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  1. digitalFan

    Tech Improvements Unveiled on Battery Day

    I love my 2018 Model 3 AWD and was thinking about buying a Model Y for my wife next year. But now with all the improvements coming up, we are going to delay our next Tesla purchase. If we wait a year or two we can get a much better Model Y for the same $63K. In the meantime, my wife will keep...
  2. digitalFan

    2000 Mile Roadtrip from LA to Colorado. First long road trip (Pics)

    Great report! Wondering what's the spec of your car and how many miles per kWh did you get during this trip? I have a late 2018 LR AWD. When it was new it used to show 310 miles when fully charged. Now it shows 282. I don't know if that is good, bad or as expected.
  3. digitalFan

    Blog Tesla Will Move HQ Out of California After Fight Against Health Order

    It is just a threat. If Tesla moves out of CA then 75% of it's top scientists and engineers will leave Tesla and start their new startup in Silicon Valley. Texas is for dirty oil industry. They won't even let their residents buy a Tesla.
  4. digitalFan

    Best Car Insurance for New Model 3?

    Ameriprice is cheapest for me for full (may be excessive) coverage. Paying $70/m for M3 AWD EAP. Tesla quote for the exact same coverage was $116/m.
  5. digitalFan

    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    November 2018.
  6. digitalFan

    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    I paid $3000 for EAP and I am perfectly happy with that. I use autopilot and driver initiated auto lane change a lot during long highway drives. But I find autopilot to be dangerous on construction zone lane shift. So you always have to be alert and don't over-trust your car. I almost never use...
  7. digitalFan

    MASTER THREAD: V 2019.40.1.1 170kW charging, Neural Net for Auto Wipers, Auto Lane Change quicker

    I am really loving the better wiper function and faster lane change since I got 2019.40.1 few days ago. It is raining on and off here in Northern California so the wiper update timing is perfect!
  8. digitalFan

    Premium Connectivity cost $9.99/month for many Model 3 versions

    I bought at $76 back on 2013 and then again at $178 six months ago.
  9. digitalFan

    Premium Connectivity cost $9.99/month for many Model 3 versions

    As a long term TSLA investor (since mid 2013), I gladly welcome this change. It will keep the company healthy and the customers are getting a pretty good deal.
  10. digitalFan

    Considering Solar System from Tesla

    My experience has been very different. My system was installed exactly a month after I submitted the signed contract online and then the system was turned on about two week later after receiving all the clearances from my city and PG&E. All my communications with Tesla has been very positive. I...
  11. digitalFan

    Considering Solar System from Tesla

    My system was recently installed and similar to yours except that my inverter is SolarEdge. SolarEdge inverters that Tesla installs has higher efficiency and better market reputation. Install the inverter inside your garage if you can. That way it will probably last longer. Make sure that Tesla...
  12. digitalFan

    Which panels are now offered by Tesla?

    I had a choice to pick Hanwha or Panasonic cells for the same online price. Panasonic cells have higher efficiency but the all black Hanwha cells looks nicer on my roof. Also, Tesla was not offering side skirts for Panasonic cells when my system was installed later last month. So I went for...
  13. digitalFan

    Tesla App and SolarEdge Inverter

    No, I haven't ask yet. As I mentioned, it is not a big deal for me as I have a physical picture reference of all the panels. I was not getting 'consumption' details on my SolarEdge account and Tesla has identified an issue with the Powerblaster setup. So they are coming next week to fix that...
  14. digitalFan

    Tesla App and SolarEdge Inverter

    Yes. For me the Tesla all always shows about 0.01% less than SolarEdge reading.
  15. digitalFan

    Tesla App and SolarEdge Inverter

    I just called the Tesla Solar technical support line at 877-961-7652. If you haven't got PTO yet then I would suggest waiting atleast a week after PTO before calling Tesla. If you ask now your request most likely will be rejected.
  16. digitalFan

    Tesla App and SolarEdge Inverter

    No. It only shows logical layout at the moment. However, I took a physical layout picture of the panel IDs so from the logical layout I can tell which panel is sitting where on my roof. I will call Tesla to see if I can also get physical layout feature added to my access.
  17. digitalFan

    Tesla App and SolarEdge Inverter

    My system was installed by Tesla earlier this month. Last week after seeing this thread, I called Tesla solar support and asked for SolarEdge portal access. It was approved in three days.
  18. digitalFan

    Solar system install tomorrow. What do I need to know?

