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    Tesla model 3, (S & X) running cost per week

    EDIT: i forgot to - 5 year value from the cost of tesla and has edit the rest not that we know the pricing of the current model 3 and the exchange rate but as of today US$35,000 is around $54,000 when you add 10% GST and another $2,000 on top(1 AUD = 0.740952 USD) if you look at Model S Resale...
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    Which data plan for your SIM card?

    i think the 3g in the car will just work there, how many years do tesla include in australia?, also does model S now have 4G?
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    Tesla model 3, (S & X) running cost per week

    wasn't sure when to post this but seeing it has to do with Australian pricing i through i would post here, i posted it on another website at first and feel free to do your own on model 3 or even your model S. not that we know the pricing of the current model 3 and the exchange rate but as of...
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    2016 Model S Refresh Mega-thread

    First look at the Tesla Model S with new front-end Included picture, not conformed by tesla
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    Qantas Tesla partnership

    Other then racing a 737-800 against a Model S on a runway. During the coming months Qantas and Tesla will introduce the following services and benefits for customers: Exclusive events for Qantas frequent flyers, enabling them to experience new Tesla vehicles and technology; Qantas Club...
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    Body wrap finished, company decals installed

    how much did the wrap cost?
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    Model 3 Unveiling and Reservation

    Tesla Resale Value Guarantee FAQ Tesla Resale Value Guarantee FAQ Who is eligible for the Resale Value Guarantee? Any private or business customer who finances their vehicle through a Tesla-approved loan program is eligible for the Resale Value Guarantee meeting the minimum term requirements...
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    Model 3 Unveiling and Reservation

    what is the song at the end?. i love the look of the model 3 it looks so much better then what i thought it was going to look, the glass roof looks so nice, i hope the add a HUD but
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    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    notice in this video that this car has straight door handles and they do not pop out, maybe thats because the driver is in the car, but the one ones stage had a curve at the end also on stage it looks to be the "matt grey" one only, i don't notice any other differences.
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    Model 3 Unveiling and Reservation

    notice in this video that this car has straight door handles and they do not pop out, maybe thats because the driver is in the car, but the one ones stage had a curve at the end also on stage it looks to be the "matt grey" one only, i don't notice any other differences.
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    Model 3 is beautiful!

    this is a close up of screen Jim Dalrymple II on Twitter
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    Audi: I hate to admit it, but Tesla did everything right

    Audi’s electric-mobility chief Stefan Niemand had surprising words of appreciation for Tesla at the recent Technical Congress of Germany’s automotive industry organization (VDA) (via EETimes). Niemand commented: “I hate to admit it, but Tesla did everything right” The executive was especially...
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    another GM car the cadiillac CT6 has it, first GM car to have it and i think any car to have a video review mirror. Cadillac | CT6 Sedan
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    ROEV Association - Access public chargers using any participating network’s account

    here is the ROEV presentation at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XJok6w37v0
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    i just spotted my first tesla model S turning left into Haig Street from Claredon Street in melbourne where the crown casino is, it was dark but the first think i notice was the LED daytime running lights, it was a white car and it looked like the perfect size car for me.the best thing was that...
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    Japan has More EV Charging Stations than Gas Stations

    there is a guy on youtube that lives in japan doing videos from everything from cars, homes, food and now charging stations
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    Audi Q6 e-tron EV

    Seeing the inside pictures of the full OLED displays i hope we see some of that is shown on the link and also what audi showed us in 2014 on the prologue concept, just like mercedes benz does with the S Class where they have the best tech when compared to the C Class i think audi should do the...
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    Tesla in Australia

    does tesla provide service plans, roadside assistance in australia?
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    My Tesla got thrashed without my permission by Hypertint in Earlwood - STAY AWAY -

    tesla resale value guarantee says excess kms are 50c per km so maybe you should try to get that money back even if you don't have "resale value guarantee" Frequently Asked Questions - Financing | Tesla Motors
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    BMW & VW team up with Chargepoint to create high speed EV charging network

    i wonder who sets the price and if it will change from one station to another. some other questions will bmw include chargenow cards with there upcoming plug-in hybrid's and we will see if bmw includes charging included in there lease, or for a certain amount of time. at the end of the day its...
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    When Your Car Show Model Has an MBA

    sorry if i can not post this on this forum but i came across this story from the Wall Street Journal about auto markers relying on there male and female models for valuable customer feedback on there cars. I think its good that they can provide information about the car. When Your Car Show...
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    Cadillac ELR (Converj)

    Yes the next CT6 will be a plug in but we are not sure if they will also offer a plug in version as well. also by 2020 BMW 10, Mercedes 10, hyundai 12, Chrysler 2, the last 2 i got the numbers 100% correct i may be off one with BMW/MB thats how many plug in models they will have so unless caddy...
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    how much would you be willing to pay for a nationwide charging network

    I GM or bmw or charge point decided to roll out a network of chargers around the US or and other country where you live how much would you be willing to pay.(please share your ideas) $2000 include when you brought the car for unlimited us. or because car markers what us to keep buying cars $500...
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    Renovo Coupe

    at CES 2015 interview with the verge they printout unlike todays electric cars you carn't race them around a track, only maybe for 1 or 2 laps and thats it and this car is made for the track at full speeds, 6 or 7 laps should be ok then you can pull off and quick charge it. This is Renovos...
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    Tesla in Australia

