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  1. infidel82

    2012-2020 | Model S Rear Liftgate Sunshade - $45

    Hi I do yes, PM me your address i can get a shipping estimate if you like.
  2. infidel82

    Evannex Model S Car cover

    yup still available
  3. infidel82

    Atlanta - Free model S trunk dog liner

    Used Model S cargo liner for the trunk. It covers the sides, bottoms and seat backs and has a flap that covers a bumper. Works fine, used but washed. I used it for a few years for my golden retriever no problems at all. Free to a dog owning Tesla owner, pickup from Midtown ATL area - bring your...
  4. infidel82

    Evannex Model S Car cover

    This has been very lightly used, and only has been used inside a garage. It has a small (less than one 1" tear where the auto-fold mirrors snagged it). Comes with bag. Original item: Car Cover for Tesla Model S $150 +postage (or free collection in Atlanta), however note it is fairly bulky and...
  5. infidel82

    2012-2020 | Model S Rear Liftgate Sunshade - $45

    For sale - used but in good condition (does not include carry case). Original part from Tesla: https://shop.tesla.com/product/2012-2020-_-model-s-rear-liftgate-sunshade Shipping not included but it is very light so I imagine it wont be much - or free collection from Atlanta, GA
  6. infidel82

    Model X Hitchrack - bike

    Looking to buy one of these, preferably in the Atlanta or Georgia area. I imagine this will take a while so even if this post is months old unless I have posted I found it please feel free to respond. https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-x_y-hitch-rack
  7. infidel82

    WTB: Model X rear sun shades (liftgate + FWD)

    Looking to buy one each of these: https://shop.tesla.com/product/2015-2020-_-model-x-falcon-wing-sunshades https://shop.tesla.com/product/2015-2020-_-model-x-rear-liftgate-sunshade
  8. infidel82

    WTB: Model S Rear Liftgate Sunshade

    I have one, just sold my S but forgot I had the shade in the garage. I dont have the storage case. You can have it for postage + whatever you feel is a fair price. PM me if interested
  9. infidel82

    21" Silver Arachnids for sale - North Carolina - $3500

    Hi, Are these still available? I'm located in Atlanta so not a million miles away. Thanks
  10. infidel82

    Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla

    I use this on an S works fine. I'll take a pic later to demonstrate
  11. infidel82

    Information to get HPWCs installed in my apartment complex?

    I think this is only for when a EV charger is applied to deeded parking spot (this did not apply to me/my hoa). I would imagine that if it is deeded it is part of the property (i.e. the condominium living space and the parking area are the property of the owner). That would put the liability...
  12. infidel82

    Information to get HPWCs installed in my apartment complex?

    I worked with the HOA in my condominium to successfully get one put in... it wasn't too hard but it did require a lot of research... here are some tips that I picked up on: 1) Do not assume a Tesla charger is the way to go... If you get a J1772 it will mean that most EVs and plug-in hybrids can...
  13. infidel82

    Idiot of the week (is it just me?) and the Kind People of Colorado

    Heroic. I will have to print this thread, have it framed and hang it in my office. What a superb start to the weekend to be in such good company in doing questionably stupid things.
  14. infidel82

    Idiot of the week (is it just me?) and the Kind People of Colorado

    Just this last week I had an interesting experience and in seeking validation of my stupidity (or at least good company in my stupidity) I thought I might share some light hearted tales of idiocracy for the weekend... On a work trip to Denver I rented a ICE... a perfectly normal Kia something...
  15. infidel82

    2.52.20 Release Notes Request

    Morning, Looking at EV-FW there are 10 people (as ofttimes of posting) reporting 2.52.20. Can anyone who has the update post the release notes? I know there is a lot of discussion in this thread (along with articles from Teslarati and Electrek) but specifically looking for the facts on 2.52.20...
  16. infidel82

    Any regulatory gurus out there?

    With the delays surrounding AP2.0 I decided that I might look into specifically what I purchased... Still live on the website is the following. There are two pertinent points here: Enhanced Autopilot is clearly defined as it WILL do. This implies certainty, but also in the future... so who...
  17. infidel82

    What are people using to clean their car?

    The service center has left a small bag in the frunk with two plastic plugs which popped straight in. Not that it matters you can't see them At all. I would recommend the 90 degree plier method for the security bolts too, the cutting a slot method just seems like a pain.
  18. infidel82

    how to add profile picture and contact administrator?

    so the system requires you to post more to enable profile pictures? that does seem like a strange requirement (he says posting again to see if it works...)
  19. infidel82

    What are people using to clean their car?

    OK so after a morning of doing this here are some pictures that may help people decide. As a disclaimer Im not a professional detailer and I know it can be done better. That said I have no intention of spending the entire day cleaning the car when I could be having a beer. The car is Pearl...
  20. infidel82

    What are people using to clean their car?

    Not really (for manual application. For using a random orbital there are lots of techniques and it requires you to be careful). For manual: Use a applicator pad and apply to technical one panel at a time (I do one side at a time just to keep time spent reasonable) and apply in small circular...
  21. infidel82

    What are people using to clean their car?

    A typical technique I have used for years on other cars and will be applying to my brand new MS60 in Pearl White this weekend will be as follows. The paint is brand new so this is a new experience for me... typically I have always revived older paint... 1) Wash it using foam lance and pressure...
  22. infidel82

    Monday is the Day!

    Congratulations.... I collect my 60 3pm Monday and am currently compulsively watching every you-tube video and reading every possible Tesla website for the entire weekend.... Remarkable build and transportation speed for the US South East currently it seems - It will be 8 days from start of...

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