    I placed my order on May 15th and our system was installed on June 20th. Tesla wanted to install it on June 10th but we couldn't take that appointment as we were out of town. We live in Northern California.
  19. digitalFan

    Solar system install tomorrow. What do I need to know?

    Thanks! After posting my question, I called Tesla and they gave me the option to choose between QCells 315w panels and Panasonic 330w panels. I decided to stay with QCells because it is all black and looks nicer. Both has the same warranty. In terms of number of panels, with Panasonic I as going...
  20. digitalFan

    PG&E Rate Schedules: "Home Charging" (EV2-A) Goes Live vs. Others

    I am on EV-A plan for last 5+ years. I just went Solar and my interconnection was turned on this week. Looks like PG&E didn't kick me out of EV-A. It wasn't clear if I will be allowed to stay on EV-A since my interconnection was after July 1st. For me, EV-A is far better than EV2-A because I...
  21. digitalFan

    Which PG&E rate plan should I choose after going solar?

    I am on EV-A plan for last 5+ years. My new solar system was turned on today (July 5th). I don't have Powerwall. Will I be forced to move to EV2-A?
  22. digitalFan

    PG&E Rate Schedules: "Home Charging" (EV2-A) Goes Live vs. Others

    I am on EV-A plan for last 5+ years. My new solar system was turned on today (July 5th). I don't have Powerwall. Will I be forced to move to EV2-A?
  23. digitalFan

    Solar system install tomorrow. What do I need to know?

    Were your panels really Panasonic 330w ones? I thought that Tesla uses QCells 315w panels? Could you please confirm?
  24. digitalFan

    Which PG&E rate plan should I choose after going solar?

    I am a novice when it comes to understanding benefits of different PG&E rate plans. I have EVA plan since 2013. My solar installation is scheduled for next week and I expect the system will be turned on maybe within three weeks from now. I am in Sacramento CA area with lots of sun light...
  25. digitalFan

    Do you really need tire rotation?

    It used to be that Costco charged about $20 to rotate and balance tires not purchased from Costco. But that charge was only for the first visit. For subsequent rotations, it was free. Not sure if that is still the case.
  26. digitalFan

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I was at Rocklin CA Tesla store last night for charging my car and the lot is almost empty. Looks like inventory is much lower than usual at this location.
  27. digitalFan

    How many EAP owners would pay for the 3.0 FSD computer at what price?

    Zero + Nada + Nil By the time FSD becomes available, my Model 3 will be 10+ years old so it is pointless to spend any money now. I may just get a better looking, more exciting 2030 Model 3 at that time.
  28. digitalFan

    Should I worry about Tesla going out of business?

    Lots of great companies from the past have disappeared. So yes, it is possible that Tesla also will be gone one day or be bought by a competitor. It is not big enough like GM to get government bail out should another recession like the one during 2007~08 happens. In my humble opinion, they...
  29. digitalFan

    Tesla Solar Panel now $2.85/W instead of $3.49/W

    Thank you. I just noticed at Costco that SunRun also has a battery storage solution call BrightBox. Will check with them.
  30. digitalFan

    Tesla Solar Panel now $2.85/W instead of $3.49/W

    Thanks for mentioning SGIP rebate. How does someone engage a non-Tesla installer in order to get SGIP rebate? $11,069 for one Powerwall before incentives sounds a lot ... do you agree?
  31. digitalFan

    Tesla Solar Panel now $2.85/W instead of $3.49/W

    Anyone ordered solar with powerwall since the new pricing has been announced? I ordered yesterday in California and here is my order details. I would appreciate if others can share their order details. One thing to note is that powerwall installation cost is extra. Thank you!
  32. digitalFan

    For Sale: Unplugged Lowering Springs - Mild

    I don't think we should be using this forum for selling stuffs.
  33. digitalFan

    Did the Model 3 Pricing Just Change

    My LR AWD with Red paint and 20" wheel is now $4000 cheaper than it was last November. But looking at new pricing structure for auto pilot, it appears that those who just have EAP will get free FSD if that feature ever becomes available.
  34. digitalFan

    Kind of regretting getting SR+ and not LR or AWD, anyone?

