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  1. SanteeMike

    Model 3 - Broken Power Window Switch Button

    OK - There's something going on. My front passenger switch broke then the passenger rear. I bought the switch cluster ($45). Could it be the heat? I have 90K miles, so I'm not rough on it.
  2. SanteeMike

    No can drive: "the electrical system is unable to support all features"

    You might have something there. My 3 is a 2018 (end of the year), and we're just coming up on its three-year birthday. I don't think it's the weather because I live in San Diego, where it never gets 🔥 or 🥶. Three years and 80,000 miles guess I can live with it.
  3. SanteeMike

    No can drive: "the electrical system is unable to support all features"

    Is it my imagination, or are we having a run of dead/dying batteries lately? Mine is slowly going away as well. At least the car has given me warnings.
  4. SanteeMike

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA - Scripps Poway Parkway (LIVE 9 Nov 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    I have to agree with the east county folks. When I bought my car, they had a pin in El Cajon for a future Supercharger. Now they have removed the pin altogether.
  5. SanteeMike

    Can Rangers do two year maintenance checks

    Don't forget the window washer fluid
  6. SanteeMike

    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    I have a 2018 M3P+ with 75K miles running on the original 12v battery. I'm starting to think that I need to get a new battery and sit it in the garage just for the inevitable.
  7. SanteeMike

    High mileage check-in

    2018 M3P+ 75,048 No Issues 100% charge = 295 miles s/b 310
  8. SanteeMike

    Phone Key and Key Card stopped working

    Installing the update caused a reboot of the computer. That's probably what fixed the issue. Go ahead and keep the appointment. If nothing else, you get to drive your car and meet the service personnel who will keep you on the road.
  9. SanteeMike

    Speed limit detect disaster

    This is my problem here in California. Of course, everybody is driving at 80 then I start to slow down to 55 until I can reset the speed. This can't be good for Tesla's reputation.
  10. SanteeMike

    Emergency Tyre Change need to change?

    I think you're safe as long as the tire (oops tyre) circumference is the same side to side.
  11. SanteeMike

    Question on TeslaCam - Making copies

    OK, this feels like a really dumb question, but... I see all these YT Vids where Tesla drivers make copies of video clips to hand off to cops. How are they doing that? Do they happen to have a laptop with them to copy the thumb drive? Is there a way I don't know to have the car copy it? When I...
  12. SanteeMike

    Go Fund Me for EV Charging in SE NM

    Would I need to change out my breaker box if I put a v3 supercharger in my garage... asking for a friend...
  13. SanteeMike

    Disable rear seats seat belt warning

    Yes, when the warning comes up just click it and it'll be disabled (goes grey). I have dogs and have to do this often.
  14. SanteeMike

    2021 LR not getting 250 kw at V3?

    Hey TinTin, I'm over in Santee. I tried the CV supercharger when it first opened and had a hard time getting V3 juice out of it. The place was busy though and I just assumed someone was using my chargers twin.
  15. SanteeMike

    Help: I Can't Connect the Connector Under the Glove Box.

    Can someone verify that this connector just pulls apart? In the pictures, it looks like there's a locking tab that need to be released.
  16. SanteeMike

    Any Model 3 Performance Package Owners Switch from 20" Wheels to 19"?

    Anybody ever have a problem getting your 245's mounted up? I went to Discount and asked for 245's Pilot Sports and the sales guy went to the MGR to talk about it. The MGR came over and said they couldn't mount the 245's because they don't have the Load Carrying Capacity that the 235's have. I...
  17. SanteeMike

    Firmware 2020.44.15

    Anybody know what new things I have to play with?
  18. SanteeMike

    What is it with ICE truck drivers? Is it just me.....?

    Good YT channel to view some Teslas getting violated. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbMoDtZ6Ani-eyHzCvxeVCw
  19. SanteeMike

    Any Model 3 Performance Package Owners Switch from 20" Wheels to 19"?

    I have an M3P+. I changed from the 20's to 19's just to drop a few pounds. The ONLY thing I can complain about is the speedometer. No matter what tire size I pick, the error is still +5% on the speedo. I went with signature. Great help and they didn't complain as I he m-hawd about which set to get.
  20. SanteeMike

    Suspension differences - LR-AWD vs. Performance

    He used the wrong 'breaks' rather than 'brakes'. It's a noob mistake :)
  21. SanteeMike

    Wawanesa insurance experiences?

    I have Wawanesa. No complaints, good inexpensive insurance if you qualify. I have had a couple of bang-ups in other cars, and they have always come through. I have heard that they will drop you if your driving record isn't up to snuff.
  22. SanteeMike

    Grooves etched into rotor, why and what to do?

