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  1. Raindog1

    Energy recovery from suspension travel

    I’m looking for links and information on Tesla recovering energy from suspension travel via ultra capacitors. I once saw a brief video about this but I don’t know if Tesla actually put it into the suspension. Any info, confirmation or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Raindog1

    Model 3 vibration through the steering wheel. Any help appreciated.

    WOW, Thanks for the info... I haven't heard of this and will look into it. Cheers!
  3. Raindog1

    Model 3 vibration through the steering wheel. Any help appreciated.

    Thanks for the heads up, and the links... but definitely not the lane departure warning. Perhaps it's as simple as the wheel weights when balancing was done? Maybe I lost a weight as someone suggested? I will look into this. Again thank you for you help. Cheers and have a happy new year.
  4. Raindog1

    Model 3 vibration through the steering wheel. Any help appreciated.

    I've had my car for a few months now and it has been flawless until recently. I'm getting a vibration through the steering wheel. It doesn't seem to happen under different conditions such as, on acceleration, on re-gen braking or braking in general. It feels like its coming from the passenger...
  5. Raindog1

    Rust Proofing M3

    I spoke with someone at Tesla service and they said that the cars are treated and they do not recommend any other type of treatment. I've seen others post that the car is zinc dipped to minimize corrosion. Here is a picture of the build of types of metals.
  6. Raindog1

    Model 3 rear window UV coat missing? It doesn't match my roof w/ orange (when wet) uv film

    My model 3 rear window doesn't match the top roof. I've been watching videos that show both the roof and rear window have the UV coating that shows an orange reflection when wet, however mine just looks like a dark tint. Did they do away with the orange uv film on the rear window?
  7. Raindog1

    Model 3 with Arachnid wheels?

    Thats what I thought.... but was hoping the rims would fit. :( Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Raindog1

    Model 3 with Arachnid wheels?

    Does anyone know if the Model S Arachnid (21') wheels will fit the Model 3?
  9. Raindog1


    I'm constantly having the Loading Error message and I'm unable to listen to anything via streaming. I'm only getting the radio. No problems with the glove box.
  10. Raindog1

    LTE disconnected every time I get into the car

    I've been having the same problems. Is anyone also experiencing that the streaming will play the first 10 seconds of a song and then skip to the next song. I can't stream any music. I'm only able to listen to the radio.
  11. Raindog1

    Official Floor Mats available

    Thanks for the heads up... I thought they would've been weather tech style but I'm going Tesla mats regardless.
  12. Raindog1

    For those who live in where they salt roads during winter, what are you doing for rust proofing?

    I just joined the Tesla family, and loving it every minute. What is your advice on protecting our investment during winter? Where I live they dump tones of salt on the roads, we have a well known brand that protects cars (CROWN) which I have used on other cars.... but I wanted to know what my...
  13. Raindog1

    How do you answer, how much did you pay?

    I guess your right. Maybe its just my issue as I never discuss money unless someone seems truly interested. As another member pointed out, it may have more about nosy people and their intentions behind the question. Also, I kind of see it in the same regard as asking how much someone makes...
  14. Raindog1

    How do you answer, how much did you pay?

    Exactly, someone's motives are the key factor. Most people I've shown don't ask or already have an idea. Those asking seem to alternate motives than genuine interest.
  15. Raindog1

    How do you answer, how much did you pay?

    I fall in line with those who have made the leap into a Model 3 from a lesser expensive car. And I'm quickly finding out that people have no hesitation about asking questions that I was always taught would be rude to ask. So, for those of us who have made the move to a more expensive car...
  16. Raindog1

    **Speculation** - Final "steering system"

    I understand that the M3 will NOT get a HUD.... But a HUD isn't really a "new" fan-dangled piece of hi tech. They have been around for a long time.... I'm just hoping they didn't cut corners when they went pencils down! I think people expected the interior to change rather dramatically.
  17. Raindog1

    Oh hell naw!

