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    GTA drivers, when are you switching to winter tire this year?

    I usually change it on Nov 11 every year but I'm going to change it this coming Sat (Oct 31) since I'm barely driving while working from home. The shop I go to will be busy changing tires for others in Nov so I don't mind avoiding any potential rush.
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    App failed to wake up the car. “Vehicle connection error”. Anyone else ?

    Happened to me last week when I tried to get into the app to do an update. Luckily it was an one time thing. Did you try on mobile data as well from your phone? EDIT: Trying it now (10:18am, it is taking a long time to wake the car up as well)
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    Model 3 “Starter Kit”

    My must have list: Floor mats Air Compressor (not 100% must) Memory stick for video and sentry recording Winter tires depending on your area 240V outlet installation (if possible for you) Windshield fluid (extra cases) Nice to have for me is tints but this can wait. First car in 10 years...
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    Charging tips

    I didn't want to start a new thread so I would like to ask other's experience here. I find myself charging every two days and I don't drive much - about 7 km one way (14 km round trip). SR+ Charge to 90% overnight, set to complete in the morning so battery is warm Garage parked except during...
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    Premium connectivity

    As a SR+ owner, I don't see myself paying for the premium connectivity. I would like to see the live traffic but not available on SR+ Streaming with Spotify is very spotty and does not work majority of the time with me YouTube works 100% of the time but I use 5-10 minutes once a week while...
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    best floor mat for winter and snow?

    I used maxpider for my model 3 and it works great. My family has a set of tuxmat in her Mazda CX-5 and I found myself slipping when I was trying to get into the car, maybe not an issue on the model 3 though.
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    [GTA] Model 3 Winter Tires Group Buy - featuring FAST EV01+ and more!

    Giving this thread a bump with my experience. Service was quick, in and out with 20 minutes. Chatted with Raffi over e-mails for 2-3 days and scheduled in an appointment for the following weekend (Nov 2). I do have to say the PDF can be clearer and label the wheels. I chose Replika R241 (I...
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    Where can I buy the Hot Wheels Model 3? (Ontario, Canada)

    This is the Vaughan Mills location
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    Where can I buy the Hot Wheels Model 3? (Ontario, Canada)

    I got 2 of them from Toys' R US. The white model 3
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    Rim repair and repaint

    UnionRim I don't have personal experience going there yet but I have a set of forge rims and one of them is bent. Did my research and this place seems to deliver good quality at a reasonable price. I was planning to go before switching to a Model 3 and now I'm just lazy to fix my rim (won't be...
  11. Z

    PPF - Do I Really Need It?

    Very subjective and my personal answer is no. I don't feel its worth the money for PPF or paint coating. I think they do have their own merits to keeping the car in a better condition but I don't think it is absolutely necessary.
  12. Z

    Power Frunk | No more fingerprints on the hood!

    I love how clean your S looks
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    Still confused how to keep the car locked properly

    Check your Tesla app to confirm. Go to controls and see if the doors are locked. If they are, chances are your car is locking just fine
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    Which winter tires are you biying?

    I'm going to Tire Connection tomorrow for XICE3 with Replika R241. Supposedly the R241 are flow formed which is lighter and stronger than R187.
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    Has anyone really used a 12V pump to fill tire?

    Thank you guys. I purchased the 70P and it just arrived. I was able to use it from the cabin 12v port. My original pump is definitely done
  16. Z

    Has anyone really used a 12V pump to fill tire?

    I own this pump and have been using it on my last three ICE cars: Michelin 12V Deluxe Inflator | Canadian Tire When I try it with the cigarette lighter in my TM3, it would power on but will not pump. Does anyone know why? It is a 12v pump from the product page. Also I noticed, the PSI...
  17. Z

    The cost to fill my Tesla each day

    About $30-$40 more each month for electricity. Previous gas bills average $120-$150/month. Some savings for me but insurance has gone up $50/month as well.
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    Where to find Maxpider in Canada

    Decided to take a quick browse on Costco.ca and they have the 3D in stock for model 3 right now if anyone is interested. These are the interior front and rear mats, not the trunk/frunk. Cheers!
  19. Z

    Trade-In Process in Canada

    No negotiations in Ontario, I tried it. I sold a car before and it was a lot of effort. I accepted Tesla's offer. Handed the keys over and took my plates back when I picked up my model 3.
  20. Z

    What do while you wait for delivery...

    My three recommendations: 1. Buy a backup thumb drive, you don't want to risk driving without recording. I paid $8 for a 32GB thumb drive. 2. Buy the accessories you think you need and wait to see your usage before buying extra. For example, I opened the frunk 3 times since I got the car, I...
  21. Z

    Pressure Washer Choice

    I used to do the same and it works very well. I have a pressurized pump sprayer with a wand to do my rinseless washes. With a garden hose and a garage now I find it less setup now to pull out the hose. I can also rinse down the wheel wells and flush out the roof panel gaps if there is debris.
  22. Z

    Pressure Washer Choice

    I'm in Canada and picked up Powerplay Spyder from Costco, its an electric pressure washer at 2030 psi. I got this because if I have issues down the road, Costco offers great service. If I was in US, I would buy a Sunjoe on sale from amazon.com with similar specs. I haven't had my model 3 for...
  23. Z

    Model 3 Maxpider 3D mats on sale Costco Canada $160

    Also received the email notification. At $129.99 it'll go fast.
  24. Z

    Sentry Mode - hit and run - what would you do?

