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    How Regenerative Braking Works? Good article

    I wouldn't mind a 'paddle' or equivalent that you constantly hold which puts it in Neutral until released. Sometimes I don't want to waste putting energy back into the battery whilst going downhill and would rather let the car coast .. particularly when there is an uphill at the bottom. I do...
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    Jolt EV charging network

    Are Tesla's still heating the batteries at these low kW DC chargers?
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    Mobile Charger - Amps Changed?

    You can create a service ticket to order them. 15A was approx $68 delivered. I think the labour was the postage and handling cost. Could be cheaper to pick up.
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    The intern farter of today could be the headlight fixer of tomorrow. They have to learn to walk (fart) before they run. Honestly, for a forum of this calibre of owners, some of you guys come across as rather simple people.
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    NRMA fast charging network

    The other 'new one' .. about 9 months old .. has been out of action 2 or 3 times. Better than the veefil though. I think it handles inconsistent grid voltage better. The veefil would error 38 and sit there for 2 or 3 weeks until finally NRMA would manage to get a sparky to come out and turn it...
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    NRMA fast charging network

    The old Veefil 50kW at Wallsend has now been upgraded to an RTM 75! There's now two RTM 75's on site. 50kW max for Tesla's. Not sure if it goes higher for the 800V architecture cars.
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    State based proposed EV road user charge

    Roads are a common good. Society does not exist in any recognisable form without them. Whether you drive or not they need to be paid for. Why penalise country folk, truck drivers that keep the food / goods / economy going, couriers, farmers, postmen, bus drivers, miners or people that require...
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    Profile Pictures In Car

    The car owner in the app can go "Security & Drivers -> Add Driver" and add a driver. That driver will have their own login for the Tesla app (and profile picture if added).
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    Charging Adaptors 101

    32A 5pin tail for ~$146 (USD $98) delivered from this site. It's where I got mine from. Works great. 250+ in stock in two lengths. https://www.evseadapters.com/products/australia-32a-5-pin-adapter-for-tesla-gen-2/ It I was to buy again I'd likely go the one with the longer cable. Wasn't...
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    Queensland Electric Highway

    I'd disagree with the resilience reasoning. It's heating the battery to give faster charging in the 75%+ range. You can plug into a supercharger with a 15 degree battery and still charge way faster than 50kW. I can turn off the heating by turning on Track Mode before I plug in. I'll get max kW...
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    State based proposed EV road user charge

    Stop repeating this bullshit. No matter how many times it is repeated, it doesn't make it any truer. Fuel excise goes to federal general revenue. Comprehende?
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    2022 Model 3 LFP battery statistics

    Just goes to show, don't believe the guesstimations of the Tesla range and / or the 3rd party apps. 'Degradation' itself can't be reversed. The car's CPU *can* recalculate what it's best guess on range is depending on the circumstances.
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    NRMA fast charging network

    Chances are it's limited to 125A, which is 50kw for a Tesla (400V*125A). 800V architectures may get more?
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    Charging Adaptors 101

    You could have done it for $0 if you use public chargers. Or $550 just for the UMC.
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    The ‘Weight’ of EVs

    RWD as compared to AWD, perhaps?
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    How far away are we from FSD. Would you option now?

    Still no carnage. I myself, at similar speed, run a stop sign every time I return home which can be up to 4 times a day. I also go over the speed limit EVERY SINGLE TIME I leave my house (ie. 4+ times per day). Haven't carnaged anyone in the last 30+ years of driving. Touchwood.
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    How far away are we from FSD. Would you option now?

    I don't see carnage here?!
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Remove and re-add?
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Yes, walking back to car only unlocks the driver door when in range .. which could be a good safety feature to stop someone else jumping in another door or from opening the boot.
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    Service Mode in Australia

    Parked outside my local Tesla smash repairer and the 'service' code worked. You could then drive to your local charger... lol Having a Performance and putting it in Track Mode before charging stops the battery heating. Expensive workaround if you don't have a Performance already though! :D...
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    NRMA fast charging network

    Feel like replying "We will stop treating the chargers like this AFTER you have implemented a solution!" The charger on the left hand side at Wallsend just needs to be power cycled (Err 39, temporary excessive grid voltage fluctuation.) but they CBF sending a sparky out. Any old sparky. A 5...
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    NSW EV charging master plan

    I think the kW ratings of chargers is a bit of a kerfuffle. As long as they can charge both 400V and 800V architectures, the amperage is the driving factor. CCS2 has max rating of 500A so the most you'll get from a "350" kW charger is around 200kW for Tesla's. You might get closer to max if you...
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    ChargeFox EV charging Network

    Amazon has the Chargefox style keyring gadgets for about $1 each (pack of 10). Use 1 have 9 spare .. https://www.amazon.com.au/YARONGTECH-13-56MHz-Proximity-Access-Control/dp/B01HE9ZTD2
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Correct, we can't put our cars in service mode unlike Europe. 99% sure it's geolocked but haven't tried myself near a service centre.
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    Legitimate locations for superchargers in 2022/23

