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  1. ULEWZ

    They made Homelink harder to use again.

    I don't mind the smaller Homelink button as long as it pops up when in range. My problem is it goes back to a small icon as soon as I move my car (like out of the garage). Then I have to hit the small Homelink icon to get it to pop up yet again. Notice to Elon, if it aint broke.......
  2. ULEWZ

    Still waiting for FSD Beta. Is Tesla giving it on 20222.44.2?

    Yes, I got it yesterday, but have not had a chance to try it yet. Note: this is my first iteration of FSD Beta.
  3. ULEWZ

    Still waiting for FSD Beta. Is Tesla giving it on 20222.44.2?

    Yes, Linky. Note, V11 will start rollout next week according to Elon.
  4. ULEWZ

    How do I know when I receive FSD beta?

    Up to a 91, just maybe.....
  5. ULEWZ

    How do I know when I receive FSD beta?

    Man, I opted in and after one day of normal to me driving, I have a safety score of 82! This might not be for me.
  6. ULEWZ

    Former Presidential Candidate calls for Federal Government to pull FSD from public roads ASAP

    You have two threads on this same thing. I am starting to think you have an ax to grind? Are you affiliated with the competing software?
  7. ULEWZ

    Sentry camera on app

    The recent update put mine back to off. Just toggle it back on in Security.
  8. ULEWZ

    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    Just loaded software 2022.16.1.1, and it does not fix it either. I was hopeful, but no. On a brighter note, the car visualizations are stunning now.
  9. ULEWZ

    Version 2022.16.x

    Lets hope, thanks. Still waiting on mine to pony up to a new release.
  10. ULEWZ

    Version 2022.16.x

    Great, let us know if the Sentry SSD storage issue is fixed (not having the X nor having to unplug/replug the SD card).
  11. ULEWZ


    Now I need a floating tire pressure indication (like before) and the ability to increase font size (like every cell phone ever made!!!). Being able to add the wiper icon and defrost is a great start.
  12. ULEWZ

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    Wow, check out this new Ryobi with a joystick!!! and now with Li batteries. Linky
  13. ULEWZ

    What's the EV life like when Model 3 is the only car and drives 40k+ miles a year? Spoiler Alert, very long experience sharing

    I love my model 3 performance, but man, do NOT get in an accident (I haven't but a friend did). Parts take forever to arrive (his car took 2 months to get back) and the cost is MASSIVE to repair (all sensors need to be recalibrated at a TESLA certified body shop). Note, insurance for my M3P is...
  14. ULEWZ


    Close Sentry. That is what I had to do.
  15. ULEWZ

    Way to turn on only heated seats without climate control from app?

    For those of us with bad backs, I sometimes would turn on the seat heater to sooth my back, even with the A/C on. Auto seat heaters are useless to me.
  16. ULEWZ

    Poll on V11 interface

    Please give me a small card for tire pressure that stays put if desired. This is very useful if you have a slow leak, or want to see how your tire pressure is increasing in the heat. And allow the apps location to put controls there, not just useless apps. Sometimes my wife switches seats with...
  17. ULEWZ

    Android: how to get the latest app for Safety Score

    Has anybody sideloaded 4.2.0-693 yet that dropped yesterday? 4.2.0-693
  18. ULEWZ

    FS: Stock Suspension from Performance Model 3

    Given away, Please close thread.
  19. ULEWZ

    FS: Stock Suspension from Performance Model 3

    Here is a picture of what you get: Note, it goes to the metal scavenger soon, the money is not important to me.
  20. ULEWZ

    FS: Stock Suspension from Performance Model 3

    Need these gone, $100 or best offer. Local pickup only. About 14,000 miles on them when I upgraded to coilovers. PM me please.
  21. ULEWZ

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    There must be a problem with 2021.24.3 as my car is now updating to 2021.24.4. No release notes, just the same wording as 2021.24.3. And my battery icon is green again, yay, and I believe the time is larger font?
  22. ULEWZ

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    Do the double steering wheel button push if the download does not take. That is what I had to do, now I have carwash mode and watched a movie on Disney+ yesterday.
  23. ULEWZ

    Replacement Sun visor

    Did you move the seat all the way up and forward? That is how the cleaning crew broke my mirror. Just make a service appointment through the app, and Tesla will come to you. Mine was covered under warranty as this was considered a design issue.
  24. ULEWZ

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    I just came back from Idaho to Los Angeles last week in my Acura and never once plotted out a gas station stop (there is gas at least every 30 miles, so no problem). When you plan to stop every 200 miles with a reserve of 100-200 miles, there is always a station to stop at. I did the same going...
  25. ULEWZ

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    In Texas, one of my destinations, the speed limit is 80mph, so all bets with suggested range are going to be off at that speed. I find a useful range of 180 miles at that speed (from 80% charge) in my P3D. I also find the suggested distances are for 70mph or less which I hardly ever do, so plan...
  26. ULEWZ

    Tesla Wave

    I had a JKUR
  27. ULEWZ

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    25% is nothing to worry about. I would recommend 10% left. It will make you pucker the first few times, but once you trust it, the charging rate is faster, so less time at the supercharger.
  28. ULEWZ

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    I wonder how to exit carwash mode for those drive through car washes? Hopefully just hit Drive (right stalk down).
  29. ULEWZ

