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    Supercharger - Henryetta, OK

    Found this useful site but does not yet show Henryetta. supercharge.info
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    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    Thanks though Henryetta OK would be the split from Catoosa to Denison TX
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    Supercharger - Henryetta, OK

    There is a Quik Trip there. Address: 903 E Trudgeon St, Henryetta, OK 74437, United States
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    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    its been “coming soon” for 6 years. There is a Quik Trip there which could be used. Address: 903 E Trudgeon St, Henryetta, OK 74437, United States
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    Supercharger - Denison, TX

    Thanks. There is a Quik Trip there. Address: 903 E Trudgeon St, Henryetta, OK 74437, United States
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    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    Add Henryetta OK (largest gap in US per list)supercharger here (Supercharger Voting | Tesla). It does not appear on the list but you can add it.
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    Supercharger - Denison, TX

    Add Henryetta, ok supercharger here..(Supercharger Voting | Tesla). It’s not on the list but you can suggest it
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    Supercharger - Henryetta, OK

    Go here (Supercharger Voting | Tesla) and vote. Henryetta is not on the list but you can suggest a location….
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    Supercharger - Denison, TX

    As I recall there were 8 stalls. No idea why the concrete had been cut. No signs of that when we were there.
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    Supercharger - Denison, TX

    We were by there a few weeks ago, the chargers were all operational. The pumps and restaurant were nearing completion but not yet open. It was getting close though. Workers were hanging signage.
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    cleaning bugs on grille area

    A product named Bugs ‘N All works very well. I got it via Amazon
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    Supercharger - Henryetta, OK

    Input the want in twittter, Tesla supercharger. They are taking input on where to add superchargers
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    Water in right side fender repeater camera

    My camera began to fail. Flicker and go out at times. Opened a ticket with SC. It was replaced under warranty
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    And are needed NOW. See largest gaps on interstates. Henryetta Oklahoma is #1
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    Supercharger - Denison, TX

    Any update regarding the Denison supercharger?
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    Just ordered the Amazon one above
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    Upgrade to latest trim to eliminate seatbelt rattle

    These also work quite well…Amazon.com: LKHF 2Pcs/Set Car Safety Belt Buckle Cover Anti-Scratch Silicon Seat Belt Buckle Protector Accessories : Baby
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    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    Hopefully someone from Tesla supercharger logistics is paying attention to this list. The Henryetta OK supercharger has been “coming soon” for 6 years
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    Seats in Y?

    I have owned Mercedes and Volvos. I find the seats in MY as comfortable if not more so than those
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    Who ordered a Tesla Model Y without test driving one first?

    I ordered one without first test driving one. I saw enough videos to understand the dynamics. Received delivery in KC and drove home. have been very pleased with the vehicle
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    265/40 - 20s Michelin Pilot Sport AS 4 on Inductions- One month 1400 miles report

    Thank you for your report. I’m also considering these when it’s time to change
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    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

    Requested to be notified when back in stock
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    Phone Mount Recommendations

    I’m looking for a console mount, not a cup holder mount. I had a great one for my Volvo XC90 from pro clip but they do not have one for Tesla. I have cobbled one together from Parts from pro clip but it’s not perfect
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    Fan Created Concept

    I applaud the OP. Well thought out and interesting design.
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    Supercharger - Henryetta, OK

    Wonder if twitter this to Elon would help push it along
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    LTE Connectivity

    Mine would fail after every update, anywhere from one to four days. Neither soft or hard resets corrected the issue. I finally submitted a service request. Remote diagnosis indicated a faulty communication board and Tesla replaced it. One update followed and LTE worked flawlessly
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    Lost Navigation and Tesla Music since update

    I normally lose LTE after updates. Rebooting doesn’t seem to bring it back but it returns after a few days. Unknown reason
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    Please check BBB before order tesla

    Another new account whiner
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    Delivery in Oklahoma City

    Delivery was excellent. I had no trade as I sold prior car to friend. Rented a car from Enterprise and dropped off in KC only a block or two from delivery center. Checked out vehicle which they opened and signed off on paperwork and app. Only at delivery center for about 45 mins then drove it...
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    Delivery in Oklahoma City

    I live near Tulsa and picked up my model Y in Kansas City in March. You can thank the dealership network and their lobbying groups for blocking direct sales in Oklahoma
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    Sleep vs. Deep Sleep ON/OFF

    so Then I bow to the “expert”
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    Sleep vs. Deep Sleep ON/OFF

    I am not misunderstanding the feature. I was responding to the OPs question
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    Sleep vs. Deep Sleep ON/OFF

    From the TezLab FAQ - Deep Sleep Assist is our default sleep mode setting and is recommended for all users. When enabled, Deep Sleep Assist will activate after your car has been idle for a period of time. Upon activating, data polling of your vehicle is intelligently backed off in increasing...
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    Sleep vs. Deep Sleep ON/OFF

    You may wish to check out TezLab app. It has a deep sleep assist which appears to work quite well. I have been using it for about 6 weeks. Nice app
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    If you can't sleep in it, it is not self-driving

    This is also how I view autopilot Here's What An Actual Pilot Thinks Of Tesla's Autopilot
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    And about thermal management….. Munro Live Compares Ford Mach-E Thermal System To Tesla Model Y
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    Biodefense mode

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    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    Pictures please
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    I purchased a CHAdeMO adapter from Tesla a few weeks ago. they came back in stock with limited supply and sold out quickly
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    Here is one of the threads No Homelink, No Problem
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    No, model Y is not delivered with Homelink. I had it installed at the service center a week after delivery. the are other choices such as a remote door opener, some people use Alexa and give voice commands. See other threads for details
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    My Frunk Cooler Setup

    Yes. The Costco ones as shown in the OPs picture
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    My Frunk Cooler Setup

    Thanks. Just picked up 2 of these. Well made and great size. Thanks for the tip
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    I need recommendations for Graphene Spray Coatings

    Have you tried it? If not you may wish to.
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    I need recommendations for Graphene Spray Coatings

    There are a number of videos on YouTube where varios coatings and sprays are tested and results shown
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    Hello from the UK

    Congratulations and welcome
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    Hello to all

    Welcome!! I am a fellow Model Y owner in Broken Arrow
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    Homelink question

    Yes, you can manually operate the door opener. When near the house, a small drop down appears where this can be done
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    LHC209 Luftt Filter Availability

    Looks like Amazon may have them https://www.amazon.com/LUFTT-HEPA-Cabin-Filter-LHC109/dp/B086YJS48P

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