  23. SanteeMike

    Suspension differences - LR-AWD vs. Performance

    Get the inexpensive car and then call up Mountain Pass Performance. You'll want the comfort kit. They come either adjustable or fixed. If you can wait, they usually have black Friday and Christmas deals. Almost forgot. Jump over to Signature Wheel and get a set of ultra-lightweight wheels in...
  24. SanteeMike

    Alternatives for ‘Zero G Performance’ Wheels?

    https://www.signaturewheel.com/ I have the signature wheels, give them a call or click.
  25. SanteeMike


    https://www.signaturewheel.com/ I have a set of wheels from Signature Wheel - They are great and have mounted all the combinations of wheel and tire.
  26. SanteeMike

    Shipping issues from Tesla Shop?

    bought the chademo adapter - no probs, took about a week to get it.
  27. SanteeMike

    Touchless carwash is safe right? Flooding! (sorry it's wordy)

    To answer your question - Yes, take it by a service center and ask the service writer about it. No appointment is needed. Just ask for his opinion. Make a decision then about checking it into the shop for a teardown. If I remember right, there's a straightforward way to calibrate the windows...
  28. SanteeMike

    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    How's about a REAL XM radio. I'm tired of steaming my radio stations and have them drop out because I lose my WiFi connection in the middle of nowhere.:mad: And don't tell me you don't have a place for the antenna, my Corvette puts the antenna in the rear bumper, and it works just fine. They...
  29. SanteeMike

    Total braking system failure?

    I'd go for the brake booster as well. With multiple system failures, I think it's pointing towards the 12V battery.
  30. SanteeMike

    Interior camera

    Anybody know how to tap into the cabin camera so I can make TicTok videos while I drive? j/k
  31. SanteeMike

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    That's why I'm going to wait until the stock battery dies before I switch over. So far the stock battery has lasted two years without a hitch. Of course, I live in San Diego where it never (until 2020) gets really hot or cold.
  32. SanteeMike

    Anyone out of warranty?

    Get the 3. Mine has 55,000 miles in two years and is running fine. The only time it has been back to Tesla was to get the computer upgraded to v3. I charge it up to 100% every night and run it from 100-200 miles a day. The battery degradation has been minimal. My range still says 306 miles...
  33. SanteeMike


    It got up to 109 yesterday and though the air through the A/C wasn't cold it was at least cool.
  34. SanteeMike

    No way to get to Carlsbad Caverns?

    But that leaves me with 14% battery left and not a SC in sight.
  35. SanteeMike

    No way to get to Carlsbad Caverns?

    Sorry, @nwdiver I didn't know about your GoFundMe. I punched it up a bit for you.
  36. SanteeMike

    No way to get to Carlsbad Caverns?

    I'd like to go from El Paso to CC via 62. If I remember right it's a nice drive, but it's also 300 miles one way. I guess I could do Barstow, TX to CC. 97 miles one way, but looks sort of boring. Hey Elon, looks like we need a SC around Cornudas, TX. Or, at least by Whites City, NM...
  37. SanteeMike

    Bluetooth Phone Auto-connect lost

    Make sure you're running the latest iOS or Android version. Android version 10 expanded the number of concurrently attached BT devices to 5.
  38. SanteeMike

    Higher mileage Model 3's chime in

    50K on a 2018 M3P+. Charge to 100% every day. The display shows 305-307 on a full tank.
  39. SanteeMike

    Authentication Error--try again

    Did you enter a bug report?
  40. SanteeMike

    Tire Recommendation

    Tyre Size for Rim Size/Width Calculator - What's the best tyre size for my rim?
  41. SanteeMike

    Quick ? on Auto Lane Change

    I hold the same way except I pinch on the bottom of the wheel. Long drives from San Diego to Vegas gets boring so I'm usually reading my Kindle j/k.
  42. SanteeMike

    Quick ? on Auto Lane Change

    :) - When I said "Shake the wheel" I didn't mean I threw the car back and forth in the lane. Yeah about a half-inch is all that's needed and the passenger doesn't even know it happened. I also DID RTFM but was confused because the setting said "lane change - no confirmation" and I was having to...
  43. SanteeMike

    Quick ? on Auto Lane Change

    Thank you. I thought that was the way it should work but I keep seeing Youtube vids where it doesn't appear the driver is confirming the lane change. I just wanted to make sure. I guess I still have to stay awake :)
  44. SanteeMike

    Quick ? on Auto Lane Change

    I have an M3 with all the bells and whistles. I'm trying to turn on the auto lane change - the car tells me it wants to change lanes but first, it always asks to continue and I have to shake the wheel to acknowledge the lane change. Is that the way it's supposed to work or am I missing a...
  45. SanteeMike

    2020 Model 3 and differences from 2019

    That's how they got the better sound deadening.
  46. SanteeMike

    East San Diego Tire Dealer

    OK, I bought a set of Signature Wheels in 19x9. I thought I would mount up some P4s in 245/30/19s. Discount just refused to mount them because they are a different load range. Anybody in San Diego/Santee/El Cajon have a shop that can mount these that also knows Teslas?
  47. SanteeMike

    Vendor Official Signature Wheel Gallery | Fitment Q&A Thread

    HEY!!! Those are MINE!!!! Give me, Give me....
  48. SanteeMike

    Auto Park is crooked

    I'll have to pay more attention next time

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