    Exactly. No 2 sportsground (50kw, Chargefox, Newcastle City Council) has been out of action for over 6 months. The two NRMA chargers at Wallsend are both out of action (1 for over a month, the other coming on 2 weeks). Cameron Park EVIE has no ETA that I'm aware of. Been sitting there 3/4 done...
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    TACC failure on Tesla Vision software

    My car has slowed down annoyingly tens of times, next to trucks, over the last 3 years .. way before this TeslaVision came into effect
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    Jolt EV charging network

    1. Wait the 5 minutes and then use the charger. or.. 2. Other person shows up. They say "I reserved the charger". Be an arsehole & tell them "get stuffed", wait the remainder of the 5 minutes and use the charger. Seems like it's just going to create points of conflict.
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    LFP. Weekly Charging vs Daily Charging

    If you're still searching for a charger after hitting 0% and driving another 55km .. an immediate stop should be your punishment! I think it's quite amazing. 7kW energy buffer. 0% and still doing 6.3s 0-100. My 2019 3 only has 3kW which equates to about 20-25km doing hypermiling speeds and at...
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    Popularity of Utes in Australia and the prospect of electric versions

    What's the difference between an F150, RAM, or even a truck? They're all going to smoosh a pedestrian but are legal now.
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    NRMA fast charging network

    Free is free. $30 saved on a 50kW charge. Saying that.. if someone's nice about it, I'd very likely move from NRMA to SuperCharger. If they're rude or entitled I'd ask if they're willing to contribute to the cost that they're incurring on me and go from there. By the way peeps.. there's no...
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    If you clear the navigation and re-navigate it will offer the alternate options. I wish they would either stay up (like Google maps), or touch the address (so it shows the whole route) and it would re-calculate them.
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    Sentry and Dashcam Storage

    Tip: Cleaned out a couple of hundred GB of Sentry videos from my SSD and the dashcam viewer now opens in a second or two (previously 10+ seconds)!
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    Are there any wrecked Model 3 AWD LR around?

    It's in their own parts catalog:
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Try the hard reset rather than factory reset. It will fix it and Tesla won't suggest it. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5684106/
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    That is correct. It now shows the friction braking .. if it is the car applying it.
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    Has Gen 3 Charger become smarter?

    I use the bash script mentioned a post or two above. You will first need to sign up to ChargeHQ and then contact the developer requesting access to the push API. Technical details once you've done the above and if you're having issues, I may be able to help if you pm me.
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    Charging Etiquette

    Anyone see any Evie staff around Nabiac on the 28th July? :P
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    Charging Etiquette

    Someone's put them on most of the Newcastle charge-points. Looks good, but not sure if it's helped much looking at the check-in frequency. I guess if it's impacted one person, we can call it a win..
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    You rich? Too expensive for me mate. Sydney->Canberra
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    Queensland Electric Highway

    That would be a 14 hour charge at max 15A. If they have crappy pricing, it might cost them $15 ($0.30/kwh). If it became a regular thing, they could slightly increase all pricing, or 'if you intend to charge EV' pricing. No big deal in the long run.
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    The most annoying regular mis-readings are "30" in 80 zones. You can't turn AP back on until another 80 sign pops up ... How many 30 zones are in Australia? 0.00001%
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    Has Gen 3 Charger become smarter?

    Try: Bash: GitHub - NewyGuy/ChargeHQ: Bash script to push Envoy values to ChargeHQ API or Python: GitHub - pgroom/ChargeHQ You will also need to request access to the Push API from the developer (Jay) The above will work as long as you can get JSON formatted live values from your Envoy...
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    Sydney to Darwin road trip

    He was charging at 11/12kw. The Tesla UMC (Gen 2) is only capable of 7kw.
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    Sydney to Darwin road trip

    @gm12 Which brand UMC are you using to get the full 3 phase power?
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    This autopilot thing is getting beyond a joke

    Auto-lane change from right-to-left lane has failed consistently 30-50% of the time since the dawn of time. Strange considering this would be the most popular lane change in the USA. I think RHD's are way down on the priority list for Andrej and the AP team.
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    You can turn the bong off in the menus. Normal cars don't bong when they turn cruise control on ...
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    Evie EV charging networks

    The Newcastle RTM75 has 75 on the display but only does 50kw on Tesla's. It's connected to a 250A cabinet though with two chargers, the other being an old 50kw (3 months out of service). Could it be that it is 125A max (not 50kw max, ie. 400v*125), and EV6's etc with 800V architecture could get...
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    Has Gen 3 Charger become smarter?

    1. It depends on the inverter and how often the manufacturer allows their API to be polled (cloud). They do everything legit and request permissions from the manufacturers. I believe some were/are polling at around 5 minutes. One manufacturer is allowing them to trial 1-2 minutes. 2. Charge HQ...
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    Can Gen 3 Wall connector charge non Tesla brand EVs in Australia?

    Looks like the socket being recessed into the wall has helped.
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    Superchargers in Australia

    Here's a thread on it .. Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA - Expansion (under construction Apr 2022, 80 stalls) I guess this one might be high up on the list to open up to other brands..

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