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    Canada - FSD rollout

    I installed 2022.44.30.5 (FSD, my first experience with the FSD beta, in December. When I bought FSD capability in 2019, I didn’t believe that I would ever see the hands-free driving, robo-taxi, get-in-the-back-seat-and-go hoopla. I bought it because I tend to keep a vehicle for...
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    FSD price increase - AGAIN!

    The question is unanswerable. It is likely to be years before FSD (non-beta) is available. Tesla could have a new CEO or even new owners by then. If an owner’s problem with any product is minor (e.g., costing less than 1% of the current value of the product to repair), a manufacturer might...
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    Will we get price cuts in North America?

    No doubt the numbers vary from day to day. I just went to XE.com and plugged in the numbers and it gave me the values today.
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    BC owners: vote for where to add Supercharger locations in Tesla’s new poll

    If people can drive to Alaska in a Bolt, Tesla ought to be able to put in adequate infrastructure. “EV Lesson: Range Anxiety is a real thing for all drivers along the Alaska Highway. Ironically, there is likely greater access to EV charging than gas stations!”...
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    Will we get price cuts in North America?

    I wonder whether Tesla thinks we already have a “price cut”. Looking at the long-range Model Y price (not including “gas savings”) on the Canadian and US pages I see C$85,000 and US$65,990. US$65,990 is about C$89,129. Maybe Tesla thinks we already have a C$4,129 “discount”.
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    BC owners: vote for where to add Supercharger locations in Tesla’s new poll

    I voted for the four Vancouver Island locations. I suggested Duncan on Vancouver Island as it is about one-half way between the only two SuperCharger locations on the Island, those being Victoria and Nanaimo. I also suggested 100 Mile House to make it more practical to get to north/central BC.
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    Canada - FSD rollout

    I finally got myself updated a couple of days ago to 2022.44.25.5. The first time I tried an FSD beta was last evening. I’m glad I was vigilant. My car made a left turn from a stop sign. Immediately there was a train track to cross. The train track has been unused for decades. Immediately after...
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    Looking for Wall Connector Installer - Courtenay/Qualicum BC

    Today I talked with an electrician who is listed on the Tesla website. He said that although two wall connectors can be hooked up to one 60A breaker, TSBC (Technical Services BC) the safety inspection agency will not permit it. TSBC requires a 60 A breaker for each wall connector. I don’t like...
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    Looking for Wall Connector Installer - Courtenay/Qualicum BC

    Thanks. I sent quote requests to several electrical companies. I want someone who is experienced in this as I plan to have two 3rd generation wall connectors installed. I believe that this means I can have them connected to a single 60 A as the 3rd generation wall connectors do load sharing. I...
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    CHAdeMO adapter is missing from Tesla website.

    It turns out I won’t be getting a CCS adapter and I will be keeping my CHAdeMO. My 2019 TM3 SR+ is not capable of CCS charging. :(
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    Looking for Wall Connector Installer - Courtenay/Qualicum BC

    The installation will be in Bowser (between Courtenay and Qualicum) in July 2022. I see some Teslas being driven around between Courtenay and Qualicum, and the nearest SuperCharger is in Nanaimo, so I’m guessing there is more than one experienced installer in the area. The installation would...
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    CHAdeMO adapter is missing from Tesla website.

    I’m on the Island to… Cowichan Valley. Of course, there is no SuperCharging there. I bought the CHAdeMO adapter as part of buying my TM3 in 2019. I have found it to be well worth the price. I can travel to Courtenay/Comox, Campbell River, and Powell River without having concerns about charging...
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    If the shop you are referring to is in Nanaimo, I might be that other owner. I had my version F installed there and the sub has never worked. I paid hundreds of dollars for the installation. I drafted a review praising the model F, (with the exception of the subwoofer problem) and showed it to...
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    I'm starting to doubt I'll be getting an electric truck.....

    In Canada, at least one company is already selling to EV drivers… Welcome to Canada’s Electric Highway. You’ve always been able to drive from the Rockies to the Maritimes. And now, you can do it in an electric vehicle. Because helping Canadians get to where they want to go is what we do, and...
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    How long is the availability delay for Mexico?