    What about the possibility of a Phone HUD App and dock/charging port on the dash... Accompanied by a lens which would reflect the HUD app? I'm just can't get past the NO HUD I guess! LOL
  18. Raindog1

    Oh hell naw!

    Elon's response to NO HUD was that "you won't care". I'm taking this as he has something much better in mind. Even if it isn't "dash" related. SPECULATION WARNING!!! I'm thinking that the steering wheel will be dramatically different from anything we've seen. It would be easier to have it all...
  19. Raindog1

    How to convince my wife to get a Model 3?

    I reserved a M3... then test drove a MS with the wife in the back seat. The more I talked about Tesla and the M3 the more she realizes that SHE'S NOT DRIVING IT. Long story short... we have a second M3 on reservation!;)
  20. Raindog1

    Sub Zero controls

    Thanks for your input. These are the small details everyone leaves out on their Youtube reviews.... Sounds like something they will need to work on in the future. Nevertheless.... the best car on the market.
  21. Raindog1

    Sub Zero controls

    Does the MS or MX have the controls available to the rear passengers to control their heated seats? Or, is it up to the driver to adjust heat for the rear passengers? Just curious as I'm thinking of having this as an option. Thanks.
  22. Raindog1

    Dual motor vs. RWD in winter driving.

    I haven't been able to find a good thread on this subject even though I'm sure it exists. Does the extra costs warrant the getting a car with dual motors??? My main concern for getting Dual Motors would be winter handling but I'm unsure of the extra cost? What is your experience/thoughts?
  23. Raindog1

    Get Elon to discuss Climate Change with Donald Trump! Petition

    Donald Trump claims that he will surround himself with the best people.... if that is true then he needs to meet with Elon Musk to discuss Climate Change. If you haven't already you can check out the petition at change.org; Donald Trump: Get Elon Musk to meet with Donald Trump and discuss...
  24. Raindog1

    Gigafactory Press Tour Live Stream on YouTube NOW - Model 3 appearances

    I saw a similar color on a Mustang during a highway commute. From a distance I couldn't tell what the car was until I got closer. It was an unexpected color and made the car look more exotic/high end. When I got close and saw it was a mustang I thought it was great that someone chose a color...
  25. Raindog1

    Gigafactory Press Tour Live Stream on YouTube NOW - Model 3 appearances

    For some reason all of the lines on this red car look softer. It doesn't look as cut and crisp of the silver car I've been drooling over since the reveal. I really hope they don't change the exterior too much.
  26. Raindog1

    Underneath the refresh front bumper

  27. Raindog1

    My Tesla has arrived!

    Congratulations! Nice ride. Cheers!
  28. Raindog1

    SCTY Acquisition makes no strategic, financial or operational sense!

    Does anyone know if Musk created a "Master Plan" for moving energy towards renewables? I'm sure (praying) he wouldn't put Tesla at jeopardy just to save a company he chairs for without having a further reaching objective?!? When can we expect him to add SpaceX as Tesla Areospace and watch the...
  29. Raindog1

    Colours thread

    McLaren Cerulean Blue is a sharp color but I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to live with it long term.... but I really like the Charcoal grey with the tan (which is different from Tesla's tan) Regardless, I'm looking forward to the options.
  30. Raindog1

    Making solar panels add to the look of your home

    Tesla Energy did a nice job with the Powerwall and caught people off guard with its design/price and utility.... Who knows what will be coming. It will be interesting.
  31. Raindog1

    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    I know "line waiters" will be getting something.... But I'm thinking those of us (115,000) who pre-ordered before the unveil would get something for taking the "leap of faith" before even seeing the vehicle. Maybe there is just to many of us?
  32. Raindog1

    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    That's awesome... Where you a "line waiter" or did you order pre-reveal? Hoping I get one as well.
  33. Raindog1

    Trunk opening photos

    On a video at the event the guy who opened the trunk said that there was some proto-type hardware, and didn't want to show too much.... any ideas?
  34. Raindog1