    WORLDS LEADING ELECTRIC CAR MAKER NOW ON SALE IN AUSTRALIA - YouTube im not sure who made the video but it shows inside the Sydney showroom and the supercharges located outside the showroom and at the star, the launch event and upcoming supercharging location plans.
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    MINI Superleggera Vision

    Decision to Build All-electric MINI Superleggera Won’t Be Made for Months, Says BMW That’s according to BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer, who told Reuters yesterday that BMW needs to take its time before deciding if it should build the all-electric two-seater or not. “To really investigate...
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    Fiat 500e EV

    Chrysler Group and NextEnergy are exploring how an electric vehicle could become part of the home ecosystem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XT7quHVCGQ
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    BMW/Bosch will offer $6548 CCS DC Charger plus free evGO DC charging through 2015

    no that anyone knows the details of chargenow having free 30 minute access to evGO stations, as far as who is paying for what, but i think it would be smart for BMW to bundle a cash amount, $500, $1000(maybe with a time limit) or whatever when you brought the car on to your charge now card so...
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    NanoFlowcell Quant, Quantino

    Nanoflowce Quant e-Sportlimousine - same time to fill then a gasoline car FIRST WATCH THIS PREVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqLpqR0SPnQ&list=UUeA8UhVvZWhANbbk9pjBXkQ DRIVE TRAINall-wheel drive via 4 three-phase induction motors, torque vectoring for optimal drive torque distribution...
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    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    great video, keep it up, its amazing seeing how fast your were driving and still seeing other cars driving even faster, also bjorn or anyone else, what do you think about tesla installing a supercharger near the nurburgring or nearest freeway/motorway/highway, sorry i don't know about the area...
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    Exagon Furtive e-GT

    Exagon Motors Furtive-eGT - (about 223 miles/360 km range pure electric) The Exagon Furtive-eGT is a four-seat electric sports car produced by Exagon Motors. It was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show as a concept.[1] A slightly amended pre-production version was launched at the Geneva Motor...
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    how much % of battery do you use

    hi, sorry for the simple question and i understand he model s comes in both 60kWh and 85kWh but if someone charges from 0% how much is used, 80%?, i know you can change in the settings if you are going for a long trip but is it like 45kWh for a normal charged. and how much would it cost to fill...
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    Nippon Charge Service - Japan

    Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi have established the joint venture Nippon Charge Service. The goal of the joint venture is to: Promote the installation of chargers for electric-powered vehicles (PHVs, PHEVs, EVs) Help build a charging network that offers more convenience to drivers in...
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    Tesla Q&A and general meet with Cary - 7pm Tuesday 3rd June Kelvin Club

    Could someone please film it or at least right the questions and answers down, it would be great to watch on youtube.
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    Tesla in Australia

    Might be a bit off topic but has anyone here who owns a business through about installing a charging station, it might be harder to get council approval in the street, but if you owned a car park it should be alright, i wish Woolworth's would do it.
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    Tesla in Australia

    also on this page someone wrote Automotive LGA form factor (compatible with other AR Series modules Triband HSPA: - AR8552: 850/900/2100MHz (Europe, Australia, Japan) Triband HSPA: - AR8550: 850/1900/AWS band MHz (North America) 14.4 Mbps downlink, 5.76 Mbps uplink Qualcomm MDM6600 chipset...
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    Gen III - summary

    i know we might be only getting one screen but if that is true what about a heads up display for speed/nav and having a smaller maybe 15inch touchscreen, I'm suripsed the mercedes benz b class electric drive hasn't got digital speedo.
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    we support tesla - talking points memo

    i would take from the video that electric car companies should get tax breaks/credits to gel, also china and india will continue to grow which brings us back to tax breaks for solar companies, even if they are only for the US, it still helps us use less oil, I'm not having a opinion but would...
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    we support tesla - talking points memo

    From bill o'reilly talking points memo about climate change, china, taxes and tesla. Climate change chaos | On Air Videos | Fox News its good to see tesla and electric cars making it into the discussion's on national cable tv, please don't take this thread off topic.
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    Tesla in Australia

    as far a home link isn't that made only for the US, and also does tesla's sold outside the US(china, Europe etc) include home link?, also as far as 3g goes hope they make a deal with Telstra, if not you can always use your mobile phone data from your phone via bluetooth(or is it wifi?)
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    GEN III - When will we see the first prototype

    Elon musk spoke on the 25th april 2014 about the 3rd gen car(comments from 10:40) Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX | Video | C-SPAN.org trying to get to mass market car in just 3 major design generations, to get to a $35,000 price point that car will be 20% smaller which will drop the price of...
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    BMW i3

    could someone please tell me if the i3 with range-extender is like the chevy volt as far as if you run out of electrity the ICE starts and then if you need to refill again you can stop at another gas station because i watched a review that made it sound like after the petrol/gas ran out the i3...

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