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  1. CactusOne

    [12V] Battery died while car was parked

    On a side note..I have a new OEM 12V battery for sale if anyone is interested. I ended up buying a Lithium Ion. Battery is new and never installed. Phoenix, AZ area.
  2. CactusOne

    Yeah, I Bought A Digital License Plate.....sigh.....

    The TWO places I hated the most where< Gas Stations and DMV. I NEVER have to go to those places again. Here in Arizona, we don’t need a sticker to ride in the HOV lane, Just the Alternative Fuel “Cloud” plate. The original state issued plate is baby blue, that didn’t look too good on my red M3P...
  3. CactusOne

    ~$17 a month for Digital Rplate

    I went for it as soon as it became available in Arizona and can’t wait to put in on my CT. We don’t have to option to personalize the captions yet.. “Alternative Fuel” is the only option.
  4. CactusOne

    Tesla Cybertruck reservations lower than expected

    Order number is random I believe..My number is “RN112755347” and I ordered day one as the glass broke.
  5. CactusOne

    Vehicle Wrap - Newbie questions

    My wife wanted the Tiffany Blue wrap by Inozetek, so we went with the standard white to save money. We paid $2500 in Arizona.
  6. CactusOne

    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    Original 20 inch wheels...just Powder Coated..
  7. CactusOne

    Stereo won't turn off

    Do you have after market “puddle” lights by any chance? I had one of my aftermarket lights cause some weird behavior..window not lowering and making the stereo come on and off when the door was open... I noticed during installation, when you unplug the factory lights, the windows go up all the...
  8. CactusOne

    Stereo won't turn off

    I’m suspecting camping mode also...Curious what happens if you stand outside the car and use the app to lock the car? Does the stereo turn off then?
  9. CactusOne

    Any model 3 owners with a 3D printer?

    Great to see people helping people! Kudos
  10. CactusOne

    Can "Summon" Pease Help Me?

    YOU are always responsible for the vehicle. Using summon is at your own risk, You should always use the Press and Hold feature on the summon and always have a clear view of the car. You simply release your finger if you see a potential safety issue and the car will stop. Currently Smart Summon...
  11. CactusOne

    Display UI Issues

    I think you can still send a “bug report” via the voice recognition system. I haven’t tried it in a while, since Tesla has “fixed” most of my gripes over the years... Try pushing the right scroll wheel and say “bug report”, along with a short message explaining your bug or grip. No guarantee...
  12. CactusOne

    Roadside Assistance experience: Flat Tire

    Two tips for all Tesla Owners..I own 2..Model 3P and a Y. Tip 1. Discount tire offers tire warranty for about $240 bucks on our tires. If they cant fix it, they will replace it. Great deal since each tire is about $370 bucks. Tip 2. Get a Spare Tire from ModernSpare.com for under $400...
  13. CactusOne

    Any model 3 owners with a 3D printer?

    Can I ask why you dont want to use the suction cups? Looks like if you remove and install the bracket upside down it will sit flat on the dash for more support and hold your light in place.
  14. CactusOne

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    Looking into getting the digital plate from Reviver for our Tesla’s. Here in Arizona, electric vehicles get a blue “cloud plate” that allows alternative fuel vehicles in the HOV lane with any number of occupants.. I am waiting on an answer from Reviver to see if they have an agreement with the...
  15. CactusOne

    New Console Organizer tray and accessories

    My wife can not have enough cup holders..I purchased this insert that includes 2 more cup holders. ..she loves it..I may buy one for my 3 also... Car Interior Armrest Console Central Storage Box For Tesla Model 3 2017-19 | eBay PS..it will fit a model Y with the old style center counsel.
  16. CactusOne

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Thanks Spacep0d...and yes, the headlights have a “smoke” tint on them. Behind the display is a “Tesla Racing” decal
  17. CactusOne

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Our 3 has a new plaYmate..
  18. CactusOne

    Merry Christmas Tesla Family

    HEHE...Just had to mess with the wife again and rearranged some letters...let's see how long it will take to notice this year.. Happy Holidays!
  19. CactusOne

    Merry Christmas Tesla Family

    E06A848C-46CE-428E-B1D3-D4515B80E06B by CactusOne posted Dec 4, 2018 at 10:56 PM HEHE...Just had to mess with the wife again and rearranged some letters...let's see how long it will take to notice this year.. Happy Holidays!
  20. CactusOne

    New Tesla Wrap

    Thanks Deadaleck....the picture doesn’t show the color very well on the Y. The wrap is from Inozetek and the color is called Pearl Crystal Blue..As they say a “Happy Wife is a Happy Life”.. so she can wrap it any color she likes. :) Believe it or not, I took a chance and purchased the front...
  21. CactusOne

    New Tesla Wrap

    Added a new Y to the family. Talked the wife into wrapping it and she said “as long as I choose the color”.. Well, we got her Y back today...what do you think? I still love my M3P Tesla Family
  22. CactusOne

    Brand new Y with flat tire - my journey

    Here is what I did with our Model 3 and will do with our Y once it arrives Friday. Discount tire offers a warranty for new tires at around $245. I think it is a great deal since Tesla tires are not cheap. If you ever damage or have a flat, if they cant fix it, they will replace it. Also...
  23. CactusOne

    Lemon Law for Faulty Turn Signal Stock?

