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  1. renshcp

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    I asked the service person if it was the infotainment MCU and she said no, it’s the communication computer. When I saw the invoice I thought she was mistaken because wit clearly says MCU. I did find that I had to re-setup my home link, wifi, and Bluetooth connection. But all of my profiles...
  2. renshcp

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    I had that issue from delivery in late Feb until late May fix, so it took a total of 3 months to resolve. (sorry for the late reply… I also take a long time)
  3. renshcp

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    I had the issue regarding all systems completely freaking out before, during, and after supercharging. It has been resolved with the replacement of the communication computer.
  4. renshcp

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    @Chancellor32 Following up on this, did you have Tesla correct the paint color on your bumper? How long did that take? My white bumper color is off similar to yours. It doesn't bother my wife at all (it's her car) but I have trouble unseeing it.
  5. renshcp

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    Great find, thanks! This is exactly my situation. I'll follow up with this guy and see if it gets resolved for him. The service center told me today that it was a known issue and to wait for a firmware resolution. I do wonder why it only affects certain Model Xs though. Perhaps we have a few...
  6. renshcp

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    Is supercharging making anybody's car go crazy? Near the end or after every supercharging session, it starts throwing error messages and ultimately reboots itself. Even after the reboot, it will have persistent issues like frozen navigation & backup camera not working (side cams fine). A few...
  7. renshcp

    Model X Plaid Tow package?

    Speaking of towing, is there supposed to be something in this empty spot in the '22 Model X tow hitch kit?
  8. renshcp

    2022 Refreshed Model S / Plaid - Cup holder too small?

    Cup holders on the Model 3/Y are perfectly sized... why go down a size in the flagships? I have cabinet full of bicycle water bottles that we use to grab water on the go... and they only fit in the door now.
  9. renshcp

    Glovebox PPF scratch protection for 2022 / Refresh Model X?

    Has anybody seen protective film (PPF) for the passenger side glovebox area on the Model X refresh? My Model 3 was a scratch magnet from my son's book bag dragging across it as he exited, so I installed the glovebox PPF on my Model Y and worked flawlessly to eliminate scratches. Is the Model X...
  10. renshcp

    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    New lucky owners: If you didn't buy FSD, can you confirm what your upgrade price is after purchase? Still $8k or is it now only $6k? I've heard mixed messages after the new verbiage change on the order page. And yes, run it down to 10% and supercharge it for us and report max kW and...
  11. renshcp

    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    I'm curious, has anybody tested the new higher supercharging rate on these? If no, has anybody created plots to show what a theoretical 200kw charge rate on V3 would look like for a LR Model X?
  12. renshcp

    What is this wire in rear door speaker?

    Haha, I considered burning it. I made it 3 years in this car with 4 little boys - puke free! And that’s with the rear facing seats too. Then today my son’s friend tells me he’s not feeling well and no more than 3 seconds later starts flowing like an uncorked hydrant.
  13. renshcp

    What is this wire in rear door speaker?

    This is probably the right answer. This is a 2016 and I didn’t take the luxury package - or whatever it was called at the time - which I know included power rear lift gate and likely puddle lights. Thanks.
  14. renshcp

    What is this wire in rear door speaker?

    So I was cleaning puke out of the rear door speaker grill - so I though it better just to pop the grill off. I was surprised to find the end of a wiring harness protruding between the speaker and grill. Anybody know what this is for? Sound does come out of the speaker.
  15. renshcp

    experience with front license plate in IL?

    I’ve been pulled over twice in 2 years... warnings both times. I keep the plate in the frunk and volunteered to show both of them, not sure if that helped.
  16. renshcp

    Definitive S Refresh Front Plate Bracket Removal

    Anybody have experience putting the front license plate bracket back on? Two years after successful plate removal I was pulled over and kindly reminded by the officer that I need a front plate in Illinois. That officer is always sitting there on my way to/from work and I know he'll see my car...
  17. renshcp

    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    Oh man, you give me hope! I also have a 70D June 2016 build (VIN 143XXX) and I'm considering paying the $500 to up to 75D really just to see if that makes me eligible for an uncork. Fingers crossed.
  18. renshcp

    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    Do you know how the service center determined you were eligible? My car is currently at the Highland Park SC (Chicago) and they thought I’d have to upgrade first and then I might be uncorkable, but they couldn’t say for sure. Also, what is your VIN?
  19. renshcp

    Remove Enhanced Autopilot?

    Personally, I bought a Model S because I wanted a car that felt modern. OTA software updates, all electric, and autopilot are essential bits of that recipe. I use autopilot for about 80-90% of my driving around town and on the highway and find myself really missing it when I drive my wife's Honda.
  20. renshcp

    US Bank end of Lease

    This was my rationale for leasing in the first place, just my personal bet that with technology advancing and other compelling options hitting the market that Model S residuals would start to decline over my 3 years with the car. I have 2 years left, btw. I think I made the right bet. That...
  21. renshcp

    Most number of Teslas you were together on highway?

