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  1. Stewart

    Tesla and MyQ

    I have the issue going from WIFi to cell data with the app, so I wait till I’m on 5G then then close, works every time.
  2. Stewart

    Superchargers not showing after updating to 2022.44.30.5

    I drove from PDX to SEA today on the new code and didn’t have this issue. Curious does the app list supercharger locations?
  3. Stewart

    MyQ Issues

    I have myQ on my cell phone, if I try to close the door close to my house it’ll fail. My guess here is that the app can’t handle the hand off from Wi-Fi to cell data. Just a guess on my part. If I wait till the Wi-Fi indicator disappears on my phone I have a 100% success.
  4. Stewart

    Best power frunk kit?

    I’ve had good luck so far, but today it’s giving my wife a bit of grief, granted it could be the cold weather. I’m guessing that some water could have gotten into the works and froze something. Maybe a little WD-40 in the latch might help.
  5. Stewart

    Why A Sentry Recording Will Not Delete?

    Are you sure that the clip is on the USB? There is onboard space that you can’t delete, they just get over written with the next “major” event.
  6. Stewart

    Best power frunk kit?

    I’m using the kit from EVoffer, been installed since July of last year with zero problems. I’ve done one F/W update for a landing issue that I didn’t know I had.
  7. Stewart

    Supercharger - Leavenworth, WA

    I was there today and there’s a pickup truck with a plow blocking the first couple of charges, looks like it’s been there awhile:( that was it, busy place with everyone going home after the long weekend!
  8. Stewart

    MYP won't auto connect to Wi-Fi. "Unable to obtain IP address" error when manually connecting to wifi. Only a hard Reboot auto-connects successfully.

    Do you see any Wi-Fi broadcasts? If not try and do a reboot. This was an issue with previous versions of code, as of late I haven’t seen the issue. Your mileage may vary 🤔
  9. Stewart

    Alaska Tesla Adventure!

    Interesting, I was on one of Puget Sounds ferry’s lately. As I was one of the first on I was parked in the front, great view! I noticed that I didn’t see any progress of the short 30 minute trip. Guessing that the the car needs to be in drive to get any updates? Maybe next time I’ll put it in...
  10. Stewart

    MYP won't auto connect to Wi-Fi. "Unable to obtain IP address" error when manually connecting to wifi. Only a hard Reboot auto-connects successfully.

    I’m of the opinion that this is a firmware issue with Tesla, early on never had any issues with connecting to my WI-FI network. Now if I get a notification to connect to the Wi-Fi todo a update, it’s a two thumb reboot. What I find that confirms my suspicion that it’s a Tesla issue is I don’t...
  11. Stewart

    I'm In Seattle And As a Die Hard Tesla Fan, I am Not Sold On FSD Beta Experience. (Been On Beta since it rolled out to Public). Thoughts?

    I feel compelled to add to this conversation. I did buy into FSD, although had to lobby my wife. My explanation was I can use all the help I can get as I’m not getting any younger ( currently in my early 60’s)we typically keep our cars 10 years +. I wasn’t blind to FSD’s short comings. If you...
  12. Stewart

    Tekonsha 118831 trailer harness: brakes do not work

    Check the owners manual about the brakes for the trailer, if memory serves there’s information about this.
  13. Stewart

    Tekonsha 118831 trailer harness: brakes do not work

    Do you have the brake controller connected? this is an add on device that typically allows you to control the braking force (trailer loaded or unloaded). There’s a cable that you’ll need to interface the brake controller to the car. It’s located footwell area on the left. It’s a cable that you...
  14. Stewart

    How Do You Use Your Frunk with Auto Frunk?

