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  1. Raincloud

    Weird TPMS issue - Model X at Service for last few days

    I had a minor damage to my Tesla, from a debris on the freeway, so left my car with Tesla collision to fix it. When I got my car back, I noticed my TPMS lights on. Going to the menu to figure out what tire has an issue doesn't show any issue. All tires are at 42psi. When I go to my app to look...
  2. Raincloud

    MCU 2 Upgrade Question Regarding Screen

    My understanding, based on couple of Tesla reps, is that that the actual LCD is below the screen that you interface with. I am not sure how correct is that but that is what they told me when I got yellow bars few months back where they fixed using UV lights. I think that is how it works with...
  3. Raincloud

    Model Y Delivery

    Good news! Just got a text message saying VIN has been assigned and to confirm if I have a trade in or not.
  4. Raincloud

    Model Y Delivery

    Booked last year, the day it was announced, white with black interior, completed paperwork including loan in March, got email on 05/13 thanking for the order...crickets since then. I hope it should be soon since anyone placing an order today can get the car in 8-12 weeks.
  5. Raincloud

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Does anyone know if the sentry mode (recording) is tied to MCU or the HW3 computer? In other words, in order to get the recording saved in the car do I have to get MCU2 or will get HW3 be enough. I guess it is MCU that needs to be upgraded.
  6. Raincloud

    Sentry Mode Bug

    Yes 2019.20.1. On FB forums people with M3 too are complaining about this so it is not just AP 2.0. Tesla is aware of it. Turning it off from the MCU fixes everything after a few hours.
  7. Raincloud

    Sentry Mode Bug

    This is a known bug. I had it in 2019.16 and still have it in 2019.20. 2017 MX AP 2.0
  8. Raincloud

    PSA: no lane visualization, GPS stops updating: fixed

    I had few of these issues in my 2.0 MX. Tesla suggested to turn of Sentry mode from the MCU and give it few hours. That seemed to have fixed the issue until they release the new firmware.
  9. Raincloud

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    Agree. This is an improvement. The car doesn't brake as suddenly as it used to when another car would come in front. Also when taking exit ramp, the NOAP stays on for additional few hundred feet.
  10. Raincloud

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    I got it too and am in the US. I have AP 2 and NOA still requires confirmation from stalk before changing lanes.
  11. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Macon, GA

    It is live. I used it this morning on my way to Orlando. Good location. Lots of good restaurants.
  12. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Macon, GA

    Read on FB group, Macon SC is ready. Will stop there tomorrow morning and will report.
  13. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Macon, GA

    Thanks for the the update and pictures. This is really helpful. Hope it opens up in next few days. Need to take a trip to Orlando (from Altanta) on Christmas and would love to use this one instead of the other one.
  14. Raincloud

    iPhone Music Auto Playing

    I have the same issue but just noticed that when I come home my music plays on Apple TV too. I wonder if this is Tesla big or iOS 12.01?
  15. Raincloud

    Anyone with an S/X still waiting for V9?

    Just got it. Took it 50 minutes to install.
  16. Raincloud

    Anyone with an S/X still waiting for V9?

    I’m waiting too. I’m struck on 2018.32.2.
  17. Raincloud

    Software Update 2018.32.2 3817fdd

    Happened to me too last night after the update. Didn't have to do any reboots though. It started working on its own.
  18. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Atlanta, GA - Lenox Rd.

    Just read in the FB Tesla forum that the garage gates close at 1 AM so you have to drive up the ramp and go out at the Macy's way.
  19. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Atlanta, GA - Lenox Rd.

    Chris, thanks for sharing all his information. So happy to see this coming up. I am curious to see how the 5 pedestal turns out to be. It appears it is next to Peachtree right opposite Westin (previously known as Swissotel) which is a very busy parking area. I fear non-tesla owners will park...
  20. Raincloud

    2018.26 3bbd9fd .-

    Same issue with my car. I had this issue on Sunday but not since then.
  21. Raincloud

    Updated autopilot sucks!

    Drove 500 miles yesterday and timed the 'nag' prompts to be every 40 seconds. It is super annoying and defeats the purpose of using it in the first place. Even with both hands on the steering, it nags you at times. Wish I had know this before upgrading.
  22. Raincloud

    Software Update 2018.20 ad59ff9

    Before my current software update 2018.18, I was averaging 1-2 MCU reboot a DAY. None since 2018.18.
  23. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Buford, GA

    Athens SC is already live (though not on Tesla.com) Supercharger - Athens GA
  24. Raincloud

    New Maps for Model S and X

    Update: Got the new maps this morning. :):D
  25. Raincloud

    New Maps for Model S and X

    I have 'Tesla Beta Navigation' on the MCU but no 'new' map on the smaller screen/dashboard. Also I still do not have routing options under Controls->Settings->Navigation.
  26. Raincloud

    Software Update 2018.16

    This morning I went from 18.10.4 to 18.16 and am wondering if I will get the maps update (18.12) even though my car skipped 18.12?
  27. Raincloud