    I have a reservation for a CyberTruck in Mexico. I made the reservation on December 8, 2019. Although we don’t know when the CyberTruck will get significant production numbers, I’m interested in getting a sense of the historical lag time between US deliveries of a new model begin and when...
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    If tesla opens supercharging to other vehicles. Can current tesla owners sue tesla

    I would prefer that Tesla do it. Tesla has demonstrated competency at building and at properly maintaining a charging network. I woukld want there to be a threshold of a required minimum charging rate. My family owns a Chevy Volt. Hooking up at a level 2 public charger is painful because the...
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    If tesla opens supercharging to other vehicles. Can current tesla owners sue tesla

    I appreciate the plethora of Supercharger locations in the GVA (red dots) with more to come (grey dots). :) I hope to see something remotely similar on Vancouver Island, permitting Island Tesla owners to get around using Superchargers other than in the southern and eastern sections. But...
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    If tesla opens supercharging to other vehicles. Can current tesla owners sue tesla

    This is Canada, not the more litigious USA. What would be the contractual violation? I don’t remember seeing anything in my purchase agreement with Tesla that they committed to me any level of access to SuperChargers. In some places, there are lineups at SuperChargers because of high usage by...
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    Does your Tesla US account show the purchase price? When I look at my account I see my reservation for a CT in Canada and my reservation for a CT in Mexico, but no prices shown. If I recall correctly, when I bought my TM3 the initial deposit was to make a reservation but the price was not...
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    British Columbia Residents Referral Code Petition

    There was considerable discussion of this a year or two go in this forum. Here is the short version. BC legislation defines, "salesperson" means (a)an individual, other than a motor dealer, who, on behalf of a motor dealer and for or in the expectation of a fee, gain or reward, (i)...
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    Anyone own a red Model 3 or Y?

    I have a 2019 red, with black/white interior. I plan those be owning the car for at least 10 years. I didn’t want 10 years of regretting having “settled” for colours I didn’t want. I don’t remember what I paid for the paint. Even if it was $2600, that would be at most, $260/year or less than...
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    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    I think you are mischaracterizing Tesla’s mission Tesla’s website does not say its mission is to get more EV on the road, it is much broader saying, Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Electric vehicles are only one portion of that. Doing what you...
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    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    Is Tesla having difficulty selling all of the TMYs it can produce? I understand a purchaser’s interest in getting a lower price, but not Tesla’s interest in lowering its price if it is selling every one it can produce at the current price. When I am negotiating, I try to figure out how I can...
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    BC Hydro Fast EV Charging - Fees starting May 1st, 2021

    I have mixed feelings about the calculation method. On one hand, I would like the idea of being able to pay for what I am receiving. On the other hand, hopefully it will encourage drivers to "charge efficiently". It can be irritating to be waiting and waiting while a Bolt charges at its...
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    Lifetime Premium Connectivity pre-July 2018

    Tesla was clear with me. I have premium connectivity for as long as I own the car. I’m OK with that.
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    Lifetime Premium Connectivity pre-July 2018

    It’s a bit different for Canadian buyers. I ordered my SR+ in May 2019 and took delivery in June 2019. I have premium connectivity for life.
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    Pay for a color or get it wrapped?

    That was my approach when I bought my Prius v in 2014, although I was more thorough. I had the bumpers, front fenders, hood, mirrors, rocker panels, and a strip above the windshield PPFed. Within a couple of years I had chips in various areas of the car that were not PPFed. :( When I bought...
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I’m trying to be respectful of Hansshow by giving them full opportunity to resolve the problem before discussing it publicly. I’m hoping to be able to say that I had a problem that they resolved and provide a bit of a product and service review.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    Has anyone had success in two-way communication with Hansshow recently? I have difficulties with my Version F. I have been emailing Cici and getting no response for a week. I sent a p.m. to William here and have had no response. I know that lunar new year is coming up and I figure the...
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    Is there a DIY fix for water in the B Pillar Cameras

    I experience this frequently during “winter” months on Vancouver island. I reported it once to Tesla and got a similar, unsatisfactory response along the lines of, “Oh, that’s just the way it is.” I paid for FSD capability. I don’t know how Tesla will be able to deliver reliable FSD if the...
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    No referral rewards for BC residents now