    I drove next to another Tesla today on the way to work today. That never happens in central Illinois - quite mind blowing!
  22. renshcp

    US Bank end of Lease

  23. renshcp

    New Owner Observations

    Exactly this. It's physics with the faster moving air making its way around the large truck reducing air pressure on that side only... or negative draft as you say.
  24. renshcp

    New Owner Observations

    I'm also unaware of this behavior. I always have to have my fob in the garage in order to pop the charge port or unlock the door. I may just start leaving a fob on a shelf in the garage for this purpose.
  25. renshcp

    New Owner Observations

    I actually leave my keys at home now as I don't like anything in my pockets. I'm to the point of actually cutting open rental car "balls of keys" when I get them so I can slim down to just the fob. With the Tesla App I just use that as the fob and even better, now use the "Key for Tesla" Apple...
  26. renshcp

    Blog Tesla Announces Plan to Triple Service Capability

    I got a free mobile tech visit today in central Illinois from one of the techs that will soon have regional responsibility for some region of Iowa. He currently comes out from one of the Chicago locations but has apparently agreed to move to Iowa as part of this initiative announced today. He...
  27. renshcp

    How do you split the gas cost?

    My policy is when I'm riding in sombody else's car over a long distance, I pay for all of the gas. I do that because I think in terms of total operating cost and the car owner is already shouldering all the depreciation, etc. That said, MOST people only think in terms of "gas" for operating...
  28. renshcp

    short commute and charging

    According to the below research, charging to 75% dropping to 65% before recharging yielded the best life. The key takeaway for me is what you should always try to avoid, which is charge to 100%. I tend to follow about 75%-45% from a practicality standpoint based on my commute... which means I...
  29. renshcp

    Feature Requests For Tesla

    I'm also one to pull up lyrics on the center screen for road trip karaoke. +1 for one touch lyrics!
  30. renshcp

    DEMOLISHED old EV Cannonball Coast to Coast record in Model S 85D!

    What was your average speed between superchargers?
  31. renshcp

    Connecting an Amazon Echo Dot to my Model S

    Very cool. I imagine very soon Amazon will enable the Alexa app to take voice commands within the app like Google and Microsoft have done for their assistants on their respective iOS apps. With that, you could just open the app when you get in the car and be good to go. Right now they do have...
  32. renshcp

    Can they do this? Renege on an email about Ranger visit charges?

    So the Service Center just called me back and told me they now have the ability to send out a "mobile tech" for free as part of a new service approach they are trying. She clarified that a truck and trailer situation would still be $3 per mile, but the type of work they can do in my garage is...
  33. renshcp

    Can they do this? Renege on an email about Ranger visit charges?

    Thanks, great response and I appreciate you taking the time to spell out all the details.
  34. renshcp

    Model S AP1 Getting Worse!

    The highways I take to work were reclassed as +5mph roads with the software update but 2 days ago they reverted back to normal up to 90mph roads. I tweeted Elon and I like to think that he listened and responded :)
  35. renshcp

    Cruise not available

    I had the same problem in October and they came out to my house and replaced the front facing camera.. problem hasn't resurfaced for 8 months (knock on wood). I called the SC while I was driving to report the issue and they "time stamped" my log to identify and diagnose the problem.
  36. renshcp

    Can they do this? Renege on an email about Ranger visit charges?

    Thanks for your response. Are you a lawyer? I'd like to get some solid advice here. If I recall correct from the very little amount of law coursework I've had, a verbal contract is as valid as a written one and trumps something that people will be reasonably not expected to read like TOS. The...
  37. renshcp

    Can they do this? Renege on an email about Ranger visit charges?

    Thanks, I'm going to follow up with the sales manager on Wednesday.
  38. renshcp

    Insuring a new Tesla $$$

    Progressive for my 70D is $350 per 6 months. My first quote was $1250 for 6 months from All State...
  39. renshcp

    Can they do this? Renege on an email about Ranger visit charges?

    I'm in a similar boat as OP. I was concerned about being 2.5 hours from a Service Center and my sales person put my fears at ease by telling me about free ranger service. This was reiterated on my pickup day in July 2016. So my first need for this "free service" was in November 2016 when my...
  40. renshcp

    17.24.28 released - improved 'silky' update from 17.22.46?

    This update has Autopilot (AP1) once again limiting me to +5mph on 4 lane divided state highways.. which basically renders autopilot useless on my daily commute as nobody drives that slow. Hopefully this gets reversed fairly swiftly like it did last time. #disappointed Will this apply on...
  41. renshcp

    Quick tip: a simple voice command to find places near you

    I found it useful. I've been frustrated too many times attempting to use voice command that I often do things the hard way. I just assumed it would not be advanced enough to find nearby businesses.
  42. renshcp

    Not so obvious benefits

    You can sit and run the AC or listen to music in the garage without killing yourself and the environment. Road trips with Autopilot are absolutely the most relaxing road trips I've every had. So nice. Even the supercharger stops are great. I tend to go for 1-2 mile jogs while getting 15...
  43. renshcp

    adding an avatar

    Thanks to all of those that contributed to this thread :)
  44. renshcp

    adding an avatar

    One day I'll be able to add an avatar... I'm dreaming of a great one.
  45. renshcp

    NYC to LA road trip…

    Just wanted to chime in with a suggestion: The best road trips I've taken solo in my 70D are where I'm going for a jog at every Supercharger. You get to explore new areas a bit by foot that you wouldn't otherwise see, get a nice dose of endorphins every couple hours, and then eat on the drive...
  46. renshcp

    Can I get a list of my Stitcher favorited songs somewhere?

    Nevermind, it is actually Slacker Radio. So that explains why my searches for "Stitcher" came up empty. There have already been posts covering accessing Slacker favorites.
  47. renshcp

    Can I get a list of my Stitcher favorited songs somewhere?

    Can I get a list of my Stitcher favorited songs somewhere? I'd like to create an Apple Music or Spotify playlist of the songs I've marked as favorites in Stitcher.

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