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  1. Bearman

    Will any Teslas be included in the Takata airbag recall?

  2. Bearman

    SolarCity (SCTY)

    I follow the reasoning in your post JHM and think it makes sense, but I am curious about your reasoning regarding the discount rates used here? Thanks
  3. Bearman

    HPWC Burned Up (Yikes!)

    Maybe the toroid only sees a difference if one wire is carrying less current than the other like when there is a leak?
  4. Bearman

    Unplugged Performance P85D Demo Car Debut at TMC Connect!

    Very nice work, thanks for showing us :smile:
  5. Bearman

    Supercharger - Mountain View, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    Yes, this is very interesting! :smile:
  6. Bearman

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    Interesting tidbit from the live stream: JB said he would be very surprised if batteries doesn't cost $100/kwh at the end of decade (2020). :smile:
  7. Bearman

    Tesla Stationary Storage Investors Thread

    I have often heard that refining gasoline/diesel requires certain amount of electricity but never seen a reliable source for the exact numbers, if any of you have one please post it here and make my life easier arguing with deniers. Thx
  8. Bearman

    Model X Mule Sightings

    The most important thing I can conclude from the picture is that the 3-armed martian looks happy and comfortable inside the X-mule
  9. Bearman

    Fascinating and intriguing power/performance figures on the TM website

    Motor Hp = The maximum amount of power the motors can output, unsure if this number is for short bursts, constant output or something in between. Hp = The maximum amount of power the battery and inverter can output, may also be software limited. Lowest number is what to go by.
  10. Bearman

    Loading a Segway into a Tesla

    Sounds like you just need a hinge and attach another smaller ramp that folds out to the inside of the car. Should fold together when transported :rolleyes:
  11. Bearman

    Model 3 won't look like other cars

    Agree, the mirai and i3 look like dog turds because they must not be able to compete on an equal level.
  12. Bearman

    The Verge:"Meet Gogoro, the outrageous electric scooter of the future".

    Yeah saw this, interesting idea but i dont see it working unless we get a generally accepted standard. Looks great though.
  13. Bearman

    Highway 1 fatality

    That car got smashed up good, sorry to hear the driver didn't survive. At least no fire...
  14. Bearman

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Here is what I believe has happened: Tesla missed its diffuse deadline and to keep customers as happy as possible they deliver early, with the updated software and bug fixes coming in as soon as ready. The genius, once again tried to help out the worried customers by tweeting, even knowing he...
  15. Bearman

    Elon Musk featured in Mike Tyson Mysteries

    Season 1, Episode 3 : "Heavyweight Champion of the Moon" Aired on adultswim November 10, 2014 Mike and the gang pick up Buzz Aldrin at the airport in Las Vegas, but just before Aldrin lets Mike in on the biggest secret of the universe, he is killed in yet another one of Mike's car...
  16. Bearman

    California EV Market Share Q1 2014 1.4%

    Thanks Rob, I attached some screenshots.
  17. Bearman

    Melted new 14-50 adapter after one charge

    I have never seen the car side connection melt, maybe they should just make a 14-50 adapter to tesla type that stays put and have the cable be tesla type on both ends. Who ever made this type of connection should be punished, they are melting like chocolate.
  18. Bearman

    Norway - Wow

    Here it what it says on Teslas norwegian page about incentives: http://www.teslamotors.com/no_NO/incentives/NO Might have to right click links and open in new tab to see the details.
  19. Bearman

    Vandalized twice - Bigotry is alive and well on San Francisco Peninsula

    Sorry to hear some person vandalized your car :mad: I would have been furious, If i ever saw this happen to anyone elses car I would make a citizen's arrest.
  20. Bearman

    Daughter is having open heart surgery tommorow

    Happy to hear it all went well, was very touching to read about it.
  21. Bearman

    Defending Tesla has ended a Friendship of mine

    You deserve better friends Brett, I have done the same thing a few times for different reasons. Sometimes you just have to stop wasting time on people who doesn't deserve it and move on.
  22. Bearman

    Price comparison chart between countries

    Thanks for the numbers matbl. Assuming the numbers are correct, is the major difference because of the corresponding import tax+customs duty?
  23. Bearman


    The original series was great and hopefully this one is too. Thanks for posting this Tigerade.
  24. Bearman

    Volvo concept mimicking parts of the Tesla interior

    http://esd.volvocars.com/site/concept/concept-estate/video/VOLVO_HMI_concept-estate-high.mp4 I agree and look at these door handles, seem to be flush too :smile:
  25. Bearman

    Ad on TMC sends you over to the App Store on iOS

    Hi Ubbe, dont have creepy ads or the problem with game of war you have on my ipad. Suggest you pm a site administrator about the issue: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showgroups.php
  26. Bearman

    Tesla Owners Work in Oil/Gas Industry

    There was one guy who posted in "what do you do for work" who said this: "All right, that question got me to register. I work for an Oil Company. I try to find MORE oil, and to get it out of the ground as cheaply and safely as possible. At the moment I'm sitting on an oil production...
  27. Bearman

    Mirrors Gone from Model X on Tesla Motors Page

    This problem has already been solved elsewhere, when glass gets too busy with water/dirt only a high speed rotating clear glass/lens works, and it works great.They just need to make one for rear view cameras where turbulence is an issue. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clear_view_screen
  28. Bearman

    Porsche halts 911 GT3 deliveries after five cars caught fire in recent weeks

    Glad no one died, thats a lot worse than some frunk grilling.
  29. Bearman

    Next OC Tesla Meet 2/15 or 2/23 10 am to noon.