    I would be suspicious of that information and seek some kind of authority for the comment. The BC Motor Dealer Act does not prohibit the giving of a benefit to someone who buys a car. It does prohibit a person who is not buying a car from receiving even the expectation of a benefit because...
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    No referral rewards for BC residents now

    Tesla seems able to sell everything it builds, so it has little reason to provide additional incentives. It sometimes offers incentives near the end of a quarter (I.e., end of March, June, September) or at the end of the year to maximize that period’s sales. I wouldn’t expect any Tesla...
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    Model 3 won't wake up from app OR in the car

    That happened to me just yesterday. Last evening I was waiting to pick up take out. I had the car on and Spotify playing. When I got my sushi I entered a destination and the screen went black. I tried the two-button reset. Nada. I tried reset with brake, more nothing. I put on the turn signal...
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    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    Yes, Tesla could; I’m not sure why Tesla would. If they were having difficulty selling their cars, they might. As a businesses, Tesla is likely interested in maximizing financial viability. If it is able to sell all of its product at the current price level, I’m not sure what would motivate...
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    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    It seems to me that every time that Tesla has done “dynamic pricing”, i.e., increasing or decreasing the price of something for a short or long period of time, we read the complaints of Tesla customers. “I bought X for $Y on date and the next (day/week/month) Tesla dropped the price. That’s...
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    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    Different markets have different pricing. Yes, different laws, different costs of doing business, different competitive factors, and other aspects are involved in setting prices for the same product in different jurisdictions. Check the price of the Model Y in another NAFTA country, Mexico...
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    Supercharge miles for referral code considered bribe?- Canadian Issues

    It’s not a “Canadian” issue, it’s a BC issue. There is a long discussion in this thread. No referral rewards for BC residents now There is a reference to the specific statutory provision here. No referral rewards for BC residents now
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I got confused by the Cincinnati aspect. I’m guessing some DHL data processing gets done there, not that my Version F actually went there. :)
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I got the shipping notification from DHL for Version F on December 23. Mine is going to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. DHL says it is in Los Ángeles now and says it will be to me by December 31.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    My Version F shipped this week. I’m planning to have it installed in January. It’s not work I want to take on myself.
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    "Level 3" Charging in BC

    I’m not sure that the document “ignores” Tesla so much as doesn’t recognize Tesla charging stations as being “public”. I’m guessing BC Hydro is considering “public” to refer to charging stations that are “generally available to the public”.
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    Speed Sign Recognition in BC

    Yes, I’m familiar with that opportunity to enhance the guessing. It seems pretty Mickey Mouse to me. Drivers should not be expected to be looking at the “wrong” side of the road for information about driving. In addition, the back of the sign may not be visible. A tall vehicle may be parked...
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    Free premium connectivity transferable?

    I have a June 2019 delivered SR+. I have “lifetime” premium connectivity for as long as I own the car.
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    Did I make the right decision?

    I’ve had my SR+ for 18 months. The day I received it I took it for paint correction and full PPF. The shop said they couldn’t find anything to correct. I have put almost 50,00 km on it. have had no problems.
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    Tesla to offer 1-year free supercharging for deliveries 12/12-12/31 in North American

    I’m not convinced of your assumption. I had 7,500 km of free charging and when they expired a year later I still had about one-half of the credits. I do think it would be nice if Tesla offered an alternative bonus of a wall connector instead. It would have to be an alternative as some buyers...
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    Tesla to offer 1-year free supercharging for deliveries 12/12-12/31 in North American

    Here is a post from another Canadian message board.
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    Longest Tesla Parade

    So many cars in a parade. So little exhaust! :) So much money raised and profile elevated for good causes. Nicely done.
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    Full Self-Driving Capability... Worth it?

    I guess Musk could ask Grimes to go on camera to test the latter. It will be interesting to see how FSD-capability develops. Tesla FSD beta impressively navigates unpaved, partially covered road with ease
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I’m looking for a Vancouver Island installer for the F version as well.
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    Will Tesla Mobile Service Swap Winter Tires?

    Tesla wouldn’t even ship the winter wheel package to the Island. I had to go Port Coquitlam to get them. They were installed there.

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