    Tesla Wave

    I seem to own vehicles that have a wave, Corvette (most waves I got in a car), Jeep Wrangler (many people wave, but not all), Sportbike (90% wave). Tesla, not so much.
  30. ULEWZ

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    Sorry, not a claim, it is fact in my case. And yes, the wife and I share driving duties and stop for the night half way. I have done this 4 times, so I know it to be fact, but believe what you want. I was just expressing my experiences. Did I enjoy the Tesla long distance driving experience...
  31. ULEWZ

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    I have driven from Los Angeles to Post Falls, ID and from Los Angeles to Austin TX. Superchargers were only a problem where it told me to slow down to 60mph to make the next supercharger (that was not good as the semi's were passing me). Most of the distances between superchargers were 150 miles...
  32. ULEWZ

    Model 3 12v Battery issues, monitoring, Aftermarket replacement

    The wife went into the Tesla and it opened the door, then rolled down the divers window and would not move. The DRLs were flashing, and the panel was dead. I had to show her the emergency release handle to get her out LOL. Then I called for service. After a while, the car app would show...
  33. ULEWZ

    Which vaccine did you get?

    Honestly, I want to get on with my life. I got the shot to speed that along. I get a flu shot every year, so no difference to me. I have been getting the flu shot for 30+ years and I am still alive, yay.
  34. ULEWZ

    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Adjust for softer compression/rebound by turning towards the Minus sign which is higher numbers. Smaller numbers are stiffer but better for handling. Currently at 10R/12C, 7-19-20 (my soft settings). For twisties, 8R/10C). Rebound at the top, compression at the bottom. Clockwise or...
  35. ULEWZ

    Model 3 Performance Changes [in suspension and tires]

    I have had 3 C6 Vettes before buying my P3S, and can say until you get coilovers like I have, the Vette is much better at high speed cornering, and low speed turns with undulations. My P3S is very close to the Vette now when I have my sport coilovers set to 10/8. I run a Corvette group (yes, led...
  36. ULEWZ

    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    This is what I find works best for me: Currently at 10R/12C, (my soft settings). For twisties, 8R/10C). Rebound at the top, compression at the bottom.
  37. ULEWZ

    Rotor Retention Bolt (Aftermarket Wheel Install)

    That is a symptom of the hub not being machined for the Performance land. It is clamping onto the land without sitting flush, so basically the small lip is what is holding the wheel on, not the entire wheel surface. Not safe.
  38. ULEWZ

    Any interest in a So. Cal. Twisty Run next Saturday the 9th of January?

    I will be meeting with my car friends at the Whole Foods at the corner of Tampa and Rinaldi in the Valley for a local twisty run. We will meet at 9:00am and blast off at 10:00am. If there is any interest post up or questions about the run. There is the Granada Hills supercharger 2.5 miles away...
  39. ULEWZ

    Do you pay for Premium Connectivity? If so, why?

    I got it for the traffic when doing a long trip and just kept it (lazy I guess). Have driven to Idaho and to Austin Tx from Los Angeles area, and enjoyed it. We took the wife's RDX to Austin this last time and it saved us hours in driving and we were able to choose a better route. Lane keep...
  40. ULEWZ

    Twisty mountain roads driving tips?

    Grip is everything. All season tires will never handle like a good summer tire, and in Los Angeles, it is not required (my opinion) unless you go to the mountains with snow on the ground. I assume you were on the Crest? I find the stock suspension to not be conducive to fast twisty driving, and...
  41. ULEWZ

    Suspension Mod help

    I have the MPP sport coilovers, and have them dropped only 1/2 inch from stock. Keep in mind, whatever you do, you will need to have the alignment checked/fixed. I was able to get mine in the stock zone, but anymore than 1/2 inch would be difficult (runs out of adjustment room at the top of the...
  42. ULEWZ

    Performance Track mode

    Keep in mind that the cruise control does not work in track mode, and the fan noise is loud. So maybe increased wear and tear on the fans, conversely with less battery issues due to the better increased cooling?
  43. ULEWZ

    Canyon carving set up? M3 LR AWD

    Parades are not my thing. We meet at the stop signs, and never start a new direction without waiting for the back markers. Never Gone towards San Diego way, but have had a few corvette friends show up for our roads.
  44. ULEWZ

    Canyon carving set up? M3 LR AWD

    Little T is only 15 min from my house, so I use it for testing suspension bits. Lots of undulations, and very tight. I avoid Malibu like the plague due to the millions of bicycle riders two and three abreast, sportbike riders riding over their heads crossing over the double yellow (I was a fast...
  45. ULEWZ

    Canyon carving set up? M3 LR AWD

    I have no experience with the Eiback products, but I do with the MPP Sport Coilovers. They transform the car. Trying to drive Little T fast with my stock Model 3 Performance was not fun. Wallowed in the corners and felt very unsettling. Not so anymore with the MPPs. I am also a huge Michelin PS4...
  46. ULEWZ

    Tesla removes regenerative braking strength option

    Na, Hold, but I will double check the misses didn't change anything. I read, colder weather can have an impact, so maybe that. Anywho, I need to use my brake more than before. Maybe it's the weather, the charge state, or a software update.
  47. ULEWZ

    Tesla removes regenerative braking strength option

    Ha, I am probably misremembering. All I know is now I have to use my brake on standard, where before I could use just the regin. That I am positive of.

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