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  1. Michelle_eriw

    Lane Assist / Departure Warning

    Are you sure you have them enabled?
  2. Michelle_eriw

    Tesla homelink

    I think that if you don't program the HomeLink to automatically open and/or close the door, why bother to spend the money for it? Just use the remote that came with the opener.
  3. Michelle_eriw

    Supercharger not charging to set limit

    I agree. The only reason I wrote that was because of s33t33's irrelevant remarks about 100%
  4. Michelle_eriw

    Supercharger not charging to set limit

    It wasn't a matter of 80% vs 100%, but rather 80% vs 85%.
  5. Michelle_eriw

    Supercharger not charging to set limit

    Thanks. That makes sense.
  6. Michelle_eriw

    Supercharger not charging to set limit

    I have the M3 LR set to charge to 85%. While charging at a Supercharger today, I got an alert that the car was charged to 80%, and the 5-minute grace period was starting. Could this shortfall be because all eight Superchargers were in use? If it matters, the nav system had no destination set...
  7. Michelle_eriw

    Problems connecting Gen 3 home charger to wifi

    I had the same problem yesterday. The solution was to turn off cell reception on the iPhone. Afterwards, turn it back on.
  8. Michelle_eriw

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

  9. Michelle_eriw

    Got my Wall Connector installed today

    Finally got my Wall Adaptor installed today. I had a bit fumbling getting my iPhone connected to it, but finally prevailed. It was smooth sailing thereafter. But when I disconnected my ChargePoint, I discovered that it didn't have a 14-50 plug with corresponding outlet as I had thought, but a...
  10. Michelle_eriw

    Poll: ABRP or Trip Planner

    I am not expecting them to be free, but I would like for them to be convenient. Those two are so inconveniently located as to be useless for me.
  11. Michelle_eriw

    Soliciting Some Ideas for Personalize Plates

    Correction, TSLA GAL.
  12. Michelle_eriw

    Poll: ABRP or Trip Planner

    My comment was about Destination Chargers. Those are not Destination Chargers. Further, one is not available unless you are staying at that motel, and I suspect that the other is only for customers at that restaurant.
  13. Michelle_eriw

    Poll: ABRP or Trip Planner

    Those are Blink J1772 charging stations; they are not Tesla Destination Chargers. One is at a Holiday Inn, and is probably reserved for hotel guests. The other is at a BBQ restaurant.
  14. Michelle_eriw

    Visualization error

    There is some major roadwork near my house; there are these orange and white barrels lining the road. But the visualization on the touch screen displays them as cones. Can't Tesla get anything right? (For the humor impaired, I'm joking. What I described is accurate, but my "complaint" is a...
  15. Michelle_eriw

    Poll: ABRP or Trip Planner

    My major concern with Trip Planner is that it doesn't take into account round trips (other than telling you how much would be available for a return trip). Driving from my home to Gatlinburg, TN, for example, would not leave enough charge for me to get to the first supercharger on the return...
  16. Michelle_eriw

    Smart Summon Snafu

  17. Michelle_eriw

    Smart Summon Snafu

    No, because it was heading towards the street.
  18. Michelle_eriw

    Smart Summon Snafu

    I tried to demonstrate smart summon to some friends today. I was standing at the spot labeled "Me"; the car was parked at the spot marked "Car". The red line was the path the car took when I tried to smart summon it.
  19. Michelle_eriw

    Waiting until after battery day to order...

    It could simply be a measure to standardize parts, have only one frunk instead of two.
  20. Michelle_eriw

    Gen 3 Wall Connector Mounting Dimensions

  21. Michelle_eriw

    Upgrade to EAP

    EAP is not the same as FSD; it is a subset of what FSD will be when it is completed. FSD adds traffic light recognition to FSD, and will add NoA on city streets when that is released.
  22. Michelle_eriw

    Waiting until after battery day to order...

