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    Hope you feel better soon.
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    Agreed, it's inexcusable that COVID patients here in the US are sent home to isolate until they deteriorate to the point where they require hospitalization. The "I" drug is a very touchy subject, so I will refrain from commenting on that other than to say that India generated a lot of lessons...
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    I'm going to leave this here as an anecdote. I just learned that several family members in India have all tested positive for covid. Most are vaccinated with either Covaxin (inactivated whole virus) or Covishield (AstraZeneca adenovirus vector). One is almost 90 with several comorbidities and...
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    New headlights retrofit

    I posted how to get into service mode in another thread yesterday, but it was removed by the moderator. There are videos on Youtube showing the process (very quick).
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    New headlights retrofit

    If a gateway configuration change is required, you shouldn't need to have a technician recode the vehicle every time there's a new software update. The challenge will be to convince the tech to actually make the configuration change as Mrbrock mentioned. On VWs this is very easy using a tool...
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    New headlights retrofit

    Try having your existing software reinstalled (can be done remotely). When the service center replaces electrical components, they generally reinstall the software after completing the work. Your other option is to drive close to a service center, put the vehicle in service mode, and start the...
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    In Service mode

    I've placed my car in service mode before while near a service center. The default speed limit setting is 7mph, but you can toggle this off, which will "remove speed, torque, and creep mode safety settings." Also, as you know the phone app is disabled while in service mode and can't be enabled...
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    The car does have a low tire pressure warning. I've gotten it in the past when I had a slow leak in one of my tires.
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    2021 Model 3/Y Heating Issues

    In your case, it looks like the A/C compressor itself is setting the fault. I hope they actually probe the wiring harness to ensure that the controller is sending the right signal and that power is getting to the compressor before just throwing a new compressor in. I'm actually dealing with a...
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    New car with bad GPS antenna

    Have you been delinquent on taking your medication recently? I really hope that this isn't a serious question.
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    Loud buzzing/gargling sound when charging

    I've gotten similar sounds out of my 2018 M3 in the same area (rear, underneath vehicle) especially when charging at home after a cold soak. You can always drive close to your nearest service center, put the vehicle into Service Mode, and see if there are any alerts present.
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    Will Birds Eye ever be released?

    As someone who has FSD Beta, I think Birds Eye view is very doable and likely to show up in an update soon. I'm still amazed at how detailed the visualization around the car is when sitting in traffic. Between the curb/object prediction, ultrasonic sensors, and the same 4 views that are now...
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    Battery cracked [Tesla claims from pothole damage]

    That looks like the sway bar and that doesn't look like mud; more like corrosion from the powder coating getting chipped off and exposing the bare steel. The oily front aero shield could also be caused by a leaking axle seal, drive unit oil filter leak, and/or drive unit oil pump leak. This...
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    2021.36.5.3 (Beta 10.3.1) Observations from the North East

    Yup, our road markings and design in general are just downright sh!t. I'm not surprised that the Beta is struggling out in central MA or on the north shore. I'm hoping that enough folks in the northeast have been submitting clips/disengaging that Tesla will start to update the NNs within the...
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    Upgraded to new Sentry Mode features?

    Us FSD Beta testers will likely get it as part of the 10.4 build that should roll out in about a week. I doubt that they would push an intermediate firmware build with Beta 10.3 + the Sentry live view feature.
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    Unmarked Roads - Autopilot vs. FSD

    Yes, this is a key point. With the accumulation of leaves on the road, FSD Beta sometimes interprets it as a double yellow line. This is a corner case that will require some additional NN training to resolve.
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    2021.36.5.3 (Beta 10.3.1) Observations from the North East

    So, I received FSD Beta a couple of weeks ago and have been testing in Massachusetts. Here are my key observations: 1. It makes impressively good left and right turns when it has actually committed to executing the maneuver. 2. Poorly marked New England roads (especially in neighborhoods...
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    Oil leaking from rear

    That seems like a steaming load of BS from the service center. A seal's function is to prevent fluid escape, so no amount of weeping is acceptable. Keep an eye on it and when it gets worse, schedule another appointment so they have no choice but to fix it.
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    Charging sickness

    OP, In all seriousness, you need to do some troubleshooting if you and your passengers are truly experiencing symptoms when charging. Try going to a different supercharger for starters and see if you have the same issue. If so, step outside the vehicle like someone else suggested. The more...
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    Charging sickness

    Lol fine. My best guess is that you're experiencing something related to the magnetic field that's generated during current flow into the battery pack.
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    Charging sickness

    I feel the same way in the moments just prior to farting.
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    Tesla AI day: Q3

    When Elon originally introduced HW3 in 2019, he stated that each chip would independently arrive at a proposed solution and then provided the solutions matched, this would be translated to steering and acceleration output. That approach has clearly changed and the speculation is that it's due...
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    Tesla AI day: Q3

    Yes, one thing I noticed is that when Elon answered the "is HW3 running out of compute power for FSD" question and he asked Andrej/Ashok if they wanted to add anything, they just seemed uneasy and looked down. It was not confidence inspiring for me. I don't know if I'm overthinking it, but I'm...
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    Tesla AI day: Q3

    Elon just mentioned that next generation cameras will be released with HW4 as well.
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    Agreed. 2 big gaps with Tesla's current setup that can be fixed: 1. All cameras need to be self-cleaning and heating (a must for true autonomy and robotaxis) 2. Eliminate blind spots I don't think the resolution of the cameras is really an issue. More pixels means more compute power required...
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    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    Exactly. People seriously have nothing better to do than complain about features that they didn’t receive instead of focusing on the free improvements that they will receive this time around. Similarly, you have all the anti-Tesla folks commenting on social media that car wash mode is being...
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    Stolen key card

    Here's the link to a set of 2 new keycards on Tesla's website: Model 3/Y Key Card
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    Stolen key card

    Per the owner's manual, it doesn't have to be the original keycard. The OP has his wife's card that's paired (paired keyfob is also acceptable) with the vehicle. He can use that to authenticate and delete the stolen card.
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    What do you do for a living?