    I'll buy a 500 mile Model 3 AWD if it ever becomes available. In the mean time, I will remain happy with my 310 mile AWD.
  35. digitalFan

    Are the key cards for Model 3 waterproof?

    Yes, I keep it inside my swimming pant while swimming at our fitness center swimming pool.
  36. digitalFan

    Wall Charger Installation costs question

    I have a home wall charger and I work from home :) It cost me around $800 to have the charger installed inside the garage. The electrician had to run a 32ft steel conduit from the breaker box to the garage. I bought the charger and the electrician provided all other materials.
  37. digitalFan

    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Hi Folks, There is lot of mention of 'Fairwinds CU' in this thread. I am considering refinancing to my Model 3 I purchased few months ago to a shorter term / lower rate. How is your refinance experience with them? I am in Sacramento CA area ... do they serve in this area? Do I have to be a...
  38. digitalFan

    Planning to buy Model 3

    I have a LR AWD and haven't seen a SR+ yet. My advice is if you can stretch your budget by $3K more, then go for the mid range one. You get lot more that way. One thing to consider is: the cost to insure a model 3 is significant compared to a fully loaded new Toyota Camry or similar car. I am a...
  39. digitalFan

    3% Price increase across the board

    They will be changing price again in few days. I love my Tesla but this pricing-circus needs to stop. It will only make potential new customers to 'wait and see' and thereby hurt Tesla's sale and reputation.
  40. digitalFan

    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    I smell class action lawsuit against Tesla if Tesla really charges customers who already purchased FSD for $5K an additional $3K for FSD upgrade.
  41. digitalFan

    CAV decal: colors, choice and strategy for HOV lane usage.

    The 2nd ... plan to "take them off in four years or so there will be no damage to your car"
  42. digitalFan

    $2500 CA Rebate Experience?

    Mine was approved today. I submitted my application exactly 90 days ago. Now waiting for the check to arrive.
  43. digitalFan

    CAV decal: colors, choice and strategy for HOV lane usage.

    This is what I used. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LZYSXZJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 It worked very well for me.
  44. digitalFan

    Stephen King like the “fart app” lol

    I find it just disgusting. I request Tesla to take it out in next software release.
  45. digitalFan

    CAV decal: colors, choice and strategy for HOV lane usage.

    I am pretty sure CA will extend the red decal validity beyond 1/1/2022. We just sold a Prius plug-in hybrid last month.We purchased that back on 2013 and that had a green decal. Expiry date of green decal was extended twice. On January 1, 2019, 223,654 green decals expired so there are lot less...
  46. digitalFan

    I'm returning my Model 3. I need corporate intervention.

    @Rural - after reading your Tesla experience, it seems like there is a world of customer service quality difference between Tesla locations. I purchased my Tesla from Rocklin, CA location and so far it has been an amazing customer service experience. When we placed our Model 3 order, I didn't...
  47. digitalFan

    CAV decal: colors, choice and strategy for HOV lane usage.

    I submitted my application by mail around 20th December and received my red stickers on January 23rd. I am glad that I got the red one which doesn't look bad on my red model 3. I saw a purple sticker on a black Tesla at a supercharger few days ago and that looks just horrible.
  48. digitalFan

    Supercharging Nightmare Begins

    Unfortunately this is the problem of living in a densely populated old city. You may have a graet job, great city life but still the overall quality of life maybe poor. We moved out of the bay area to Rocklin, CA and we have two Supercharging stations within 5 mile radius from our home ... which...
  49. digitalFan

    Tesla originally billed us $35 for checking air pressure

    I had my Tesla serviced recently in CA and I do see that they performed "Check and Adjust Tire Pressure - CA MANDATE". But they listed it as "Pay Type: Goodwill -Service" with 0 cost to me.
  50. digitalFan

    AWD delivery thread

    Well, now my delivery is tomorrow 10/28/2018! So just one week from order to delivery!! Excellent!!!

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