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    Tesla and MyQ

    We have a Vivint Alarm system with the MyQ already part of the system for the doors and this integration is a game changer for us. My wife and I both love it and has worked flawlessly the past week. Just don't love the subscription price which is super lame. Our manual opener for whatever...
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    Issues with Glass roof and rear passengers / Kids

    My one year old has been under the glass roof for a few weeks when it was record hot 105F in full sun and it was never an issue. I also added ceramic tint to the rear windows that really helped. The roof already has heat protection built in.
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    Ear pain/Pressure help

    Very strange phenomenon for me. Earlier in this thread I commented about how I had some serious ear pain pressure issues when I went for a test drive. Fast forward months later when my car was delivered and I haven't experienced any like I did in the demo once. We've driven up to almost...
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    Touchless Car wash. Should I do it?

    Maybe I'm nuts but I take all my cars through the touch cars wash here multiple times a week if needed and don't notice a thing other than a freshly washed car. The winters here in Utah are full of salt and road grime that work their way into every crevasse. I then sell the cars (no one has...
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    New MYP owner - My take on ride quality.

    Reading threads on the rough riding MYP made me nervous while waiting 3 months for the car. I've owned other cars with a firm ride (87 Toyota MR2, 2014 Lexus IS 350, and 2016 4 Runner) and I'd say the ride in the MYP is much more compliant than any of our recent vehicles. That said it's not...
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    Just ordered from Tesla.
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    Model Y and MyQ garage door opener

    Wow I didn't know this existed. I'll try when I get home.
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    seat belt irritating driver's neck in Model Y, remedy?

    I just bought real wool seat belt covers off Amazon problem solved and now it feels like a sheep is hugging me while I drive.
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    Model Y Performance Mud Flaps?

    Installing my rally armor ones tomorrow.
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    Windshield tinting for heat rejection without rainbow effect?

    No rainbow issues for me with suntek ceramic and sunglasses. I'm super sensitive to stuff like that too. You'd never know film was on the windshield except for the heat rejection driving at the sun.
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    seat belt irritating driver's neck in Model Y, remedy?

    I'm 6 ft and I feel like the belt is slowly trying to saw my neck in half. At first I thought it was all the way up but it was as low as it could go. I'm going to have to buy a sheep cover. I've never experienced this in any vehicle at my height.
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    2022 MYP front door vs rear door "sound"

    I was about to post this exact thing. I picked up my new MYP on Monday and noticed the difference between the front and rear doors "thunk" right away. The rear doors sound like I'm closing my old Datsun...I wish I was joking.
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    Any Fremont Ys with cargo cover/package shelf yet?

    Picked up MYP Fremont F539 on Monday No Cargo Cover or Mobile Charger.
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    Model Y Performance Fremont build 537xxx

    Super hot this week here in Utah when I picked up my MYP. I stayed connected to the free charger where they do the deliveries and charge the demo cars during my inspection and set up. Full AC blowing for free. Fremont F539 No Cargo Cover either. Car was nearly flawless and came with all...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    OD 6/11 MYP White on White with Tow---delivery this morning at 10:30 am in Utah VIN F539. The delivery was a little weird where I signed some paperwork and walked by myself to the car outside and it's like ok see you later. Went through an entire online checklist with the AC blasting and...
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    White/White Model Y Waiting Room

    White on white MYP with Tow OD 6/11 pick up scheduled Monday Aug 29th VIN F539
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    SA said the car is still in California but should arrive Saturday in Utah ready for my scheduled delivery on Monday. Never got a text to schedule delivery since I asked the SA where my car was via text and then he gave me all the info. Asked about tires but haven't heard back yet.
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    June 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Received a notification that my charger shipped and a few hours later this morning I got my VIN. OD 6/11 MYP White on white tow Utah
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Wahoo got my VIN early this morning F539. OD 6/11 White on white tow Utah new EDD of Aug 28-31
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    OD 6/11 White on White Tow EDD Aug 25 - Sept 6th Utah. Called Tesla today to try to get a little more info and the CSR said my car was being built right now and most likely would be delivered toward the end of the currently estimated range. Hope to get a VIN any day now.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Wahoo delivery soon for the south! Honestly see if you can use Granite they are the lowest I could find. America first was awesome to work with and they do have the most flexibility if the car gets delayed.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Updated EDD again this morning. Window tightened bumped back 2 days to Aug 25th, but back end Sept 6th stays the same. Northern Utah. Got all my financing in order which is another story. Applied at 3 credit unions and was offered 2.99% (Granite) to 4.24% (America First, UFirst) for 60...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Updated EDD today to smaller window Aug 23 - Sept 6th. OD 6/11 White on white tow
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Wahooo!! My EDD range hasn't changed. I can't believe Aug 20th the front end of the my range is 4 days away.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Fingers crossed for you! I'm setting my hopes on a Sept delivery, so anytime before that will be gravy. I wonder if they treat northern and southern Utah differently.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    OD June 11 White on white tow and got the trade in text today... Train is moving. EDD Aug 20 - Sept 17
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    OD 6/11. EDD hadn't changed for a month until today. bmoved back 2 days to Aug 20th and shaved a days off the back end.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I'm in Utah. Ordered MYP 6/11 and my date range has never changed from Aug 16 to Sept 20th
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    Should be 420 joint.
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    I saw an article that said $300k gross income limit. https://www.reuters.com/markets/deals/senate-democratic-deal-includes-new-ev-tax-credits-2022-07-28/
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    How well does a new 2022 MYP ride?

    It's like your ears are being stressed. Just an unnerving feeling. I have no idea what was causing it. I've never experienced it before outside of possibly an airplane? It was noticeable within 5-10 minutes and persisted the entire test drive. Here's something else I found online: "I...
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    How well does a new 2022 MYP ride?

    My MYP order was made without ever driving a Model Y at all. I thought I'd at least test drive one first (MYP w/21 Uberturbines) and as many people have already said in this thread it was no where near as firm or rough as people have been saying. I intentional drove over a section of the...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    My order windows has stayed the same for the past month. MYP White / White Tow No FSD OD 6/11 EDD Aug 16 - Sept 20th
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    Best home charger?

    Just had an electrician install 2 60 amp lines for versatility / future proofing. One to a Tesla Wall Charger and the other to an 14-50 outlet. He ran both lines (6 AWG, 90° C-rated copper wire) in the same conduit to a pillar in the middle of my garage. The biggest cost was running the wire...
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    Any mud flaps effectiveness or efficiency tests?

    I bought the Rally Armor flaps but I don't have my MY yet. I'll return and report in Aug. I drive off the pavement often to hike and to ski several times a week in the winter.
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    Surprising solution to hot MY seats

    Based on this thread I bought one and loved it! I've bought another one for my 4 Runner too.
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    Surprising solution to hot MY seats

    Based on this thread I bought one and loved it! I've bought another one for my 4 Runner too.
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    Will the Mobile Connector I ordered come with the vehicle at delivery?

    I ordered MYP on Jun 10th 2022. Ok looking at the emails from Tesla they are 2 different order numbers (The car and the mobile connector). Hopefully the charger comes first. At a minimum I guess I would have to buy a charger, supercharge, or get an adaptor initially. That would be a little...
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    Will the Mobile Connector I ordered come with the vehicle at delivery?

    When I placed my MYP order I added the $200 mobile connector option and it said a estimated delivery date of Aug to Oct. It seemed to match the estimated delivery date of the vehicle. Are they tied together? Would one come before the other?

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