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  1. ggbjr

    How to get out of Tesla Lease?

    I assumed a Model X lease that was posted here on TMC. There are always folks watching for these. Our leases assumption was a terrific decision for our family.
  2. ggbjr

    Gigantic POP in audio, lose audio for a bit.

    That's great to hear. It happened to me yesterday, too.
  3. ggbjr

    2018 Model X 100D :: Lease Takeover

  4. ggbjr

    WTB: Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package

    WTB: Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package -- open to silver or black
  5. ggbjr

    Account page changed from 'Prepare for Delivery' to asking for details

    great point. Got mine too. Model Y Long Range All-Wheel Drive Performance Deep Blue Metallic Paint Performance Upgrade 21’’ Überturbine Wheels All Black Premium Interior
  6. ggbjr

    2013 Model S60 with 37k miles - $45k

    Sold, thanks all.
  7. ggbjr

    2013 Model S60 with 37k miles - $45k

    Hi folks -- images of the car are here: Dropbox - Tesla Model S60 37k miles - $45k I forgot to note that the car had Opticoat Pro applied on the day of delivery. I've included images of the exterior blemishes (1 moderate, 2 minor). 90% miles in the mid-high 170s. Thanks for the inquiries and...
  8. ggbjr

    2013 Model S60 with 37k miles - $45k

    Absolutely. I'll be back from travel tomorrow and will send some pics then. Thanks
  9. ggbjr

    2013 Model S60 with 37k miles - $45k

    I'm selling my 2013 Model S60 to upgrade. It's a wonderful car -- here are the details: 60 kWh Battery Brown Metallic Paint Tan Nappa Leather Seats Obeche Wood Matte Décor Panoramic Roof Supercharger Enabled Tech Package Standard Suspension Parking Sensors Parcel Shelf Tesla Car Cover...
  10. ggbjr

    Twins out of town

    Ha!! And because you guys weren't here, my brown was relegated to a regular spot. I'm the only local brown, I think!
  11. ggbjr

    Lighted Tesla T for nosecone

    We look forward to having you down here in Raleigh. I'll second that dinner offer!
  12. ggbjr

    First week hijinx

    I spent a year thinking about this purchase, months waiting for my car, and many hours reading TMC wondering whether I'd have the same reactions as the rest of you. Well, week 1 with my Model S went as advertised. I've loved every minute. Best drive ever. Lots of fun new things to learn. Many...
  13. ggbjr

    60 vs 85

    No regrets whatsoever with the 60.
  14. ggbjr

    Raleigh area: interested in co-buying Chademo adapter?

    Agreed. This would make it much more attractive for me.
  15. ggbjr

    Raleigh area: interested in co-buying Chademo adapter?

    There are a few in the DC metro area too.
  16. ggbjr

    Raleigh: Body Shop

    Goodness. Sorry to see this. Let us know who they recommend, just in case. ;)
  17. ggbjr

    December / Late December delivery (2013) VINs?

    Just got another surprise. Now I can pick up the car tomorrow, instead of Saturday (which was already a week early). I almost feel bad after reading months of horror stories about delivery dates being pushed back weeks!
  18. ggbjr

    November / Late November delivery (2013) VINs?

    Mine was scheduled for delivery a week early (sorry, guys) and it looks like I'll be getting it this Saturday, barring that whole Midwestern snowstorm issue.
  19. ggbjr

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I received a little surprise yesterday. My delivery will be a week early. I'll be picking her up this Saturday. Let the countdown agony begin!
  20. ggbjr

    Hello all!

    Congrats, commasign! The car is gorgeous. I almost regret getting stock wheels! Thanks too for mentioning being grandfathered. I was able to get the same deal thanks to you.
  21. ggbjr

    Tesla Supercharger network

    I can't imagine that those costs are even close to stable nationally. Especially with northeastern residential spots going for >150k each! That said, seeing these numbers makes me think that if TM sold supercharging equipment wholesale, someone could make a go of it.
  22. ggbjr

    Lighted Tesla T Pre-order List

    Me too!
  23. ggbjr

    November / Late November delivery (2013) VINs?

    Congrats! BTW, how much did the pedals cost you?
  24. ggbjr

    The Tesla Factory is now building your Model S....what are the process stages ?

    Building! But I have a delivery of 12/14. Think I'll get lucky?
  25. ggbjr

    Hello all!

    Hey comma, so you got grandfathered into the old resale program terms? I've been hearing mixed information about whether they're grandfathering.
  26. ggbjr

    Lighted Tesla T for nosecone

    My goodness, that looks great. Can't wait for a kit!
  27. ggbjr

    Lighted Tesla T for nosecone

    Amazing news! Thanks for your efforts.
  28. ggbjr

    Ugh. Another Model S fire - 2013-11-06

    Glad things seem to be calming down a bit. I don't think we can ignore the fact that this place is a big echo chamber. I happen to agree with the perspective that it's too early to draw conclusions. The problem is that the public doesn't have my same patience. A brief anecdote. Tonight, I was...
  29. ggbjr

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I'm in production too with a confirmed delivery of 12/14. Not sure I'll make it. Happened to be in DC today and really shouldn't have gone to the Tesla store but couldn't resist. Not a recommended strategy for dealing with the wait.
  30. ggbjr

    November / Late November delivery (2013) VINs?

    Me too. So far, the delivery date is 12/14. Argh
  31. ggbjr

    Help deciding 60kw or 85kw

    Why, Dreamin? I mean, how often do you find yourself regretting the decision?
  32. ggbjr

    How can you keep your iTunes library "synced" to your USB Stick?

    There are still people who don't use Mac? ;)
  33. ggbjr

    How can you keep your iTunes library "synced" to your USB Stick?

    +1 this is a great solution. No frills but gets the job done
  34. ggbjr

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Congratulations!! That brown is gorgeous (can't wait to see mine). Enjoy it.
  35. ggbjr

    Supercharger - Rocky Mount, NC

    Ha! Glad you made it (and where'd you stop btw)! Looks like they're making great progress. Thanks for the update!
  36. ggbjr

    Opticoat Pro

    I'll be interested to hear what you find as I am also thinking about getting Opticoat Pro, but am planning to get an xpel wrap first (at TVP). Still seems strange to me to have the coat on top of the wrap but that seems to be the recommendation.
  37. ggbjr

    November / Late November delivery (2013) VINs?

    I just got one too. Confirmed on 9/24. VIN: 26610
  38. ggbjr

    Exterior box big enough to hold the UMC?

    For those of you who've done exterior installs of your NEMA 14-50, has anyone found a good outlet box that's large enough to hold the UMC? I know that it's weatherproof, etc., but I'd like to keep it covered if possible.
  39. ggbjr

    Power Folding Mirrors

    Here too. No change.
  40. ggbjr

    Supercharger - Rocky Mount, NC

    Great detective work! Is that a shopping center? What's in the area?
  41. ggbjr

    18 Day Old Model S Wrecked

    Thank goodness you're okay. Indeed, the car is in remarkable shape given your description of the accident. I hope you're back on the road in another model s soon.
  42. ggbjr

    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Thanks for the details!
  43. ggbjr

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Very cool, indeed. The two dots in North Carolina are strangely placed but one is obviously Burlington and I suspect the other is Rocky Mount. Now we just need some SCs in SC (a confusing abbreviation for those of us who are close to the state) and GA and we'll be a quarter of the way towards...

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