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  1. Sparky22

    Significant range drop

    how fast you going?
  2. Sparky22

    Significant range drop

    all depends how fast you drive. Drive 50 miles an hour you will get over 300 miles range
  3. Sparky22

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    I wonder if you need 3.0 for this
  4. Sparky22

    Sentry mode has slowly died on me, now won't work at all......

    No problem with century mode here after 12.5.
  5. Sparky22

    Model 3 software super-thread

    Yes just installed in Toronto
  6. Sparky22

    Model 3 Software Update 2018.42.x

    Just got it as well. Can’t wait to try drive on navigation
  7. Sparky22

    Model 3 glass roof failing - do others have this issue ?

    I wander if this got corrected with newer builds, anyone with higher VIN# has this problem?
  8. Sparky22

    AP sudden braking with nothing in front

    I would notify Tesla so they can pull the info from your car and correct it.
  9. Sparky22

    [Speculation] Production 18" Wheels without Aero Cover

    The Aero wheel really grew on me, love them with the perl white car.
  10. Sparky22

    Delivery Estimator CHANGED...

    Possibly a lot of people canceled their reservation. The cost of the battery and all of the extra features are too high for some folks.
  11. Sparky22

    Getting a home charger installed

    Perfect you have 125A 240V system good for at least 60A 240V Tesla charger all you need 2pole 60A sq.D breaker and size 6/2 line.
  12. Sparky22

    Getting a home charger installed

    Yes you have 240V 200A service more then enough power, even for 80A 240V
  13. Sparky22

    Getting a home charger installed

    Sent me a closeup of your el. panel I will try to help you out.
  14. Sparky22

    Model 3 - SN1 - Anyone catch the door handles?

    It looks like to me that the person inside opened the door first
  15. Sparky22

    So the Model 3 is real, and in prod: what will the naysayers shift to now?

    Well that's you, my time is more valuable then driving for $3 of free charge, considering the lower rates of electricity at night and some places even free.
  16. Sparky22

    So the Model 3 is real, and in prod: what will the naysayers shift to now?

    LOL well if the earth get hit by astroid that would be the end, holy smoke relax give Tesla some credit I am sure they will find a way to deal with all the problems as they've done so far. Most people will charge at home because it's convenient the cost of electricity is very low compared to...
  17. Sparky22

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

    Because he said: Coming later today
  18. Sparky22

    Model 3 Home Charging question

    Unfortunately with this setup you not going to be able to get the full 48A.
  19. Sparky22

    mytesla page updated

    Actually you will need 60A to get to 48A charging current. It should be 80% of your breaker size.
  20. Sparky22

    Private Model 3 Viewing

    The lack of production robots not being installed is scary, we talking 4-5 weeks before production? Don't you have to setup and test everything? Not sure what's going on ...
  21. Sparky22

    Private Model 3 Viewing

    What would be the point showing the alphas.
  22. Sparky22

    Model 3 Interior: Ugh!

    Sorry to burst your bubble but what you see what you get. Tesla's number one concern is to be on time. If there is a different steering controls we would see it by now I don't think you could just remove the RC one and replace it with something high-tech without testing it.I think you are the...
  23. Sparky22

    Prediction: Model S Standard Features Base Model 3 Might Not Have

    LTE internet will be there, Tesla needs all the data to improve autopilot so no cost to them to include internet radio or browser..
  24. Sparky22

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    I'm surprised there's no more sightings of the Model 3. I think Elon has something up his sleeve.
  25. Sparky22

    Predictions of largest battery M3 vs. MS 75?

    75kwh will be over 300 miles, based on the new cells and lighter vehicle.
  26. Sparky22

    No AWD for Model 3 until next year confirmed

    I think with 10,000 cars being billed every week they will go through the reservations fairly quick. And on top of that people with cancelations and upgrades to S or X will make a difference. I would't be surprised if we have to confirm and chose options by August or September, who reserved...
  27. Sparky22

    Model S and Model 3

    The internet connection will be free, Tesla needs every car to be connected and work in the shadow mode even if you don't have autopilot.
  28. Sparky22

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    And also it looks like it's mounted from below not back like the alfas.
  29. Sparky22

