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    Air (free or not) at gas stations in US

    I am not aware of where you live in the USA, but I have to pay $1 for a couple of minutes of "air" at service stations in the Phoenix area.
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    Trick to Programming Homelink With Liftmaster

    Actually only one GDO is involved. The other two signals are for gates on our community. For some reason or another, the fob for the gates will open all 3 gates, but when I pair up, only two gates open, hence I set up a third homelink and used the same fob to program it, and that is when the...
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    Trick to Programming Homelink With Liftmaster

    I have a 2015 Model S85D with 75,000 miles which just went through a factory reset after replacent of the instrument harness. All info including homelink connections was gone. As I tried to rebuild the connections, I ran into a problem where if I put three openers into the system, it would...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I have a 2015 MS85D with 75K miles on it. Over the 4.5 years of ownership and the stated mileage, I have lost only about 6% (17 miles) of the original 270 mi of range. However, when traveling from AZ, I pulled into a supercharger (Del Mar Heights, CA) with the charge limit set at 90% and the...
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    MCU replacement new or old?

    My MCU (2015 S85 D) was replaced under warranty (extended) yesterday after episodes of losing the NAV screen, then the screen behind the wheel, then difficulties in waking up the vehicle. The Tesla Service center at Scottsdale was very professional and thorough,. I am totally pleased with the...
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Meltdown / Near Fire

    I have had a similar experience at some of the early model superchargers. I have noticed that the "handles" on the newer ones seem cushioned and only get warm. I did mention it to the mobile tech who met me in a shopping center to replace my passenger side airbag. He said that Tesla has...
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Meltdown / Near Fire

    A related issue is the amount of heat generated during charging at home with a Tesla home charge unit. When I ordered our 2015 Model S 85 D, the wall-mount was offered as an option and so I purchased it along with the car. I arrived about three weeks before the auto was delivered and I had a...
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    Dog Mode Improvement Needed

    I am not a dog owner, however if I did have a dog, I would be wary of using "dog mode" here in AZ, lest some concerned citizen, not knowing about that feature, would call animal rescue to break the glass and release the pet from the "hot" car. I live where the temperature in the summer can...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    About 2-3 weeks ago my NAV system stopped responding to voice commands while driving. When I tried to reboot, the screen remained black. I stopped, called the Tesla tech assistance line who said they could not communicate with the car, but would have a mobile tech scheduled to come out to...
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    Unexpectedly purchasing an M3 for delivery on Tuesday

    Just an additional note of support for Joe Huber's endorsement of the advantages of having the Tesla all connector. The 14-50 will draw only 80% of the current available to it, as will the wall connector. However the Wall connector will handle a 100 amp line, and therefore will charge at twice...
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    Are you OK with AutoPilot jail?

    My only complaint is that it does not sense the direct pressure of my hands on the wheel, only failure to exercise rotational resistance. I can be driving "hands on" and have the alert go off. It requires that it sense resistance to rotation caused by curves in the road as the car follows...
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    My S85D and Tesla life at 50K miles

    April 17, 2015 85D, here, and 60,000 miles. Bought the extended warranty after hearing that my neighbor paid $1900 to replace the compressor on his 2013 P85 at about 60.000 miles. I, too, remember the days of driving out of the way to reach a SC (remember Lusk, WY?). We recently completed a...
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    Cooling fan activity in high heat areas

    As a Phoenix area owner, I can attest to the phenomenon of hyper fan activity during our hot weather. Prior to last summer our 2015 Model S 85D was typically on the road in cooler climes during the hottest weather. Last summer the car was here in June, July, and August. As the weather became...
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    Theft Of Components Off My Model S @ Cleveland Service Center

    What an experience! So sorry to hear that happened I am sure that Tesla will make you whole. I did want to comment upon the tail light issue. Shortly after I took delivery in 2015, I noticed moisture in the rear tail lights and listed that among punch list items for a visit to the SC in...
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    Anyone here using the Windows Phone app "Tesla Connect"?

    Windows OS Mobile App Available There is a free phone App now available for Windows phone users. Go to the apps "store" on your phone, use the search symbol in the store app and enter Tesla Connect. The app will come up and it is easily installed. It will ask for the email you used for...
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    My wish list would include elements of some of those already listed, however in addition, I would like to see the media player add software which would allow playing talking books from an external DVD/CD drive. In addition, for those of us who use Windows OS phones, I would like to see APPs...

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