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    On-screen visualization of vehicle behind you

    It does show cars behind you if you zoom out...
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    "Hold" mode regeneration in new SW

    I’ve been using hold mode for a few days now and I like it so far. I never liked roll mode because it requires foot dance when parking, especially on the incline, but hold mode works well. Creep is still easier for parking and backing up, but hold is OK too. You have to be very careful coming...
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    My Tesla app must be open for phone key to work?

    It's probably not it, but check that background execution is allowed for Tesla app. It's allowed by default, but I know some people like to turn it off for all apps. Also, location permission should be set to Always. Even then, I have this issue sometimes with my iPhone X. The solution is just...
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    Shocked! Model 3 has no blind spot detection [Update: yes, it does]

    Backing into a spot is not always an option. For instance, when shopping at Costco (or any other place where you have a lot of stuff to load, so frunk is not going to help). Putting a baby/toddler into a car seat is also easier when parked normally. Also, it won’t help much when you end up...
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    Shocked! Model 3 has no blind spot detection [Update: yes, it does]

    The rear view camera angle is not wide enough. By the time you can see a moving car in it, it’s already too close.
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    Shocked! Model 3 has no blind spot detection [Update: yes, it does]

    It’s not even that wide angle, compared to other modern cars that provide true 180 view. Here is the view from the same spot from my Model 3 and Mazda CX-9. Please note, that the road curves around the house, otherwise you would be able to see even further with Mazda. Now, the image quality is...
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    Reverse made my car go forward...

    I think it's a glitch in creep functionality. I've noticed a few times that sometimes creep doesn't activate right away after you switch from Park to Drive or Reverse. If you are on an incline, it may even start rolling in that direction just like if creep is not on. After you apply and release...
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    Lock Confirmation Sound Doesn't Stay

    This setting is tied to the driver profile. She probably has it off in her profile.
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    poll: will you upgrade to FSD package before price increase?

    Yep. I thought about it and decided that it’s just too expensive for the value it brings today. Also, given Tesla’s history with pricing, I won’t be surprised if FSD goes on sale later this year (say, end of quarter). Those who don’t want to buy it for 6K are even less likely to buy it for 7K...
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    FSD price is going up... to WHAT PRICE?

    Plus it’s really inconvenient when shopping as you would have limited access to the trunk.
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    FSD vs. Long Range

    Yep, plus you will likely get less than rated range in real life driving situations. For instance, my recent round trip to Redondo Beach (178 miles total) left me with 23% charge (I started with 85%). So, I consumed 62% of battery, or 192 miles of range, which is 7% more than rated consumption...
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    FSD vs. Long Range

    You can add FSD later, but can't add range...
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    To you, what are the small, lesser known things that make the Model 3 just brilliant?

    Sorry - it's just that while I love pretty much everything in my Tesla, parking it is my least favorite part, compared to other vehicles that I had recently :) On topic (small lesser known things): - Automatic rear climate control is brilliant. It is smart enough to figure out when my toddler...
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    To you, what are the small, lesser known things that make the Model 3 just brilliant?

    Actually, the backup camera and the park assist features in general are lacking compared to other 2019 cars. The only good thing about the backup camera in Model 3 is size and quality of the image. The field of view is rather narrow, I think my 2008 car had wider angle lens, and our family car...
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    Delivery Experience was...

    I picked up mine in early June at the same delivery center, and experience was OK. It was definitely fast, and I skipped the orientation as I knew everything I needed to know about the car already. I had one of the first appointments that day, but it got super busy when I was leaving and there...
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    Consumer Reports Model 3 reliability rating: reliable?

    The dealership experience can also be different depending on who owns it and the location. For instance, when I lived in Bay Area, all nearby Ford dealerships were always booked two weeks in advance and didn’t have loaners or courtesy shuttles. They would refer you to the nearest Enterprise and...
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    poll: will you upgrade to FSD package before price increase?

    I called them last month and they said they are not doing FSD trials. They may resume AP trials (that include FSD), but only if you don't have AP in the first place. If you already have AP, then no trial.
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    Autopilot trial?

    When I asked them about a month ago, they said they were not giving AP trials at the moment with no ETA when it becomes available. They also said that even when they give trials, that's for AP+FSD, but not FSD. So I won't be able to get an FSD trial in my LR AWD as it already has AP.
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    Turning on rear vents for AC

    Well, it's not just the seatbelt, it's a bit more clever. For instance, I have a car seat at the back that is secured using the seatbelt. If my toddler is not in the seat, the rear vent is not working, but once I put him in it starts blowing.
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    That also never happened to me. Even when I lived in Bay Area :)
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    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    I have yet to mount mine, but I think I found a place where I can screw it into a stud, so I should be good without wall anchors.
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    I have a similar driving situation every day and have to partially pull into the yellow dashed section (or even cross the double solid line on narrower roads) to give more space for the cyclists and I’ve never had ELDA to activate yet. I always use the turn signal (even before Tesla) and I don’t...
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    Near freeway divider collision - on autopilot

    Well, it still won’t solve the construction and any other temporary activities on the road that will result in changes in the drivable space layout, but yeah, I agree that it will be just one more tool in their disposal, if it’s just to improve the accuracy of their computer vision system. Just...
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    Like another poster just replied, yes. I always use the turn signal, even when turning from the street into my driveway. Even if it’s 1am and there is no one around. It’s not hard to do and takes almost zero effort. Consistency is the key. Doing that every time all the time will ensure that you...
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    Near freeway divider collision - on autopilot

    In the autonomy day event, Musk said that they won't do that. They want the system make decisions by using computer vision and not rely on high-precision GPS data for many reasons, such as potential GPS spoofing and general availability issues (that happens) and also because of construction...
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    Good! We need more cars doing that - maybe it will finally help California drivers to discover the existence of the turn signal :)
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    Near freeway divider collision - on autopilot

