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  1. K

    Brake Rotors and Pads

    I haven’t had to do the brakes just yet but I’ve never gone wrong with rockauto.com on many other vehicles. Looks like a stock equivalent replacement set is $330-ish. https://www.rockauto.com/
  2. K

    Three out of four 21" turbine rims cracked within a couple of months

    I've also been through a few 21" turbines. At least one of them I can blame myself for breaking, but I did make that light so it's ok. $1250 per wheel is against my religion but I can shill all day for wheelership.com. They've been my go to for replacements and not a problem thus far. I'll find...
  3. K

    How much is the MCU2 infotainment upgrade supposed to cost?

    Sorry if it's been settled before but does anyone know if they were able to start offering MCU2 for cars without the power lift gate? I'd just ask the SC but doubt I'd get the right answer given the track record. Thanks!
  4. K

    Hold Mode in a Rear Accident

    Sounds like it’s just using a line-locker type setup that drag cars have used. Whatever pressure you set is what is held as it’s just not letting the pressure drop. This may only apply to pre-Raven though. Agree on the cya move with the manual wording.
  5. K

    21" Turbine Wheel Exploded, Model S 85D

    Ha! Sounds like I need to figure out how to enter service mode when I take the car to regular mechanics for annual state safety inspection. Even valet mode has too much power in my opinion. I'm positive the wheels are aftermarket reproductions at that price. The one I bent is actually still...
  6. K

    21" Turbine Wheel Exploded, Model S 85D

    @Radsol check out Wheelership for a replacement. I bent one slightly last year and also wasn't willing to give up 1200 clams for a replacement. Color is a dead on match, and having had both wheels off the car over the winter I actually could not tell you which was which. Forgot to add the...
  7. K

    Model S rear-facing seats $1000

    So I've had a number of replies and I appreciate that not everyone lives 3 miles from my house but I've decided that this isn't really something I'm prepared to ship. The costs look enormous due to the weight and dimensions and I'm far too busy in this last week before the move to try to package...
  8. K

    Model S rear-facing seats $1000

    Lowering price to $500. Seats, side latches and hinge bolts/covers. You'll need to get the trim that goes on the rear seat and the crash bar. I'm moving in two weeks so if they don't sell they've got to go in a dumpster somewhere. I will ship but I can't imagine that costs less than $100...
  9. K

    P90D Vampire Drain average?

    I do agree that these batteries, and the V1s in particular, are some of the worst out there. I got the chance to super charge yesterday and looks like they've got me locked at 70kW max. (I pulled in with roughly 20%) I do remember seeing some thread about the v3 being the only one actually...
  10. K

    P90D Vampire Drain average?

    I went digging to try to find out what version that is and couldn’t easily find it. I know I’ve seen the part numbers before but I’m currently away from home and on mobile. I’ll be able to try searching again once I’m home on a real PC but if anyone knows in the meantime by all means please...
  11. K

    P90D Vampire Drain average?

    @Fragger -The 180 real miles I referenced isn’t what shows on the display; the computer is holding out hope that I could get 244 on a full charge but most of us are aware of how that calculation has been toyed with over the years. I would imagine the battery is as old as the car, an August 2015...
  12. K

    P90D Vampire Drain average?

    2015 P90D here with an average of .75 mph maybe? I sometimes see as low as 8 miles drain off in a day and other times I'll lose up to 24 miles. I do use apps and also have whatever setting that keeps it 'awaker' turned on. Battery is almost certainly the first version - I've never checked and...
  13. K

    Model S rear-facing seats $1000

    I've got my rear-facing seats from my 2015 S already out of the car. I did not remove the latch that's bolted to the backseat because that would leave me a nasty hole I think. I also didn't remove the rear bumper reinforcement as I'd rather not mess with the bumper. I figure $1k plus whatever...
  14. K

    Model S Power Liftgate (Aftermarket)

    Let's do it then. PM on the way.
  15. K

    Model S Power Liftgate (Aftermarket)

    If you’re willing to ship I’ll bite. Let me know an estimate for getting it to 17408. Thanks!
  16. K

    Is the model 3 Referral wheel fit on a Model S?

    @MJP.P3D- The issue then becomes the offset. I suppose you could turn down the adapter a bit and maybe even some of the new wheel but seems like too much work. I also very much want the uberturbines on my S. They would be downright sick.
  17. K

    Model s 85 D 2015 for parts out

    Quite interested in a price for both onboard chargers and the coolant lines immediately attached to them. Thanks
  18. K

    Has anyone been able to "fix" this bug with a BT connection - car drops the volume on my cell phone

    I concur that it was not always this way. v10 maybe? iPhone here and I can't stand it. I have to remember to jack up the ringer volume when I'm out of the car, each and every time. It's only the ringer volume that's impacted. Does not effect media volume at all. (Mine is typically all the way...
  19. K

    Tesla HPWC Gen 2 $475 while supplies last NIB

    Got the 24' Gen 2 I ordered. They didn't ask for a VIN but I've only got the 2015 P90 so they would know 32 amps just isn't my style. :) Maybe there is some legitimacy to them picking a charger for you? Did anyone who ordered a Gen 2 get charged the amount for a Gen 3 or did they effectively get...
  20. K

    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    I was at 2020.4.1 and purposely not installing the pending 2020.8.2 update to see if it could accelerate the likely demise of my MCU while I'm still in warranty. Since 2020.12.5 is out I can step up to 8.2. :) I thought cheetah mode was only for newer cars? - Nevermind and thanks @BigNick for...
  21. K

    What did you name your car?

    Mine was was delivered with the ‘42’ Easter egg name. I left it that way and tried to think of anything clever but couldn’t. One day my daughter commented on how many beeps and boops the thing would make, especially while exiting the garage. set the name as Beep Boop that day and haven’t messed...
  22. K

    Upgrade to dual onboard chargers?

    Thank you both very kindly. @EV-Fixme - Any chance you know where I could find out what part number or generation I'd be after if I went the go-it-alone route? I've got a 2015 S. Also I take it from your mention of redeploying the firmware for the vehicle that obtaining a master/slave pair...
  23. K

    Upgrade to dual onboard chargers?

    I've got the lock-down blues so really just too much running through my mind. Is the upgrade something that can be done on our own? I saw a thread from 2015 that said don't bother since it wouldn't be covered by Tesla and you'd have to pretty much root to enable the software. Has any of that...
  24. K

    2014 Model S 85 CPO No Autopilot

    Life hack: Massachusetts has some odd prohibition on selling cars to non-residents. If you find a car there tell Tesla you’ll pick it up yourself, let them figure out that they can’t sell you the car that way, and then they’ll ship it for free. I was totally ready to drive home to PA with my...
  25. K

    WTB Single 21x8.5 Sonic Carbon Wheel

    In my attempt to make it through a yellow light yesterday I failed to notice two quite deep manhole covers. End result was a popped a tire and ever so slightly damaged the rim. (I made that damn light though!) As luck would have it I was one block from the Service Center so I just drove up...

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