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  1. dss33

    Supercharger - Sammamish, WA

    Lots of activity, including two Tesla Energy crates onsite. Plenty of digging and electrical work seems to be somewhat imminent.
  2. dss33

    Supercharger - Sammamish, WA

    I live around the corner from here. Will try to post updates as I see activity.
  3. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Pearl white, black interior, induction wheels, 7 seats :-)
  4. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Yep - in front of rear wheel wells.
  5. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    March 2019 (reveal day or just before) but we were waiting for the 7-seater and then put order on hold hoping to HEPA after China models got it. Decided if it hadn't appeared in Q1 or early Q2 we'd jump in anyway and took the hold off in mid-April.
  6. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Took delivery of a white/black AWD LR 7-seater this morning. Driver brought the car from Bellevue (we're in Mill Creek) and was right in the middle of the window. Called us just before leaving to be sure we were ready. Delivery was smooth, took about 5 minutes, and he Uber-ed back to Bellevue...
  7. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Just an email. And it was in the account when I logged in. Might be worth logging into your Tesla account to check if that agreement’s waiting for ya.
  8. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Me too, though for 10:00 AM. I got the lending agreement signature request at 10:00 AM today. So maybe you'll get yours (if you have a loan arranged through Tesla) at 4:00 PM? There is something you sign digitally at delivery, but as far as I understand it, that's about it.
  9. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Sweet. Our S had one already installed when we got it. I can't tell you how annoying it was to get it off. I did it successfully without damaging the paint. But man was that dumb. We did 3 years (lease) with the S with no front plate and we're going on 3 years with our 3 without a front plate...
  10. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Did you get Performance? From what I've seen, only MYP has the new headlights. So that's odd they'd say any differently, especially in writing. Re: lumbar, perhaps you can get a service credit to get it installed at a later date? It isn't important to most people, but when we all ordered, it was...
  11. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Almost forgot to ask - was front license plate bracket installed, or just included (for you to install) in the frunk?
  12. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    That's all 100% legit. I did it with my 3 back in 2018 (when builds weren't quite as good as they are today). Most builds I've heard about recently have been excellent though if you're nitpicky or have bad luck, you can use blue painter's tape to mark off all items you want addressed on the car...
  13. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Looks to be gone around VIN 190000.
  14. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    That’s incredibly helpful, thank you! Also went for white out and black in. Our VIN’s just a few hundred above yours so it sounds like we got em from the same batch. Super stoked!
  15. dss33

    CA Waiting Room

    Internet on an Apple Watch is $10 a month. Think of how much more data your car uses for those features (video streaming alone).
  16. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Hey! Taking home delivery of our LR Y on Thurs (likely from Bellevue). Anything I should think about/look for in particular? Did they insist on inspecting then or mention X day period that you'd have to report back with due bill list of requested fixes? Also, what color did you get? Have taken...
  17. dss33

    Current Delivery Times

    Ego mowers do. There are some 80v models out there that work really well. Even my 40v Ryobi can handle anything I throw at it. Give em a look! Unless you need to cut thick wet grass regularly, and a lot of it, you should be good.
  18. dss33

    Where to do window tinting in Puget Sound area?

    One semi-unrelated note of caution. People have had issues with tint and electronics when tinting the front windshield. Because so much water is needed when applying the tint, it can get under the dash and into electronics therein. Installers will usually still give it a go if you insist, but...
  19. dss33

    Where to do window tinting in Puget Sound area?

    Check out Jay's Auto Tint in Kirkland too. For the Y, I've done a ton of research and would recommend the following: Front: 20 - 25% (rear windows are colored at about 24%, though windshield brings in lots of light, meaning going a little darker is OK for the front two) Rears and Hatch: 70%...
  20. dss33

    Anyone have experience with these pre-cut tint kits?

    Totally. My understanding is that the roof does have very good UV and IR rejection (particularly relative to the rear windows which are just smoked). Is that not the case?
  21. dss33

    Anyone have experience with these pre-cut tint kits?

    Good to know! I was initially just going to do front (25% ultimate, yep!) but after reading up on how rear windows are just smoked and don't block a ton of IR (and aren't as good on UV as good tint), I'm thinking about doing all windows (ceramic, 25% front and 70% rears and hatch).
  22. dss33

    Anyone have experience with these pre-cut tint kits?

    Excellent points, including a few I hadn't thought about before. I may still attempt, but I have a better sense for where to pay more attention and maybe tempered expectations.
  23. dss33

    Anyone have experience with these pre-cut tint kits?

    Has anyone purchased DIY tint kits for the 3 or Y? I'm looking at these and in theory it seems like a great idea, but wanted to be sure there isn't a catch. I'm very comfortable with the install - more so looking for experience with the material/pre-cut pieces. TIA...
  24. dss33

    Model-Y 7 seater floor mat recommendations

    Yeh, that's not to spec. I don't know what's involved in adjusting (or if they can even be adjusted...I would assume that they can) but it's definitely worth pinging service about this.
  25. dss33

    Any Model Y with new projector headlights in the USA?

    Yep. Ever since MIC Y got HEPA. I get the difference in markets between US and China, but air quality is air quality. It makes a huge difference.
  26. dss33

    "Acoustic glass" windshields on new Model Ys?

