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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    When I lift my hold on Dec. 1st, got assigned VIN in a few minutes, got prompt to schedule delievery two days late, Order place in 2019
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    Is Phantom Braking Still a Problem?

    This is a serious safety issue. These Teslas pose big dangers to other people. NHTSA got a lot of complants recently. Can NHTSA force Tesla to recall all vision vision only Y to fix the issue? https://electrek.co/2021/11/15/tesla-serious-phantom-braking-problem-autopilot/
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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    Your place in queue is determined by your order date. The older the order, the sooner VIN assigned..
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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    It looks like they are doing this weekly, Dec 2nd, 9th, 16th...
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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    Dec 16 as reported by someone on Reddit.
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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    There is no guarantee that you order would not be canceled no matter what your SA promised. The cancellation may be from a computer programming. Once cancelled, there is no way to restore the order with your old price.. The fulfilment date of your order depends on your initial order date...
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    Biodefense mode

    just cool name, not much practical use.. More expenditure on expensive filters..
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    Someone on Reddit reported the new headlight in MYP.. Hope more will follow... One intriguing thing is that Tesla keeps on improving and adding new stuff without raising the price, which makes postpoing delievery very attractive.. The next big thing per rumor is the air suspension..
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    I was assigned 997xxx vin yesterday. My advisor said it was made on Jan 13, and still on the way to MA. It has heated steering wheel and the latest update.. I refused the VIN as it seems to be old...
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    Any Model Y with new projector headlights in the USA?

    The new battery may come at later half of the year... close to the end of year..
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    Will Tesla cut prices on its Model Y in 2021 with three more factories open?

    Giga Shanghai alone has the producing capacity of half million cars in 2021. They can easily produce one million in 2021. Will they have problem selling them?
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    How much for full Vinyl Wrap

    maybe cheaper to re-paint after a few years
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    Tesla is upgrading Model 3 and Model Y headlights with more powerful and precise beam
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    How did I get a vin so fast?

    ordered a 7-seat on 10/22/2019, Converted to a 5-seat on July 16, AWD, LR, Still waitig for the VIN. I am in Boston Area.
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    1 year free super charging for taking delivery this quarter?

    Potential Tax incentive next year VS real free SC... ?
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    No install of front license plate?

    The replica may not be legal so it is similar to no plate at all..
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    Any Possible Model Y Update Info?

    Central console will come next
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    They just added auto dimming side mirrors
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    Anyone waiting for the 2nd gen Model Y?

    Also , HW 4.0 will be here soon...
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    order hold up by uploading Insurance card

    Thanks all fore the response. I am in no hurry to take delievery, I will let it play out
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    order hold up by uploading Insurance card

    It looks like that my order got stuck: The next step is to upload insuracne card. It also says that it must have the VIN on the card. However, the VIN has not been assigned yet. I have been waiting for over a year now.. Do you think that that is the reson that hold the order. What to do?
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    Double pane windows for 2021 Y?

    In emergency situation, when you need to break windows, at least you can break the rear ones...
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    Build Number for Limited FSD Beta?

    The Beta is a total re-write... so it does not matter
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    Who's waited the longest for a VIN?

    Ordered on 10/22/2019. Initially for 7-seat, converted to 5 on 7/16. It must be forgotten.. I am in no hurry due to Covid.
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    Bumper damage

    Not too bad, you may rub it and touch it up by yourself, or biring it to any body shop to have it repiared
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    Found this little gem on my $55K Model Y

    That is engineered wood and Tesla threaded tape... A real gem..
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    Raining inside my 2-week-old Model Y

    What a fuss? Majority users would be satisfied with the issue if Tesla sent them a pan with Tesla logo to collect rain water. You can use the water to wash your car..
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    RWD order converted to AWD delivery

    When I converted my 7-seat to 5, I had two option, cancelling and replacing, or modifying the order by Tesla Rep. I was told that modiying order was better and the other option had some implications. So my advice is to contact Tesla and let them modify it..
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    Should I apply to "Customer Experience Manager" to get an update on my order?

    It looks like that the new order will be fulfilled faster than converters.. From Reddit, people often got it within three weeks. Sometimes I felt that our oders fell into cracks, and were forgoten.. I am in no hurry getting it and hope for a better built car.
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    RWD order converted to AWD delivery

    I converted mine from 7-seat to 5 on July 16, and have not received the VIN yet. I am not eager for it as the build quality will improve overtime, and i do not drive much while working from home.
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    No discount on 200+ mile showroom Model Y

    Based on location, pre-order in 2019 and still have not fulfilled.
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    Another rejected model Y

    Why you guys so lenient on Tesla? Many flaws on OP's pictures are outrageous! I wonder whether they have any human quality control..
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    7-seat config waiting room

    I sent them an email. They called me back after a few days. Basically, in order for them to apply $3000 reduction, they had to reconfigure it, which meant that I lost the $2K FSD saving since the pre-order. The net saving is $1K. I took the chance to drop the 7-seat option. After I saw the...
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    Cancel my Tesla Y LR RWD order due to price drop?

    Everyone wh pre-ordered now have the status of "Prepare for Delivery", it does not mean much. Tesla may decide to match the price for us waiting for delievery. Just wait a few days and see.
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    7-seat config waiting room

    Do they adjust the price for our oders for the $3000 deduction? my order can not be editted on my end.
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    Southern NH/Boston Area PPF shops

    Also interesed , what is the estimated cost?
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    What do you think the “Rectifications” are costing Tesla?

    Can someone send Elon the pick-up checklist? so that they can fix all issues and save us the effort of checking.. It is really annonying when you pay that price and get a car with so many flaws..
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    home link garage door opener

    If you have Smart Home systems, you may configure it to open the garage as it approaches.. , or close it when it leavees..
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    Tesla Reduces Model Y Delivery Timeline By 4 Weeks, Other Cars By 2-3

    I am still waiting for the call to convert my 7-seat to 5...
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    Tesla reduced price by $2k for M3, $5k for S/X

    why not cut Y also? This makes Y less attractive.
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    Tesla will support wifi garage opener soon

    Even WIFI is so outdated. They need to support Wave and ZigBee, and work with popular smart home systems... like SmartThings. It is a a natural match, and can be easily, and cheaply done. Actually, you can DIY, just put an arrival sensor in the car and have your Smart Home systems open the...
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    7-seat config waiting room

    The The window for pre-order closed. They only allow you to order the trim that can be delievered in near term. the 7-seat is scheduled to be made next year.
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    7-seat config waiting room

    Most likely that it will be ahead of schedule. mabye later half of the year...
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    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    It looks like they did not get too many orders for the Y. Someone who ordered the 7-seat was offered to swap to a 5-seat to get it sooner.. There is a good chance that the 7-seat will be ahead of the schedule also, maybe late half of the year.
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    7-seat config waiting room

    Someone on Reddit got an email from Tesla offering him a 5-set instead to get it sooner.
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    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    Someone on Reddit reserved two weeks ago and got the email..
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    Canceled my order

    someone will appreciate you for getting the Y quicker..
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    RWD LR Order?

    RWD may have a range around 340 Miles.
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    RWD LR Order?

    My guess is that Tesla will offer a sweet deal for you guys to bump your orders to AWD.. I wish they would offer me a deal to downgrade my 7-seat AWD to 5-seat.

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