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    Supercharger - Findlay, OH

    Now if they would add one on US30 somewhere (Mansfield?!), I could actually get through the state!
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    Slow Acceleration on highway

    It's most likely software version related. It seems they gimp acceleration every few software updates and then ungimp it a few later. At least that's my experience over the past 2.5 years. Right now, it's gimped and annoying. A new behavior as of this (24.10) or the previous release is the...
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    Autopilot doesn’t require hands-on at 45 MPH

    Maybe it was windy? It can't tell the difference between hand pressure and correcting for gusty wind.
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    Are we all vision only by 2021.24.4?

    I agree with the way .24 behaves on TACC, it's still using radar. Our vision 3 has constant phantom braking, it's super annoying. The radar 3 has no issues on the same roads.
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    Dashcam keeps disconnecting

    Mine was, then it stopped ever having the red recording dot at all. I tried two different drives with matching results. I tried a reboot and that solved the issue.
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    Phantom Braking Discussion

    We definitely have more phantom braking in the vision only 3 than the radar 3. Very little on divided interstate, maybe only twice in 1k miles or so, but on open undivided it's frequent and annoying. On a past ~400mi road trip it happened at least 5 times on undivided. I could attribute at...
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    End of Speed Limit - NY

    Million dollar idea: attach a miniature 55mph speed limit sign to your wipers and wipe as necessary.;)
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    SpaceX SN10 Prototype Explodes After Touchdown

    Let's hope that the temporary 3rd engine light won't over rotate!
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    Smart summon suddenly slower

    When it's cold out, it slows down. Somewhere around 40 degrees. I'm sure someone here might know the actual number.
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    Where is 2021.4? [2021.4.x Release]

    Maybe they'll just get rid of the map so we can have an even bigger area for showing things I can look out the window and see.
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    Model Y Thermal Image - Ultrasonic Sensors

    It could also be that the radar heater only runs if the radar can detect an obstruction. Without any evidence, I imagine the returns are going to be very fast and/or very degraded with snow/ice on the bumper. If it doesn't detect the problem, then why enable the heater. I could see them tying...
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    There must be a disconnect from a developer staring at the UI on the bench vs the real world. It looks terrible. No symmetry, fonts getting smaller and I even miss the green color on the battery icon. I'd lose the games if I could have the old interface and if YouTube didn't take longer to...
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    Expanding FSD Beta.

    I'd like to get it just so I can have a button that tells Tesla this area/weird thing it did needs fixing. As of now, you just have to disable and enable at certain points in your drive and hope and pray for updates to fix it.
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    Reading Speed Limit Signs – Autopilot Crippled

    I never understood the "End" mentioned on speed limit signs. If it ends...then just tell me the new limit.
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    Slight annoyance from the sign reading ordeal. There is a 55mph road that I use for commuting and the road changes names on the county line, but nothing else. No speed adjustments, just the name. The earlier recognized 55mph limit disappears and I'm limited to 45mph since the map database has...
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    What does "Thickly Settled" mean?
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    If they would flip flop the side and rear camera locations, there would be a great spot for the Homelink to hang out in the middle. It's better in this update, but as has been said earlier, it blocks the upper middle of the camera...exactly where pedestrians hang out.
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    Tesla Chicago store gets looted

    Peaceful protests™
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    Doug Loverro, new Chief of Human Spaceflight, resigns from NASA

    No, no, no, I think we should talk more about being unconsciously insensitive. Obviously this is the time and place to stretch our social justice muscles.
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    2 Navigation Updates in a month!

    Speed limits being wrong are very annoying. I take a parallel road to work because of it. My preferred road is 55mph, but the car hasn't a clue what it is so I'm limited to 45mph.
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    Maybe they'll fix the fan speed and the left justified text when you enable AP that has got to be killing people with OCD!
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    Anyone recently tried voice command of "set fan to two"? It sets my fan speed to 10 every time. All the other numbers work correctly. It confirms it is setting it to 2 and not 22.
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    Cones... so many cones

    Your S might if you have AP1, your 3 does not read signs. Pulls from map data only.
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    Cones... so many cones

    So many cones, yet no speed limit sign reading still. :rolleyes:
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Just had FSD computer installed yesterday on the Model 3. It is much better, so far, during the 105 mile drive it is to the service center. We will see how it is on Monday for my normal commute. Took about 7 hours (eek) with a couple others things completed. Lane center is much more locked...
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    NoA is worthless, Autopilot is essentially unimproved from 2016-2017, and everybody has caught up.