    I eat bugs.
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    Stolen key card

    You should be able to go into Controls > Locks and then delete out the keycard that was stolen. Also, you should be able to use your wife's keycard to program a new one without having to go to the service center. Key cards are available both online on Tesla's website and through service centers.
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    Brake failed and almost crashed

    Yes, it's very likely that the inherent tension in the hard lines coupled with vibrations transmitted through the chassis will cause the lines to move without the retaining bracket. With this being a safety issue, it's also very likely that this has been escalated to Engineering and under...
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    Looks like it’s held in by snap-in retainers. See this video for removal: The large yellow frame that’s visible immediately after he removes the seat back is the lumbar support assembly.
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    Perfect, then maybe they left the lumbar assembly in the seat and just deleted the switch, which would make it possible to retrofit down the road. Like I said in my previous post, only way to know for sure is for someone with a lumbar-less 3 or Y to inspect behind seat back cover.
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    I just checked the M3 service manual (I’m assuming that MY is similar). Lumbar support assembly and pump can be accessed easily by removing plastic backshell on the back of the seat. This is not good news because if it’s modular, then Tesla could eliminate not only the switch, but the entire...
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    Yup, I have a 2018 M3 and a Cybertruck Tri-motor reservation. My main impetus for getting a Tesla was the range, supercharger network, and customer service. While I personally have experienced good customer service for the past 3 years, I’m noticing more and more that the company’s ethics are...
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    Honestly, this is very poor public relations. I'm a supporter of Tesla, Elon, and EVs, but the "logs showed low usage" excuse from Elon is unacceptable. If there are supply chain shortages and you need to delete features to compensate, that's perfectly understandable, but you need to be...
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    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    The chargeport door actuator runs off the 12V system, so it's certainly possible that the symptoms you're experiencing are related to a 12V battery fault. With the number of issues the vehicle is currently experiencing, I would strongly recommend not going on a long road trip until you can at...
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    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    1. Very simple process. In the frunk, remove the cowl cover and you will see the 12V battery on the driver's side with hold-down bracket. The most well known aftermarket option is Ohmmu. 2. Random electronic faults along with specific 12V alerts on the touchscreen in some cases.
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    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    Yes, Tesla can remotely command a software re-install and also run diagnostics. If you want to try the 12V disconnect, see this video:
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    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    Whoops, I missed that. My mistake. Another option is to disconnect 12V system, unplug connector under rear seat to isolate HV battery, let it sit, and then reconnect all.
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    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    First thing's first, please try doing the 2 button reset. Hold down both scroll wheels with your foot on the brake until the Tesla logo appears on the screen. This can take a minute or two, so be patient and report back on the result.
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    Service - Strikes again!

    When you create an appointment through the app, it should give you the option to pick from one of the service centers within say a hundred mile radius. Google Maps also has the phone numbers of the locations you mentioned, so you can try calling them directly. I agree with you 100% that having...
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    Tesla service, what a joke!! Extremely frustrated.

    Agreed. I picked my car up in Dedham and have never had a single bad service experience there. They always fix my issues on the first try without any runaround. My only complaint is the lack of loaner vehicles and having to basically hang around the area for 3-4 hours (I live 40 miles away).
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    Service - Strikes again!

    I've had the exact opposite experience. Tesla Service has never given me the runaround for warranty issues (including the battery breather update that you're trying to get done) unlike when I had Ford, Jeep, Audi, VW, Honda. I think you should try and grab a recording of the noise if you can...
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    Where is 2021.4? [2021.4.x Release]

    You’re all wrong. Cocoa Puffs are better than Trix.
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    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    Similar to what others have alluded to, I suspect that there is something upstream/downstream of the drive unit that’s the true root cause behind the 2 failures. From what I’ve read, Model 3s haven’t experienced the same milling issue that Model S had. Model 3s appear to have issues with the...
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    Multiple Early Issues with M3

    Based on the various electronic issues you're experiencing, this sounds more like a wiring harness, ground, or front body controller fault. When I picked my car up at the end of 2018, there was a pinched wire issue with the wiring harness that controls the map lights, hazard light button, etc...
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    Oil leaking from rear

    Yes, that allen bolt is indeed the fill plug. Here are the torque specs. for the filter and fill plug: Oil Filter: 3 Nm + 135 degrees Fill Plug: 15 Nm
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    Oil leaking from rear

    Yes, both the front (if equipped) and rear drive units are filled with ATF-9 (2.75 L for the rear drive unit before fluid level adjustment procedure). There is no drain plug, but there is a fill plug. The oil is drained by removing the oil filter and attaching a special adapter, then...
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    Auto Pilot unexpectedly breaking?

    Back on topic......I believe what you’re experiencing is the adjacent lane speed functionality of autopilot. Starting in the 2019.40.2 build, autopilot brakes when traffic is moving significantly slower in adjacent lanes with the idea being that it gives the car more reaction time if someone...

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