    The motivator for me was the concern of damaging the hood, second was hand prints/dirty hands. We store the grocery bags and blankets in the frunk. When I need to get gas for my yard equipment that’s where the gas can goes, no worries about smells etc in the passenger area. I do worry about a...
  15. Stewart

    Certified check or personal check

    It’s the Plaid service that I had major issues with. I had a conversation with my sales rep and told him that I’d be bringing a bank check at pickup, no issues at all. Well other them not asking for the check before I left, I made the suggestion that they might want it, they agreed!
  16. Stewart

    Smart Summon not working, anyone else?

    Used it several times on Saturday and performed as expected (MY 2021).
  17. Stewart

    Certified check or personal check

    Yes, but once you handover that information the vendor that Tesla uses has access to all of your banking information. This is part of the agreement that you agree to when using the service. I used a bank check with no issues. Granted it’s been a year since I did the transaction, things could...
  18. Stewart

    Certified check or personal check

    Read the fine print on doing a ACH, they want access to EVERYTHING! Get a bank check.
  19. Stewart

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    This is a interesting post about disabling a safety feature. The technology isn’t there to let the car drive unattended. People have asked me about FSD, my response is it’s pretty good but will kill you if given the chance. Mother Nature is good at getting rid of stupid animals and we fall...
  20. Stewart

    Supercharger - Coalinga, CA (LIVE 15 Dec 2022, 80 stalls)

    It’s been about 15 years since I stayed at Harris ranch for a couple of weeks (doing computer consulting at the college), the smell was so strong that I could taste it- even in the room! Stunning gardens and a pool if memory serves.
  21. Stewart

    How to delete on board video?

    If it hasn’t been fixed by now it’s not going to, my opinion. I’m guessing that it’s working as intended, it drives me nuts not to be able to clean things up!
  22. Stewart

    Hulu Tesla Fix that actually worked

    Here’s a unfortunate update, tried it a couple of days ago, back to not working again. Did Daylight savings change dork it up?
  23. Stewart

    Hulu Tesla Fix that actually worked

    I have had issues with Hulu in the past (months ago) but it’s been working as expected for me since then. There’s got to be something that is being missed, no idea what that could be.
  24. Stewart

    Are Tesla coming out ahead in CA $5-6 gas?

    Check Chelan PUD (eastern Washington) $.027kwh!
  25. Stewart

    HULU ERROR p-dev302

    I haven't had any issues with Hulu for several months now (did have noted issue in the past), tried it today and work as expected, currently running 2022.4.5.3. As some stated as a possible time zone issue, it'll be interesting if this changes when daylight saving comes into effect.
  26. Stewart

    “Tess-la” or “Tez-la”?

    If you listen on how Elon pronounce it’s Tez-la. But as things change might change to Tex-la 🤦‍♂️
  27. Stewart


    No idea when this changed/added driving down I5 WSP with all the happy lights going. Got a pop up informing me that emergency vehicle ahead and reducing speed, interesting 🤔
  28. Stewart

    2022 Model Y Took delivery today

    This is something that I’ve experienced. A rattling in the rear of the Y on rough roads. Not saying what I’m experiencing is what you are, but I’ll share my rattling. I removed everything from the rear of the car to make sure it wasn’t something else. Try this, open the rear gate, once it’s...
  29. Stewart

    PPF installer in the portland area

    I used Alset, I had them do PPF, tint the front two windows and ceramic. Still VERY happy with the work they did back at the end of June.
  30. Stewart

    Cannot change km to miles on app

    There’s an iOS update, nothing listed for the miss reporting. Did the update and not seeing the issue currently.
  31. Stewart

    Has anyone suddenly started hydroplaning in rain? [tires were bald]

    Agreed, I was interested in the abilities of AP, I was impressed with the lane following capabilities in the current weather. I certainly was hyper aware of what was going on.
  32. Stewart

    Has anyone suddenly started hydroplaning in rain? [tires were bald]

    So I’m going to way in here with my experience, with MY. For those that are familiar with the area, (southeast of Seattle)northbound 167 at 11:30pm heavy rain. I was having trouble identifying where the lanes where. As there was little traffic I engaged AP it locked onto the lane, very...
  33. Stewart

    Clunking noise from the rear of the car finally fixed!

