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    Reasonable car insurance (USA) ? I'm getting crazy quotes

    They did have to get some kind of permission to quote me one of my Teslas but did and it was cheaper than Allstate. My current cost is $2800/yr for 4 cars: Roadster Sport, Model S P85, BMW i3, and Porsche Cayman R. can't break it down because they lump the liability.
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    Is there a My Tesla page for the Roadster on TeslaMotors.com ?

    my MyTesla page shows my Model S, my Roadster, and my reservation for an X. The cars I already have are shown exactly as they are down to the wheels.
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    Reasonable car insurance (USA) ? I'm getting crazy quotes

    You guys should call Geico. They were less than half of my Allstate rates. In fact, I think you can get a quote online at their website.
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    Will you buy the Roadster 3.0 battery upgrade?

    If you try to order the battery upgrade, it says for 2.0 an newer only.
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    Roadster 3.0

    Bummer. I don't want to go 80 more miles in my Roadster (and it weighs more?). I would love to get the same capacity as I have now but have the battery weigh 40% less and lower the center of gravity. It would be cheaper too ($20K?). Seems like it would be easy to fill that container 60%...
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    Corpus Christi Charging

    Greg, there is also a Nissan dealership nearby. You can see it in plugshare, but those can be really wimpy (24A). I took my M S down there last October and barely made it because a) did not fully charge it because I didn't think I needed it and b) I drove to fast and there is a headwind the...
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    Brake Pads

    Well, Tesla refused to put the Carbotech pads on my car, even after repeated requests and an email with a Hold Harmless statement. The good news is that they carefully flushed the lines and adjusted the brakes and they are the best they have been since I got the car. They were horribly squishy...
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    Brake Pads

    Djp and ViperDoc, Thank you both for your replies. I will push my SC to change the pads tomorrow when they do the annual service. If they won't, I'll do them myself. That Youtube video was great. I had no idea how easy it can be. thank you michael
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    Brake Pads

    Who did you guys use to install the non-Tesla brake pads? I have the Carbotech pads sitting in a box and my Roadster scheduled to get its annual service on Monday, but I don't think Tesla will install them while they have the car. We don't have a Lotus dealer in town. Who did you trust to do...
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    Firmware 6.2

    Valet Mode = Nissan Leaf
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    HPWC / UMC2 to Roadster adapter

    I received my MS -> Roadster adapter Monday. First I have to say that Henry's products look and feel like they were produced by NASA. They are the most beautifully built products you can buy anywhere. I have not been to a HPWC yet, but tested mine by plugging my Model S UMC (from a Nema 14-50)...
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    San Antonio

    When I talked to him, he would not say where the new service center would be. He did say it would be a galleria too. Excited michael
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    Initial impressions: Nitron 46mm NTR Race 1-way shocks

    So, is there a model of Nitron Shocks that easily replace the stock shocks on the Roadster, without welding or modifications? thanks michael
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    San Antonio

    Please remind me what is in Hawthorne on Thursday? Link? thanks michael
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    any suggestions/experience with enclosed car carrier for move from CA to MA?

    Plycar was recommended by Tesla when I shipped my roadster from DC to San Antonio and I used them again for my Model S from LA to San Antonio. Both times a great experience. Always other fancy cars traveling with my Tesla. Michael
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    Newest Roadster firmware 4.6.8?

    Thank you
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    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    Do these women make the Roadster look tiny? Disclaimer: This is not my Roadster nor my picture, but I thought some of you might enjoy it.
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    Newest Roadster firmware 4.6.8?

    Anyone know anything about this newest firmware? thanks michael
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    firmware release dates, historical

    What is that update dated 9/02/14? What does it do? Why isn't anybody taking about it? michael
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    Is There No Charging in Corpus?!

    I have the iPhone app: Allstays Camp and RV you can filter for sites with 50 amp service. There are several towards Corpus and some in Port A. Michael
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    Firmware 5.11

    I would like the option of having "Estimated Range" shown on the driver display instead of Rated Range which might be quite different than how I'm driving.
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    Firmware 5.11

    I've only had my S for a few months so I'm unfamiliar with the update process. Why hasn't my S received 5.11? Can you request it? michael
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    I just noticed that there doesn't seem to be a way to change the charging rate while the Model S is charging. and not with the Tesla iPhone app either Am I missing something? I can do that with OVMS for my Roadster. michael
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    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    I like the idea of upgrading to Model S cells, but I don't know how much sense it makes to give the Roadster twice the range and keep its current weight. It is not exactly a touring car, being kind of noisy, the seats are not adjustable, and there is not much trunk space for luggage. How many...
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    Tried connecting Apple external USB SuperDrive to USB port - no luck

    @ercarfan: Since Linux is running on the car I was hoping there was a generic cd drive driver out there. Seems like there would be a use for Tesla to be able to connect a cd/dvd drive for backup download purposes (network down). I guess what you are saying is that they could have a driver in...
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    Tried connecting Apple external USB SuperDrive to USB port - no luck

    I was lamenting about the Model S not having a cd drive, so after reading about some USB mice working through the USB port, I thought it was a brilliant idea to try Apple's external USB SuperDrive which is powered through its USB connection. Alas, It does not even allow the cd to load, let alone...
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    freaking egg tossers!!!