    If your finger nails catches the scratch lines, chances are you will need a repair/repaint and won't buff out.
  25. Z

    Ordered M3 but not excited yet

    I did not enjoy the process either. I had to stay on top of them everyday and came to this forum to look for information. They really don't make it easy for you. But once I finally took delivery of the car (after inspecting it first of course) and driven it home, the relief was felt. The...
  26. Z

    Optimum No Rise and Wax - Trying to avoid swirl marks

    It's more of your wash technique that's putting swirls or scratches on your car and less emphasis on the products. Using the wax version of ONR but not changing your wash technique won't make a difference here. If your car is soiled and you still want to use the waterless method, the cheapest...
  27. Z

    Percentage or Miles/Kilometers : which do you use and why?

    My commute is short and I have been mainly using just percentage - so I know roughly when to charge. I try to charge it between 20% to 30%. I guess my primary concern has been the battery's health. Now if I need to travel (not day to day short commute) then I'll change it to KM to keep an eye...
  28. Z

    Ceramic Coating vs wrap

    What is included on the life time warranty? What scenarios would you file a claim? I'm curious because I know ceramic coatings don't last a lifetime. I have used several coatings that last between 1-5 years.
  29. Z

    2019.20.4.2 - very stable

    For me the phone sometimes doesn't work vs worked 100% of the time on .15 Rear view camera went black for a couple of seconds yesterday. The wipers also turn on while I'm playing buggy beach, so much I quit the game to change the setting from auto to off. Dash cam and sentry mode also stopped...
  30. Z

    Anyone done PPF for Model 3?

    Thanks for the info! Aside from the A and C pillars, and the roof being glass, sounds like you pretty much wrapped the whole car!
  31. Z

    Anyone done PPF for Model 3?

    That's very impressive! Did you wrap the whole car? Which PPF did you purchased?
  32. Z

    Tesla shop shipping times?

    My order for the adapter just shipped too. Ordered on June 11th
  33. Z

    Pros and Cons of Owning a Tesla

    My third day owning my standard range plus. I have not charged or go through a service for repair/maintenance yet so can't speak to that. Pro List: - Can monitor and control some functions from your phone, almost like a toy - Can set temps to be comfortable whether it is summer or winter, so...
  34. Z

    Window Tinting - GTA?

    Anyone used Audio Heaven for their Model 3?
  35. Z

    PPF And Ceramic Coating Look Amazing

    I think it is 3m black brushed metal
  36. Z

    Tesla shop shipping times?

    Same situation for me. Ordered on June 3rd, and zero updated. I got the car already
  37. Z

    Model 3 SR+ Delivery Wait Time in GTA

    I'm in Toronto. Ordered on June 3rd. Just picked my car up 15 minutes ago from Lawrence location.
  38. Z

    Reveal your VIN before it appears on your account

    Order Date: June 3 2019 Model Ordered: M3 SR+ WHITE/BLACK 18" Tesla Account VIN?: Yes Tesla Account VIN date: June 21 Source Code VIN? Yes (Mask the last 3 digits) Source Code VIN date: June 11, 2019 Source Code VIN matches the final VIN?: Yes Delivery date: June 22 (tentative appointment was...
  39. Z

    Can't Decide on Wrap Color!

    That is a beautiful colour. I would love to see more photos in different lighting and angles. I googled champagne satin chrome wrap and the colours don't look remotely close to it
  40. Z

    Rejected delivery yesterday, should I accept if they fix?

    I think this is the best advice after assessing your situation. Personally, if I'm paying for a new car and the condition looks like an used car, I would be hard press to accept it. Also, a lot of stories here where the delivery advisor to fix things and they don't log it, leaving you with no...
  41. Z

    Leviton or Vista parts?

    Hi everyone, I read in the other thread about melting outlets where leviton parts were used and found to be a potential factor. I have a scheduled appointment next for my electrician to come by to do install my NEMA 14-50 outlet and mentioned the potential melt down using leviton parts. He...
  42. Z

    Are Canadians still getting Model 3s right now?

    Did Tesla reach out to you yesterday? Hope your delivery goes well today
  43. Z

    Tesla lists FSD computer now as part of FSD "after delivery" package

    If you don't get FSD, is there any added benefits having HW3.0?
  44. Z

    Excellence Auto Scarborough

    Mix in some water and IPA then spray the tail light and wipe with a microfiber towel. If it's compound or polish, then it will come right off. Might can save yourself a trip.
  45. Z

    Finally put ceramic on the car. Some lessons learned.

    OP, your car looks great! Last time I used Cquartz UK on a black car.. just say I had some trouble with the lighting and I missed a few spots on the hood. Next day in the sun, it looks smear marks all over it. Now applying it to a white car, I'm sure it will even more difficult to see. But if...
  46. Z

    People are crazy not to buy Tesla cars!

    I ordered a SR+ in Canada and it will be my only car. This is the way I see it as a future owner. Wins: - Fun to drive - Expecting lower cost fueling with electricity vs premium gas - Less parts to maintain, hopefully translating to less parts to replace - Available superchargers in good...
  47. Z

    Are Canadians still getting Model 3s right now?

    I'm reading other owners have been rejecting their cars because of panel gap issues and paint defects. Perhaps they know quite certain you will not accept the car in such a state so they plan to address it first.
  48. Z

    My Model 3 (Lowered + Wheels + Painted Brake Calipers)

    How is the driving comfort with the springs?
  49. Z

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    Will be replacing my 2008 Lexus ISF (V8 417HP). Car is very reliable and low maintenance. It does drink up a lot of gas. But going into 11 years, car will need new brakes among other milestone maintenance. Also backseats do not fold down which has been difficult in the years I have owned it.
  50. Z

    NEMA 14-50 Plug Meltdown / Near Fire

    I read this thread last night and contacted my electrician if he can avoid using leviton parts for my NEMA 14-50 outlet install later this month. He mentioned he can use vista parts instead. My terrible Googling did not come back with any results regarding vista quality, does anyone know how...

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