    I wonder if this is something Safelite can do too. We've been putting off replacing our Model 3's windshield after a big chip but this would change things.
  27. dss33

    Washington State Waiting Room

    That's right. Salesperson can say just about anything but if it isn't on the paperwork, no dice. With Tesla, because upgrades are made regularly and not every model year, there's even less of a chance this will happen.
  28. dss33

    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    They're pushing it as a point of sale rebate pretty hard so unfortunately there's a good chance it won't be retroactive. In particular, because the credit/rebate's purpose is to encourage more EV purchases. That said, no one really knows what's going to happen.
  29. dss33

    Crater Lake - Charger Options

    We did this trip in our S75D and it was a blast. This was years ago too, so it's probably even easier now. Check out Book Your Cabin Rentals Near Crater Lake, OR | Crater Lake Camping. They have a Tesla charger. It's free for guests or if you spend $10 in the store. We rented a cabin there...
  30. dss33

    How many are waiting to order or postponing the delivery date due to proposed Tax Credit

    Existing tax credit would go away (wouldn't impact Tesla or GM since they already maxed out) and EV drivers would be taxed on their driving. And it wouldn't increase the gas tax. That's...so stupid. They're such a joke.
  31. dss33

    Recommended NEMA 14-50 installer in the Snohomish area?

    Lightsmith is solid. They're on Rt 9 in Snohomish. Good people too. https://lightsmithelectricllc.com/
  32. dss33

    New Tesla Y defective - what would you do?

    It's true that the motor is akin to a car's engine, however it's far simpler, smaller, and less expensive. A DU runs about $750 and is the size of a large watermelon. The advice here is spot on. Ensure they have all of the parts before you bring it in, that they can secure a Tesla loaner for...
  33. dss33

    Retroactive & at-sale full $7500 EV tax credit (Electric Credit Access Ready at Sale [CARS] Act)

    Re: #2 - that's probably the most salient point. And that goes hand-in-hand with the point of sale rebate/discount, which wouldn't be retroactive (whereas tax credits typically apply to a tax year and would more likely be retroactive). Hopefully we'll know more very soon now that the...
  34. dss33

    New features arriving for Model Y in 2021

    I've been waiting for exactly this. Normally, I'm not a waiter for this sorts of non-guaranteed features but I feel like they'll roll it out early in Q2. Kinda crazy to have so many different parts for HVAC between US and China models.
  35. dss33

    7-seat config waiting room

    Same. Holding out hope for HEPA too?
  36. dss33

    7-seat config waiting room

    How do you like the rugged textile trunk mat?
  37. dss33

    Took delivery -

    Center console, door trim, and HEPA are distinct parts. They very well may update US models to include all three, we don't know. They may be going through existing part inventory still for door trim and headlights and parts that are replaced by HEPA...or they may keep HEPA and door trim as...
  38. dss33

    7-seat config waiting room

    In the past more so, they were shipping all of their cars, globally, from one factory in California. So they'd build for Europe and Asia in the first half of the quarter and ship those on boats (which take a while) and then spend the last half of the quarter building and delivering in the US and...
  39. dss33

    7-seat config waiting room

    I haven't seen a single HEPA confirmed outside of China. Have people actually confirmed it and posted photos on US Model Ys?
  40. dss33

    Air Suspension Appears on EPC in China

    Curious to hear how that goes! If you don't mind me asking, what's the effort/cost to install? Is it these or is there a stock part that's less expensive? Model Y Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™
  41. dss33

    Acceleration Boost Still Available?

    I was going to ask the same. I would assume it's just like FSD where it sticks with the car.
  42. dss33

    Model Y Acceleration Deficit Needs Fixing

    Can you purchase the $2k acceleration boost in the AWD Model Y like you can in the AWD Model 3?
  43. dss33

    Model Y with new headlights

    I've considered those but they're not the same. It's not a massive difference, but we had an S with HEPA before our 3 and the air quality and smells are noticeable. With the S, nothing from outside gets into the cabin (in terms of what you can actually sense). Driving a zero-emission car makes...
  44. dss33

    Model Y with new headlights

    Very nice! Just need HEPA confirmed and I can take my order off hold. Makes a huge difference with the annual wildfires we now get on the west coast.
  45. dss33

    7-seat config waiting room

    That complicates things even further. They're already selling every car they make. Major issues with deliveries are the exception, not the rule. They should focus on fixing the issues instead of creating a separate queue of cars. The best process is no process. A little patience goes a long way :-)
  46. dss33

    7-seat config waiting room

    There are a ton of factors and it's logistically pretty difficult. A normal automaker essentially makes what they want (config-wise) and ships them to dealers. Customers then go to the dealer and choose from what's on the lot. For Tesla, they're building different configs in exterior...
  47. dss33

    Has Tesla changed the glossy center console in the 2021 Model Y?

    MY with new console spotted today
  48. dss33

    MY with new console spotted today

    Wondering the same. Thanks for asking! Need it for summers in the PNW now.
  49. dss33

    3dMaxSpider Mats in 7 seater

    I've been a big 3D fan for a while now but I'm just seeing what I think are brand new rugged textile mats from Tesla. Not that they're super similar, but close enough in style and purpose/material. Though Tesla's are made with recycled content and are themselves recyclable too which is pretty...
  50. dss33

    7-seat config waiting room

    Pure speculation, but I wonder if this is due to updates on the line for HEPA? New console switchover likely included too, though that should be relatively basic as it (and the door time if that was also updated) ostensibly fit just like the old parts did. But the HEPA and HVAC changes are a...

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