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    Anyone not had 2020.24.6 yet

    Mine has just finished installing 20.17,wish i had the extra cameras might not or curbed my wheel yesterday
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    What brand/car did your Tesla replace?

    Merc c350e, ran it for 4 years , but would you believe not was well built as the m3 ( back seat would squeek every time you went over a bump) was also starting to die with multiple sensor failure dispute low mileage, no regrets, and loving being ice free.
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    Rolec EV Wallpod

    Must have different chargers, when I called rolec they recommend cef as official part suppler so they should have the part you need
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    Rolec EV Wallpod

    Here you go it was cef.co.uk Part ACEQ0150 32A Single Pole and Neutral 2 Module 6kA Type C 30mA RCBO
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    Rolec EV Wallpod

    Will dig it out and send it
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    Rolec EV Wallpod

    Got one of the older dumb chargers, loud clunk is a pain as mine is on the outside of bedroom wall, worked ok for 4 years with my hybrid but did trip quite a lot, lasted a week before it died with the M3, rcbo burnt out ( was one of the blue ones) replaced with a new rcbo for £20 ( upgraded...
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    2020 build quality & defects thread

    SR+ picked up Dec, have to say really impressed with quantity, last two cars both mercs and build quality is easily as good , 3m and 3k miles in only issues to come to light are slight rattle in the drivers seatbelt mechanism ( right by my ear) and the front section of the roof has been fitted...
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    Rolec rcbo Tripping

    Never worked out why the damp made a difference. If you can isolate the charger ,/ know a friendly electrion it's worth checking the connections in the rcbo as they can vibrate loose. Give all the connections a once over. If it's being check by a electrician get the consumer unit wiring checked...
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    Rolec rcbo Tripping

    Just recently had to replace my rcbo after it burned out after 4years of use ( old blue type) however whist checking the wiring found the cause was a Lose wire on the isolater switch between the consumer unit and the rcbo which had been arcing as well. Have replaced both and can now charge at...
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    Invoices for supercharging in Tesla Account Error

    What browser you using, mine works on works on ms edge beta , but not internet explorer
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    Tesla TV Web App

    Just tried again and looks like the page is down ☹️
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    Tesla TV Web App

    Agree re the black and white, far to retro
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    Tesla TV Web App

    How do you install flash player for all4 wil not let me select the version to download? Other than that fantastic , Dave on demand in the car, never getting out now
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Software updates come through fine , just don't have the service element I am guessing will also not have the option for premium services when that is rolled out Checked my account and neither car or lease company show (but i do have a referral code Also as i don't have a car on my account i...
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    thats fantastic thank you will give that a go as well currently got a complaint open as it was agreed before signing up would have full access , and should premium services become available i want to be able to sign up to them should i so wish
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Is anyone with lex Autolease , I am having issues with getting the car to show up in my account , as a result only have basic access to the app, with no options for servicing / contacting Tesla ? (had the car since the 6th Dec )
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    Phone key problems

    Had the same issue the other day, turned out it was a problem with Tesla's servers, I was locked out via my phone all weekend had to wait until Monday when they re set the server. When I question what I would I do if to get in the car, their response was get someone to bring the key card out to me.
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Agree , and my order has gone in Would expect there to be a rush and longer wait times As a result of increasing demand
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    Charging spot blocked? no problem..

    Glad I am not the only one who Recognised the location. Never used it as I only live 3 miles up the road. Re 3 hours takes that long just to get it that blasted carpark some days
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    Electric car newbie

    Hi Another newbie here just ordered m3 after running a phev for the last 4 years Very excited taken 2 years to get my company to agree ev is the future. Re running cost gov estimated cost is 4p for the bev and 14p for phev ( or 22p for a 2l phev) so it's one hell of a saving, however with the...

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