    Well, technically speaking they will never write such a code. The logic they actually coded handles only high-level concepts, such as drive only in drivable space, stay within the lane, brake for obstacles, etc. The rest is the weights in the neural network. In this case their computer vision...
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    Bad white model 3 seat stains

    When I had sunscreen stains that I couldn’t wipe off with a normal cleaner I stumbled upon a link to the seat material manufacturer and their approved cleaning solutions: https://www.ultrafabricsinc.com/sites/default/files/environment/Disinfectants_3-2018.pdf In my case, Clorox wipes removed...
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    Well, most of the features you mentioned (Autosteer, Traffic Aware Cruise Control) are part of standard Autopilot package anyway. The question is whether lane change assist / auto lane change and NoA are worth extra 6K (well, plus Summon and Autopark but they are not very useful at the moment)...
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    As an extreme example, I was driving at night on I-5 a year ago over Tejon pass. There was a construction on the bridge where they were doing something in the middle and they split the lanes in two, but neglected to erase old lane markings and just painted new ones on top. No constructions cones...
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    I think we'll be facing issues similar to what is happening in aviation. As automation handles more and more, pilots start to rely on it too much letting their hand flying skills to deteriorate and when the automation fails they struggle to handle it because that's when you really need to bring...
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    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    Maybe it went to spam? Here is how the email looks like (attached).
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    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    ... and delivered. I'm impressed, the store actually worked as intended - maybe they finally fixed their processes?
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    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    Yep, in the email, with tracking number.
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    Nope, you now need to buy FSD for it. The standard AP has only TACC and Autosteer, but not Lane Change Assist... It is one feature I would love to have, as re-engaging Autosteer after a lane change is annoying. But I don't feel it worth $6K. I don't see myself using Summon and autopark often...
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    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    The rear camera is not wide enough for a good RCTA, unfortunately. Attached is the example of the view from rear camera from my Mazda CX-9 and from my Model 3. As you can see, Mazda gives you much wider view of the road (and the road curves around the house)... And it also has a real RCTA with...
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    Will collision avoidance work when backing up?

    Because it can? My other car (ICE) has a wide-angle camera at the front grille and it came handy a few times when pulling into the street in front of parked truck. It also allows for 360 top-down view (along with the downward facing cameras in the side mirrors and back up camera) - it makes...
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    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    Same. Ordered on Saturday late evening, it got shipped on Sunday and will be delivered tomorrow (Tuesday). I've ordered a few other items and they are also coming on Tuesday, but in separate packages...
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    Forward Park Assist / Chime Not Working

    I'd try a reboot first and see if it helps (press and hold both thumbwheels on the steering wheel). If it doesn't help, I'd let it go to sleep and see if it solves the issue. At least that's how people solved their problems with sensor suite glitches (missing visualizations, autopilot being...
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    Dangerous To Accelerate P3d With Old Man In My Car?

    I'd not do that in P3D. That sustained acceleration can be pretty hard on aged blood vessels and may potentially (although unlikely) cause ruptured aneurysm if there is any. Mild acceleration would be more than enough, no need to risk it.
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    What is the next step to FSD?

    I wish Tesla included one more wide-angle camera at the front bumper/grille, like many other cars do. It would allow it to see traffic in this situation and also enable 360 degree top-down view when parking. I have it on my other car and it's very handy. Probably one feature I miss the most...
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    Front passenger door rubbing fender

    My front passenger door also sits much closer to the fender than driver's door. It doesn't seem to be rubbing, but it was making creaking sounds yesterday, most likely from the hinge area, but it could be alignment issue too. It sounds fine today - will see if it happens again...
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    New Tesla Wireless Phone Charger

    I bought Taptes charger for $49 - looks good, has charging status lights and it came with two USB splitters, so I plugged my flash drive into the right one to have dashcam/sentry mode enabled. Works as advertised.
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    Got Tired Of The EV Shuffle With Dealers And Bought A Tesla

    That won’t happen with Tesla as it would automatically switch to Park once the driver door is open or even if you just unbuckle your seatbelt. Also, imagine if that Prius had the creep off (I have no idea if there is such a setting in Prius with it being a hybrid) and the car was parked on a...
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    Final Decision, 14-50 or Wall Connector?

    Why don’t you just unplug the car end? Leaving the 14-50 cord hanging plugged into the socket doesn’t seem very safe practice, plus if you disconnect that part first before disconnecting the car end you may damage the connector if any current is still flowing through (Tesla may use the connector...
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    2019.20.2.1 Auto Brightness Broken?

    Try to adjust the slider after reboot after it switches to night mode. I did, and it worked perfectly ever since. Do not turn off auto, just adjust the slider...
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    LR AWD to P3D: Initial thoughts

    I think the difference is because of improved build quality. I test driven Performance model (took it for overnight, so got a good mix of highway and city driving) and bought LR AWD in May (delivered 6/6) and I'd say LR AWD handles the bumps a bit better than the Performance one. Also I feel...
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    Homelink Now An Extra Charge

    Mine was built on June 4th and has homelink. I ordered in May though, before the change.
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    How Long Until Your Autopilot Calibrated?

    My Model 3 calibrated in about 15 miles of highway driving. The car had 6 miles on odometer when I picked it up.
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    Got Tired Of The EV Shuffle With Dealers And Bought A Tesla

    I would not recommend turning Creep off. Unless I'm missing something, I see no real benefit in it, and the car starts rolling even on slightest incline. Also makes you work harder when parking as you have to transition between accelerator and brake pedals a lot.

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