    I have a 2021 MY and have been having a clunking noise as well. If I open the hatch and move it up and down, the left hinge rattles. I had service look at it. There’s a note indicating a seam issue and was adjusted. But the issue remains, anyone would like to open their rear hatch and see if...
  34. Stewart

    Cannot change km to miles on app

    So I’m having an odd display (mi/km) issue. Looking at the charging screen, shows the miles at the top, miles for charge limit but the amount added is km. Any ideas? Not what exactly what everyone else is talking about here…
  35. Stewart

    Trip Report - Washington to California

    Jim It’s all up hill going north! Sorry not helpful but couldn’t resist 😬
  36. Stewart

    How is Tesla calculating sales tax and RTA tax?

    Yes, I was charged the current MSRP not the price I paid.
  37. Stewart

    How is Tesla calculating sales tax and RTA tax?

    I live in Mill Creek, WA and picked up the car in Portland and was charged the RTA and taxes for my home address. Although what the Tesla receipt said and what the DOL licensing receipt indicated was different. So I wouldn’t expect that you would be charged RTA for Vancouver, you’ll see the...
  38. Stewart

    HULU ERROR p-dev302

    I too have had the Hulu issues. After updating to 2021.36.5.1 I haven’t received the error message, I have experienced buffering but resumed with no apparent issues
  39. Stewart

    Lift gate rattling

    Can you be a bit more specific? I do have some noise back there when driving (bumps)but haven’t spent time- yet to sort out where it’s coming from.
  40. Stewart


    I’m all in favor of bringing to light that Tesla has been around for quite a few years and has implemented charging stations around the world. Is there a better way to bring this to light? I certainly would like to go on a road trip, but could this effort be better served? I’m really worried...
  41. Stewart

    HULU Continues to be HOSED - 2021.4.21.3

    I too was having issues with Hulu getting the reported error. I gave it a try last week and it worked, did have some buffering issues but was able to watch a movie. 2021.36.5.1
  42. Stewart

    Disappointed with "safety score"

    I consider myself a responsible driver, as a retirement gig I’m substitute school bus driver. With all the rules of driving a school bus, this carries over to my personal driving habits. But I struggle with getting better then the mid 90’s. Don’t ask people to do something that you wouldn’t...
  43. Stewart

    2021.36.8 Adds Remote Sentry Live Footage on App

    Signal strength is not indicative of bandwidth availability .
  44. Stewart

    How to delete on board video?

    No, the response that I was given “this will be fixed in a future firmware update “. Not surprised by the answer, not thrilled ether. I’m guessing that if this was a widespread issue I suspect that it would have been posted on this forum already. I worked ( now retired) in the computer industry...
  45. Stewart

    Certified check or personal check

    Check with your SA, I was told NO personal check. I paid with a bank check, didn’t want to do a transfer ( read the fine print- yikes!).
  46. Stewart

    Automatic Frunk

    I received the same email and did the landing check and it failed. I ordered a micro SD card so I can update the firmware, I suspect that will fix the issue.
  47. Stewart

    Any reviews for either the ChargePoint 32A NEMA 60-50 or JuiceBox 40A NEMA 14-50?

    I’m using the Juicebox 32, my local PUD paid $500 of the cost and put a $400 credit on my account for buying a EV. So far I have had no issues with the unit.
  48. Stewart

    FSD Request button goes live tonight!

    I took my MY there straight from the dealership at the end of June. super happy with the work they did. As the delivery date is very wonky they were very accommodating!
  49. Stewart

    FSD button is here!

    The safety tab is on the app, if your iPhone you’ll need to be on 4.1. Doesn’t show up immediately, not sure what triggers it, driving a bit I’m guessing. My experience so far is that I getting nailed for hard braking, this is a result of the non- proactive response to a pending stop. I know...

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