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    Just wondering if y'all are getting prompt on the cell phone about the Software Upgrade (2018.14.2) or it is only on the MCU. I read 2018.12 prompts were only on the MCU.
  28. Raincloud

    Firmware Update 2018.12

    So does 2018.12 have Tesla Maps update or not? Electrek just reported it does First look at Tesla’s new navigation engine
  29. Raincloud

    Software Update 2018.10.4

    I 'think' I have another good update along with a video. I don't know whether this is a new feature or it was always there. This morning I had set up my auto pilot to 65 and was changing lanes to get to the rightmost lane. My MX passed few cars and 'realized' there was not enough room to get...
  30. Raincloud

    Software Update 2018.10.4

    I totally agree with others that the new update is awesome. When in bought my MX last year, this is what I always expected it to be able to do. Having driven it couple of hundred miles in last two days, mostly on the inner road, I love the way it handles the curves now. There is one stretch of...
  31. Software Update 2018.10.4

    Software Update 2018.10.4

  32. Raincloud

    Software Update 2018.10.4

    Not only that, if you leave your phone in the car and step out, you will be locked out. Happened to me few days back. Luckily I was home and had my backup key.
  33. Raincloud

    No software update in 4 weeks now

    Looks like finally got a nice gift. Just returned from a vacation in Cancun and the MX prompted me for a firmware update. Just finished installing and guess what, I am now on 2017.50.2 3bd9f6d. That was like 5-6 firmwares in one go. Ho Ho Ho!
  34. Raincloud

    No software update in 4 weeks now

    So my 2017 MX is currently on 2017.46.8 3387a54. I always got an update within days of release but 6 weeks back my MX was with the Tesla SC for few issues and during the two weeks they had it with them I got 3-4 software update prompts on my phone app. Since I did not have access to my MX, I...
  35. Raincloud

    Firmware 8.1 - Autopilot HW1

    Same here. Downloaded 3 days back, homelink not working since then. Three times I deleted and reinstalled it and it would work but after few hours it stops working again.
  36. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Oxford, AL

    Appears to be 12.
  37. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Oxford, AL

    Is someone headed that way who can confirm? Tesla website still shows it offline but the map in car shows it online. Update: Just tried a 'dummy' travel directions to Birmingham and maps is telling me to stop in Oxford for 15 minutes to charge. So it appears to be online.
  38. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Oxford, AL

    Does this mean a thing?
  39. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Oxford, AL

    This is awesome news, thanks for sharing ChrisC. I was looking forward to it since a long time. We need to be there next month for The Light Fest The Lights Fest Atlanta Area (held in Munford, AL) and a trip from Atlanta to Oxford w/o the S/C was undoable. If this goes live before November 4th...
  40. Raincloud

    Firmware 8.1 - Autopilot HW1

    Same here. Nav unmutes after upgrading to 2017.36.
  41. Raincloud

    Firmware 8.1 - Autopilot HW1

    I have it for few days. It is better than 34 whereby it has again started to ‘see’ vehicles at stop lights and slow down upon approaching them BUT my auto high beams no longer work. Also on the highway if you use autopilot it kinds of ping pongs at times between lanes which I had not seen...
  42. Raincloud

    Auto presenting handles disabled

    Is your "Passive Entry" on or off in the setting screen? This is a new feature whereby you have to press your key twice to unlock the car.
  43. Raincloud

    SuperCharger notification

    I got similar notification on my phone today. Can you please elaborate what this is?
  44. Raincloud

    Software version 17.34 2448cfc

    Agree. Got 3 phantom braking in last 2 days with car in adjacent lane. Actually all three time the car had moved from my lane to the other lane but still it braked.
  45. Raincloud

    New software update (sept 2017)

    I got this one too. Just downloaded it. Generally it always arrive in the night this time it arrived at 7 PM. Can't wait to drive it tomorrow to see improvements.
  46. Raincloud

    Supercharger - Atlanta, GA

    Correct Atlantic Station maybe your best bet. Also the stadium should have charging options too PlugShare
  47. Raincloud

    2017.32.6 ca28227

    I have always had this issue both with the inside and outside lane and had to take over each time. I installed this update on Tuesday but had to travel out of town immediately. Today was the first day with the update and I think it behaved much better than it used too previously. I know one...
  48. Raincloud

    Model X 90D Discounted inventory Cars - Great leases < $850 a month

    Here is one in FL Model X P90D 5YJXCBE44GF011933 | Tesla if someone is interested.
  49. Raincloud

    Model X 90D Discounted inventory Cars - Great leases < $850 a month

    I wonder how they came up with $124,000 value? A brand new 100 with all of the option listed in the posting is less than that.
  50. Raincloud

    Model X Glass Roof Crack

    I am with AMICA and have zero deductible glass coverage. They told me when the SC replaces my glass, have them call us and we will give SC our credit card information so they can get their payment instantly. I am wondering if SC is ok with something like this arrangement?

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