    Opening the image in a new window/tab seems to flip it correctly :smile:
  30. Bearman

    Why do Li-ion Batteries die? And how to improve the situation?

    Very nice talk. To me the interesting points were cathode and anode are inherently stable just interaction with electrolyte gives degradation, higher state of charge and higher temperature were main culprits of harmful electrolyte interaction. Combinations of additives to electrolyte can give...
  31. Bearman

    Christian von Koenigsegg says something about Tesla. Translate from Swedish?

    Good find JRP3. He is super excited about his model S which he says is the best car in its class, better than the M5 and more fun. He lives in the south of Sweden and never has any range problems even with the non existing charging infrastructure, drives from his home to the factory and to...
  32. Bearman

    Why do Li-ion Batteries die? And how to improve the situation?

    Thanks, will watch.
  33. Bearman

    elon musk, please bring back the 40kwh car!!

    The Gen III car thats supposed to be $35k, 200 mile range in 2015-2017 has a queue of people waiting for it that stretches two laps around the earth. If you have a short commute there are cheaper EV-alternatives like the leaf, bmw i3, fiat 500e etc. that might work for you. Some people get good...
  34. Bearman

    BMW i3

    The driver's seat BMW i3 testdrive: Interesting commentary by the reviewers, maybe that is a common view by people not following the EV-world.
  35. Bearman

    Vossen 22" wheels AD with Model S

    Thanks Mario, Vossen makes nice wheels and good videos :smile:
  36. Bearman

    CNN's Favorite Cars of 2013

    Yup, I hate it as much as anyone but you just have to keep setting the facts straight. Nothing weighs higher in my experience when someone who actually owns the car tells it like it is. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”...
  37. Bearman

    Rear View Camera Doesn't Like Winter Driving in Massachusetts

    I have had this problem myself so I have thought some about this, and doing so I have seen some solutions to this. 1. Mount the camera inside the rear window, this might work if the rear window stays clean or has a wiper blade. 2. Rotating the lens or a protective screen at high speed ~1500...
  38. Bearman

    European Car of the Year 2014

    Second spot was ...cough... citroen grand picasso Direct link for the Swedish award, Technology world magazine: http://www.teknikensvarld.se/2013/12/19/45154/vinnaren-av-teknikens-varlds-stora-bilpris-2014/ Google translated link...
  39. Bearman

    Accident this morning. No injuries but painful damage to car.

    Im sorry your beautiful car is damaged artsci but I am glad it doesn't seem to be anything that cant be fixed. Good luck with the repairs and I'm sure it will be back in pristine shape soon.
  40. Bearman

    BMW i3

    I have no qualms with the i3 but two things, the pig faced chubby design and the smallish size of the battery pack. I am sure it rides pretty good but its no Tesla, just hope there is a market for this vehicle too because that will keep Bmw working on ev's.
  41. Bearman

    Wiper Blades Icing Up - Even with Subzero Package

    Are you guys sure the "wiper blade defroster" is actually heating the wipers? The reason I'm asking because I have this on my car which isn't a Tesla but it doesn't heat the wipers, instead it heats the lower part of the windscreen so that the wipers come loose in the morning if there is ice on...
  42. Bearman

    SAAB Electric vehicle - NEVS

    I always liked Fisker, nothing I would buy myself but it was a decent performer and good looking. There are about 15 other car brands id rather have seen fail before them. But to the point, I dont think Nevs will fail any time soon and the reason is that they have a different financial...
  43. Bearman

    Model S vs Lamborghini...

    :biggrin: Thanks for posting this, that it can keep up is amazing.
  44. Bearman

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Because you are a new poster, I think its a spam protection but it will go away if you keep posting here, dont know how many posts it takes. :smile:
  45. Bearman

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Hi and welcome Bjorn, someone actually already posted your video in an other thread here but Its a great vid. Thank you for taking the time to make it and showing us, keep them coming :smile:
  46. Bearman

    SpaceX F9v1.1 Launch: SES-8, 2013-12-3

    We aint going to mars if we dont keep trying :D
  47. Bearman

    Time Person Of The Year – Have you voted?

  48. Bearman

    Track my trip up the East Coast in real time

    Awsome work Timdorr, have a nice trip.
  49. Bearman

    Tesla Warranty

    I checked the northern city of Kiruna, Sweden and this is what i got: Avg daily temp last ten years, Kiruna: We had average daily temperatures below -30 C (-22F) in one year for the last ten years, that was in 2012, early February for 2,5-3 days. If we look closer we see the lowest...
  50. Bearman

    Discussion of statistical analysis of vehicle fires as it relates to Model S

    luvb2b, others have unsuccessfully tried to explain that 3 fires are not a very dependable estimator for the mean. Sure its the best unbiased estimator we can get but the standard deviation is 1.73 fires with 10820 car-years [sqrt(np(1-p)) where p=3/10820 and n=10820] using your binomial...

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