when this is happening. It’s very annoying because you can’t...
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    Sound Deadening Model 3

    Sorry I should also point out that my vin # is 49xxx

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