    Full Autonomy All But Confirmed for 3, "We're doing the obvious thing"

    "we will do the obvious thing" and "steering will feel like a spaceship" Since the "mousetronauts" don't fly the spaceship, and a recent article stated that Tesla wants to share the Autopilot data with the Department of Transportation... I think the obvious thing is AP will be capable of...
  35. Raindog1

    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    Just My two cents.... Maybe everyone who pre-ordered before seeing the car (this includes me too) Should get free supercharging!:)..... No?..... okay how about free Ludicrous Mode!?!:) you know... for taking the "leap of faith".
  36. Raindog1

    Model 3 color picker

    This is great! Thanks.
  37. Raindog1

    The Average M3

    The HUD will save Tesla a lot of money (and production time) by replacing the instrument cluster. I think it will be standard and will be integrated into the S & X. Same with "key-less entry" IMO. Elon has stated that you will not be able to buy a better car at the same price. Therefore I think...
  38. Raindog1

    2 Tone Paint Scheme Ideas

    I'd love to see the A pillars blacked out and another pic of a carbon fiber hood and trunk (again with the A pillars blacked out). I also wonder if they will give us an option for a 2+2 seating arrangement. Like in the Porsche mission e concept.
  39. Raindog1

    Design Studio - model3config.com (unofficial)

    That's Incredible. Thanks for your hard work!
  40. Raindog1

    Question; Car to Grid power?

    Thanks for your insight.
  41. Raindog1

    Question; Car to Grid power?

    I'm curious as to if it's possible to charge your car late at night/early morning hours and then use the power at peak times (post 9to5 work hours)? This would allow people to "store" low cost grid usage and use during higher utility times? Any info? Is this a bad/good idea? Thanks
  42. Raindog1

    Request a delayed delivery?

    Just a thought.... If you are one of the first to get a M3. It may be worth trying to buy it out right and resell at a slightly higher price to someone who just can't wait a year or two... or three.
  43. Raindog1

    Ultra-Ever Dry - as a Car Protectant???

    Ultra ever dry will change the color of whatever it is put on... It is not intended for glass (you can see it coats glass with a frosting like layer) I'd assume it will create a "frosted" look to any paint. If you were going to use a product like this it may be best as an under coat... but I'm...
  44. Raindog1

    Would you consider a Bolt?

    No, I wouldn't consider a Bolt.... here's why; 1.Bob Lutz, 2.Poor decisions regarding saving pennies and costing lives (ignition switches) 3.They had their shot to be the world leader with EV's and got bought off by big oil. 4.Only building EV's to be complaint. I could go on and on and on....
  45. Raindog1

    New Motor Trend articles on Model 3

    In the motor trend video they said the charging port will probably be at the same location as the Model S.... but why is it not there? How are they currently charging the car they are currently running? Anyone have ideas?
  46. Raindog1

    Elon thinks those that pre-ordered Model3 pre reveal will see cars before 2018

    Where would you see the 2nd reveal falling?
  47. Raindog1

    Can someone please photo shop a white rendering of Model 3

    Reminds me of McLaren's Cerulean Blue! Thanks for all these posts of the M3 with different colors!
  48. Raindog1

    A Canadian perspective, and what options will you be getting?

    I'm surprised you haven't been nailed by any cops!? Not sure if this is legal but its a great idea.
  49. Raindog1

    FORD's: model 3 reservation data center?

    I went on a site that was to estimate my approximate reservation number and input info (curiosity got the best of me). Then a day and a half later I received an advertising email from FORD "add a Ford to your family". Now, I suspect Ford knows who has put a res. down along with cross referenced...
  50. Raindog1

    A Canadian perspective, and what options will you be getting?

    A little off the Thread topic; but is there a way to lobby the government to get rid of front license plates for Ontario EV owners? I don't like the idea or look of a plate stuck on my super slippery M3, screwing up my aerodynamics.

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