    The exits around here are really decelerations lanes before the exit. NoA dives into the lane because it's following the randomly painted new lane line. It dives so hard into the lane it runs on to or past the right line. Then after that fun, the speed doesn't decrease until you're AT the...
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Chicken fingers
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    2020.4.1 incoming

    Strong up to about 30mph, then weak until about 60mph and then fine again. It's horrible for on ramps. As mentioned above, we def need configurability of acceleration. One for lane change aggressiveness would be nice also, maybe an LA mode and average mode.
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    2020.4.1 incoming

    Ping-ponging greatly reduced! It was a little windy today, so I can't completely rate it, but AP doesn't look quite as drunk as the last few updates.
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    Smart Summon Issue

    I check it everyday now at work and I would say I'm somewhere around 90% 180 degrees incorrect, 5% 70-110 degrees incorrect and 5% correct.
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    Smart Summon Issue

    Been waiting for at least 3-4 updates now!
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    Unedited Mobileye’s Autonomous Vehicle & other CES 2020 Self Driving ride videos

    Yikes! That wheel movement must have shaved off 20k miles of tread!
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    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    Still can't even read speed limit signs...but we have trashcans (well some do)!
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    Software wishlist

    Pick and view a live camera view from phone. Maybe <5Hz for bandwidth consideration. Notification for (any level of) Sentry mode trigger so you can see what's going on and maybe stop something before it happens. Feature creep: Add live mic from your phone to the outside speaker on the car to...
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    Supercharger - Sandusky, Ohio

    Thanks, I totally forgot about plugshare (even have an account). I guess the in-car displayed supercharging stops have spoiled me.
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    Supercharger - Sandusky, Ohio

    Planning a trip through here soon, how has it been working? I noticed a google review that it was not working a few months ago. Another stated only 92kW, has this been an issue?
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    Auto pilot moving left and right in the lane with huge over correction?

    40.2.1 is horrible for me on HW2.5. It is so bad since 40.2.1 and it was slightly detectable in the previous update also. I haven't had nice solid lane keeping since .28-.32ish. Do the developers even try these in the real world? Do the early access people even give feedback? It's unacceptable...
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    Come here baby 2019.40.2.1

    The ping-ponging in this update is horrendous! Still hasn't fixed my incorrect orientation smart summon.
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    Smart Summon Issue

    I have this same problem. It's somewhere around 75% of the time I want to use SS, it shows 180 degrees from correct. Today was the first time it showed about 90 degrees off. If I don't want to use SS, it looks fine (like it knows...). The location map has always shown the correct...
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    Known Bug?: Model 3 Autopilot Targets Incorrect Car

    Mine does it as well at one area in particular. While a lane is merging and it continues tracking extra for the curve that starts during the merge. Once the curve straightens out, the extra tracked cars are dropped. It doesn't matter if I'm in the right or left lane. Two lanes interstate each way.
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    What will happen within the next 6 1/2 weeks?

    I'm hoping that by the end of the year smart summon will at least know which way my car is facing. It backs up out of spots the wrong way because of this. Location shows correct orientation, SS shows the opposite (about 50% of the time). Let's start with the simple things.
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    Starship Orbital Prototype - Florida Version

    Assuming 3 and 4 are both single piece rings, I wonder if they will just toss both 1 and 2 into the for construction learning techniques only pile.
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    This is a really boring argument, hard to believe its lasted this many messages.
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    When I first got the update I was so excited that I had a trip to take so I could try out the new speed. It was only a single supercharger stop, but for the first time I've ever had this happen, I pulled into the last spot so I had to share power. Annnd since then, it's been freezing cold out...
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    One pedal driving is great! However, NoA deceleration lanes for exits are completely broke. So fun to go balls to the wall 70mph into an exit. This has been a problem for so long it’s baffling. At least it used to slow down a little bit.
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    You mean you don't want to try and slam into cones?? Come on...we need data!
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    No longer check blindspot?

    I check all three now, sight, mirrors and screen.
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    Enhanced Summon, where are you?

    I'm actually pretty happy with my low expectations of smart summon so far. I have been using it at work mainly just to let it stretch its legs, and it works good, although I don't use with traffic. If only NoA wasn't horrible since a couple updates ago (mainly related to ramps and interchanges).

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