    I have a very small scrape on the lowest point of the front air dam that needs touch up. I was curious about DR Colorchip, so I checked out their website. They don't list Tesla but there is a button to click "if your make and model is not listed". It gives you guidelines where to find your...
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    How to organize music on a USB drive

    The thumb drive I had laying around was only 4gb so I decided to just drag and drop about 15 albums from my iTunes library to the drive as a test. I created a folder for each album on the drive and dragged all the songs for each album because iTunes would not let me drag and drop it by the...
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    Valet Mode! (confirmed by Elon)

    A couple of you have posted that you can see where the Valets are going (I got that from the location screen) and their speed. Where can you tell speed from the iPhone app? thanks michael
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    I've been using ver 27 of VT and have not noticed anything at all.
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    I'm new to VT. I'm on a Mac and got it working the first time. version 27.00 It looks great. thank you very much for your work. My Overview picture has no interior. If I ask for details is says Seats: Unknown. I have Tan Performance seats. Can I change the details or is thee some...
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    Firmware 5.11

    I'm new to Model S. When do the software updates go to the cars OTA? I have not seen a notice for 5.11 for mine. Can you ask for the update or check for it like on my MAC or iPhone? thanks michael
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    How do I lock the car, walk away, but leave internal systems (i.e. HVAC) running?

    What about the security system with the pet in the car? Is there a motion detector activated? On my BMW I have to click the key fob twice to lock the car but disable the motion detector.
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    Coolant pump ran all night, still running

    I realize that 95% in standard mode might really be 85% soc. I've heard that the battery will be happier if kept less than that, so I thought I would keep mine around 50-60%, if I'm not driving it very often or far. I also realize that most people will want their battery more full than that...
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    Coolant pump ran all night, still running

    Requesting a Cooldown manually through OVMS finally resulted in the car sleeping right after! Wiztecy: I understand that the car needs to fulfill its mission to protect the battery from high temps. However, for the last three days with ambient temps at 70-75F the car has managed to keep...
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    Coolant pump ran all night, still running

    I'm using the ATT GoPhone plan with the same parameters as hcsharp. I put about $25 in every 3 months. I use the app all the time. It is costing me less than $9/month. On the topic: I looked at this thread because my roadster has been awake for 3 days, which by itself heats the battery...
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    HPWC / UMC2 to Roadster adapter

    Henry, Do you have a guestimate of the cost for this precious product yet? michael
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    240 Volt NEMA 14-50 Charger No Longer Working

    A couple to times mine stopped working showing a fault light. I unplugged it for a few minutes and plugged it back in and it worked again. I have not found any of the buttons to be useful. You might eve reset the circuit breaker to your outlet.
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    Buyer Beware: Misleading descriptions in sale of used "Signature" Model S, P02618

    How do you get info about a car from its Vin#? There are others I would like to check out. thanks michael
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    #34 Salvage auction

    Marco, I'm impressed with all the work you have done to rebuild this roadster. I'm curious though, do you now own this roadster? Did I miss a post where you were able to buy the roadster from that "friend" who bought it out from under you?
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    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    Just wanted to mention that I put those Michelin's on the rear of my 2010 2.0 Sport and really like them. Someone previously had suggested 45lbs pressure (Tesla recommends 40 for the Yokohamas), so you might try some different pressures depending on your suspension settings.
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    #34 Salvage auction

    CarboTech brakes Where did you get your CarboTech brakes? Do you have specific part numbers for the Roadster? thanks michael
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    Roadster stopping at a gas station

    Really like the Tim Coronel Roadster video, especially when he spins the rear end around to charge it. I'll have to practice that one!
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    wiper blade

    I bought the PIAA Super Silicone wiper blade from Tire Rack as recommended by someone previously. I also ordered a pair for my Mini Cooper S (work car). They arrived yesterday and were seriously damaged. All three packages were beat up (plastic broken in more than one place) and loose...
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    Roadster stopping at a gas station

    Hey, what is that white stuff on the ground?
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    Tesla Graphical Log Parser

    Doug, Any chance you'll do a MAC OS version? thanks michael
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    Getting a Roadster from Maryland to California

    Plycar was recommended to me by Tesla. I used them to bring my roadster from Washington DC to Texas. I believe it cost $1600 and was delivered in a closed transport with 2 Ferrari's and a Porsche. They were fast and very professional. I would not take risk to save $500 on an alternative method.
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    Initial impressions: Nitron 46mm NTR Race 1-way shocks

    I'm in Texas, so I'll have to get this done somewhere else, but what was the approx cost for the shocks with install? Which model roadster is this? Does it have the adjustable suspension? thanks michael
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    San Antonio

    Yes, we should have one occasionally, at least. Which part of town do you live in? Is your user name your license plate? Mine is "CHRGD UP". Michael
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    1.5, 2.0 and PEM temps

    OVMS provides actual temps for ambient, PEM, motor, and battery.

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