    There is no indication that there will be a heat pump in the M3 any time soon, if ever.
  23. Michelle_eriw

    Tesla Adaptor on ChargePoint

    Yes it can. That's what I do. Until the end of this month, which is when my Wall Adapter will be installed.
  24. Michelle_eriw

    Supercharger - Firebaugh, CA (I-5 / West Panoche Rd, LIVE 13 Nov 2020, 56 V3 stalls)

    Plus a gas station, and charging stations for non-Tesla BEVs and PHEVs.
  25. Michelle_eriw

    Summon problem

    Just enough to drain water into the street instead of pooling.
  26. Michelle_eriw

    Summon problem

    My phone has five bars and max WiFi whether in the car or in the driveway; I don't know what the car's connection is. But when they're both out of range of any WiFi, Summon works.
  27. Michelle_eriw

    Summon problem

    It is only in this specific situation. Everything is connected except Summon when the car is in the driveway.
  28. Michelle_eriw

    Summon problem

    If my car is in the garage, summon works very well to move it onto the driveway. But if it's in the driveway, Summon can't connect to the car whether I'm in the garage or in the driveway.
  29. Michelle_eriw

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    In Ohio, the plate belongs to the leasing company; I would have had to get them to notify the BVM that they released the plate. I say would have because I opted to let them keep it.
  30. Michelle_eriw

    Opinions Wanted: Payoff Car With Home Refinance?

    Another possible option is to refinance the car. You might be able to lower the interest rate and payments. This would free up your home equity for other purposes.
  31. Michelle_eriw

    Screw you, Model 3

    At 77, like I did. :)
  32. Michelle_eriw

    Screw you, Model 3

    And thank you and your son for your service.
  33. Michelle_eriw

    Gen 3 charger back in stock 9/13/20

    Sorry, generation 3.
  34. Michelle_eriw

    Tesla Charger v other brands

    Which trim line? If long range, it can charge up to 48 amps. I think the Tesla Wall Connector is the only one that can do that, but it needs a 60A breaker. Other brands are limited to either 40A (with a 50A breaker) or 32A. If you're getting a SR or SR+, it's limited to 32A, so there's...
  35. Michelle_eriw

    LA drivers - Autopilot on Laurel Canyon

    That does not mean "no intervention". And he wasn't talking about now; he was talking about after the rewrite is released.
  36. Michelle_eriw

    LA drivers - Autopilot on Laurel Canyon

    I used to work in software development, in quality assurance. "Feature complete" means all the features have been coded, but not necessarily bug free. Essentially, it means it's out of alpha phase, and into beta. It does not mean that all the known bugs have been squashed.
  37. Michelle_eriw

    LA drivers - Autopilot on Laurel Canyon

    He didn't say that, but he did say he has an alpha version of it on his model S, and it's 99% on his commute.
  38. Michelle_eriw

    NJ delivery just went from 2-4 weeks to 1-11 weeks!

    Same in Ohio; it's only the M3, though. Other models have different ranges.
  39. Michelle_eriw

    Gen 3 charger back in stock 9/13/20

    18' cable only. 8.5' cable is out of stock.
  40. Michelle_eriw

    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    What is wrong about adjusting wiper speed by voice command? You're wrong about having to press a physical button in one place and a virtual button in another. You press the wiper icon at the bottom left of the touch screen, and press the speed at the same location.
  41. Michelle_eriw

    LA drivers - Autopilot on Laurel Canyon

    The software is under development; Musk says it is a complete rewrite, and will be released in mid December barring unforeseen events.
  42. Michelle_eriw

    New rumors out of China pointing to Model 3 upgrades and changes

    Plenty of inventory Model 3 Teslas in Cincinnati and Columbus, OH. Also, waiting period for built-to order is 1 to 11 weeks for model 3. (I assume that the one week wait is if you order something that matches an inventory car, you'll get that.)
  43. Michelle_eriw

    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    About three quarters of the very post I replied to bad mouthed voice commands; I responded to that, not to the one quarter that didn't. Curious that your examples were for television and not for a car.
  44. Michelle_eriw

    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    I press the right scroll wheel, and say "Open glove box," and presto, it opens. Beats the hell out of reaching across the car, looking for the button, and pressing it. Physical controls are so much better than voice recognition; that's why Apple is getting rid of Siri, Amazon is dumping Alexa...
  45. Michelle_eriw

    AP display on the touch screen

    Two things I've noticed about the AP display on the touch screen. The spacing of the two blue parallel lines varies according to the width of the lane. When the lane is narrow, the lines are closer to the image of the vehicle, and vice versa when the lane is wide. The steering-wheel icon...
  46. Michelle_eriw

    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    I found a physical button to open the glove box; it is on the right side of the steering wheel. I press it and say, "Open the glove box," and presto, the glove box opens.
  47. Michelle_eriw

    MicroSD adapter

    I got the Samsung adaptor; it has only one slot for the Micro SD. Some people might consider that a negative because they would want to play music from another SD, micro SD, or USB device. I don't, so it is the perfect fit for me. And it is a well-known, reputable brand.

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