    This is a known issue on some 3’s, including my M3P. Simple phone call and mobile service replaced the stalk unit in my driveway.
  24. CactusOne

    Help diagnosing a rattle sound

    Not sure if this will help you, but I’m throwing it out there...I had a similar issue and I thought it was coming from the dash..Turns out it was the driver side visor..The airbag warning sticker gets “tacky” in the heat and would stick to the upholstery and make an anyone sound. I resolved it...
  25. CactusOne

    Pics of Model 3 with Grey Performance Wheels

    Here is Tessie..I went with Grey powder coating on the OEM wheels to match the carbon fiber chrome delete.
  26. CactusOne

    Tesla Model 3 should have a version that came this way

    Here is my version in Red
  27. CactusOne

    Anybody have a Front Lip spoiler?

    I got mine from Wish..lol Still looks nice
  28. CactusOne

    Before/After - Chrome Delete (on black)

    I’m also a fan of the Chrome Delete...I went with the Carbon Fiber look..
  29. CactusOne

    How to stop door handles from getting so hot?

    I live in Phoenix and had no issues with hot handle once I wrapped them..the option below is my next choice.. Carbon Fiber Exterior Door Handle Set for Tesla Model 3
  30. CactusOne

    How to stop door handles from getting so hot?

    Carbon Fiber Wrap works for me..Tesla Model 3 Performance
  31. CactusOne

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Tesla Model 3 Performance
  32. CactusOne

    SOLVED! Vibration sound by rear view mirror

    I’ve had my Model 3 for over a year and every now and then I can hear a VERY annoying vibration sound coming from around the rear view mirror. Tesla even replaced the mirror once for me and it did not solve it. Turns out it was a SIMPLE fix. Apparently the airbag warning sticker behind the...
  33. CactusOne

    Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 3-series - a personal view

    There are 6 Super Chargers between Corpus Christi and El Paso. You will not die in the desert in a Model 3..
  34. CactusOne

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Just got the wheels back from powder coating.
  35. CactusOne

    Accident on Brand New Model 3

    The body shop did not do a good job on the color match and they agreed to redo it..so its going back next week, Pain in the ass, It turned out more pink in the sun, rather than red. They also did not clear coat the under side of the hood. Had the owner look at it and he agreed, the color is...
  36. CactusOne

    Accident on Brand New Model 3

    Sorry to hear about your accident. I feel your pain. I had a guy hit me when as I driving home from the ceramic coating shop, Be prepared for a LONG wait period to get the repairs done, The Tesla approved shop had me bring in the car for a tare down so they can order the required parts so my...
  37. CactusOne

    TMC Forum is not S E X Y

    Thanks for the quick S3XY fix!
  38. CactusOne

    Sold my AWD non P for a Performance

    I also sold my RWD for the P..no regrets! Especially after getting the 5K back from TESLA.
  39. CactusOne

    Battery Drained 30% overnight..Big Flaw, Easy Fix

    I’m having a difficult time conveying my message. Yes, it was my fault for having a low SOC before this incident. I was in my garage, However, this is an electric vehicle that I may use to get from point A to B and then back to point A. Lets say once you are at point B the RIGHT rear door is...
  40. CactusOne

    Battery Drained 30% overnight..Big Flaw, Easy Fix

    I need Stats for Android.
  41. CactusOne

    Battery Drained 30% overnight..Big Flaw, Easy Fix

    Lol..Best explanation so far. Hmmm, time to have a chat with the boyz. I did go to bed before them... On the other forum there were a couple others that had left a door ajar that also prevented the car from going to sleep. I'm now wondering if the car behaves differently if the rear doors are...
  42. CactusOne

    Battery Drained 30% overnight..Big Flaw, Easy Fix

    Wow, I’m getting spanked for this post on both sites... YES normally the car does power down after about 15 min. BUT the rear door was open..so the vehicle stayed on. We were playing around with all the new features. The temp did drop down to around 40 last night so we had the heater on. The...
  43. CactusOne

    Battery Drained 30% overnight..Big Flaw, Easy Fix

    I woke up this morning and was excited to drive my M ≡ Performance, but the battery was completely dead! Last night in the garage, I took the kids in the car and I was showing off the new “fart” update. Lots of giggles with some father and son bonding moments :) Here is the problem (Flaw). My...
  44. CactusOne

    Detailed Review of Software Update 2018.48.12.1

    You forgot to demo the "romantic music" feature. Tap the screen once while the fireplace is showing and the music will start after a few seconds...also the heated seats come on with the heat..
  45. CactusOne

    Happy Holidays

    Was helping with the decorations tonight...NOEL has a whole new meaning to me now! Happy Holidays and wishing you and yours many TESLA grins. ;) E06A848C-46CE-428E-B1D3-D4515B80E06B by CactusOne posted Dec 4, 2018 at 10:56 PM
  46. E06A848C-46CE-428E-B1D3-D4515B80E06B


  47. CactusOne

    Nomad wireless charger, new or old?

    Here is my setup with version 1... I used a USB hub to power Jedda..no battery needed.
  48. CactusOne

    Flat tire day

    I mentioned this in another post..but Discount Tire will “warranty” your tires for $250. You have 6 months to buy the warranty and they will fix or replace the tire. Free rotation and air pressure check also included..I bought it as insurance.
  49. CactusOne

    Model 3 Keyfob embargo lifted

    According to this article the FOB will be free .. Tesla Model 3 Key Fob Free To Current Owners, Included For New

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