    Elon Tweet: No 'significantly new consumer-facing technology' in Model 3

    Everybody cool your jets, Elon never said no HUD, please read the tweet. The new orders for S and X are probably dropping in alarming rate in anticipation of M3, so little play with words might push some customers to S or X, that's my take on this.
  30. Sparky22

    Model 3 Battery size

    I think you are wrong, Tesla will have HUD as the current desine doesn't look or feel "spaceship like controls" as per Elon, also I think the longest range will be over 300 miles considering the new 2170 cells, the rest you might be correct.
  31. Sparky22

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    Yeah it's worrisome for me that we don't see any real Beta cars by now. I think Tesla ran into some problems and trying to cover it up by driving the original prototypes around. Even the stock price reflects some uncertainty. Hopefully I am wrong and everything is on track.
  32. Sparky22

    False Information: Tesla Admits It Still Hasn't Completed A Model 3 Beta Prototype

    No sky is not falling, but I'm sure you would agree that not having part 3 by now and not seeing even one picture of the final design is worrisome. I think the stock is reacting same way.
  33. Sparky22

    False Information: Tesla Admits It Still Hasn't Completed A Model 3 Beta Prototype

    I don't know, I am getting a second thought about M3, I'm not sure how can tesla put a reliable car on the market in four months without doing proper testing. I reserved my M3 on April 4th 2016 and I might cancel the reservation just because we don't see any evidence of M3 being tested. We...
  34. Sparky22

    Augmented Reality

    As per Elon "Spaceship like display", I'm 99.9% sure there will be additional display incorporated into the front windshield, "Tesla glass" ring a bell? Let's wait and see...
  35. Sparky22

    Model 3 Battery size

    So assuming 85 or 90 is the biggest battery, that would mean close to 400 miles is possible with the new cells....
  36. Sparky22

    Model 3 reveal effect on other luxury car sales

    The inside will be all different, can't wait to see it.
  37. Sparky22

    Model 3 Battery size

    Elon must be laughing his head off, us trying to figure out all these unknown questions. Hopefully we will know soon enough.
  38. Sparky22

    Model 3 Battery size

    I think Elon will surprise us all with around 400 mile range on the biggest battery. With the new design of the cells, chemistry and comments of JB Straubel there is no doubt we will see something extraordinary.
  39. Sparky22

    Possible support for cut top steering wheel theory / interesting gesture controls in Model 3?

    looks cool, but I don't think $35000 car would have all this technology. Model 3 will be simple car with big screen and HUD and that's it.
  40. Sparky22

    The Last Fill Up

    Very well put together Driver Dave. I still have lot of fill ups before my 3 arrives.
  41. Sparky22

    Final price on Model 3? ...not concerned

    I don't think Tesla would put you in the back of the line because you picked only $35,000 car, if you ordered in March or April
  42. Sparky22

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Why Trump men ? Tesla is made in the US, don't get your point ....
  43. Sparky22

    New Model 3 pics from staff thank you party.

    There is no way the interior is done I have feeling something great is cooking, the way Tesla works there will be element of surprise when the part 3 happens. The orders will go through the roof.
  44. Sparky22

    Update to the Supercharger network policies

    I don't think it includes Model 3 for the free 1000 miles every year.
  45. Sparky22

    [Poll] Would you take a Bolt over an M3 in these situations?

    It's just mater of time .., if all these car companies don't jump on the Bandwagon they be left behind .. After Wednesday there is no real competition to Tesla right now ..
  46. Sparky22

    Model 3 Average Selling Price Predictions

    Its over the air update ....
  47. Sparky22

    Model 3 Average Selling Price Predictions

    Good point, I never thought of that, if here in Ontario you would order the full package AP on M3 later on, how would the government ever know???
  48. Sparky22

    Elon Confirms 10/19 Announcement is Model 3 Part 2

    I hope we get to see the inside ..
  49. Sparky22

    Elon Confirms 10/19 Announcement is Model 3 Part 2

    Yes but, there will be something new to talk about? HUD might be part of it or maybe Tesla is ahead and will produce M3 earlier who knows ...
  50. Sparky22

    Event moved to Wednesday the 19th

    Agree 100%

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